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State of the Empire: A Lucasfilm Podcast

A Star Wars, Film and TV podcast featuring Cap Blackard and Doug Banks
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A Star Wars speculation podcast, where we “Look For News in Alderaan Places!” Head to a galaxy far, far away and jump straight down the garbage chute for the latest news and rumors from the Star Wars Universe. We'll do anything to get a scoop, even make it up! And that's not all - we've got Indy Inquiry and Willow Watch, our segments dedicated to Indiana Jones and the Lucasfilm fantasy epic, Willow!


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Come to Our Willow Screening! NC Comicon - Nov 9th
We're hosting a Willow screening! Come see the Lucasfilm classic at North Carolina Comicon November 9th.We're hosting a panel beforehand that'll give you a look behind the magic to make this special screening an Expanded Experience. The screening also features a limited edition Willow print by artist Tommy Lee Edwards. Join us for this live Willow Watch experience Friday, November 9th in Durham, NC. Panel at 6, screening at 7.North Carolina Comicon: The LA screening with Ron Howard and Bob Dolman (Oct, 21st): Lee Edwards' Print: Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Star Wars Resistance Recap :: Series Debut - "The Recruit" Parts 1 & 2
In the Disney era of Star Wars, the movies might have the center stage, but when it comes to expanding the universe, the real action is happening in animation. Star Wars Rebels enhanced and bridged the history of the Original Trilogy and the Prequels in fascinating and validating ways, and even re-shaped and the nature of The Force itself. Rebels might've been a "kids show", but as the series matured, it carried itself with an all-ages candor that won over the hearts of even the staunchest detractors. Now the Lucasfilm animation department has shifted gears and are taking on a whole new time period - one in desperate need of deeper storytelling: The New Trilogy.Star Wars Resistance takes place just before the events of The Force Awakens and sees Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron recruiting a young pilot into a life of spying in Leia's Army. Main character Kaz Xiono has to navigate an outer rim outpost filled with the raddest racers this side of Mon Gazza Speedway. It's a character driven, high octane ride that's a ton of fun right out the gate and here on State of the Empire you can look forward to our episode-by-episode Resistance recaps.Listen in to our spoiler-free podcast on the two part debut, "The Recruit" - hear our hot takes on Kazuda and co. and how far we think this series could go in exploring and improving the modern era of Star Wars stories.Star Wars Resistance's two-part debut hits Disney Channel this Sunday at 10PM EST, with future episodes Sundays on Disney XD.For links and more info, head to the main episode page: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Episode 60 :: Twice Upon a Time: Lucasfilm's '83 Animated Feature
This episode of State of the Empire widens our lens to the rest of Lucasfilm and examines how the innovative production company shaped the world of film as we know it, even through now-forgotten features.1983, same year The Star Wars Saga ended, a very different kind of Lucasfilm hit select theaters. Twice Upon a Time, directed by John Korty and Charles Swenson, is an animated feature the likes of which you've never seen before. Using a unique rear-lit animation style called "lumage" and myriad mixed media techniques, the fractured fairytale stumbles its way through its narrative while sticking the landing on startling and uncanny visuals.Twice Upon a Time might be off-the-beaten-path, but it casts a long shadow. Join Cap, Doug, and Matt for a journey to "a place so far out, you’ll never, never land" and discover how this Lucas-backed project served as an incubator for talents behind A Nightmare Before Christmas, Pixar, a young David Fincher, the music of Bruce Hornsby,  , and some Michael McDonald-produced Yacht Rock. And hey, if you're looking for our trademark Star Wars speculation, never fear - we've got a hot take on who Keri Russell is playing in Episode IX that'll really Teek-le your fancy.For links and more info, head to the main episode page: more about your ad choices. Visit For information regarding your data privacy, visit


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Coryyyyyyyyyy reviewed this podcast on Sep 17th, 2018
"Haven't missed an episode of this podcast since I discovered it around episode 20 and I must admit, this review is well over do. This group of three well studied, charismatic Lucas Films super fans (Cap, Matt and Doug) have yet to disappoint. Through this podcast you will get thorough breakdowns and intelligent discussions on all things Star Wars. And when the news on the Star Wars front gets a little slow, they break down the broader world of Lucas Films including the always intriguing "Willow Watch", and "Indi Inquiries". But it's not always about breaking down current news, rumors and content. Recently, some of their best stuff has been reading early drafts of (Star wars and Indiana Jones) movie scripts that wound up on the cutting rooms floor. And finally, one of the best features of …"
Abyzz reviewed this podcast on Jul 18th, 2017
"I don't even like start wars and I still love the enthusiasm of the show hosts. Also just some genuinely good banter."
MjolnirMK86 reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"Every month or few weeks the cast of SotE give us listeners some amazing news articles, speculation, possible spoilers and theories to the future of not just Star Wars but the other major Lucasfilm properties, as well. My favorite segment is Willow Watch(cue "Willow" sound bite from the game), which has more relevance now more than ever. Ignore the bird, follow the river!"

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