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Episode Highlights: Why incongruence with your boundaries and values hinders you from hitting your goals, 6 things that are common in billionaires, 10 questions that will determine whether you have an intention to be financially independent, How to stabilize your business growth (Especially during this pandemic), How to use your label (ADHD or dyslexia) as an asset, How to teach your children accountability, Exercise: How to do what you love on a daily basis and delegate the rest away, How to deal with death (Especially when it is someone you love)... The post Determining your values to achieve your maximum potential with Dr. John Demartini appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode highlights: Learn how Stacia helps women move forward a lot faster, Tips and advice about clarity (Finding your amazing purpose in life), How validate your market (Digging deeper into the process), Tips to people who are starting but doesn't have a coach to help them, Why does women get stuck (And how to help them overcome it), Resources to help you get your "AHA" moment, Why do words you tell yourself matters, How to deal with clients with unrealistic goals, Common mistakes when transitioning from your job to your business, Tips in branding (Figuring out your branding)... The post Selects Edition: Growing Your New Business to a Million with Stacia Pierce appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: What Steve Jobs and the Bible taught Daniel about sales, How to truly connect with what people REALLY need and are willing to pay for, The biggest mistake most people make when trying to sell their products, How to fix your sales process so it doesn’t feel pushy or salesy, The three basic desires that drive people to buy. (And the best ways to leverage them.), Why investing in yourself is “good business” and the actual amount you should invest yearly... The post Selects Edition: The Abundance Mentality With Daniel Ally appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: The stigma around blue-collar jobs, How to choose an industry to start a business in, Advice in finding the best career path for you, Learn how Ken picked his core values (comfort, peace, and freedom), Ken's Golf course lessons in business, How to align your goals with your team (Team Visioning 101), The five different ways to set a goal, How to start visioning (simple steps to start), How to deal with setbacks in your goals (Especially with the pandemic)... The post Big Opportunities in blue-collar industries with Ken Rusk appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to level up your thought patterns – from a scarcity mindset to a believing mindset, How to make a decision through visualization, How to look at the problem in a simple way and know its solution, How mental clarity can lead you to be a better business owner... The post Selects Edition: How to level up your thought patterns with Naveen Jain appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to recognize the upper-limit problem, and how to correct that, Keys to knowing your true genius and how you express it to make the greatest contribution, Tips to prioritize and commit…for real change to happen, How to face failure, even if you know you are in your genius... The post Selects Edition: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level with Gay Hendricks appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the buying and selling industry, Business opportunities that you can find right now, Advice to people who want to buy a second business (Choosing between the same industry or a different industry), How to find businesses to purchase and how to pitch businesses for sale, Do you need a broker in buying and selling businesses, How to find great purchasing and sales deals, How long will it take to have stability in the business that you acquired, Doing your due diligence when buying a business, Ace's personal bucket list and business bucket list... The post How to buy and sell businesses in the midst of the pandemic with Ace Chapman appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: What is a visionary and an integrator, Who should get an integrator, How to create a job description for an integrator, What is an accountability chart (And how to use one), The 5 rules of a visionary-integrator relationship, How to hire and train an integrator, When to fire an integrator, Tips for visionaries to get the most out of their own creativity... The post Rocket Fuel: Creating the best visionary-integrator relationship with Mark Winters appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to cultivate patience and trust, How to take risks in business when a lot of things go horribly wrong, Work-life balance: family first before money, How to deal with the craziness that is happening (Business, COVID-19 Pandemic, BLM, etc.), How to coach business owners when they have excuses for everything, How to prioritize (what comes first), How to push yourself out of your comfort zone, Rachel's hard-earned hiring tips, Dismantling racism in the workplace (especially during the hiring process)... The post We should all be millionaires with Rachel Rodgers appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to keep from getting bored talking about your message, Finding new angles and challenges in your message, Advice to speakers during the COVID-19 pandemic, The upside and downside of a virtual speaking gig, Pivotal moments of Grant's journey as an online thought leader... The post The Successful Speaker with Grant Baldwin appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: The difference between digital marketing and social media, What are vanity metrics (And when does a metric become a vanity metric), What is the best social media platform to start your business on, How to determine a content's quality (And whether to post it or not), How to unstick your personality in your business' social media account - especially when you decide to sell your business, Best practice for creating a course that will sell, How much valuable content to give away for free from your courses, Do tripwires still work for courses, How to get cheaper leads for social media, How certification creates magnets for your audience to set a goal for, Online courses vs. college: What's better?, How to create certifications for your courses... The post The future of social media with Jesse Jameson appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to deal with uncertainty in the music industry brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, How to choose the best business model in the ever-changing landscape of business, Learn the misconceptions of the music industry (And how to deal with them), Upside and downside of fame, Dealing with internet trolls, stalkers, detractors and critics, Learn how to take risks and overcome fear (And when not to take risks), Learn how to balance your successes and failures (Especially in the music industry), How tap into your creative side (Be in the flow state)... The post 98 Degrees: The Upside and Downside of fame with Jeff Timmons appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode highlights: Why it's important to be up to date with automation, email, and marketing, How to start building up a great brand, How long it takes to get revenue from a social channel (e.g. Youtube, Instagram, etc.), How to build up your Instagram audience with a personal DM, Tips and tactics on finding your audience in your social media channels, Tips in copywriting for social media posts, Learn how to start a conversation using direct messaging (DM), When to use automation in your DMs, Tips in pre-qualifying your prospects, Learn how to earn your audience trust through your message, Learn how Los manages to continue growing his company while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic... The post Building a great brand through automation, email, and marketing with Los Silva appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How Chandler handled the current situation (COVID-19) while still growing his company, Why being a leader can be the greatest bottleneck in growing your business, Chandler's top three marketing components of his business (And how he built it over the years), Why emotional intelligence is important in each member of your team, Why it's important to learn your strengths and weaknesses, How to empower your team and clients with a level of care and intentionality... The post How to Grow as a Leader while Growing Your Business with Chandler Bolt appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: Learn how Rachel retired at the age of 27, Rachel's real estate journey, Learn how Rachel wrote her books and marketed them, Tips for writing and launching your book with little stress, The common problems that millennials have with money, Learn how to block your time and prioritize, Learn how to find your perfect passive income stream... The post Your perfect passive income stream with Rachel Richards appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: Learn why Evan and his wife, Susan, remarry each other in a different state or country every year, Learn Evan's journey through dysfunction growing up, Tips on doing a daily commitment for growth, Tips and advice for people who are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 in their business and family, Understanding what real wealth is, How to recalibrate your mind to be happy with where you are now... The post Creating greatness in your business and family with Evan Money appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
I'm pushing pause on the podcast this week. So you have more time and space to be able to listen to other voices, with a few recommendations below. We need change. We need to put in the work and effort it takes to change. I’ve been reading and listening and trying to understand what I don’t understand completely yet. Being horrified or upset is not enough and being afraid to have really hard conversations and staying silent (which I've done before) – is part of the problem. The post Black Lives Matter and Guest Requests appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: Why and how Nathan sold FreeeUp.com, How to build a sellable business, Tips for a smooth business transition, What is Outsource School (And what does it offer), How much due diligence should you spend on your business, Learn how Nathan and his partner, Connor, started Outsource School during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tips and hacks in creating courses and a membership site, Nathan's marketing plan for Outsource School, Tips in establishing a partnership (And how to cultivate it), Tasks business owners can outsource to a VA... The post Outsource School with Nathan Hirsch appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode highlights: The true meaning of fearless, Taking the big leap in your business (Being 110% all-in), The picture of alignment (How to realize that you are unaligned), Applying Pareto Principle in your life and business, Figuring out who and what to listen to, Learn how to create a timeline and put deadlines in your business, Setting up a reward system? (long-term or short-term), Tips on simplifying and automating in your business and your personal life... The post The Joy of Missing Out with Tonya Dalton appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode highlights: When is the right time to build a startup, Tips on what to do with your business to thrive and survive during the coronavirus pandemic, How to simplify start-ups during this crazy time, Tips in choosing the best, most solid idea for a start-up, Tips in creating your "most valuable product" (testing, marketing, scaling, etc.), The difference between incorporate and LLC (What's the best to use in a start-up)... The post Simplifying start-ups in this crazy time with Matt Knee appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: What is Cosmic Journal, Tips and tactics on how to align your head and heart when everything is going down, How to live your purpose and your ultimate destiny, Learn how journaling helped Yanik evolve as a person, How to pay attention and surrender to your own language, How to deal with your intense period (And how to rest to get your energy back)... The post Living your purpose and ultimate destiny with Yanik Silver appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to overcome the epidemic of loneliness (Especially in time of the coronavirus pandemic), Tips on 5-minute meditation, Distinction between guilt and shame, How to stop your addiction to your phone (people-to-people connection vs. people-to-device connection), Why business owners should pay attention to their well-being and emotions, What to focus on to be happier in life, What kind of relationships really matters (And how to cultivate it), Distinction between being alone and being lonely, Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence (EQ), How to give a person some feedback (Especially your team), Advice to business owners and leader during this corona craziness, Difference between deep friendships and business friendships, Why you need power (And why it is more important than wealth), Difference between empowerment versus disempowerment... The post Overcoming the epidemic of loneliness with Peter Montoya appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: Learn how Suzanne has the energy to work amid the Coronavirus pandemic, How to deal with exhaustion and frustration with our current situation, Learn how to pivot and be innovative in your business (Be on the right track with all the craziness), Learn how to stand out in the crowd, Tips and tactics on content generation (The best ways to generate content), What is the right thing to do when your head is all over the place, How to be invited on other people's shows, Tips and tactics in getting sponsorship for your show, How much should you spend on your marketing... The post How to do business during the coronavirus pandemic with Suzanne Evans appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: Why Gino wrote Entrepreneurial Leap, What is passion (And how to keep your passion burning when you're faced with a dire circumstance),Exercises that will help you discover your passion, Advice to business owners who are struggling with our current situation (COVID-19 Pandemic), How to figure out your strengths when you are starting again, Learn how Gino created and tested the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), 6 essential traits of a true entrepreneur, Gino's thoughts about going to college and getting a degree, Why do you need an integrator (Are they essential to your business)... The post Building and Growing your Business in these circumstances with Gino Wickman appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
Episode Highlights: How to start building a team (And who to hire first), Tips in creating the best company culture for your business (4 important company cultures), How to get to the elder statesman stage as an entrepreneur, How to remove the perfectionist mindset as an entrepreneur, Tips in making the right decision (Ray's decision making process), How to empower your employees to be in the elder statesman stage, Learn the importance of self-care (And how to implement it)... The post The 4 stages of an entrepreneur with Ray Zinn appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.
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