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The response to COVID-19 and the wind-down in Afganastan have created highspeed onramps into two significant conflicts. Links: Biden's top-down booster plan sparks anger at FDA - POLITICO (https://www.politico.com/news/2021/08/31/biden-booster-
I'm hitting the road for the rest of summer to travel the west coast, meet up with the audience, and reflect on the show. While I am out I wanted to leave you with some frequent updaters who often get their first take right. Links: Breaking Poi
Fear of the Delta variant is driving a wave of mask rollbacks. Don't blame our leadership class; blame your anti-vax neighbor. The media and politicians chant it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Links CDC Confirms That Viral Loads In Vaccinat
The real motivation behind the campaign against misinformation. Links: Life Is Worth Losing - Dumb Americans - George Carlin - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLODGhEyLvk) Rand Paul says he will ask DOJ for 'criminal referral' over Fau
Ivermectin, with all of its potential, has become a third rail charged by dogma. I'll break down what's happened to the discussion around what some are calling a miracle drug. Links: FLCCC Alliance testifies to senate committee - YouTube (https
There is one reason people are "hesitant" to take the vaccine, and it's outrageous we're not addressing it. Plus, the issue that has me so concerned, it makes me question the future of the show. Links: Delta plus: Scientists say too early to te
I break down the negligence and the dangerous missunderstandings being spread in the Colonial Pipeline shutdown story. And we'll talk about the daily impacts in our lives because of our response to COVID-19. Video: Live: 363 - UnfilterTube (ht
Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul got into a heated debate during a Senate health committee hearing this week, clashing over funding from the National Institutes of Health using loopholes for risky "gain-of-function" research at the Wuhan Institute
I break down Biden's recent public appearances and land on a rather fundamental but unanswered question. Plus the latest on COVID-19 in the States and the call to release vaccine IP to India. Then my unconventional take on the CIA's recent rec
We start with some COVID crazies in the states, and the news bomb shell that was quietly rolled back this week. Then my live commentary on Joe Biden's first congressional address. Video: 360: Biden Buys American LIVE - UnfilterTube (https://un
Doctor Fauci seems to think the US is on the periapsis of another COIVD-19 wave, with a growing wave of vaccine hesitancy threatening us all! I argue vaccine support has never been higher and offer a few insights. Plus, the old-guard Republican
A quick breakdown of some essential clips in this abbreviated edition of the People's History Podcast. Links Proud Boy begs judge not to send him back to jail where other Capitol rioters are getting beaten up – DeadState (https://deadstate.org/
A few examples of officials selectively following the science and how the media can reform and rebrand or destroy a public figure. America's response to COVID-19 appears to be in much better shape, but appearances can be deceiving. Video 357:
Almost like a switch flipped, all the major media networks in the States cover the possibility that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan lab of Virology. Why I think this is one of the most significant developments during the pandemic. Plus my take o
Major problems continue to combine into a stew of disasters for the new president, while America processes another mass shooting event. Video: 355: Unfilter Live - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/0c86ffe8-c490-44eb-9580-58db0cd
Compound emergencies are stacking up for Biden. Plus the real data on who stormed the capital, the very important milestone next month, and why what's going on at the US southern border warrants attention. Video: 354: Unfilter Live - UnfilterTu
The media is worried you're rushing back to normal before Biden has a chance to save you. Video: 353 - Live - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/f513a2d8-ce5b-42dd-959e-84647d18a991) Links: Texas residents being 'responsible,' liv
Dropping bombs and making lists. The details about Biden's strike in Syria, plus the moments you need to hear from the FBI Director's Senate testimony. Video: 352: Live - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/efed5a81-d4ce-46ea-98df-
All we have here is a branding problem. Video: 351: Live Video - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/5e3cb94e-9d21-49ad-9b30-ff79b67304b4) 351: Overtime - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/bdd33bca-5b64-4449-9ac3-73f
It seems the Biden Administration can't get their message straight around COVID-19. I'll break down the problem, and the answers we still need. Plus my take on the winter situation in Texas, and why DC remains occupied by the National Guard. V
It took just five days, and Trump was acquitted. So what happened? I dig into the key moments from the impeachment that set the stage for Trump's acquittal. Videos: 349: Live Recording - Why the Democrats Lost - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.t
Since Trump was elected, there have been two realities. The world has watched every event around Trump as if two different movies are playing. But now, those realities are being put on trial. And the goal, the hope by one side, is that only on
Who can save us from disinformation harm? Links: 347: Overtime - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/9b880c69-893e-4a1b-97fc-be2afb0d1ef9) Exclusive: U.S. mulls using law designed to prosecute Mafia against Capitol rioters | Reute
Liberatarians get lumped into the extremist group, and the line of free speech is being redrawn. Plus, what's really going on with GameStop's stock and the bigger story it reveals. Links UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/recently-added
“We must end this uncivil war” Joe Biden says in his inaugural address. Catch every raw moment as Joe Biden becomes 46th president of the United States. Video version: 345: The Uncivil War - UnfilterTube (https://unfilter.tube/videos/watch/76
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