When Should You Give It Up?

An episode of the Girls Gotta Eat podcast

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When Should You Give It Up? Reviews

Love all the episodes so far but this one is a good reminder to do what you feel comfortable/ready to do but don’t expect someone else to be on the same page & don’t try to force it! Lots of good advice and hilarious stories. Keep ‘em coming!
Love my weekly dose of hilarity with these gals! Literally have laughed out loud listening (and relating)!!!!
Favourite episode! Very relatable to young women's issues of dating and I think it's something everyone goes through.
This podcast is amazing . Ashley and Rayna are your two brutally honest new friends who share hilarious stories from their sex and dating adventures over cocktails.
Listening to girls gotta eat is like having a conversation with your best friends. Love them!
This episode doesn’t disappoint!! Every episode has me in tears, they manange to bring the laughs and keep it real when discussing the ins and outs of dating. Can’t wait to hear what happens next with the doctor!! 🙌🏻😆
Both funny and educational. Never have i learned so much while laughing my **** off. Thank you gals for making it easier for other gals to just be themselves. :) Cant wait to hear what else you got for us.
Rayna and Ashley have done it again! They are hilarious and entertaining, always. They are both so open, honest and truthful about dating and relationship experiences— they definitely say what everyone is already thinking but is afraid to admit or say aloud. I look forward to the new episode every week!
It was hilarious, and at the same time, it all makes sense. This was the first episode I've listened to, and I am hooked!
As always, Rayna and Ash keep it real, offering up some solid, sound advice. Every episode thus far has been amazing, I honestly have made a weekly ritual of sitting down with a glass of wine on Monday (cause Monday) to listen as an hour to myself and I really look forward to it! Keep doin' your thang ladies, you rock!
This podcast makes me look forward to Monday’s. Nothing better than laughing my **** off on my way to work :) love what these badass girls are doing and how relatable their topics of convo are. Plus who doesn’t love talking dicks and pizza on a Monday morning?
Absolutely love these girls. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the single world! Great advice!
the most relatable podcast that's out there!!
This is the funniest **** I’ve heard in days. I look forward to my Monday morning commute just so I can listen to this podcast 👏👌
Like NPRs driveway moments- I was listening to GGE in the car and realized when I parked that I forgot my headphones and rather than turning it off- I just KEPT ON listening as I walked the 2 blocks to my apartment- like one of those sociopaths who listens to music on speaker on the subway. Great job ladies- LYLAS
These ladies keep it fun and fresh. Makes me look forward to mondays!!

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45 mins


Monday, April 9th 2018