Breaking the Glass: All the Best Podcasts for Female Career Advice

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Creation Date July 27th, 2019
Updated Date Updated July 24th, 2020
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About This List

Here's all the best advice for the driven professional woman, including podcasts about tackling workplace drama, balancing motherhood and an ambitious career, finding satisfaction in the good life, and becoming a bad-ass boss. From those who made it there first, here is all the advice a girl needs to get to the top.
  1. Women face gender discrimination throughout our careers. It doesn't have to derail our ambitions — but how do we prepare to deal with it? There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues, or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. So HBR editors Amy Bernstein and Amy Gallo are untangling some of the knottiest problems. They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experiences, and give lots of practical advice to help you succeed in spite of the obstacles.
  2. A podcast about motherhood and entrepreneurship, hosted by founder Sarah Lacy.
  3. Being Boss is an exploration of not only what it means, but what it takes to be boss as a creative business owner, freelancer, or side-hustler. Join host Emily Thompson as she explores the mindsets, habits, and tactics of harnessing your creative ambitions and embracing the adventure of starting and growing your own business so that you can make money doing work you love.
  4. Welcome to The Classy Career Girl Podcast, hosted by Anna Runyan, founder and CEO of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites. Anna Runyan is a former corporate consultant turned entrepreneur and each week she brings you inspiring lessons to help you find career fulfillment, work life balance and happiness so you are ready for the incredible impact that you can make on the world. Let's begin today's class with Classy Career Girl.
  5. Women’s experiences at work can be challenging, rewarding, and downright ugly – sometimes in the same week. The Broad Experience sparks candid conversations about women, men, careers, and success. We discuss the stuff everyone’s thinking about, but not always talking about. Leaves you feeling more enlightened, less alone. Hosted by journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte.  
  6. An intimate look at navigating career transitions on your own terms for the woman seeking encouragement, inspiration + change in a life filled with demands on who she should be. Sharing stories of women who have learned best practices through personal and professional development resulting in practical advice and actionable tips. Leading the conversations is Host Ahyiana Angel, who successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a published author. This is candid convo when you're deciding if you need to Switch, Pivot, or Quit®. Instagram -
  7. A feed of audio work created by Alex Sujong Laughlin
  8. Journalist Josella Waldron talks to strong, smart, intelligent working women about having a fulfilling career and dealing with the challenges of modern family life.
  9. Since 1989, Women Business Leadership Skills and Career Development Executive Coaching Advice. Interviews with Successful Women CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Help You Influence People, Improve Performance, Get Promoted, Increase Earnings and Enhance Your Job/Life Balance
  10. Welcome to The Femails, a podcast from Career Contessa that deep dives into the world of women, work, and what it takes to build a successful and fulfilling career on your terms. Isn’t it about time a podcast covering work also covered all things women? Yea, we thought so, too. Join our host, Career Contessa CEO, Lauren McGoodwin, as she interviews a variety of women about their explorations, failures, triumphs, and takes a real-talk approach to women’s career development. Visit for more female-forward career advice and exclusive content on Instagram at @careercontessa. We guarantee to make you LOL in your cubicle. Theme Music: Ethan Edenburg
  11. Velkommen til podcasten til Empowering women! Jeg heter Alice Hamran og er en online entreprenør som brenner for å motivere kvinnelige gründere til å lykkes i egen business. I denne podcasten har vi fokus på Mindset, motivasjon, mindfullness og meditasjon. Så se opp for herlige gründersamtaler og tips og triks som du kan innplementere i din virksomhet! Takk for at du er med meg i dag, la oss bare starte med en gang!
  12. How do I build my dream job? How do I make money online? Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5? How can I create passive income? How can I grow my Instagram following? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* turn my passion into profits? Welcome to the Goal Digger Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Week after week, host Jenna Kutcher brings you the the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks,, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream career. Jenna shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses, Instagram sponsorships, and navigating the world of being a #girlboss social media influencer. Along with sharing her best kept secrets, she interviews the best in the industry (Amy Porterfield, Jamie Ivey, Melyssa Griffin, Lori Harder, Cathy Heller and so much more) who will share their secrets to ensure you are seen, heard, (and hired!) With millions of downloads and counting, the Goal Digger Movement is growing every day and now it’s YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. What do you say? Are you in? Because we believe that work doesn’t have to feel like work.
  13. Big Girl Money is hosted by a former corporate rockstar, author, gender inclusivity consultant and mentor Wendy Bohling. She is joined by Roni Burgener, an aspiring corporate rockstar and millennial new to the corporate world! We all know being a working woman ain’t always easy but we’re here to help. Tune in each week for guest interviews, breaking news stories about women, career advice and more! Discover professional happiness, become the Beyonce of your workplace and get that BIG GIRL MONEY!
  14. Host Stephanie Dennis is on a mission to empower people to take control of their careers by offering holistic career advice. Need to find a new job? Grow your career? Ever struggle with a bad day? Looking for career advice? Need to write a resume? Prepare for an interview? Check out Career Talk: Learn - Grow - Thrive as featured in the New York Times,, Forbes, Reader's Digest, Business Insider and more! We tell it how it is and get to the point!
  15. A podcast drawing on the wisdom of those who have gone before to help younger women achieve career success.
  16. Entrepreneur Lauren Asghari talks with women of all backgrounds about their career paths and personal journeys. You get a little bit of everything from this podcast, including practical business advice and mentorship guidance. Discover how individual women knocked down personal barriers to find their work passion!
  17. This is a Podcast for women who work in sales roles. Why? 1. We want to expose more women who work in sales to each other. That way we as women in sales can tell our stories and learn from each other. 2. It is a great way to expose women who don't work in sales to the world of sales. Real stories from real women who work in sales.
  18. The Sales Gravy Women in Sales podcast explores why women make better salespeople and offers career advice, tips, and advice relevant to women in sales and sales leadership roles. The WIS podcast is produced by Sales Gravy, the world's largest sales talent community. Visit the award winning Women in Sales blog on the Sales Gravy website.
  19. Leading women in data science share their work, advice, and lessons learned along the way with Professor Margot Gerritsen from Stanford University. Hear about how data science is being applied and having impact across a wide range of domains, from healthcare to finance to cosmology to human rights and more. This podcast is brought to you by the Stanford Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) and the Stanford School of Engineering. Generous support for this podcast and other Women in Data Science initiatives has been provided by Intuit, Microsoft, SAP, Walmart Labs, and Western Digital.
  20. theSkimm's co-founders and co-CEOs, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, started their company from a couch. Now they’re bringing it back to one, and inviting powerful female leaders to sit down and chat about everything from celebrating career wins to the worst advice they've ever received. It’s an inside look at what it’s really like on the road to success. No BS, no sugarcoating.
  21. The mission of Progressive Women’s Leadership is to advance the Women’s Leadership movement in a way that is empowering, supportive, and bold.
  22. There’s so much to balance when you’re managing a career and a family and it’s not easy, but you’re not alone. Women at Work, with Samantha Sutherland, who talks to working mothers about the juggle and the struggle, tips for navigating the workforce and how they manage their lives.
  23. Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s cohost and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully. Part of the Cadence13 Network.
  24. How do more and achieve more WITHOUT being Wonder Woman. Cyran and Mel are professional women with successful careers and social media channels who want to connect with other women who don't profess to 'know it all'. Learning how to juggle all things things, take care of themselves and their families; Cyran and Mel share their tips for living a full life, having a successful career and interview women at the top of their game to get their perspective.
  25. Bawsy, wife & mom. Giving permission to moms everywhere to "Lose It" every so often. And not to worry! We'll share anecdotes and lessons on how to "Find It" so we can all move on to the next life adventure.
  26. You may know one. You may be one. You may be an aspiring one. We all have the capability. This podcast is insight into a young GIRLBOSS life. Just doing her thing.
  27. Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast about juggling life, career, and building wealth on your own terms. Your hosts are Mandi Woodruff, executive editor of and former personal finance reporter for Yahoo Finance, and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and best-selling author of "The One-Week Budget."
  28. Hear women tell our own stories, in our own words, and share the truths we've learned and lived through. Hosted by Kelly McCreary, in Season 3 you’ll hear from Phoebe Robinson, Jameela Jamil, Suleika Jaouad, Danya Ruttenberg, Sailor J, Cristela Alonzo, and more. This season is all about Journeys: adventures that illuminate the world and ourselves, unexpected encounters that change our lives when we least expect it, escapes that bring peace and fresh starts, souvenirs we’ve collected along the way, and last but not least, the places we call home. Brought to you by Reese Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine.
  29. The personal stories highlighted on Creating Espacios will serve as a resource for other aspiring entrepreneurial women and act as a first step in closing the gap in information and resources for diverse communities who want to become a part of the media or startup world.
  30. ZigZag, the business show about being human, returns as a member of the TED family of podcasts. Join this zig-zagging quest with Manoush Zomorodi (Host of NPR’s TED Radio Hour; Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business) to discover new ways we can align our ambitions with systemic change that’s good for our fellow human beings. www.zigzagpod.comOn Season 5, Manoush profiles six unusual dynamos reinventing business, their industries, and even capitalism in the name of humanity. It will change the way you see your work and your self . Find @ZigZagPod on Twitter and Instagram.Tell Manoush YOUR story by emailing a voice memo to
  31. Each month we will bring you no holds barred discussion on the biggest issues that affect our careers and lives. You'll hear from an individual at the top of their game on the challenges they faced and the mistakes they made along the way. And in Ask The Hive, if you are facing an obstacle or a problem in your career, you'll have a chance to get some superb advice from people who've been there and come out the other side.

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