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Creation Date August 16th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  1. Everyone on social media calls themselves a “content creator”. Brian lives it 24/7. He travels the world talking, teaching, and streaming. While he was in Atlanta for The Social Shakeup, I caught him for great... The post Brian Fanzo appeared first on The Atlanta Podcast.
  2. For today's Friday Focus, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Fanzo. --- Support this podcast:
  3. In this episode, we talk with BRIAN FANZO, the founder & CEO of iSocialFanz…a huge social influencer, change agent, technology evangelist, prolific podcaster, conference emcee and Millennial keynote speaker.THOUGHT #1Raise Your Hand Faster than Anyone Else.THOUGHT #2If the Goal is Survival, You've Already Lost.CONNECT:Website: www.iSocialFanz.comSpeaker Website: www.BrianFanzo.comTwitter: @iSocialFanzInstagram: iSocialFanzPodcasts:FOMOFansJust Try This (w/ Amy Landino)S.M.A.C. TalkBRAND & RESOURCE MENTIONS:Alan Schaefer - (Council of Hotel & Restaurant Trainers) – www.chart.orgThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – www.franklincovey.comHard Rock International – HardRock.comThoughts That Rock – ThoughtsThatRock.comCertified Rock Star - CertifiedRockStar.comCulture That Rocks: How to Revolutionize Your Company’s Culture (Jim Knight) – CultureThatRocks.comBlack Sheep: Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You (Brant Menswar) - FindYourBlackSheep.comRock ‘n Roll With It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change (Brant Menswar) – RocknRollWithIt.comCannonball Kids’ cancer – CannonballKidscancer.orgKeppler Speakers - KepplerSpeakers.comBig Kettle Drum - BigKettleDrum.comSpectacle Photography (Show/Website Photos) – SpectaclePhoto.comJeffrey Todd “JT” Keel (Show Music) - JT KeelBRIAN FANZO'S BIOBrian is a proud dad of three girls under the age of 10, a Pittsburgh loving sports fan, a self-proclaimed change evangelist which makes sense as the one constant in this pager wearing millennials career has been changing. Brian is a proud geek that majored in computer science that found his niche of “translating geekspeak” with a unique background that includes working 9 years for the DoD in Cybersecurity, 2 years at a booming cloud computing startup and the last 5 years an entrepreneur and CEO of iSocialFanz.Brian’s DoD career includes leading a team of 30+ developers & trainers with a mission of training, implementing and developing solutions that empowered the different branches of the military to share and collaborate leveraging social business tools their cybersecurity policies and procedures. If that doesn’t sound tough enough Brian’s role included 2 trips to Afghanistan & 3 to Iraq while also briefing the joint chiefs of staff at the Pentagon. Brian discovered his love for workshops, training and speaking while at the DoD for which he leveraged in his next job as the Technology Evangelist of a booming datacenter startup based out of Phoenix Arizona was known as IOdatacenters.Brian became the face of that company over his two years at IO, developing and implementing the social business and training strategies with the focus of transparent collaboration between new hires, management, executives as well as partners and customers. In those two years, the company grew from 256 employees when Brian started to 612 when Brian left.The role of technology evangelist was one that Brian designed at pitched the CEO himself, as it was a role that two of his idols Guy Kawasaki at Apple and Robert Scoble of Microsoft, later Rackspace mastered creating cult-like followings while connecting internal and external community for the company. Brian had the luxury of reporting to the CEO with a dotted line to both the CIO & CMO where he was able to be the face of the brand speaking and evangelizing the IO data center and cloud solutions at the largest technology events in the world including Amazon ReInvent, VMworld, Gartner Symposium, CES and many more.In 2014 while still at IO Brian received his first of many social business awards as he was named Top 25 Social Business Leader of the future by the Economist and IBM. Brian leveraged the visibility and opportunities afforded to him with this award to travel to Ted Talks and the world’s largest technology events as an influencer, speaker and the personal brand of iSocialFanz.
  4. Third episode of Beyond the Test Podcast! We interviewed Brian Fanzo, an Influencer, Keynote Speaker, and Digital Marketer! He talks about the importance of standing out in the world of business, and how this can apply to social media.
  5. Brian Fanzo inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise and reach the millennial and generation z consumers. He has a diverse background working for the Department of Defense in cybersecurity, then as a technology evangelist at a booming cloud computing startup and is currently the founder of iSocialFanz which has helped launch digital and influencer strategies with the world’s most iconic brands like Dell EMC, Adobe, IBM, UFC, Applebees and SAP.   On this episode with Brian Fanzo: ADHD & productivity, managing expectations and why Brian Fanzo​ is a timer-based kind of guy.   Where you can find Brian online: Twitter Instagram Facebook Instagram (iSocialFanz)   What did you think of this episode? I want to know. Go to and leave a comment.   To leave feedback about the podcast or give suggestions for ideas for future episodes (including guests you'd like to hear me interview), go to or email If you are looking to take your productivity to the next level or if you are interested in bringing me in to speak at your event, visit Follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to my weekly Next Level Productivity Digest. If you love the show, share it with a friend on Apple Podcasts.
  6. EPISODE #11 features Brian Fanzo, a dude I met on a (docked) aircraft carrier in San Diego in early 2014. Brian and I have about a zillion mutual connections (or 50). Brian's passion is CHANGE. Teaching CHANGE. Embracing CHANGE. CHANGE. CHANGE. CHANGE. In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page. Are you ready to talk CHANGE? During this episode ... Brian and I dig into how we first met ... on a boat. Brian shares how he uncovered his passion for change. Brian answers the question, "Are people afraid of change" in a way I didn't expect. Brian talks about "Do What You Love | Love What You Do" We talk about "GO BIG OR GO HOME." More About Brian I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Leading change in #SocBiz, #Tech, Social Media Business & #EmployeeAdvocacy | Chief Digital Strategist @Broadsuite #SocBiz25 #TChat Find out more on Twitter. Links Discussed In This Episode 90DaysToEllen Tim McDonald's Living Your Passion episode Do What You Love | Love What You Do Ugmonk t-shirt Brian on Twitter. Millennial CEO iSocialFanz Enjoyed this episode? Please consider subscribing (if you haven't already). Also, what would be really awesome? If you could rate and review the show ... and use those fancy social sharing icons below to tell the world! Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe via email (scroll to the bottom). Finally, if you know someone who bleeds passion (or maybe it’s you), please email me at djwaldow at gmail dot com. Oh, and if you have a connection to LeBron James, please let me know. I think he’d be a great person to talk to about his passion for basketball. #DeadSerious
  7. Listen as John, Wasfi, & Brian talk about building a brand by being authentic...
  8. Today's Leading Matters guest is Brian Fanzo, (aka isocialfanz). He leads the social strategy consulting agency, iSocialFanz, and hosts two podcasts (SMACTalk and FOMOFanz). He has built a community using live video streaming and has helped some of the largest companies in the world get serious about social media.
  9. Listen in as we talk about social media strategies & how to scale your business.
  10. "Connecting great people with great people to do great things." I could leave the show notes right there to tell you everything you need to know about Brian Fanzo. Brian has a deep, deep history with online activities, which began with cyber security in the Department of Defence. Brian has been on stages talking about the online world for many years but what he is currently in demand for is his thought leadership with building communities and audiences. Brian is a social and digital strategist who works with many companies introducing them to the space and or making them better in it. His motto is, "Think Like A Fan" which has led to a movement in personal branding and story telling based on delivering content to your audience that appeals to them because it speaks to them and it is what they want. "Give people access to people, places or experiences that they can't get anywhere else", you build an awesome audience that gets to live through your world virtually.  I love relating what brands do in the social space to what police can do to mirror their success and Brian breaks it right down to show how to that. One of Brian's big points in this episode is being relatable with your audience and that is one of the great benefits of livestream. Authenticity is so vital. Showing how awesome he is, Brian also "recorded" this episode. He actually live streamed it on his Periscope Channel while we were recording. Here's  a bit of technology for you... Brian was in Virginia. I was in Nevada. I was recording via Skype. Brian was broadcasting via Periscope. His recording was published 13 days before mine. Hmmmm You can watch the scope here: I hope you take the time to go and learn more about Brian and follow him in the social space. Website: TwitterFacebook Snapcode
  11. Welcome to Episode 18 of FUN! When you are having FUN doing what you love to do, that's how you bring people together. Our guest today is all about connecting great people with other great people to do great things. It is obvious that he has a blast doing what he does. Brian Fanzo of is a millennial to the core but he is also a key note speaker, founder of his own business which is a social strategy consultant agency, he hosts podcasts of his own, SMACTalk and the FOMOFanz Podcast. Brian on Instagram Brian on Twitter Brian on Facebook
  12. 800 live-stream episodes later, Brian Fanzo, the "pager-wearing millennial" talks with Paul about some tips and tricks to create effective Facebook Live streams.
  13. Brian Fanzo is a force of nature, a Millennial who has built a business showing brands the how and why of communicating with Millennials.  Push the Damn Button is one of Brian's signature calls to action! He embraces tech on all fronts, but like me, he has a passion for putting the user in charge of the technology. Learn more about Brian at iSocialFanz
  14. On this epic episode (Almost 2 hours!) of The Solopreneur Hour, online influencer, fellow Steelers fan, and all around good egg Brian Fanzo and I catch up and talk all things social media, then get into the meat and potatoes of the show: It’s Fantasy Football season for those afflicted, nerdy souls, where we yell at the TV to cheer on players that aren’t even on the team we root for. But…we wouldn’t have it any other way! There is, however, a twist to this ultimate fantasy draft. In this case, we are drafting the top internet marketers in the world. We’ll share who we’d pick for which position, and also provide a few alternates. This is a long show that’s well worth the content. (note:  I've split out the fantasy draft into it's own episode here ) 2017 INTERNET MARKETING FANTASY DRAFT Michael O'Neal and Brian Fanzo pick the best: Copywriter Video Marketer Social Media Marketer Community Marketer Influencer Emailing List Curator Web Presence / SEO Live Speaker Author Lead Generator/Funnels Strategist Support your fellow Solopreneurs in their businesses: Steve Olsher: The Ultimate Directory of Powerful Podcasters, Big Time Bloggers & Social Media stars which includes detailed contact information for 240 new media influencers who can make you famous with the push of a button. Get the visibility you and your business deserve by grabbing a FREE copy of the Ultimate Directory at That’s Darren Rowse: The Problogger himself, Darren Rowse has been bitten by the podcasting bug and started his own ProBlogger podcast. In the weekly ProBlogger show Darren shares in depth training for bloggers, reviews tools and interviews bloggers about how they grow and monetize their blogs. Find the ProBlogger podcast by searching for the word ‘ProBlogger’ on iTunes or your favorite podcast network or head to
  15. On this epic episode (Almost 2 hours!) of The Solopreneur Hour, online influencer, fellow Steelers fan, and all around good egg Brian Fanzo and I catch up and talk all things social media, then get into the meat and potatoes of the show: It’s Fantasy Football season for those afflicted, nerdy souls, where we yell […]
  16. Thom Singer met Brian Fanzo on a video podcast where they were both guest.  Thom knew from the start that the backwards hat and the cool tattoos made Brian the cooler of the two guest.  Since that time they have become friends and Thom knew he had to share Brain's story with the CTED audience.   Brian Fanzo talks fast and tweets faster. A proud, pager-wearing millennial, he is a keynote speaker and founder/CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, a social strategy consulting agency. Brian also co-hosts SMACtalk Podcast & FOMOFanz Podcast.   Brian’s #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has powered first-of-their-kind storytelling campaigns for many Fortune 50 enterprise companies leveraging Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook Live under the username @iSocialFanz. He was awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by The Economist Intelligence Unit and was nominated for the first ever #ShortyAwards Periscoper Of The Year 2016.   In 2016, Brian keynoted in 11 countries at more than 40 events highlighting his passion for change, collaboration and community – dubbed the 3 C’s these elements are the foundation of his first book A Millennial Mindset due out in 2017.   Career Highlights   ❖ 9 years working for the Department of Defense in Cyber Security & Collaboration where he managed 30+ employees and traveled to over 50 countries including multiple trips to Iraq & Afghanistan.   ❖ Economist Named Brian Fanzo “Top 25 Social Business Leaders of the Future” in 2014   ❖ Host of two Podcasts: ➢ SMACtalk - 80 episodes (Sponsored by IBM, SAP, Adobe & Pegasystems) ➢ FOMOfanz - 35 episodes (100k+ downloads in first 4 months)   ❖ Been Interviewed on over 100 Podcasts since 2015 ❖ Spoke at over 50 events in 11 countries in 2016.   ❖ Nominated for the 1st of it’s kind Periscoper of the Year Shorty Award   2016 Digital Footprint: ➔ Twitter: 110k+ Followers ➔ Live Streamed 1800+ times on Periscope + Facebook Live since 2015 ➔ 250k total social media followers ➔ Brand Account Takeovers for: Buffer, IBM, Applebees, SAP, HP, Dell EMC, LeEco, Social Media Examiner   
  17. This week, we talk about what the rise of podcasting says about our society, and how podcasting will affect the enterprise of tomorrow. Our guest is Brian Fanzo, renown podcasting expert, digital influencer, and all-around good guy.\ If you ever wanted a show to talk about multitasking, The Punisher, and FDR’s radio addresses all on the same episode, you’ve come to the right place.
  18. This week on DisrupTV, we caught up with Brian Fanzo, Change Evangelist and Social Video Trend Setter, and Dion Hinchcliffe, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. DisrupTV is a weekly Web series with hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar. The show airs live at 11:00 a.m. PT/ 2:00 p.m. ET every Friday. Brought to you by Constellation Executive Network:
  19. Brian Fanzo, CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, joins the Bryan Kramer Show for real talk on the risk and reward of staying authentic and vulnerable as a keynote speaker. In This Episode The power of networking and volunteering in establishing a speaking career Why taking risks on being yourself means some lost opportunities in the short-term but a long-term reward for your career How an authentic and successful career as a speaker means public vulnerability Why being an entrepreneur does not mean being a soloprenuer Celebrating wins and avoiding burn-out Why keeping your ego in check means being publicly honest with your struggles Resources Brian Fanzo on Twitter: @iSocialFanz iSocialFanz BACKLAMP X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design Visit to hear more Human Conversation.

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