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As we prepare for Thanksgiving, Mcaiiah acknowledges that this year might look a bit different. Many of us have lost loved ones and the holidays tend to shed light on those broken places. On episode 4, Mcaiiah invites all listeners to take a moment to honor those we've lost.Everyone tries to say all the right things, but some times, the best gift is just time and permission to just "be".
To Be Honest I Feel You welcomes us to the next episode of Season 1, Headaches & Heartbreaks. On Episode 3, Mcaiiah unpacks the song, The Usual by Sam Fischer.I. The IntroThis song depicts a man who has experienced so much rejection that he's now found himself in a cycle from which he cannot escape. Sam is no stranger to people leaving him, so much so that he almost becomes numb to it all.The usual sheds light onto those dark feelings that convince you that good things will never happen to you. While Sam doesn't give us a remedy for these feelings, he shows us that while we may be lonely, we are not alone.II. The WalkthroughThe beginning of the song almost feels like you're right in the middle of the music video. Sam is sad, alone, and wondering why his life couldn't be like it is on TV. Early on, Sam references a failed relationship and introduces a theme that is the foundation for the entire song.Sam has found himself in a destructive, exhausting pattern of loss and rejection. The lines in the verses and the chorus come across so defeated... so broken.. so numb.Sam has experienced so much loss that he is now coaching someone out of his life. He's giving tips on how to leave him, because everyone leaves him.He ends the song admitting that while he's experienced so much rejection, this time it hurts a bit more than the others because this time he was hopeful. This was Sam's shot at happily ever after, and yet, per usual, the relationship ends in disaster and he is yet again, alone, on the couch, wishing his life could be like it is on TV. III. The ApplicationThis song, in particular, presents a fairly complicated scenario.Plenty of us experience rejection, and most times, it's not our fault. But after a while, after so much hurt and loss, we start to act out of that broken space.. We become so used to people leaving us that we start to push people away. Many of us can relate to first feeling rejected by someone who was supposed to love us unconditionally and it completely altered every relationship we had from then on.IV. The TakeawaySo what now? What's the fix?There may not be a fix for your broken heart. Unfortunately, people will fail you. As unfair as it is, people who say you loved you might leave you... and many times, that leaves us feeling like we're too broken.. We're too much.. We don't deserve love.Mcaiiah admits that he too struggles with these feelings, so much so that, while being surrounded by love, he still struggles with feeling like its all temporary.While Mcaiiah can relate, he shares that he finds solace in knowing that there's at least one person who he never has to question. There is one person who he knows will always be there.That person is Jesus.Jesus vowed to never leave or abandon us and proves everyday that His word is true.While Mcaiiah can't fix these broken relationships or prevent us from ever experiencing rejection, he shares that it is unbelievably helpful to have at least one person who will always be there. Jesus can be your sure thing too, if you'll allow Him.-------------------------------------------------If you found this episode helpful, at all, please be sure to subscribe to the show and leave a rating!Lastly, be sure to follow us on Instagram for more details on the show. Resources
To Be Honest I Feel You welcomes us to the next episode of Season 1, Headaches & Heartbreaks. On Episode 2, Mcaiiah unpacks the song, Lost One by Jazmine Sullivan.I. The IntroThe song puts listeners right in the middle of a relationship that has either ended or is in the process of ending.It becomes clear, very early on, that the woman in this relationship believes to be the one at fault for ruining the things. She's writing from a space of defeat as she realizes that far too much damage has been done and it's likely too late to turn things around. Every line is filled with so much pain and regret and listeners are confronted with the reality that while it hurts to be hurt, it also hurts to the cause of someone else's pain.II. The WalkthroughThe song begins with an immediate confession that she's lost a good man and clearly, she's hurt him bad. She describes that because of the pain she's caused, he's now turning to meaningless sex, alcohol and drugs to numb the pain.Understanding that she can't make up for her actions and she leaves him with one last plea, before he leaves. This pitiful plea is heart wrenching and practically pointless, but it's her last ditch effort to show just how broken up she is over hurting this man she loved.III. The ApplicationThis song, in particular, reminds listeners that hurt people hurt people.This "good man" is now acting reckless and possibly hurting someone else, trying to cope with the pain he feels. Similarly, we often times take the hurt we experience and project that hurt onto someone else. As such, the cycle continues.IV. The TakeawayMcaiiah encourages listeners to feel the hurt.Don't run from it. Don't avoid it. Don't project it.The more we come to terms with feeling the hurt that comes from life and relationships, we won't continue to repeat the same cycles.Mcaiiah encourages listeners to work through pain and not around it.-------------------------------------------------If you found this episode helpful, at all, please be sure to subscribe to the show and leave a rating!Lastly, be sure to follow us on Instagram for more details on the show. Resources
To Be Honest I Feel You welcomes you to Season 1 of the show, Headaches & Heartbreaks. It goes without saying, but, the world looks different now. So, Mcaiiah seeks to embrace the heaviness we're all feeling and introduces a season that is centered around tough times that we all go through in life and relationships.On Episode 1, Mcaiiah unpacks the song, Exile by Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver.I. The IntroThe song is about two lovers who are clearly no longer together and they’re looking back at their relationship, in ruin. It's written to sound like a confrontation, an argument, really, between the two...and it becomes clear, very early on, that this was not an amicable breakup. There is so much hurt, anger and unresolved feelings between these two and you can feel it in every line.II. The WalkthroughThe song begins with his perspective, where he shares how shocked he was by this breakup and how discarded he feels that she would just throw it all away, so suddenly.We then get to hear her perspective, during which, she shares that this breakup has been a long time coming. After giving him several chances to make things right, she finally had enough.After hearing both sides of the story, we end up at the chorus, during which, both his and her sides collide. Far from a duet, both he and she are singing at the same time, but they're singing two completely different songs.Each line contradicts the other and it becomes clear that both parties are simply fighting to be heard, yet refusing to listen. III. The ApplicationAfter walking through the lyrics, it's clear that this relationship looks a lot like most of ours... This couple looks a lot like us.We often get consumed with our own desires, our own issues, our needs, that we fight only to be heard but refuse to listen to those we love.Mcaiiah poses a few hard hitting questions:What would this story look like, had they noticed the signs? What would this story look like, had they learned to listen?What would the outcome be, had they learned how to communicate with one another?Bringing things closer to home, Mcaiiah poses a few more pointed questions:In your relationships, what signs did you miss?Did you make enough room for your partner to be honest with you?Were you only concerned with getting your needs met?IV. The TakeawayOften times we enter into relationships carrying all the baggage from the last failed one... or maybe we're carrying our own trauma..But Mcaiiah urges us to ask ourselves, are my hands full?Examine your relationships and determine whether you've created enough space for the ones you love, or are you too consumed by everything else.Often times, the issues at the surface are coming from a much deeper wound and until we take the time to intentionally address those issues, our lives and relationships will continue to suffer.There's no shame in needing help. There are resources available and Mcaiiah urges us to tap into whatever resources we have and allow someone we trust to help us navigate through our problems, to make room for those we love.If we all take time to do this, as individuals, our lives and our relationships can only benefit from it.______________________________________If you found this episode helpful, at all, please be sure to subscribe to the show and leave a rating!Lastly, be sure to follow us on Instagram for more details on the show.
Singer-songwriter, Mcaiiah introduces his brand new podcast, To Be Honest I Feel You.Far from your average music commentary, listeners are invited to explore personal experiences and emotions, through popular music. Here, you’ll experience what it truly means to find yourself in the song. Season I, Headaches & Heartbreaks, coming soon!Follow us on Instagram for more details on the show.
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