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In Season 4 Episode 15 the girls talk about Murders that happened in Courtrooms – aka Courthouse Murders. Holly kicks it off with Tahir Naseem and Mel follows with Brian Nichols who we are not a fan of. There is a very informative cereal knowle
In Season 4 Episode 14 the girls talk about Murderers Who Were Inspired by Music. Mel kicks it off with the Columbine High School Shooting before Holly covers the story of Jared Lee Loughner.Mel tea shames Holly but also doesn’t know what year
In Season 4 Episode 13 the girls cover a suggested topic from Season 1-3 Co-host Gemma – Incels Who Murder. AKA Involuntary Celibates. Holly starts things off with the poster boy for this group who was responsible for the 2014 Isla Vista murder
In Season 4 Episode 12 the girls cover Olympic Murders with Mel starting things off with the Dave Shultz tragedy before Holly covers the Munich Massacre. Shout-outs to lovely bestie Loulou and our Gemma. Also high fives to Melinda for suggestin
In Season 4 Episode 11 the girls cover tales of Murder and Revenge! Mels starts us off with the story of Connie Serbu before Holly tells the sad tale of the Ding family. Things start off terribly with Holly drinking while recording, Mel is oute
In Season 4 Episode 10 the girls talk about Clowns and Circus Murders…which are extra terrible because CLOWNS. Mel starts off with a true crime Goliath…..John Wayne Gacy before Holly leaves you with the slightly less horrific but still murdery
In Season 4 Episode 9 the girls tackle the horrific topic of Genocide. While we figure if you are listening to a murder podcast you are pretty Teflon, we do include a bit of warning with this one due to the brutal level of violence spoken about
In Season 4 Episode 8 the girls talk about Athletes Who Murder. Mel starts off with Robert Rozier who was the Mr. Bean of Murder before Holly tells you about Mark Anthony with a truly tragic nickname. Holly is hungry and leaking, Mel loves the
In Season 4 Episode 7 the girls talk about Arsonists Who Commit Murder. Holly kicks things off with the very first namey Bruce George Peter Lee before Mel tells you all about John Leonard Orr.Shoutouts for Facebook fans Sarah and Mel’s new frie
In Season 4 Episode 6 the girls talk about Fast Food Murders. Mel covers the story of Evan Ebel before Holly tells you how badly wrong Paul Dennis Reid turned out. Holly died 5 times from the heat during this episode, Mel tip-toes around the to
In Season 4 Episode 5 the girls talk about Con Artists Who Murder. Holly kicks it off with the case of Carol Waugh before Mel tells you about Sante and Kenny, a super healthy mother and son duo.Shoutouts to Mark on Facebook, Superfan Caitriona
In Season 4 Episode 4 the girls talk about Lawyers Who Were Murdered. Mel kicks it off with the case of Sarah H. Quirt Sann before Holly tells you about Rashid Rehman in Pakistan.Holly is stripping off in the corner of Mel’s recording loft, Mel
In Season 4 Episode 3 the girls tell you all about Abductors Who Murder. Holly teaches you about Donald ‘Nappey’ Neilson who was not a fan of diapers or postal workers before Mel covers Anni Dewani’s murder right after Holly awkwardly snickers
In Season 4 Episode 2 (Part Two) the girls finish talking about Journalists Who Are Murdered. Holly covers the twisty tale of Jake Lingle then there is a detailed debate. Mel kicks it all off by insulting an entire nation, Holly continues the
In Season 4 Episode 2 (Part One) the girls talk about Journalists Who Are Murdered. Mel covers the sad story of Jill Dando in the first of this two part episode. Mel emphasises the best way to keep Holly happy, the girls decide gynaecologists a
Welcome to Season 4 of Which Murderer!In Season 4 Episode 1 Mel and Holly cover Mob Murders - Mel's choice as Holly has terrible taste in TV shows. It all connects. Holly kicks off the episode with the story of Albert Anastasia before Mel tells
Welcome to Season 4 of Which Murderer!In the Season 4 Intro you finally get to meet this season’s new co-host – MEL! You’ll hear how she started off on this journey hating true crime and podcasts….look how that turned out. Almost as well as Hol
In the Season 3 Final Episode the girls cover Diagnosed Psychopaths Who Murder for Gemma’s final podcast appearance. Gemma chats through Robert Black before Holly talks about Jane Toppin.Holly has some nickname confusion, Gemma tells a horror s
In Season 3 Episode 51 the girls talk about Beauty Pageant Murders with Holly kicking off her story of Svetlana Kotova before Gemma dives into her tale about Michaela McAreavey.Shoutouts for Sarah with a case suggestion and Woody over at Real L
In Season 3 Episode 50 the girls cover Cabin in the Woods Murders with Gemma telling you all about the murder of David and Estelle Akeman before Holly chats through the nightmare of the Tiede family. BIG PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SEASON 4The gir
In Season 3 Episode 49 the girls talk about Murderers Who Have Disappeared with Holly covering the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders before Gemma talks about the French case of Xavier Pierre Marie Dupont de Ligonnès.Holly comes clean about cheating
In Season 3 Episode 48 the girls talk about College Murders with Gemma kicking the episode off with the story of Tina Morris. Holly then jumps into the surprising case of Robert Bechtel. Shoutouts for Helen and Catriona from the Superfan Galler
In Season 3 Episode 47 the girls talk about Surviving Serial Killers with Holly giving a very basic covering of Richard Specks attempted murder of Corazon Amurao before Gemma dives into the case of Kate Moir surviving the killer couple David an
In Season 3 Episode 46 the girls cover Prom Night Murders with Gemma kicking it off talking about Paul Michael Crowder before Holly chats through the tale of Adam James Sapikowski.The girls win their own professional standards contest, Produce
In Season 3 Episode 45 the girls talk about Wartime Murders. Holly kicks it off with the story of Paul Orgorzow before Gemma tells you about Harry Dobkin.Shoutout for Lindy who shared her panther cat Willow on the Facebook Page – SHARE ALL YOUR
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