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Is offsetting bone losses in menopause with high impact safe? Is it recommended? Aren’t you more prone to fractures? This episode explores the recent research in honor of Menopause Awareness Month (and Osteoporosis Day October 20, 2021). If you
I won’t keep you in suspense. Your biggest obstacle to fitness in menopause is stress. I’m going to look at stress from all angles but spend the majority of this episode pointing to how you can counter the allostatic (all sources) stress load.
If weight loss is elusive and faster weight loss is all you can think about, then this episode is for you. In this special interview we discuss things the two of us do for our clients and the confusion with decades-old dogma. You’ll get a clear
Exercise can age you? Yes, in spite of the long list of benefits and disease-halting, preventing features the wrong exercise can age you. This episode unpacks the pros, cons, how’s, and what’s. Exercise training is one of the few non-pharmecuet
How many times have you shrunk, bit your tongue, instead of having the confidence in midlife to speak your mind? What do you wish you could have said? Stay tuned for this episode My Guest: Andrea Owen is an author, global speaker, and professio
What's the right menopause exercise intensity?  Life can be intense right now. This podcast is as the title suggests, about the exercise intensity for optimal aging for women in menopause. It’s not just regurgitating position statements and gui
Are you at risk for pre-diabetes? Why your worry about belly fat goes far beyond your bathing suit. My Guest: Dr. Beverly Yates is a diabetes expert and author who has over 27-years experience of working with those who struggle with blood sugar
Endurance exercise during menopause may be your default exercise... until this episode. If you're a lover of long and slow, you may not want to hear this but need to. My Incredible 2019 Stressors in life – allostatic load Mold Construction/mit
On this episode learn how to resolve fatigue with my special guest and fatigue expert. There isn’t one woman in midlife who hasn’t experienced it on some level. We’ve all got a desire for more energy but when real fatigue strikes, don’t ignore
Q: Can you offer you thoughts about a vibration platform for menopause women in a podcast or blog. - Susan First response, I asked for context.. so that my response is not selling a tool, but in solving the problem – the reason you want and nee
We unpack a lot in this episode: mindset mastery, emotional mastery, relationship to self, and leadership. We discuss becoming and staying present, creating sustainable results, physical health and the body-mind connection.  My guest and good f
What's the exercise influence cortisol has on menopause?  This hot topic is an frequently revisited one. So, you probably haven't heard the last!  00:00 Here's why:  exercise CAN reduce cortisol exercise CAN increase cortisol exercise combines
In the ongoing debate between plant vs animal protein there’s really only one thing that matters, your health. Whether mentally or physically or there’s a battle between the two in your body, I’m willing to bet you’ve had this conversation at l
Do you really know what total body workouts are? Someone asked, how do I choose my weight when I’m doing a total body exercise and I have an ectomorph upper body and an endomorph lower body?   There’s a lot to break down in this question, and I
A healthy home has never been more important than during the pandemic. As you’ve spent more time in it, have you considered how it’s affecting your wellness? My Guest: Jamie Gold is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, wellness design consul
My knees hurt enough every time I try to restart (my strength training program) and causes me to have to recover and feel discouraged. Any suggestions on how I can try to approach this differently so I can stick with it? This listener question
If everything you put in is diet, your life and health have been dramatically influenced by so much more than what's on the end of your fork. Today's guest has insight for the Flipping50 community of health influencers - those who impact so man
Healing when it feels impossible is the name of a new book by my guest in this episode. If you've sought medicine and physical changes, and still nothing, you may be overlooking one most important component.  My Guest: Shiroko Sokitch MD is a d
Episode #471 If you aren’t watching (or didn’t watch) the Toyko Olympics you still hardly escaped the highlights. We’ve witnessed history in so many ways. As a 37-year fitness pro involved significantly in contributing to trainers and health co
Maintaining muscle in menopause, let alone gaining it (and the desired muscle tone) can get tricky if you’re unable to lift heavy weight. These 7 not-so-secret secrets will remind you that you have options. However, this isn’t just about svelte
How do I know if I’m recovered? What if I’m not sore? These two questions are the topic for today’s podcast. Thanks to our listeners many of whom are inside the Facebook Flipping50 Insiders group who contribute questions there. I try to pick th
Healthy eyes and vision are something you may have taken for granted until they began to wane. If you’ve not only joined the eye-glass carrying or contact-wearing club but may also suffer from migraines or hours in front of a computer, this is
We’re talking “clean-eating” and “southern cuisine” today. Does it seem like these two phrases shouldn’t be spoken together? Think again! At Flipping50 we're all about variety, flavor and ditching deprivation. If you're busy looking for what yo
Running low on Vitamin D? What would a Vitamin D deficiency look like?  This episode is all about your energy, (and your metabolism), and whether you might be overlooking a micronutrient insufficiency at the root cause of some signs and symptom
For women over 45 strength training is the absolute most important exercise component. It will continue to be until you take your last breath.  To make this personal, my mother just experienced a hip fracture and the inevitable hip replacement
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