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Creation Date October 22nd, 2019
Updated Date Updated April 20th, 2021
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Podcasts about Singapore, and by people based in Singapore.
  1. LongKangKitties is an entertainment podcast where 3 guys and a gal who KINDA know each other get into intense arguments about social-political subjects, particularly in Singapore.
  2. This is the Economical Rice Podcast, sharing the insights, stories, and analysis from the grains of the uniquely Singaporean economy.
  3. Human and authentic stories of failure and redemption. Because everyone screws up at some point in their lives, and everyone needs to know that it is okay to fail, and it is okay to try again. A podcast by the Singaporean social enterprise Happiness Initiative. Produced by Fabl Productions.
  4. We are The Lords of Lobang. A weekly podcast where we discuss sports, politics and our inner demons. This is for the most part raw and uncut, just like how we enjoy our meats.
  5. SG Explained follows Rovik & Elliot, two regular Singaporeans trying to understand how Singapore is what it is. We explore institutions, histories, events and phenomenon in Singapore and get into the details of it all. Support this podcast:
  6. The Leaders of Learning is Southeast Asia's top podcast about learning in the 21st century. Through interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more, Ling Ling explores the technology, methodologies and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.
  7. Join American Bill Poorman and Dutchman Nikolaj Groeneweg as they take you on a humorously serious and seriously humorous romp through politics, economics, current events, and cultural movements of the day, all from a global perspective.
  8. Discover the French entrepreneurs of Asia Pacific
  9. ADOSSIER is your imaginary adult friend that curates you through minutes of sanity. Hosted by Shida Osman that hails from the sunny island of Singapore, get ready to feel again with delectable infotainment & her personal rambles on OFFSIDE.
  10. [A Singapore podcast in which a neurotic with high social anxiety tries to figure people out.] Life can be extremely overwhelming in fast-paced cosmopolitan Singapore, particularly for someone with high social anxiety. But it is also full of hope and joy waiting to be discovered. In this podcast series, writer Davelle Lee explores the psychological underpinnings of the fears, insecurities, dreams and desires we share in this beautiful city to figure out how we can lead happier and freer lives.
  11. Hi, Gary here, a stand up comedian based in Singapore. Welcome to my show! This is the show where I try to figure out my life, by talking to different people such as artist, musicians, stand up comics and others who I find really interesting over candid conversation. With various subjects in mind, hopefully learning how to navigate through life while being funny at the same time.
  12. Welcome to Home on the Dot, the podcast that explores the meaning of home on the little red dot called Singapore. We feature stories inspired and produced by students from the National University of Singapore, opening a door onto the everyday lives, hopes, fears, memories, and dreams of young people in this dynamic, fascinating country.
  13. Just two singaporean dudes that is trying to figure out life as a growing adult and documenting it. In this podcast, we talk about our own issues we face growing up and challenges that we come across, documenting things that we learn and find on our own self-help journey!
  14. We are a podcast from Singapore! My name is Fariqqin Anuar and i love meeting and talking to people. Join in my crusade as we go in deep into the hearts and lives of talents and celebrities from different walks of life. We are incredible companions for train rides, workouts and long runs! Follow us at
  15. As schoolgirls, Bom, Emmy and Ruby were the ones who talked way too much in class and infuriated their fair share of teachers (well, at least one of them did....). Between them, they've lived in eight countries and juggled careers (still do!), singledom, motherhood, cats, tears, fears, snow storms, sand storms and even fake storms in VR games. Now back in Singapore, the trio still can't stop talking but their take on life is now wackier (is that possible?!) and wiser, as women in their 40s.
  16. "Livin' it up in Lion City!" is a podcast about life in the sunny island of Singapore, where friends and I talk about our experiences and our takes on stuff happening on this little red dot. I'm a guy from India living in Singapore for close to a decade, and this podcast is an attempt at understanding Singapore outside of the old and tired narratives that it's "boring", "soul-less", "lacking culture" etc etc. While I generally disagree with such sentiments, I find that these opinions are widely held, both among Singaporeans and foreigners, so this is a loose exercise at finding out why. Emphasis on the word "loose" - in the end, it's just a bunch of friends and I having a coupla beers and talking about anything and everything. We're not experts, celebrities, or captains of industry - this is all about regular conversations, with regular people. Hope you enjoy this little podcast!
  17. This is the podcast where I speak to the rebels, the outliners and the unconventional. These people are the folks who see things differently, who have gone off the beaten path and found their pursuit. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  18. The most uncensored conversations and interviews to ever come out of the much-censored country of Singapore. Hosted by Haresh & Terence from the comedy house, Ministry of Funny. For biz enquiries, hit us up at
  19. is a leading investment website in Singapore. The Financial Horse Podcast brings audiences cutting edge discussions on investing in Asia.
  20. Good times hanging out
  21. Join Adam as he invites his friends to discuss anything and pretty much everything! 359° is weekly podcast in Singapore. We'll discuss navigating jobs, relationships, sexuality, sex and really anything that disturbs our mid 20's wellbeing. Find us on instagram @359pod today!
  22. The Coconuts Podcast delivers impactful, weird, and wonderful reporting by our journalists on the ground in eight cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, and Bali. Listen to headline news and insightful interviews on matters large and small, designed for people located in – or curious about – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.
  23. A Singapore narrative podcast that explores local artists & artisans. Hosted by Kenn Delbridge, each episode tells the story of where contemporary art and craft meet. Hear from the best Creators, Musicians, Crafters, Poets, Writers, Foodies, and more.
  24. Edges & Sledges is India’s favourite cricket podcast. The podcast focusses on Indian cricket and the IPL.The three hosts are hardcore cricket fans living in Singapore, London and the USA. Edges & Sledges is where they come together to talk about the week’s biggest cricket stories.Edges & Sledges is created and hosted by Ashwin Garg, Dhananjaya Chak (DJ) and Varun Garg. New episodes release every week.Get in touch with Edges & Sledges on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (@1tip1hand) or email us on
  25. Having moved recently to Singapore and moved from the Caribbean to Canada, I want to talk about the amazing opportunities we all have to be able to go to places that is far from where you were born or grew up, while being able to see the world, learn about other cultures and expand your career. In this podcast I’ll share my experiences and share with you amazing opportunities that you may be interested in, whether it be backpacking, relocating with your current company or, as I did, resigning and booking that ticket in search of the unknowns in search of career progression. Hope you enjoy!
  26. Witty, gritty and uncensored, The Sex & Singapore City Podcast is by a strong female, for all females.
  27. The Financial Coconut is Singapore's First Financial Literacy Podcast. In our Podcast, we will be debunking financial myths, discovering the best financial practices, discussing financial strategies that fit our unique life! Help TFC stay Independent and Keep Creating! Feel free to join our community Telegram group! And follow our Facebook Page for visual content. Music courtesy of
  28. Are you feeling stuck in your life? Lost and unsure of what to do? What do you do when you career stalls, your graduation plans crumble, or when you are in a quarter-life crisis? Well, you #TRYEVERYTHING! Hosted by Lauren Ong, #TRYEVERYTHING is a show that shares the stories of those who've tried, and what they've found on their journeys to success. Through their winding tales of hardships, struggles, and failures, expect to come away with invaluable life lessons, career tips, and advice from Singapore's hidden mentors. Let us help you find your path, if only you are willing to try!
  29. Something Private is a podcast about everything related to the vagina. From sex, to health, and the society. Hosted by Nicole, we’re gonna have three am sleepover conversations about love, life, and why you have that wart on your vagina. Featuring stories from gynaecologists, experts, and your everyday girl, it’s about time we had these conversations out loud. Produced by WII.FM, reach us at
  30. Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood. Podcasters: Jan Lee & Yeo Sam Jo Produced by The Straits Times, SPH.
  31. This is Asian Insider, a series by The Straits Times every Friday. Together with our stable of 30 correspondents based around the world, we give an Asian perspective on the global talking points of the week. Podcasters: Nirmal Ghosh and ST correspondents Produced by: Zia-ul Raushan, The Straits Times, SPH.
  32. The raw and unbiased side of Singapore's Media Industry.
  33. A fortnightly discussion on Singapore politics and current affairs, featuring PJ Thum and guests, brought to you by New Naratif.
  34. Southeast Asia Dispatches is a fortnightly podcast bringing you reports, interviews and commentary from New Naratif’s network around Southeast Asia.
  35. Startup Snapshot is a Tech in Asia podcast that uncovers the raw emotions and roller-coaster journeys that startup founders face when trying to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Host Nathaniel Fetalvero talks to entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the region, discussing how the lessons they've picked up on their startup journey helped shape them into who they are today. Aside from Startup Snapshot, you can tune in to Deep Dive on the first Wednesday of each month, where Nat discusses the biggest headlines to hit the startup scene with the journalists who broke the stories.
  36. Are you craving Community? After all, the community is everything and everything in many communities has changed. I am reaching out to people in various communities, digging into their thoughts and finding out how they are staying connected. Are they coping? What have they found works for them and what have they found challenging? What they are doing could maybe work for you too. Listen in and find out
  37. Ever wondered what life is like on one of the most unique islands in the world? Singapore may be a tiny country, but we believe it packs more energy, diversity, and excitement per square kilometer than anywhere in the world. Join us as we regale our expat adventures in this wonderful place we call home.
  38. Brewing deep reportage, interviews, storytelling and anonymous guest-hosts to bring you the most revealing, saucy and compelling stories every week.Tune in every Sunday for your everyday gossip and current affairs, broken down and discussed raw, uncut and uncensored. It's that weekly dosage of everything, from drama and everyday gossip to hard news and politics-- brewed into a enter-tainting cup of tea
  39. Awareness Within is an experience shared by Sadhna Upadhya who is a yoga practitioner. A season of 10 episodes, focusing on Mental awareness and clarity. Holistic practices such as meditation, yoga, affirmations, breathing techniques are some of the topics she talks about. Mental awareness in today's time has become a necessity for every single person to be able to deal with day to day life. Awareness offers people a down-to-earth yet immediate way to connect with themselves through mindful practices. Every episode gives an insight to how each practice plays a role in our life. For the first time as a collective we are doing something real, something that is totally free from deception. Being Aware.
  40. Make better financial decisions and learn all about personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship with Philipp Muedder, StashAway’s Head of Personal Finance. He’ll chat with thought leaders and experts on how to FIRE, investing in ETFs, the evolution of cryptocurrencies, and more! If you enjoy what you hear, subscribe, leave a review, and tell your friends. All of this really helps us make the show even better for you so that we can convince great guests to join us. Have feedback for us? Is there someone you want us to have on the show? Is there a topic you want covered? Shoot us an email at We'd love to hear your thoughts! Also, our lawyers would want us to tell you that the opinions of our guests are not necessarily shared by StashAway, that past performance is no guarantee of future results, and that what you heard is not investment advice.
  41. After hunkering down at home for 2 months, as part of Singapore’s efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, four average guys have decided to start a podcast! They are learning more about the issues around them and ways to improve themselves as they approach their 30s. Join them on this journey as they run, walk, and crawl their way to self discovery through honest discussions.
  42. Lock your doors and burn some sage as three best friends share hair-raising true crime and paranormal stories. Join us every Sunday, 12pm (SGT)!

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