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This romcom follows a woman going on a romantic couples honeymoon tour of Italy by herself after she finds her fiance cheating on her, then she falls in love with her tour guide and realizes she wants her life to go in a different and more satisfying direction. Full cast dialogue interspersed with internal monologue. The romance develops too fast in intensity for my taste and for the strength of the dynamic (and there isn't enough exploration about what it means to date again that fast after ending an 8-year relationship), but if you're looking for some well-produced cozy and breezy escapism about traveling to Italy with fun and wacky side characters, this isn't a bad place to get it.
A British sitcom with snappy dialogue and morbid and absurd humor that follows two standoffish twins who have to find a way to keep their funeral business afloat when a charming competitor arrives in the village. Themes include grief, community, and the importance of interpersonal connections. The structure is episodic and character rather than plot-driven, mostly told through dialogue with interspersed narration. The performances are funny and energetic, with endearing main characters who each get a season to spotlight them (Antigone's development especially being a highlight as she becomes more confident), as well as colorful side characters who flesh out the town. There's quite a bit of secondhand embarrassment, but also heartwarming moments.
Well-written sci-fi thriller with political intrigue that grapples with military ethics; this show explores fascinating angles of its premise, including memory, communication, grief, morality, and love. Compelling personal and interpersonal drama as the two leads deal with the aftermath of a war - one of them an honored war hero, and the other a disgraced scientist who helped create a memory erasing drug. The two main leads handle their complicated romantic feelings for each other, grief over the man they were both in love with (this is how you do a love triangle!), and guilt and trauma over their actions during the war in a messy and human way. The audio quality ranges from decent to a bit rough around the edges to sounding like it was recorded outside on a cheap cell phone, but suitable most of the time considering much of the story is told through phone calls. The differing in actors' audio quality is a bit more noticeable when certain characters are supposed to be in the same place.

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