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Easily Apply for The Podcast Academy with Your Podchaser Profile

Podcasters everywhere can now use their Podchaser creator profile to apply for membership in The Podcast Academy.

What is The Podcast Academy?

Earlier this year, the podcast world saw the launch of The Podcast Academy, an organization dedicated to serving the people who work in all areas of the podcast industry — an important step in supporting and growing the entire medium of podcasting. 

One of the great things about The Podcast Academy is that they’ve made it their mission to include a wide variety of podcasters, journalists, behind the mic folks, and students in the organization. That includes independent creators, not just procasters. Exciting stuff!

Join The Podcast Academy

In June, The Podcast Academy opened up applications for membership. Members will gain access to webinars, connection opportunities, annual awards, mentorships, and new research insights. (See full list of membership benefits)

In order to join The Podcast Academy, podcasters will need to meet membership criteria depending on their role, including a minimum number of podcast credits and run time. Luckily, The Podcast Academy makes this super easy by allowing you to link to your Podchaser creator profile to verify your podcast credits. It’s easy, here’s how.

Applying for The Podcast Academy with Podchaser

  • Step 1: Make sure your Podchaser creator profile is up-to-date with your latest credits. You can edit your creator profile and credits by visiting your “My Creators” page. 
    • If you haven’t made a Podchaser creator profile yet, click here to add yourself
    • If there is already a creator profile for you on Podchaser but you haven’t claimed it yet, you can do so by visiting your creator profile and clicking the “Is This You” button. 
  • Step 2: Click here to begin your membership application on The Podcast Academy’s website. 
  • Step 3: Fill out your application according to the form on their site. There will be a field to add your Podchaser link.

That’s it, super easy. Now get started!

The Podcast Academy Logo

More About The Podcast Academy

From The Podcast Academy’s official website

The Podcast Academy

The Podcast Academy was formed to foster excellence and recognize outstanding creative achievement in podcasting.  To do this we will confer annual awards of merit upon those deemed to be most worthy by their industry peers.  This awards program will bring the industry together, drive creativity, quality and excellence, and elevate the status of podcasts as an entertainment medium. The first awards ceremony will be held in 2021. 

Follow the Podcast Academy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Additional Initiatives

The Podcast Academy will host webinars on industry topics, hold networking events online, and in person in Los Angeles and New York City (when possible), and publish whitepapers on industry best practices.  Additionally, we will host a searchable directory of members, giving everyone the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the podcast field.

Academy Administration

The Academy is professionally run by an Executive Director and an Account Manager.  These roles are overseen by a volunteer Board of Governors who set the strategic vision and goals of the organization. 17 Founding Members established the organization and are guiding its initial creation with goals of 1) moving the annual awards into a key recognition position and 2) encouraging growth and networking of the Academy and the industry.

The Board of Governors will be elected by active members starting year 2 of the Academy establishment. 9 members of the Board of Governors will be voted on by the members in even numbered years starting in 2022. 8 members of the Board of Governors will be voted on by the members in odd numbered years starting in 2023. Any active member in good standing may run for a two year term for the Board of Governors.

The Podcast Academy Board of Governors

The Podcast Academy is managed by a volunteer Board of Governors.



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