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Wedding Warriors

Wedding Warriors is a new podcast interviewing wedding and event professionals about their war stories from working in the industry.

Kickin' It With Sneaker Steve

Kickin' It With "Sneaker" Steve Podcast

The Business of Drones

Starting off in the Drone Industry can be tricky and has a few pitfalls for those not prepared. Droneit has been in the Industry for over 5 years and we want to share our experiences, both good and bad. From starting out to dealing with clients, weather and the indusrty itself we will go over the topics you need to be aware of flying Drones for business and play. Join us for some lauhgs, great tips and information to get you into the Drone Industry.

Working With Drones

The Working With Drones Podcast is focused on interviewing experts that are working with unmanned aircraft in different industries around the world including: agriculture, construction, oil and gas, mining, forestry, security and many other areas. We dive into the practical use of the technology, regulations surrounding it, and focus on drones weighing less than 25 kg (sUAS class). There are a growing number of professionals that are exploring the use of drones to make their jobs easier and more efficient through this constantly evolving technology. Enjoy!

Bike Shop Radio

Bike Shop Radio is a podcast that originates from 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn NY. We will discuss modern retail trends, the bike industry, and life in and around our vibrant shop. We focus on content and interest, not recording technology and slick editing. Our stories might happen in our loud shop, on the louder streets of Brooklyn, or out in the country on a Bike Camping trip. There might be sirens or Van Halen in the background, so be prepared!

The Wedding Biz - Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

Welcome to the $300 billion global wedding business! Whether you’re an industry insider or a bride-to-be, “The Wedding Biz” is your backstage pass to the “Happily Ever After” world of professional dream makers.

Classic Kicks Podcast

The Classic Kicks Podcast is hosted by Nick Santora and highlights discussions with personalities from throughout the sneaker world. Tune in to learn about the latest trends and stories in the sneaker industry, as well as some trips down memory lane.