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Creation Date September 3rd, 2020
Updated Date Updated September 22nd, 2020
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Podcasts created by alumni of POD6 The Podcasting Workshop by Akimbo
  1. Join the Australian Society of Anaesthetists as we chat with experts and friends about issues that impact Australian anaesthesia.
  2. 60(ish) seconds of BuddhaMindfulness with your host, Shannon M Whitaker. Come and get 'em!
  3. Hear more. Feel more. Be more! Come with me and dive into some great classical music. For over 1000 years great musicians have explored what it means to live, love, die and everything in between: asking all our deep and universal questions. Escape the cacophony - the noise of your brain and daily life; tune into the music, your feelings and emotions ‘good’ and ‘bad’ …and find the space, stillness and love that underpins everything. NB: May include loud noise, surprises, challenges, cacophonous racket May cause shock, comfort, discomfort, smiles, tears, peace, transcendence
  4. The Creatively Engaging, a podcast about the changemakers and storytellers who are reshaping how our communities view aging. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes serious, but always Creatively Engaging.
  5. We talk about the stuff of life, what makes us curious, what connects us; The Spaghetti of Life
  6. One practitioner’s four-year journey to become a professional in Mindfulness and Secular Buddhism, without getting all mysterious and solemn about it. Join Shannon M Whitaker, co-host Jeff Street, and guests as we discuss the science, philosophy, culture, and practice of mindfulness: What’s the latest fMRI research actually telling us about the effects of Loving-Kindness on the brain? Why is Loving-Kindness a terrible translation of the Pāli word “Metta”? How are other practitioners navigating their practice in the real world? You won’t get a real PhD from listening to this podcast. But don’t worry, we don’t have one either.
  7. Recordings from Shannon's regular guided meditation sessions. Sometimes on the lo-fi side. Interested in attending live? Email us at hello@cultivate.gg.
  8. A place where real people share their stories about navigating the challenges of life—the difficult questions, the unwelcome losses, the gut-wrenching choices—and what gives them hope. New episodes are available every other week, on Saturdays. Thanks for listening!
  9. Journaling With Nature is for those who want to turn curiosity into wonder, a pencil sketch into a rabbit hole of discovery, a moment of stillness into a life full of joy.
  10. The Knowledge for Caregivers Podcast will provide practical tips from a geriatric nurse's perspective on how to help your aged love one. The world is experiencing an explosion of people living longer. At some point though, an aged person begins to need help. Most of that help is provided by family members. Family members usually begin a steep learning curve on how to help their aged loved ones. Every week I will provide practical tips that I use with my own family to help you navigate the care giving role.
  11. Effective leaders will always outperform ineffective leaders over time! Hi, I am Pod OSullivan. For over twenty years I have coached, mentored and supported corporate leaders and leadership teams all over the world to become impactful, effective and high performing. This is a podcast that taps into that experience. It is recorded for and about senior business leaders, C suite leaders, Founders and CEO's.  I interview leaders and experts about ways to optimise leadership. What are the useful habits and thinking patterns? What are the secrets to high performing teams? How do they continue to nurture their effectiveness day after day? In other words, what is their leadership diet? www.theleadershipdiet.com
  12. 1
    Lizzie's inner strength podcast is for all things that will support you to be stronger physically, psychologically and professionally. It is for professionals, business owners and those seeking an energy boost to make progress. Each podcast will look at one aspect which will then leave you with a tip, tool or thought provoking idea so you can be better than you were yesterday and flourish.
  13. This podcast helps Machine Learning Engineers become the best at what they do. Join host Charlie You every week as he talks to the brightest minds in data science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering to discover how they bring cutting edge research out of the lab and into products that people love. You'll learn the skills, tools, and best practices you can use to build better ML systems and accelerate your career in this flourishing new field.
  14. Coming September 2020! Karen Morgan brings you The Purple Bike Podcast. Karen got her first purple bike in 1975. She got her next purple bike in 2015. This podcast is all about the 40 years of life between those two purple bikes. Pedal back to a simpler time when nobody wore a bike helmet but everyone had fun. Karen discusses pop culture nostalgia, embarrassing clothes and hairstyles, and memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s. Don't miss The Purple Bike Podcast. Because life is awesome when you're riding a purple bike!
  15. This show is devoted to helping you connect more deeply to those you work with, by providing actionable tips you can take, today, to get more accomplished in your professional life.
  16. Meet the experts on the frontlines: the parents of children with special needs. What do they wish they knew then that they know now? These parents share their insights and experiences with traditional and non-traditional professionals. The lessons learned are meant for all parents, health care workers, and teachers. Parents of unique kids share their point of view, their advice, and their wisdom.
  17. Every veteran is on a hero's journey... listen to their stories of life before, during, and after service.
  18. I blew up my life: career, relationship, home, booze, fitness and lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier. A daily dose of ordinary courage can lead to extraordinary change. Join me, Linda McLachlan, and my diverse and inspiring guests for stories of conscious, everyday courage.

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