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Special thanks to Jester for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon. Hmm, a 2000s-era supernatural love triangle YA novel by a Utah-raised author with a lot of extremely unfortunate implications bak
Our summer celebration of Pride comes to a close (with many apologies for the delay) on a return to a familiar face: Jamie Babbit, best known for the landmark lesbian film BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER. Today we look at her 2007 follow-up, its delibera
Listen, this is a queer podcast 365 days a year. Pride Month won't be stopped by a little thing like June being over. It's time for the 90s, and the film its director describes as "an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on acid." On the board for th
It's time at last to spotlight the patron saint of this podcast, the pope of filth himself: John Waters. While he's better known for Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble is the most potent and maybe the best of his 1970s work, a razor-sharp satire of
Happy Pride Month, listeners! It's time for our annual four-episode journey through the history of queer film, and this year we'll be looking in particular at camp and outsider cinema. While Bride might be quite famous, it's also a perfect st
The sequel's still better. We revisit the weird double image of Magic Mike, a "quiet lives of desperation" dance movie that was marketed almost solely based on its five or six minutes of male strip revues. Which both sells the subtler moments
We're back, and not a moment too soon; there's a twister in Kansas! As season two kicks off Clark gets boner powers and Pete finally gets a role in the plot, while Dr. Hamilton continues to mosey through his episodes being both inscrutable and
Special thanks to Chelsea for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon. Today we were set a daunting challenge: find something that hasn't yet been said about infamous cinematic trainwreck Showgirls. A
For our 100th mainline episode, we decided to look in on one of Dorothy's childhood favorites, a cult hit that inspires a mix of terror and deeply held affection in all who remember it. And since Dorothy is also a megafan of Baum's books, it al
Special thanks to Anile for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon. This month we stretch our muscles by getting into some ~literary fiction~! More precisely, the work of Dennis Cooper, a big name in
Yes, the actual name of this anime is either "My Sexual Harassment" or "Boku no Sekuhara," but we wanted our title to briefly capture the extremely mangled naming convention from the height of this title's memetic fame. Because anime fandom is,
We made it to the end of season one! And then they left us with a cliffhanger! Rude! There continue to be Vibes we did not request. But on the bright side, John Glover came back to chew some more scenery, and that's always a fun time. CONTENT
Our holiday gift to you, our dearest listeners, is a second bite at the meme, the myth, the legend: that terrifying dead-eyed snowman puppet animated by the trapped soul of Michael Keaton. And also a microbudget slasher. We figured we'd watch o
Special thanks to Ceslatoil for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon. An academic specializing in fan studies and a trans media critic walk into a Harry Potter fanfic. Chaos ensues. In which we u
Special thanks to Roisin for commissioning this episode! You can find out more about commissions on our Patreon. In which two Star Trek fans -- one casual, one Deep -- reckon with a Star Trek movie made for people who hate Star Trek and pay h
In which an extra-large basket of episodes brings us dead little brothers, sex pollen, and the show somehow pulling out another shockingly decent plot about toxic masculinity. CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of euthanasia, sexual assault, suicide,
For our final October outing into horny horror (and if this movie isn't horror, we don't know what is), we looked at beloved cult classic and infamous banned film The Devils, which has been unavailable in its complete, uncensored form more or l
Back in 1943, a queer screenwriter penned a film about a woman struggling with her fear that she had unnatural urges waiting to reveal her as a monstrous beast. Forty years later, Paul "The Canyons" Schrader decided the best way to tackle reint
We celebrate four years of podcasting with the reunion of our favorite horror dream team--Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs, and Barbara Crampton--for their even more cult Lovecraft adaptation. It's weird, it's horny, Crampton gets to play the mad s
This week's episode was chosen by listener poll, and y'all did us a solid by choosing the post-quarantine horror film HOST. Everything about it is so deceptively simple that we predict a lot of imitators, but who knows if they'll be able to cap
We return to the works of Billy Martin AKA Poppy Z Brite for a Crow tie-in novel that wants to say a lot about systemic oppression in the queer community but kind of trips over its own feet and then breaks every bone in its body. Which is certa
In which we wish Whitney was actually a character who hadn't mostly existed offscreen up to now, so that we could actually sympathize with him, and even Michael Rosenbaum can't save this batch of scripts. Dorothy seemed ominously thrilled about
This movie is certified fresh in our HEARTS. The American starring debut of both Jet Li and Aaliyah gives its all and we get all we could hope for, from hilarious Mortal Combat x-ray vision to a script smarter than most gave it credit for. CO
In which our Very Special Guest Lynette brings us an ABC TV movie of the week from the halcyon year 1974. If you've seen lauded modern masterpiece The Boy, you may also be familiar with this movie's plot. We're pretty sure Palahniuk watched it,
We really had a great time watching this movie. It also, as you might expect from a film inspired by The Craft and written/directed by a cishet dude, has a lot to unpack. Let's dig into those good intentions, great moments, and bits of unintent
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