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Creation Date July 15th, 2018
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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18 podcasts. 25 content creators. The world's best & brightest from within the video game and pop culture communities. -- Find us all at or @weareATEBIT -- #ATEBITCollective

  2. We're talking bas-ket-ball! Join Matt Tilby, Brendan White and Jono Pech every fortnight as they take a light-hearted look at everything basketball, drilling hot takes from all over the podcast court. From player analysis, all the latest NBA news and general hoops culture, there's something for everyone on Hoop Dreams.
  1. FILM

  2. The ATEBIT crew and friends join Jono Pech to rewatch the great comedies of the 1990s and 2000s for a fun and nostalgic analysis with decades of hindsight.
  3. One Cha'man and One Cha'boi watch and riff on movies new and old.

  2. ATEBIT's fortnightly conversational podcast where various members of the #ATEBITCollective get together to share stories and discuss a variety of topics. Each episode is unscripted and full of real talk, free of filters. For fans of The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Game Over Greggy Show and The Comedy Button. Each episode is available two weeks early for Patreon subscribers.
  3. Professional writer Jono Pech interviews entertainers, artists, and people with extraordinary experiences, sharing their advice and stories of hard work.
  4. So you think you're a gamer? Well on You Game Bro? Nato & Jack chat to some of the most talented gaming personalities from Australia and around the world!

  2. ATEBIT is bringing a breakdown of weekly news and current affairs via conversational podcast It Is What It Is. Each and every week we'll dissect and react to the news you need to know about, including all the top stories from pop culture, entertainment, politics, national and worldwide news. We may not be experts, but we certainly have opinions! Nothing is off limits, as host Jack Kruse is joined weekly by a rotating cast from the stable of talent at, along with friends from across the internet. You'll find the hottest of hot takes are welcomed and encouraged here, from video game controversies to Donald Trump’s embarrassing antics and everything in between.

  2. 3 Geeks, 1 Podcast. Join Brett Medlock, Oscar Rendon, & Eric Freshley as they discuss inner-geekdom's biggest topics from Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Video Games.

  2. A monthly podcast breaking down World Wrestling Entertainment's monthly Pay Per Views. The hot takes will be flying like knife edge chops as Benny, Dash & Brendan provide their thoughts around the world of professional wrestling.

  2. Roleplaying adventures rarely go as planned, especially a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. From ripping off Hutts to getting high on death sticks, no hive of scum and villainy is too much for the rag-tag bunch of scoundrels and nerfherders on Han Rolled First.
  3. A tale of rebellion, adventure and comedy. Beginners and veterans of Dungeons and Dragons, join us for a real play 5e podcast.
  4. Podcast by Welcome to Knobswitch

  2. A comedy game design podcast by two guys who know nothing about comedy nor game design. Join Trevor Scott and Ben Slinger as they take prompts from random word generators, movies, game titles and more and turn them into occasionally hilarious but always interesting game designs.
  3. OH-Shit, did not see anyone there. What's this? Oh, uhmm... *shuffles papers awkwardly* This is a totally original video game podcast where some chump named Eldar talks about things (usually with Vaughn or another schlump) in the games industry that resonate with them. The conversation usually boils down to them waxing poetic about some of their favorite games, sharing some of their weird opinions, talking about their gaming history, what have you. Vaughn is super horrible at video games, I mean like supe- *sounds of a struggle* Hey, its Eldar. Sorry about that, guys. I had to kick a homeless Ouya fan out of the studio. Anyway, this is a podcast where I like talking about my genesis (KILL ME!) as a gamer, Vaughn's journey to beat a Souls game, from Playstation JRPGs, mascot platformers on N64, shooters on Xbox 360, and more. Muuuuch more. Specifically, I'm an avid Xbox achievement hunter, with well over 120,000 gamerscore- and I'm also a trophy collector on PSN, with over 6000 trophies. I also have no sex, something me and Vaughn similarly have none of. I love obscure titles like Dark Cloud, Onimusha, Mystic Defender, Space Giraffe, random Yu-Yu Hakusho games, stuff like that. Vaughn plays indie games. Often. Let's talk, hangout, and talk games. Welcome to the club. What club? The most nostalgiest, video gamiest club on this side of the video game internet. See you soon, losers! All Rights Reserved 2020
  4. Welcome to Industry! Author, game developer, and overall strange person Eldar Basic joins games journalist, indie games podcaster and rabid anime enthusiast Vaughn Hyde as they fill your brain to the brim with authentic conversations about video games! We wanted to host a show that dives into our favorite video game development studios, industry talents, moments of history and well- GAMES! Shows can vary from guest spots on other shows, to educational longforms, to monologues, to people we collectively interview. Relax, grab some peppercorns, and please enjoy the podcast! Sponsored by, PINECAST, Podcorn, and Salt and Vinegar chips. All Rights Reserved 2020
  5. Drew & Bryce open the doors to The House of Mario, a weekly Nintendo podcast that is backed by a 120 Power Star rating! Each week the duo discuss their favourite games, the latest news and talk to fantastic guests from all over the Nintendo community! Join them at The House of Mario every Tuesday at 6:00AM ACST.
  6. Two Australians talking about video games and culture in a way that is accessible to both the hardcore and casual audience, aiming to both inform and entertain. Join Ally and Brendan each week for a discussion filled with humor, thought provoking banter, honest unedited opinions, occasional curse words and banter aplenty.
  7. The Inconsolables are a pair of gamer geeks from Sydney, a third nerd from Melbourne, and a crazy Brisbanian . We play whatever we can get our hands on, and chat about it (and gaming news). #FuckLootboxes

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