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Creation Date June 6th, 2020
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  1. MNmaxed is an actualplay Pathfinder 2e podcast based in Minnesota. Our goal is to provide entertaining adventures, helpful insights, and to be tabletop RPG ambassadors.
  2. Roll For Combat is a Paizo Official Actual Play Podcast & Interview show where we play roleplaying games and interview industry leaders on a regular basis. Currently, we are playing through the Extinction Curse Pathfinder Adventure Path, and we have completed playthroughs of Pathfinder: The Fall of Plaguestone and Starfinder: Dead Suns Adventure Path. Our Pathfinder show consists of several industry professionals and features character voices, deep roleplaying, and fantasy music that will completely immerse you into the fantasy experience. Our Starfinder show consists of five friends who have been playing together for over twenty years and hundreds of gaming sessions, so we know exactly how to get the best out of each other… and the worst!
  3. Welcome to Dice Will Roll, the gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions, like... Is it cannibalism to eat an awakened polymorphed chicken? Or is it morally okay to kiss a Goblin? What's the worst thing that could happen if we split the party? We're a group of four friends who team up every week to play Pathfinder and be hopelessly gay the whole way through! From getting 4 Nat 1's in a row, to standing up to the darkest forces of the multiverse- Dice Will Roll is here to bring some diversity to your TTRPG experience! Email: Support this podcast:
  4. We're a Pathfinder Second Edition actual-play podcast currently going through Paizo's classic Rise of the Runelords adventure path. Follow the tale of Asher Ford, Gunn Shough, and Greshy Ironroot as they investigate the truth behind a series of strange occurrences throughout Varisia. Game Master - Jason Hamilton ( ) Asher Ford, Human Ranger - Charlotte Cullen Greshy Ironroot, Dwarf Druid - Wil Smith Gunn Shough, Human Champion - Adam Higley Player Art - @hetreasky ( ) Music - Irene Chan Pathfinder & Rise of the Runelords - Paizo
  5. A TTRPG Podcast! Current season is a Pathfinder 2e Greek Mythology based homebrew. We also have Learning with Logan and Mitchell maxing where we talk about different aspects of TTRPGs.
  6. The Heroes Wanted Podcast is a Pathfinder 2 actual play podcast. We get together weekly to play through Paizos first adventure path Age of Ashes. It's our hope to create a fun and funny campaign that will have you laughing and maybe even crying as we tell an immersive story. Our players have wonderful characters with rich backstories and our Game Master works hard to create an interesting and detailed story. So sit back and enjoy the audio antics of the Heroes Wanted Podcast. Connect with us at:
  7. Court of Corvids is an actual play campaign of Pathfinder 2e. What happens when the meeting of the worlds super villains gets interrupted? Stick around and listen to find out!
  8. Five good friends embark on an epic adventure upon the high seas. An actual play podcast in Pathfinder 2nd Edition.
  9. A Pathfinder Second Edition Podcast! Join us for our play-through of the Age of Ashes campaign and for deep-dive discussions on classes, game mechanics, and much more!
  10. The 2 Perception team take on Paizo's Pathfinder! From pirates on the open seas to nobles rubbing elbows at a ball, follow the team's adventures across Golarion!
  11. Actual play podcast of the Pathfinder 2e, Age of Ashes adventure path produced by Paizo. Five nerds who love beer, whiskey, and playing make-believe. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also contact directly us via email at
  12. Take a wild adventure with 8 friends all from New York as we explore the world of Pathfinder 2e. As we play we will learn the rules together, have a few sessions where we just talk about the games and sometimes have special events where we play other games. So come on in, sit for a spell and enjoy our ramblings.
  13. A group of players records their games as they roleplay different RPGs. Take a seat at the table to join them in their adventures.
  14. New World, New Campaign, New Rules. The Mirrored Lands. A young prime material plane with a short and violent past. A new world with new stories. A continent long thought lost forever to the ravages of a great war, Pharidon is found to be habitable once again. Four fates meet as they attempt to forge a new future and escape the past.
  15. Join our wayward party as they explore the depths of an abandoned castle, challenge a devious cult, and learn everything is more than it seems. Listen to the dice fall in this actual play Pathfinder 2nd Edition Age of Ashes podcast!

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