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Creation Date December 18th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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Here's a list of amazing shows on the Necropodicon Network! Visit to learn more.
  1. Suns of the Fathers is a real-play, Sci-Fi, Horror, Roleplay Podcast. Four survivors work against increasing odds as their sanity ebbs away with each passing moment. Alone, afraid, and hunted by unimaginable horrors - how long can they make it?
  2. A Podcast testing TTRPGs so you don't have to!
  3. Danny and Erica are two best friends making fun of themselves through the old, embarrassing creative writing from their youth. They read, ridicule, and discuss the lessons learned from each piece in hilarious weekly episodes. Laugh and cry with them every Sunday!
  4. An improvised comedy podcast with two kiwi guys who shouldn't run a weekly improvised comedy podcast.
  5. GTNP is a weekly homebrew actualplay 5th edition D&D podcast written and recorded in the UK. Our campaign focuses on truly macabre tale of terrifying gods, power hungry mortals and depraved cultists, where heroes are few are far between and madness is merely one failed roll away. Drawing on the Cthulhu mythos mixed with a high magic fantasy world on the cusp of technological advancement we hope to create a unique setting with a little something for everyone. New episodes go live on Monday UK time.
  6. An exploration of all things scary, hosted by Ryan and Andi.
  7. Where we talk about the Darker side of things...
  8. Join Paul, Harley, and Don as they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of horror movies. They'll cover good, bad, and simply weird movies, and then they'll tell you how to survive them.
  9. Welcome to Bad Rad Movies! A podcast that talks about movies that are either "bad but entertaining" or have just not been major hits in any form. Come join Richard and Cameron along with many guest co-hosts on different episodes where they discuss the films they have just witnessed. They will let you know if it is worth watching or not! NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY! Follow us on instagram: @badradmoviespodcast and twitter: @badradmovies Artwork done by: @starkgravingmad Support this podcast:
  10. A podcast for lovers of independent film! Find us and other great podcasts at
  11. On The Shoulder is a weekly podcast in which we play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. This campaign follows the blusterous underwater adventures of heroes from both sides of the moral compass. Umbra, the triton palace guard, and Lola the sea-elf hexblade bounty hunter.
  12. Two individuals who share the same brain attempt to offer some advice to a world they think they understand.
  13. The Fate of Isen is a fun and loose actual-play podcast recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. Join the quest as incredibly unlikely heroes fumble their way through saving the world of Isen. There are empires, gods, demons, giant kiwi, and so much more!

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