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Future of The Space Travel & Art of Life with A Rocket Scientist Dr. Ajay Kothari

Released Wednesday, 7th October 2020
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When we are talking about the future of the earth, we always think about the Space travel and the space and moon colonies. The special topic that we have covered in this topic have tremendous amount of knowledge and the future technologies that can help humankind. The topic is so curious and interesting that only can be described by some enthusiastic, experienced, and knowledgeable person. And I believe Dr. Ajay Kothari is the most suitable person from which we can acquire knowledge. In today’s talk we will discuss the passionate goal of Dr. Kothari and How he achieved despite of lots of difficulties and perseverance. We will discuss that How he become an actor and artist, which is quite different than his technological career. Also Dr. Kothari will tell us why he and his company and also Jeff Bezos, want to acquire the moon appropriately. Dr. Kothari is the rocket scientist and he designed many of the rocket systems and his own hypersonic rocket design. He will deliver his special design so that we as a human can use it for the future transportation with low cost. His tremendous knowledge regarding the moon exploration and how can we make a better habitats over there, will blow your mind. Dr. Ajay Kothari originated from Palanpur and then he succeeds in his life and become a great entrepreneur in USA. His company is renowned and  have customers like NASA and United States Air Force. He will explain that How Space travel and Space exploration is the desperate dream of the scientists and the true benefits of it. At the end we will discuss that Dr. Kothari is the one who expanded his horizon in different fields of art as well. This special episode is memorable and knowledgeable. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so you will get essence of life every week with only Xpertdale Podcast.

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