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Alex and Dani recount their various travels over the summer! Dani likes camping now, and Alex came to a variety of realisations: about himself, about airport food, and about his taste in watches.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @protrackerTwitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesBrighton Bognor Regis Develop GDC Värmland The Robotech Role-Playing Game Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game D&D AD&D Palladium Pathfinder Vampire: The Masquerade Cyberpunk 2020 Shadowrun Adelaide Yosemite National Park Housekeeping Camp Glacier Point Portola Redwoods State Park OTAQUEST Live Capsule m-flo Derrick May Bohemian Rhapsody (film) Queen Dubai International Airport Stockholm Arlanda Airport Defakto Akkord Stowa Marine Original Omega Speedmaster CK2998 (2016) Tudor Black Bay Rolex GMT Master II Rolex Explorer II
Dani and Alex finally manage to get back together for a bumper episode with all your favourites: Alex has a new pen, and Dani’s lusting after a new watch and has just bought some old books. Naturally, this leads to a deep discussion on the ephemeral nature of modern storage media, the perceived value of domain names, colonialism in the age of the internet, and, er… Kim Kardashian?Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @protrackerTwitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow Notes[spunge] Lamy Safari (ballpoint) Lamy AL-Star Parker JotterGrey/Green Bic Crystal IWC Spitfire series Q TIMEX Rolex GMT Master II Senecæ Opera (Elzevier 1672) Seneca the Younger De Brevitate Vitae (On the shortness of life) Internet Archive The Day the Music Burned Amazon prevails in battle with South American countries for ‘.amazon’ domain name Kim Kardashian's Kimono lingerie line sparks Japanese anger
Alex and Dani record an EXTREMELY brief episode to talk about the future of Station 13.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @protrackerTwitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13):
Dani and Alex reveal their general ignorance of brass and woodwind instruments, as Alex has recently reignited his passion for the French horn! Alex has a Remote Transmission update, and both of them are considering changing their Twitter usernames.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @protrackerTwitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesTrombone electro-scooter French horn Capo Recorder Septoplasty R-Type Afrika Bamabaataa & The Soulsonic Force — Planet Rock Roland TR-808 razorblade oscilloscopeso this is texas kid viddy and the cosmic space-beasts ProTracker @protracker @Station13FM @danielpwright @kidviddy @tataminomusi @timeforacuppa Speedball 2: Super Deluxe
Alex and Dani catch up on the watch scene following Baselworld, before diving deep into a variety of Japan-related topics, including the announcement of the name for the new imperial era, the Cool Japan and Cool Biz policies, and the current Taiga Drama, Idaten.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesThe Fashion And Watches Of Baselworld 2019 Talking Watches 2 with John Mayer Dani’s dream Omega Bauman Rare Books 1653 Enchiridion of Epictetus Reiwa 令和 Japan’s New Era Gets a Name, but No One Can Agree What It Means Shinzō Abe 冷 Golden Bomber - 令和 Cool Japan Cool Biz Necktie Origins Taiga Drama NHK Idaten 1912 Summer Olympics Charlotte Kate Fox Vangelis - Chariots of Fire Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare for the Common Man NHKオンデマンド TV Japan
Dani and Alex correct a number of factual issues from the last episode, before reviewing Alex’s recently-released music/writing collaboration, Remote Transmission. Dani’s viral tweet sparks musings about the nature of attribution on the internet, and the influence of money. Speaking of the internet, Alex has been making a website and enjoying the features offered by modern CSS.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesIdeogram Logogram /u/No_Tamanegi’s Sanger JHS PedalsHistory of Distortion Howlin’ Wolf “How many more years” Ike Turner “Rocket 88” Marty Robbins “Don’t worry” Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone The Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” Vox Tonebender Fuzz Face The Big Muff BOSS DS-1 Ibanez Tube Screamer The Night Flight OrchestraSometimes the world ain’t enough LeprousMirage Remote transmissionTwitter Apple Music YouTube BandCamp SoundCloud Dani’s viral tweet Alex’s most viral tweet @forexposure_txt @archillect @archillinks Pinterest 30 years of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee Modern CSSGrid Layout fr units Writing-mode Hoshinoya Kyoto
Alex and Dani follow up on the status of Renoise development and Dani’s JLPT preparations. Alex has bought some new gear and a pedalboard to mount it on, and Dani has a new watch.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesLeave us a message!Reddit Twitter Email Station 13 #40: Merry Christmas, Mum, here’s a fish Renoise forum post Dani’s JLPT books Thing Explainer Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” 炊 敷 Neuroplasticity List of writing systems Nephila clavata (Jorō spider) R Good Will Hunting Haskell Garbage collection Lazy evaluation Erlang Erlang Meet Up Stockholm Bill Bailey U2 sketch Dynamic range compression BOSS OC2 Distortion EBS Multidrive Big Muff π DOD Carcosa Phaser MXR Phase 90 Earthquaker DevicesWestwood Hoof Terminal Devin Townsend Blows Our Tiny Minds – That Pedal Show Seagull 1963[Seagull 1963] Apparently all 42mm versions are fakes [Seagull] A 1963 Reissue Options Guide 1963 Chinese Air Force style watches from Thomas and others ... Watch Unique Remote transmissionTwitter YouTube BandCamp SoundCloud @ATYPE808
Special guest Chris joins Dani and Alex to talk about Scandinavian hot dogs, Thunderbirds, and Japanese learning, before both Chris and Alex give their thoughts on games development for VR. What are the unique challenges facing VR developers, and how should they approach solving those challenges? Finally, we get a sneak preview of Good Times’ latest game in development, Polyblaster! Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceTwitter (Chris): @fishtopherTwitter (Good Times): @goodtimes_okShow NotesBlack ice Thunderbirds Stingray Thunderbirds Are Go Lumino City Tengami The vacuum game All Japanese All The Time Duolingo Anki HelloTalk Shadowing Noise cancelling headphones KBS京都 笑福亭晃瓶のほっかほかラジオ2019年1月23日のオープニングトーク BOSE QuietComfort 35 II Sony WH-H900N h.ear On 2 The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day George M. Stratton inverted glasses experiments Polyblaster Pew! Pew! Pew! Tweet @goodtimes_OK on twitter
Alex tells Dani all about his trip to Scotland, and Dani shares a weirdly emotional experience. They explore what the latest in Japanese scientific research has to say about the relationship between tea and influenza, and what the ramifications are going to be of the imperial transition later this year.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesKirkcudbright East Kilbride Haggis Pavlova Edinburgh Tom WaitsMartha Soldier’s Things Adam Neely — How to Practice Music (without your instrument) 驚愕報告!インフルエンザウイルスを15秒で無力化する「紅茶」の力 Station 13 #39: It’s like nerdy paintball Japanese era name 2019 Japanese imperial transition International Components for Unicode Year 2000 problem 2020 Summer Olympics
Dani and Alex reflect on the year gone by and plan for the year ahead. They exchange resolutions, until Alex can no longer contain his enthusiasm for… rechargeable batteries.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesMince pies Boxing Day Hogmanay The Queen’s Christmas BroadcastThe Queen’s Christmas message 2018 The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy Republicanism Station 13 #18: The full duplex Remote transmissionTwitter YouTube BandCamp SoundCloud El Lissitzky /r/latin Fabellae LatinaeApple Podcasts Google Play Music Overcast RSS Feed Japanese-Language Proficiency Test TOEIC Eleven-plus ならでは (nara dewa) Rechargeable battery Alex’s fancy battery charger Lithium-ion battery Eneloop
Alex and Dani talk briefly about Christmas, but mostly about DAWs, music technology, and the balance between updating software and avoiding bloat.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesGorilla Collins Roland CR-78 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Logotype Black Sabbath Finally... the First Farewell Tour Station 13 #18: The full duplex Tip-truck Three kings’ day Shonen Jump Kindle Paperwhite (1st generation) Tron Star Wars opening crawl recording Steinberg Cubase Renoise Atari ST Pro Tools Logic Virtual Studio Technology (VST) FL Studio StrongCar Racing Magna Karter SkyRoads Propellerheads Reason Progressive Disclosure
Dani and Alex talk about the recent California wildfires and compare American and Japanese face masks, before thinking about the Japanese approach to health generally. Dani introduces Alex to the concept of live-action role-play (LARP), and stands ready in its defence.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesCamp Fire This baby gender reveal sparked a week-long US wildfire SARS coronavirus Pharmacoepidemiology Radio Taisō Kampō Stranger Things Nattō LARP Lerp Historical re-enactment Mind’s Eye Theatre Calacil LARP Store Paper-scissors-stone
Alex and Dani get together to talk about Alex’s new mouse, living life in the terminal, email conventions in the English-speaking world and Japan, and Alex’s latest music recommendations.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesArmadillos! Elecom Logitech G402 Razer Fortnite Overwatch Quake Doom Logitech MX Master II Lenovo (neé IBM) Thinkpad Pointing Stick Pine Pico Lynx w3m Mutt Midnight Commander Taskwarrior Forklift Inbox Zero Regular Expression format=flowed Devin TownsendDeadhead Stormbending Kingdom Ghost Strapping Young Lad Ziltoid the Omniscient Tenacious D Black Book LodgeSteeple & Spire mouse on the keysEarache Switched-on Bach Hiromitsu AgatsumaNuTRAD Babymetal Gotan Project Astor Piazzolla
Dani makes a purchase, and Alex waxes lyrical. They talk about ramen and watches, before addressing the vital questions of the day: is a DJ a musician, and what makes a programmer a programmer?Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesChurros Youtiao Ramen Lamian Mille-feuille Udon Chicago Dani’s new watch Stowa Marine Original Watch Recon Omega Forums The Vacheron Constantin that got away Omega Speedmaster Rolex GMT-Master Rolex Submariner Omega Speedmaster CK2998 “Blue Panda” SINN watches Meistersinger Saxophone Kenny G Coltrane Bruce Springsteen’s Clemons Something-or-other Unity 3D ZX Spectrum Applesoft BASIC Unreal Engine Stack Overflow
Alex and Dani get back together after their various sojourns abroad. Dani finally fulfils his New Year’s Resolution during his trip to Spain, meanwhile Alex gives his impression of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Oculus Connect conference. Both share their approaches to Jet-lag, before Alex makes another shorter journey, this time to Gothenburg.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesThe Fast Show Marbella Granada Córdoba Churros Siesta Oculus Connect BART Syd Mead Caltrain Tesla Model X “More than 0 San Jose attractions” Hype cycle Folsom street fair Melatonin Gothenburg Adelaide Oval Adelaide Street Circuit Adelaide Fringe Festival WOMAdelaide
Charlie from A-Town FM and Dani from Station 13 get together for this special crossover episode! They compare shows before diving deep into mastodon: the technical details, the good, the bad, and the ramifications of some of its fundamental decisions.Twitter (Charlie): @chuckyc17Mastodon (Charlie): @charliemchapman@mastodon.socialTwitter (Dani): @danielpwrightMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialStation 13Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter: @Station13FMMastodon: @station13@botsin.spaceA-Town FMReddit: /r/atownfmTwitter: @atownfmMastodon: @atownfm@mastodon.socialShow NotesA-Town FM A-Town at the movies Station 13 #6: You can’t make sushi without good fish Rolex Cellini Moonphase A. Lange and Söhne Zeitwerk Station 13 #21: Slow News Day Pilot Metropolitan The Pen Addict Station 13 #1: Red means “go carefully” Station 13 #18: The full duplex Douglas Adams cookie story Station 13 #33: Toot! A-Town FM #52: Coffee Cola and New Social Media Hatching Twitter bbq.snoot (Film Mastodon Instance) Nico Nico Douga “Freshly washed sheets and a cat” Nico Nico Douga 10 year festival Ready Player One Overcast Daring Fireball PixelFed Plume GNU Social PeerTube The Wil Wheaton Affair:In his own words Background and counterpoint Consequences for instance moderators A-Town FM #53: Making Salads We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Dani and Alex get a bit geary as Alex has a new guitar! They talk Fender, Gibson, single-coil vs. humbucker pickups, playing with a pick vs. playing fingerstyle, and Dani’s weird Epiphone Stratocaster.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesTyphoon Etymology of tea Awaji Island Great Hanshin Earthquake Typhoon Jebi forces closure of Kansai Airport Alex’s tweet about his new guitar Fender Gibson Telecaster Stratocaster Epiphone Stratocaster clone Epiphone Goth Les Paul Single coil guitar pickup Humbucker Mark Knopfler Jeff Beck Gibson guitar maker files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection SG Les Paul Flying V Explorer Rolex Tudor Hofner Lucille Precision Bass Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass Messenger Bike
Alex gets the lowdown from Dani about his recent move, which prevented the last show from being recorded! Dani has also moved much of his social networking presence to mastodon, while Alex has been taking some time out from being online recently. We learn a little about the Swedish energy system, before returning to the perennial topic of language learning and education.Reddit: /r/Station13Twitter (Alex): @ATYPE808Twitter (Dani): @danielpwrightTwitter (Station 13): @Station13FMMastodon (Dani): @dpwright@mastodon.socialMastodon (Station 13): @station13@botsin.spaceShow NotesMastodon Alex Jones Twitter comment on Alex Jones Twitter API changes rundown Ello Pawoo Tweetbot Twitterrific Paul Haddad on lack of demand for tweetbot Paul Haddad on tweetbot names Amaroq Tootdon Toot! The Iconfactory Nordic Green Duolingo TOEIC IELTS
Dani and Alex brave the heat to get together and talk about language learning apps! Alex has been using DuoLingo recently, while Dani has been using Memrise, so they compare the two offerings based on their own tastes and experience. Finally, Alex gives some insight into the Swedish education system and their approach to testing.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesGion Matsuri The Warriors Xenophon’s Anabasis Anki Memrise HelloTalk DuoLingo TinyCards SuperMemo James Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” Swedish user decks on Memrise First 5000 words in Spanish Knowledge Economy
Alex finally watches Blade Runner 2049 with proper sound, which has him thinking about apocalyptic science fiction tropes. Dani is sceptical about AI. Alex’s son watches Star Wars for the first time. Dani is sceptical about the “Let’s remake Star Wars” initiative.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesFlying Tiger Village Vanguard Blade Runner 2049 Shorts2036: Nexus Dawn 2048: Nowhere to Run Black Out 2022 The Animatrix DUSTMis-drop Fetch! Faces in Things Ex Machina Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979)
Dani and Alex get together just after Sweden’s midsummer festivities, which sets them off on a path thinking about traditional festivals around the world. They talk a little bit about Japan’s approach to religion, as well as some of the not-necessarily-religious beliefs and superstitions which have developed there. After that, the path makes a sudden turn toward shop layouts and the question of linearity vs. freedom in shops, museums, art galleries, and video games.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesSwedish midsummer Maypole Wheel of the Year Mulled wine / glögg San Jose Greek festival Hatsumōde Shichi-Go-San Reiki Life of Pi Rokuyō Seimei Handan Yakudoshi Blood type personality theory An approach to holistic level design
Alex manages to get his hands on some Yorkshire Tea in Sweden! Dani gives an update on how his first online bilingual D&D game went, and they discuss the phrase coined by St. Vincent, “sell your own myth, but never buy it”.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesYorkshire Tea Masala Chai Samovar Tea Lapsang Souchong Pu’er Tea Roll20 Ernie Ball St. Vincent Ernie Ball / St. Vincent video Terry Gilliam: “Ofender a la gente es muy importante” Dani’s one Instagram photo How Instagram Threads Became the WikiHow for Gen Z
Dani buys some gear; Alex tells us all about his monumental gig and about the latest advances in instrument tuning technology. They also discuss GDPR (the ship that launched a thousand emails), and the merits of various computer keyboards.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesKing Crimson Bryan Adams Tony Levin Fender Precision Bass BOSS TU-70 TC Electronics Polytune Peterson StroboClip HD Music Memos “True Temperament” Fretting System General Data Protection Regulation Chris’ new ergonomic keyboard Das Keyboard IBM Model M Apple Extended Keyboard II Happy Hacking Keyboard Japanese Keyboard UK Keyboard US Keyboard Spanish Keyboard TypeMatrix Keyboards
Alex and Dani reminisce about news aggregators old and new, Alex forgets what a C# is, and Dani looks for answers in the pages of Marcus Aurelius.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesFlipboard RSS Google Reader Daring Fireball Semantic satiation Nathan East Cody Wright Sanskrit Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations Patanjali’s yoga sutras Double slit experiment Mr. Nobody
Dani talks about his trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and gives us an update on his progress with Spanish. Alex falls off his skateboard, and makes a recording with his father.Discuss this episode on reddit at /r/Station13, or contact us on twitter! Alex is @ATYPE808, Dani is @danielpwright, or you can get podcast updates @Station13FM.Show NotesMonument Valley Uluru Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Sedona “O” (Cirque du Soleil) The Venetian Las Vegas Horseshoe Bend italki HelloTalk MyLanguageExchange El Ministerio del Tiempo La Casa de Papel / Money Heist Variflex skateboards (this is what Alex used to ride in the 80s) Cruiser skateboards The Maypole Station 13
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