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Creation Date December 18th, 2018
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  1. The post Episode 40: Bryan Entzminger appeared first on Doing Ministry Well.
  2. Bryan, a long term friend of all forms FXMissions Podcasting, comes from the engineering chair to make a guest appearance in this first of two podcasts on Leadership! He is no dunce with the blade, let me just warn you. Join Bryan and Scott as they plumb the depths and survey the shallows, and be encouraged as you do. Visit for more great content like this or to ask a question. Contact Bryan The Engaging Missions Show  
  3. Bryan Entzminger- Bryan Entzminger is a husband and father who works full-time as a logistics analyst for a large petfood company, is heavily involved in his local church, is a little too active on social media, and really enjoys podcasting. He's the host of the Engaging Missions Show where he interviews missionaries and church planters and he also edits audio for some additional podcasts. You can find him at    Listen to another #12minconvo   
  4. Leadership styles can throw us for a loop, especially if they are foreign to us. What we are used to may not be right, and what we aren’t used to may not be wrong. Check out Bryan’s perspective on leadership styles, and so much more. And thanks for joining us for this edition of Leadership Moment. Rate us where you found this podcast and pass it along to someone you think could benefit! Visit for more great content like this or to ask a question. Contact Bryan at  
  5. We had been introduced to Bryan through mutual friends and right away we were intrigued. Bryan maintains the Engaging Missions Podcast as a way to connect what those on the Mission field are seeing God doing and getting those stories to the larger Christian population. We love that! In this interview, we learn more about Bryan and his story, then we ask him our Made for Missions 3 questions. Love this episode! Enjoy, then share!
  6. Bryan Entzminger and Scott McClelland talk about failure, having difficult conversations, and loving the people we lead well, even when it's uncomfortable. Visit for more great content like this or to ask a question.
  7. Bryan Entzminger is a logistics analyst with a great story of how Jesus has worked in his life. Bryan shares what its like to be in a season of waiting, the importance of community, and fascinating stories from missionaries he has interviewed. If you are struggling to see how your faith can connect to your job or season of life, Bryan provides some great and practical encouragement. Guest Links Bryan on Facebook Bryan on Twitter Engaging Missions Podcast on iTunes The Podcast releases every Wednesday morning Subscribe for free and never miss and episode! Appreciate the podcast? Please leave a rating and review! You can also like my Facebook page and watch the video version of the podcast as well. Here’s where you can subscribe: iTunes Google Play TuneIn Radio
  8. Bryan Entzminger and Scott McClelland talk about podcasting, production, leadership, and the upcoming From the Forefront podcast from FX Missions. Visit for more great content like this or to ask a question.
  9. Join me and my good friend Ralph M. Rivera as we celebrate the 100th episode of this show!  Hear audio clips from 19 awesome friends and previous guests roasting and/or congratulating me! (see the all-star list below) Also hear a 10 min. audio piece I created called "Audio Adjectives and What They Sound Like." Hear what these sound like: Big, Small, Boomy, Muddy, Boxy, Hollow, Midrangy, Biting, Presence, Clarity, Brightness, “Air,” and Telephone Sound.  Ralph has joined me previously on episodes 19, 36, and 56. He is currently creating Podcaster’s Toolbox, and his podcast show is called Carbon Based Business Units. Ralph also did the segments Nightmare Session and Next Purchase? Thanks to all these friends and previous guests for sending audio clip wishes!: Arik Levy - Ep's 54, 82, 92 (Firearms Nation Podcast, Shooters Summit) Billy O - Ep's 57, 96 (Podcast Producer, Audio Engineer, The Billy O Show) Bryan Entzminger (PES Alumni, Top Tier Audio, Engaging Missions Show) Carey Green - Ep. 12 (Podcast Fast Track, host of Podcastification) Dave Jackson - Ep's 11, 78 (School of Podcasting, and host of many shows including Podcast Rodeo Show) Garth Humphries - Ep's 38, 75 (Host and producer of Audio Pizza, Aussie Mac Zone and iBlindTech) David Hooper - Ep. 5 (marketing guy, radio host, RED Podcast, Build a Big Podcast) Jason DeFillippo - Ep. 43 (Podcast Producer, Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast, Jordan Harbinger Show) John Bukenas - Ep. 94 (Owner of Audio Editing Solutions, and graduate of Podcast Engineering School) Josh Rivers - Ep. 26 (Owner of Podcast Guy Media and host the Creative Studio Podcast) Chris Krimitsos (Podfest Multimedia Expo) Landen Hardy (PES Alumni, Supporter Sound Studios) Mary Mazurek - Ep's 21, 47 (Recording Engineer and Radio producer at WFMT Chicago) Jonathan Messinger - Ep. 33 (Producer and host of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, and creator of other interactive story podcasts for kids) Mike Russell - Ep. 73 (Company and podcast: Music Radio Creative) Steve O’Neill - Ep. 66 (Host and producer of Sharp podcast) Liam Neeson Ross Brand (LivestreamDeals, Podcaster, Steve Stewart - Ep. 63 (Steve Stewart Podcast Productions, creator of Podcast Editor’s Club Facebook Group) Links to a couple things we mentioned: The iMac reset trick that just helped me - How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac - RØDE SC6-L, an interface destined to change everything for compact 2-channel audio recording on iOS devices (for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Check out Allan Tepper's post: ) FYI - Upcoming outstanding episodes: 101 Dan Dugan, 102 Dan Gonzalez from iZotope, and 103 Rene Coronado! ...seriously, tremendous ;) OUTRO SONG: Xolo - Accoutrements by Bryant W. Jackson. Check out his website and Vimeo channel. Thank you, Bryant! Lots of heartfelt gratitude to all listeners, friends, previous guests and Ralph! Thank you for supporting me and the show so well. DID YOU KNOW........We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. Thanks for listening! Want to Start a Business or Have a Career as a Podcast Producer/Engineer? Listen and Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Android, RSS
  10. This Year SOP Listeners said the following list was "Their Favorite Podcast" This means if they could only listen to ONE, this would be the show. Here they are in alphabetical order 4:00 Adam Carolla Show - 4:42 Bloodround - 6:58  Freakonomincs - 9:18 Hollywood Bable On - 11:35 Kate’s Take - 12:34 Medication Oasis - 13:25 Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail - 14:23 Mike Row’s The Way I Heard It - 15:54 Mixergy - 17:00   Mysterious Universe - 17:54 Mystery Show - 20:11 Old Pre-Meds - 22:10 Radio Labyrinth - 23:12 RED Podcast - 24:25 Retired Exited - 25:30 Rock Your Retirement - 27:25 She Podcasts - 29:20 Spawn On Me - 30:47 Stacking Benjamins - 35:42 Stuff You Missed in History - 39:05 Ted Radio Hour - 40:17 The Audacity to Podcast - 41:25 The School of Podcasting - 42:50 Trecks in Sci -Fi - 46:55 Tumble -   Contribtuors Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure Brian Entzminger, host of the Engaging Missions Shows at Bryan Goodwin with Cale Nelson from Chris Hache of the Noshing Nova Scotians podcast Glenn “The Geek” Hebert of the Horse Radio Network http:/ Hall of Fame Podcaster Danny Pena, founder and co-host of Gamertag Radio ( Henry Shapiro of the Retired Excited podcast Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online Jason Norris of Podcast Local from On the Go FM. Jayson Sacco of the Outdoor Adventures with Jason Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of the Anomaly Podcast, Jonathan Christopher, host of the Career Eden Podcast Jonathan Messenger of The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian show Kathe Kline of the “Rock Your Retirement" podcast. Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock Kim Krajci of Toast Masters 101, Lee Silverstein of the Colon Cancer Podcast Randy Cantrell who is the host of the Grow Great podcast Rob Kerns of Living the Vet Life podcast Stargate Pioneer of the Gonna Geek Network Steve Stewart at You can find Steve at Tyler Sheff of the Cash Flow Guys podcast Zen Runner of HOMEWORK What are you top podcasting pet peeves? Go to and let me know READY TO START PODCASTING Go to
  11. Join us in this episode as we speak with Bryan Entzminger about podcasting. Bryan shares some great insight about podcasting and how he got started in podcasting.
  12. Want to work with me? CLICK HERE Did you love this episode? Share it with a friend!!! Episode Summary: Bryan Entzminger joins us to discuss why podcasting is WORTH it even when it’s hard. Bryan had a full time job but something was missing. He wanted to do something MORE and make a bigger impact in the world, so he started the Engaging Missions Podcast to feature missionaries and church planners and share their experiences with the world. Bryan discusses his experiences in podcasting, budging, avoiding overwhelm, and what he still struggles with and so much more. About the Podcaster: Bryan Entzminger is a Logistics planning Analyst and Podcast host. Bryan hosts the Engaging Missions Podcast to bring God stories in your earbuds-sharing stories from the lives of missionaries, ministry leaders, and church planters. Highlights: Balancing Full Time work & Podcasting Being Impactful How to pick ONE Person to listen to for advice. How to Show Up in your Niche Navigating family life while podcasting Avoiding Overwhelm in Podcasting   Mentioned in this episode: Podcast Engineering School . Feel free to use these hashtags to share your thoughts with me on socials. #podcasterssupportingpodcasters #justpodcasting   The technical thing I learned from this episode: Breath control in RX7 is your friend... but if you aren't careful, you cut off letters and sounds like CH, TH, P, B and Ks. (Grab RX7 here) I may sound a little too breathy still, but trust me, it's sooo much better than it was. (It's my myriad of allergies that causes it as I'm allergic to most things man-made)   Cats in this episode: Fat Round. We hopefully got him out of the episode though.   Personal Podcasting Pain Point: Why do I find everything so funny? Or maybe amusing? The world is a funny place, I guess. Also, there's the squeaky chair.

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