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I had a friend reach out to me on Facebook yesterday with a question that prompted this podcast episode. And bear with me here… I think with this transition and move some of the upcoming podcast episodes are going to have more of a ‘life theme’ to them, but I’ll do my best to share how it relates to my business and where I’m taking things, and more importantly, how that can help you. Here was the question I received: “Hey Kim! Hope you’re doing well! I just read your email about the clean slate and it honestly got me thinking about my future on a lot of things. Things aren’t going well with my current job and I haven’t been happy in a while. My boss offered to pay me for one more month so I can find something else if my heart isn’t completely in it, and I don’t think that it is anymore. I know you have a lot going on and I’m sorry to bombard you with that, but after your email it seemed like maybe you had some insight that I don’t on things! Hope you’re well.” I’m going to give you my response, and then we’ll dig deeper into what I mean by it and how you might be able to implement this in your own life and business. My response: “Hey (his name)! You’re not bombarding me. My insight comes from lots of trial, error, and tenacity (hence the podcast title). From my understanding, you want to have your own business. If you’re not sure exactly what that looks like, that’s perfectly fine. And I get needing a job while you figure that out. However, if you’re enjoying the job, I’d start looking ASAP for something else that feels better in terms of a means to an end. When you focus on where you want to be as opposed to where you are, you’d be surprised at what shows up!” We went back and forth a bit more, I sent him a link to a Dr. Joe Dispenza video on YouTube, and it really got me thinking. I don’t know about you, but I used to put so much pressure on myself to be somewhere else, do more, have more, accomplish more, etc., that I’ve robbed myself of much of the journey and the joy that can only come from being present in the moment. Obviously, with my decision to move to Costa Rica, I’m not doing that anymore (or at least if I do I can tell you that it’s a conscious decision), but it’s been through life experiences that I’ve figured that out. I talk to both of my kids about this stuff a lot. I’ve told them both that they are so far ahead of the game if they can “get” this stuff now… the world is their oyster. One thing I want to share that I originally shared with my son and also with my friend on FB yesterday (he’s about 20 yrs younger than me) is this: “What I do for a living didn’t exist when I was his age.” My son is only 20, and my daughter is 24. I want them both to follow their hearts, do what they love, and make the most of their lives, whatever that looks like to them. I think it’s safe to say that my life is nothing like I thought it would be (when I said that to my therapist one time she was like “ya think?” Meaning… that’s the case for most people). When I was 24 I was dating my husband, we knew we’d get married, have kids, and thought we’d live the typical, traditional, suburban life. When all that was taken from me I did a lot of soul-searching. It’s taken years (and a lot of courage & conscious work), to really own that I want something different. The same can be said for running an online business. When we’re starting an online business (and/or growing it), we all do the same thing (which makes sense). We do some research, we dig in, we study, we find some sort of mentor/guru/guide that helps us get started. That could be in the form of finding someone you resonate with via a podcast or hiring an actual coach. For the sake of this podcast episode, let’s focus on an online business in terms of being a coach, author, course creator, or e-commerce store owner. When I first started back in 2008 I hired a coach and signed up for a social media course (which was pretty much in its infancy)....
It's been a while since I've started a post or podcast with a quote (and I guess technically I'm not since I'm explaining it before I share it... 🤣), but this feels appropriate for this episode. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.- Victor HugoHopefully, you're not tired of hearing this (yet), but I shared last week that I am officially moving to Costa Rica! Of course, I'm scared... but I'm doing it anyway (and much more excited than I am scared).This has been something I've been thinking about for probably close to 10 years (not necessarily Costa Rica, but moving out of the country). It started from a place of curiosity and wonder, pivoted to other reasons over the years (let's face it, the United States has had some serious challenges), and now my reasons have shifted again. Of course, the curiosity and wonder are still there, but now it's because I have a massive desire to experience something different. I've never really been someone who wanted to live in a city (I do appreciate visiting a city from time to time), and have spent my entire life in suburbia. I honestly never wanted anything else until 2002. In 2002 I was a best friend's wedding in Italy (her husband is Italian, my daughter was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid). That trip changed everything for me. I hadn't even been that interested in traveling, to be honest. Once you get outside of your comfort zone and realize how much more there is to experience in the world you see things differently. Even if you don't want to live out of the country or travel much, having those experiences are invaluable. Once I went to Italy I craved those experiences and I knew I wanted that for my kids. I took them to Scotland in 2013, then my daughter and I went to the South of France in 2015 (she's since traveled with friends to Paris and London). They have plenty of time for travel and both have a desire to see and experience things outside of their day-to-day (my job here is done). Back to Costa Rica... Costa Rica wasn't really on my radar until my therapist told me she had property there. Every now and then I would ask her a little bit about her experiences there, why she liked it so much, etc., which then made me look a little deeper into the country itself. When I first started thinking about it I wasn't sure if I really could do it... but over the years, like anything else in life, you start to realize what you really want. I started my business because I wanted FREEDOM. Freedom to be home for my kids, not have to commute, and create the quality of life I wanted. I have always felt like there was something else I was supposed to do with my life (outside of having a job and work for someone else), I never really knew what that was, I simply kept pursuing it. And side note: I say this to my son all the time (he's 20). What I do for a living didn't even exist when I was his age! There is something to be said for having the tenacity and simply continuing to move forward. I've decided I'm going to do a separate site for my journey to and in Costa Rica. I've got the domain name and will be sharing that soonish. I'll do some updates here as well, but if you want to follow that journey in more depth I'll let you know where to subscribe. I'm even toying with the idea of doing a podcast so I can interview other entrepreneurs and business owners in the local area... which feels like it would be a great way to connect with people (so yea, it's a little self-serving). Being scared and doing it anyway You might be wondering what all this has to do with my business. Or better yet, YOUR business. It has everything to do with it. So often I see people waiting to have everything perfect or they have a preconceived idea of what they need in place before they launch something, make an offer, or publish. With instant access to compare ourselves, it's hard not to feel like we should be doing more, be more, have more... the "more" never...
Kyle Van Deusen joined me on the podcast again (it's been a long while) and we went deep into Facebook groups, newsletters, and email marketing. Kyle is the founder of OGAL Web Design, The Admin Bar Facebook group, and the new WordPress plugin, Docket WP.
Inspiration can come from so many places if you keep your mind open.I can remember back to being a little kid and making plans with my friends. You had big ideas and big dreams… you didn’t let the “outrageousness” of the dream hinder you from making the plans, right? This cracks me up as I think about it… in the 4th grade, one of my best friends and I talked about how we were going to be rock stars. I was really into music when I was a child, I played piano and was in a children’s choir. We spent so much time drawing our outfits and planning our performances (I don’t remember what we were going to call ourselves). I wish I could remember when we pivoted to the next great idea, but that’s not the point. The point is how we felt while we were “in it.” You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? As entrepreneurs we connect with the excitement of the idea and the planning phases on a regular basis (if we’re lucky). The novelty and excitement can wear off once you start digging in and doing the work, but if it’s right, you keep going. Finding Inspiration I’ll admit it… I can be a bit of a nut when it comes to information. I jokingly said to my therapist that I wish I could get paid to read. Her response? Spot on as always, “well, you do. You take what you’ve read and learned, implement it, and apply that knowledge to what you’re doing.” That being said, there does come a point where you have to consume much less than you create. For me, I have routines for consumption. I allow myself time in the morning when I’m having my first coffee, or when I’m having lunch, or even after my work day is over (I tend to leave my office in the late afternoon, and then pick up my laptop again after dinner). Now that I have two newsletters ( (#FtheHustle )here and (Creativity Published) with Jodi on Content Creators Planner), my consumption has a more direct impact on what I’m doing (can I get an Amen?). I’ve started creating a little bit more structured process for note taking and gathering. There are things I gather to share and there are things I gather for myself. All of this has led me to discovering new people and places that inspire me. What a gift! For the sake of keeping this somewhat focused, I’m going to use the internet marketing/online marketing space as my example here. There is no shortage of experts, influencers, or guru’s to follow in this space. And let’s remove all judgment about how we feel about any of those people… let’s just look at the facts (because I have no doubt some of the people that come to mind when I use those terms may trigger something in you, that’s O.K.). Like you I’m sure, I have my “go to” people that I follow, read, or listen to. On one hand, this is great. You know who inspires you, who you resonate with, and what you like about them. On the other hand, it can lead to challenges that create that feeling of being “stuck” in your business. There are a lot of “names” I’ve followed or listened to in the past that I don’t follow or listen to anymore. And it’s for one simple reason. I’ve outgrown them. When we change and grow the people who brought us to a certain level aren’t necessarily going to be the same ones who take us to the “next level” (that poor saying is so overused and annoying, but it is what it is). Even when these people have significantly scaled and grown their businesses, what they’re doing may no longer relevant to what you’re doing OR… they’re still serving the same audience (which is smart because they know who they serve and how to help them) and you’re beyond that. Here’s the challenge with this. It might be hard to put your finger on it, but as you grow and learn in your business you need to be challenged. Often what happens is people simply move from tactic to tactic as opposed to going deeper (i.e, they go wider). I was listening to a podcast...
Bridget Willard joined me on the podcast to talk about her brand new WordPress plugin, Launch with Words. We also discussed her books, social media, and marketing in general.
Creating your own niche IS possible…If you’ve been in the online space for any length of time, at some point or another you’ve heard/read/been told that you need to niche down. As someone who hasn’t ever really done this, I’ve been a little giddy to see a couple of articles popping up lately that go against that age-old advice. I’m going to start by saying you don’t necessarily need to be a generalist either… I’m saying create your OWN niche. Back in the day when I was creating websites for clients, I never niched down. I also never advertised or marketed my services (which I’m not saying is a smart strategy, I simply didn’t want to be doing that work so let it just unfold and see what showed up, but that’s for another day). Before we get too deep into this episode I think it’s also worth noting that if you are in a niche and it’s working for you, then fantastic. I’m not saying that niching down doesn’t work, because I can give you plenty of great examples where it does. I have a friend whose niche is the building industry (construction). She has created a solid and growing business in a very specific niche. However, she didn’t start her business because she went looking for a niche and then picked the construction industry. When I started my online business I more or less stumbled upon WordPress, enjoyed what I was learning and grabbed a great domain name (The WordPress Chick). Those were the good ol’ days…. ignorance was bliss. My imposter syndrome showed up as I started to learn more and it wasn’t until I found my own little space within the WordPress community (marketing & WordPress) that I started to slough off the feelings of being an imposter. Which is why I shifted to my personal brand. I love EVERYTHING about marketing. Content creation, email marketing, copywriting, product creation, offers, chatbots, traffic, etc. I go deep on things that interest me and let them evolve. Let’s look at content creation as an example. I started creating content and continued doing things I loved. I knew very little about SEO, had never done the ‘content silo’ and many of the posts or episodes I’ve created that have resonated most with people have very little to do with SEO. Again, not saying SEO doesn’t matter (it does, and it’s worth doing and getting good at). What I am saying is it’s brilliant to create and publish from a different place. If I don’t feel inspired by what I’m doing it’s simply not going to work. Let’s talk about the whole “niche” thing, shall we? First, let’s differentiate who we serve from the niche. When you’re creating your customer avatar, with demographics and psychographics, you want to get specific. Whether or not that ends up being exactly who you serve isn’t the point. Meaning, let’s say I were to say that my target audience is a female, between 35-60, who has an online business and is looking to stop trading time for money. In other words, even if they love the service work they’re doing they want some leverage. My psychographics are clear: they’re self-responsible, willing to do the work, and are non-judgmental. Does that mean I don’t work with men? Or I don’t work with someone outside of that age range Of course not. What this does is help me get crystal clear on my messaging and who I’m talking to when I create content or copy (including email). When I was in the WordPress space my audience was pretty split (50/50 between men & women). I don’t have current data on this right now but I can tell you that more women purchase from me than men (especially coaching services). In a (recent article by Nicholas Cole,) he said: Creators who stand out don’t “find” their niche.The Reason why is hidden in the phrase above.Finding your niche is another way of saying “figuring out where you fit in.” And people who stand out don’t fit in anywhere. Which is the whole reason why they...
The best path to long term success online is taking an audience-first approach to everything you do. Focus on who you serve and why. In this episode, you'll get: Optimize your website Get picky Boring works Ask questions Create a solid foundation for your business by focusing on customers, quality, and long term strategy and growth.
In this episode, I'm sharing my own journey to falling in love with email marketing, why I've decided that I'm going to double-down on it in 2021 and how I'm going to do that.
It was fun to look back on my accomplishments for 2020. As challenging of a year as it was, I experienced a lot of growth and I'm grateful.
As we wind down the year and start planning for 2021, I thought it would be helpful to continue the conversation on courage. This is a continuation of episode 59 where I had a conversation with Allegra Sinclair, "It takes courage to be who you are."
If you feel overwhelmed and aren't getting anywhere then it's time to simplify your marketing. OR, if you just want to get more results from what you're doing. Stop trying to do everything at once. Get ONE thing working and perfect it before you jump into new tactics or give up on whatever you just created.
My good friend Allegra Sinclair is back on the podcast this week. After releasing my #FtheHustle newsletter I asked her to join me for a conversation on what it means to trust your gut and do what works for you, even if it means some people don't stick around.
Finishing what you start is so much more than hitting publish or finishing a project. It's about the ongoing activity and effort you continually put towards what you created.
This episode was inspired by a question from a friend (these are some of my favorite questions and make great content). The question was how did I make the transition from being a service provider to being a coach, e-commerce owner, and course creator. Here's how that happened and what I'd recommend.
This interview was a blast. I wanted to talk to Nathan because he's built a successful coaching business using Facebook only. He shared his massive distaste for the word "authentic" (which was hysterical) and what he feels people need most and where things are heading.
How many times a day do you see people making declarations & explanations on social? This need to tell the world everything is crushing your soul. Here's why...
This episode is a continuation of the last episode, "What it means to #JustSHowUP" Are you willing to take complete responsibility for everything in your business? Too many people are looking for the end-all be-all solution with one course, guru or strategy... the challenge is that none of that works if YOU don't do the work. Each of those things are simply one piece of the puzzle.
#JustShowUP is a mantra, phrase, hashtag that I came up with probably 6-7 years ago and outside of using the phrase frequently, I haven't done much with it. Well, GAME ON. I'm in a bit of a 'business reboot' and feel called to #JustShowUP, make that my movement and show up in a whole new way.
Shame has no place in business, yet we shame ourselves all the time. Worrying too much about what other people will think. Time to kick it to the curb.
I have to admit that I thought this was going to be easier than it was. Coming up with 50 lessons didn’t seem that daunting to me, I thought I’d rattle them off in one sitting and get to writing. This was definitely one of those times where the process in and of itself was a gift. Since this is a longer than normal post, let’s jump right into it.
It's been a long year and I'm feeling like I'm finally getting my groove back. I'm going into depth on what is coming for my personal brand, podcast, Content Creators Planner, and the Facebook group.
This episode was inspired by an email I received from a friend. He found himself focusing on the wrong things in his business, took a break from social media, and re-focused. He asked me what I'd do if I were starting my business today. This episode goes deep into where I've been and what I would do today.
Amongst everything going on, now more than ever I believe it's time to #JustShowUP. How you can get through this time, continue creating, and what I'm doing.
It's been whirlwind few months and I've been taking some time to evaluate where things are heading with my business and this show. I'm back from my 'self-imposed' sabbatical, and am excited to share the direction of where things are headed and all that 2020 has to offer.
Cory Miller joins me on the podcast to talk about his journey building and selling iThemes and where his next journey is heading. We talked about mindset, entrepreneurship, and how to move forward when life brings you to your knees.
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