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Greetings, Comrades! We dediced to end the month on a lithger note, so here’s our interview with Allistair Pitts from the wonderful Soviet movie analysis podcast “Russophiles Unite” which I’ve plugged here many, many times before. Enjoy! Suppor
Greetings, Comrades!I still haven't received my spyboat script and book yet, which is a complete shame, but I had this very interesting subject to look at. Namely, relationship ads in Latvian press from about 100 years ago, and with a bit of an
Greetings, Comrades!Here’s our episode from the Sound Education conference – we managed to acquire an interview with famous Rome expert and theoretical revolutionary Mike Duncan, and talked about the various aspects of history, podcasting and…w
Greetings, Comrades! Sorry, we launched the wrong version yesterday. That's due to us, using dates as internal naming, so we accidentally published the 07-04-2021 ep instead of the 07-05-2021 one. This is the proper episode, with fixed audio. B
Greetings, Comrades! EDIT: Correct audio file uploaded now! Been wanting to do this for a while, and after talking with folks on Twitter, decided to finally talk about my favourite sport - football. The European variety of, as it's lately seen
Greetings, Comrades! Roman von Ungern-Sternberg was a completely classy guy. If by classy, you mean mad as a hatter and completely murderous! Enjoy his story! Also - thank You everyone who's supporting the show, at this point, it looks like we
Greetings, Comrades! This is a bit shorter than usual, but everything gets explained in the show. Well...except what Putin meant in his "state of the union" address, as that was just weird this year.Please, consider supporting the show, so we c
Greetings, Comrades! This time we’re discussing the wholesome, family friendly subject of taking your 8 year old, giving him guns and combat training and mental preparedness to sacrifice his life in the struggle against Putin’s enemies! YunArmi
Greetings, Comrades! I honestly didn’t want to make an episode like this, but the recent escalation hit me hard. As you know, I reported from Donbass at one point, so it’s quite hard imagining everything going up in flames again. Let’s hope it
Greetings, Comrades! This episode is a current events digest about the weirdest events that happened in relation to Russia in the past month. And hey, this time, we even got a theme – it’s all about lies, criminal activities and censorship, all
Greetings, Comrades! Today’s episode is all about the BT tanks and the insane, neo-pagan, kind-of-a-bolshevik madman, Red Army Marshall who was behind their introduction in the USSR military forces. Spoilers: He was shot by Stalin in a show tri
Greetings, Comrades! As I’m still on the farm, I decided to make an animal-related episode. And it turned very dark, very quickly. This is among the darkest ep’s I’ve made, and I hope it’ll be a bit thought provoking too. Support this show http
Greetings, Comrades! This time, from a cow farm. But that doesn’t stop me, so have another tank episode, this time about the Iosif Stalin tank series, the first “shot” of the cold war! Support this show
Greetings, Comrades! This is a short special about the Defender of the Fatherland day…and what Stalin did to Chechens and Ingushs that day. Support this show  See for privacy and o
Greetings, Comrades!This episode is dedicated to the Kursk Submarine catastrophe that happened in 2000, and served as a catalyst for the things to come. It’s…not a happy one. Support this show  See
Greetings, Comrades!This time, we talk about the heavy fist of the early WW2, the KV tank, whose mistakes were then later fixed by the T-34. Enjoy! And don’t forget to visit and use Easternborder at checkout for a 10% discount! S
Greetings, Comrades!This time, I bring you an update on Navalny. It’s…looking pretty grim out here. Also, don’t forget to visit and use the code “Easternborder” at checkout for your 10% discout, they really have awesone stuff! Sup
Greetings, Comrades! This time, we talk about THE most famous tank, this side of the iron curtain. The thing that won the battle of Kursk. The tank that everyone in this part of the planet instinctively thinks of, when someone asks them to thin
Greetings, Comrades!As per request, a neat timeline of various weird stuff concerning Navalny and his return to Russia. And wouldn’t you know it, mass protests happening right now as I post it! Enjoy! Support this show
Greetings, Comrades!Welcome to the episode that shows Stalin’s Anti-Semitism, and all the bullshit that he did to harm the Jews. It’s…a sad and a terrible thing, and yeah…I can’t say enjoy this time. Learn. Support this show
This is part 2 of our recap. Please, check out part 1, otherwise this will make no sense. Also, lots of love to our Patrons, artists, and everyone who supports the show. Happy New Year to you and yours! (This is basically insane Russian news, j
Greetings, Comrades! This is a VERY aptly named Russian 2020 news recap…and the recent updates too. They make it…pure insanity. Love Y’all, especially my editor, Anete! Support this show  See acast.
Greetings, Comrades!Just before Christmas, boy, do I have a present for You! I haven’t laughed this hard while making an episode in a long, long while. And it’s about Navalny’s poisoning investigation and Putin’s press conference. It’s…a farce.
Greetings, Comrades!Welcome to December. And what better way to enjoy this lovely month than with a story about Russia’s first real revolutionaries – the Decembrists. Surrounded by a ton of myths, these guys definitely left an impact. Enjoy! Su
Greetings, Comrades!This time, we’re looking at the news again. We have two serious subjects and one about…well, Hitler. No, seriously. Also, my computer is fixed, HMC Byzantium LIVES! Enjoy! Support this show
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