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Creation Date June 14th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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About This List

Remix by the Milwaukee Chapter of the PBC June 2020 playlist We all know that health is important. But, often times we limit our perception of health to that of our physical body, rather than emotional health and well-being. Meanwhile, anxiety, loneliness, and depression have become pervasive problems. Professional help to cope with mental health problems comes in many forms. This month’s podcast listening list looks at various forms of therapy and how they may/may not help people cope with mental health struggles.
  1. When a young Quaker woman died in an asylum in 1790, William Tuke resolved to found a new facility focused on treatment—not incarceration. But mental health conditions were poorly understood, and many of the early expiramental treatments could be better described as torture.
  2. This is one of the rarest stories of all: a man who publicly experiences a profound change of heart.This is a profile of one of the gods of psychotherapy, who through a reckoning with his own work (oddly enough in the pages of Playboy magazine), becomes the first domino to fall in science’s ultimate disowning of the “gay cure.”This episode is sponsored by RXBAR ( code: unerased), Casper Mattresses ( code: unerased), Audible ( or text unerased to 500500), and Care/Of ( code: unerased).
  3. Dr. Gabor Maté is a world-renowned trauma expert who can (and will) deconstruct your happy childhood in a matter of minutes. At least, that’s what he did to our host, Stephanie. We start this episode with the question, “Why?” Why would someone get addicted to opioids? In this riveting interview, Dr. Maté expands our definition of trauma, breaks down how childhood trauma leaves wounds and how addictions of every kind are an attempt to soothe those wounds, and explains that healing is possible. Please note, Last Day contains strong language, mature themes, and may not be appropriate for all listeners.  Somatic Experiencing from Peter Levine Sensory Motor from Pat Ogden Emotional Feeding Therapy MDMA and other psychedelic therapy studies Compassion Inquiry from Dr. Gabor Maté Internal Family Systems therapy from Richard Shwartz Ketamine Therapy  EMDR Therapy Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Disorder Mouthpeace with Michael and Pele Bennett Transcriptions available shortly after air date at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  4. If the mere thought of going to therapy seems overwhelming, you're not alone. Plenty of people put off seeking therapy because of the stigma, cost and inconvenience. We've got four tips to help you make your first appointment.
  5. As a psychotherapist, Lori Gottlieb sees her role as helping patients understand their stories. But how does she help a patient understand a story in which she is a character? You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis. You can order Nora's new book -- No Happy Endings -- from her website at TTFA is public media. Which means we are supported by you. You can join us with a contribution at And check out our sponsors this week: Third Love -- Calm -- Prose Custom Hair Care --
  6. Woebot is a mobile app that gives one-on-one therapy and gets 2 million messages a week. But Woebot isn't a person – it's a chatbot. It was invented and developed by psychologist Alison Darcy and it uses AI to guide users through a session, anytime, anywhere. Darcy hopes that Woebot will help break down the stigma of therapy and help provide services to communities with a lack of mental health resources. But what happens when we remove the human therapist from therapy? Host Caterina Fake, Woebot founder and CEO Alison Darcy, and experts Esther Perel, Baratunde Thurston, and Kevin Delaney debate the possibilities.
  7. [Contains mature themes] They’ve been together for more than a decade, but this isn’t the first time they’ve separated. Stuck in a cycle of explosive escalations, a husband and wife want to make it work but can’t break their habit of going for the emotional jugular. Esther encourages them to start their conversations differently.
  8. Ricochet is a champion surf dog, who’s ridden giants with the likes of Rob Machado, and starred in films like Superpower Dogs. But it’s her surf and therapy work that makes this pooch a real surf legend. Judy Fridono, Ricochet’s owner and certified dog trainer, tells Sam how this surf-ice dog helps those with PTSD and those on the Autism spectrum. Sign up for Giftogram with the code: weirdwork Additional research: National Autism Association --- Support this podcast:
  9. Jacob Weisberg talks to Dixon Chibanda about giving access to mental health care in non-Western nations.

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