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How To Build A Business WITHOUT Online Marketing For Leads - PEP Episode 250
Frank Klesitz of Vyral Marketing has some unique views about Online Marketing which will change the way you market your business. He has successfully built a multiple 7 figure business WITHOUT Online Marketing for Lead Generation! Yes, you heard that correctly! Want to find out how? In this episode: What is the best way to generate customers for your business? How to monetize your existing database Why Video is King in marketing your Business How to come up with great topics for creating videos to cultivate your leads And so much more!
Ilan Ferdman: A Call To All Hearts - PEP 199
Ilan recently heard a concept which he felt was so important to share because IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD IF PEOPLE GET IT! This concept has the potential to change the whole of Humanity forever and if you are willing to try it on will in the very least change Your Life! In this episode: Why trying to achieve your Goals and Dreams feels like a battle. How you can improve your Relationships, Health, Wealth and so much more  How you can completely alter your habits What you can do to help change the World And so much more!
Tony Horton: The Most Influential Man In Health and Fitness  - Part 1 - PEP 202
Tony Horton has been a major influence in Ilan's life for the past 10 years and so when he agreed to be interviewed for the Performance Enhancing Podcast Ilan was a little star struck! As one of the biggest names in the "In Home Extreme Fitness" industry Tony has been responsible for revolutionising many people's lives. In this episode: The journey from zero to almost $1Billion in sales How his first Branded product P90X originally bombed and how they turned it around The reasons people don't succeed in their workouts The difference between Performance based goals vs. Ego driven goals and which is more successful And so much more!
STOP Living Your Life By Accident, Start LIVING It On PURPOSE! PEP Episode 260
The SatoriPrime Birthday celebrations continue! Guy and Ilan share their greatest insights and shifts that have occurred in recent months and how Michael Singer's book "The Surrender Experiment" has really guided them to utilise the power of Surrender in every aspect of their lives. In this episode: How the power of "The Surrender Experiment" has been showing up in their lives Are there really coincidences in this world? Or are you experiencing alignment with Flow? Why You should stop resisting the messages Life is sending you right now! The Power of Meditation  And so, so much more!
Ilan Ferdman: Sell Your Excuses - PEP 218
We interrupt you previously scheduled Performance Enhancing Podcast to bring you this Important Public Service Announcement! There is a systemic issue that Ilan sees everyday of people who are feeling disillusioned with the life that they are leading today. They are better than that, deserve more than that and want more than that, but they are standing in their own way. It is time to sell your excuses! In this episode: The 6 levels of the decision making process that occur before you take action in your life Why you need to start at the subconscious level to create change in your life How all your relationships, love, money and health issues can be transformed with ONE breakthrough What is truly in the way of you achieving your ultimate life And so much more!
PEP Episode 228: Mindie Kniss - Part 1
Mindie Kniss started her journey on a cerebral path - in Corporate America working for a Fortune 100 Company. The Golden Handcuffs were tight but she came to a realization whilst in Nairobi that she wasn't on Her path. She shares her story with Ilan and the Science and theories behind her coaching methodologies. In this episode: How to reconcile you heart and head Where is your awareness? And why is that important? What is heart coherence? Mindie's journey from the cerebral to the heart And so much more!
How To Practice Patience - PEP Episode 261
Slow people have always annoyed Ilan and for the past 10 years, he has been trying to learn techniques to help him be more patient with people. He recently started a Metta practice as part of his Daily Practice and has been so thrilled with the results he invites you to try it too. In this episode: A Powerful Tool For Practicing Patience and Love How Giving a Gift often results in you receiving Gifts too What is a Metta Practice? What is a Human Being? And so much more!
Why With Out Integrity NOTHING Works - Have It ALL Academy Mini Series | PEP Episode 273
In the first part of this webinar that we did for our Have It ALL Academy series we delve deep into the concept of integrity. Without, just like spokes on a bicycle wheel, things don't work.  So how do you realign integrity?  How do you fulfill on the promises of your life? Listen closely and you'll discover how. 
PEP Episode 236: Peter Shallard - Part 2
Ilan continues his interview with Peter Shallard on the issue of procrastination in entrepreneurship. Peter has spent years working with Scholars and interviewed tens of thousands of entrepreneurs through his Commit Action project to help entrepreneurs overcome the issue of procrastination. In this episode: How to transition from learning to execution How does Freedom fit into the accountability structure What is the real-life impact of the overwhelm in entrepreneurship What is Commit Action And so much more!
A Special Labor Day Message - Are You Living A Life That Reflects what Labor Day Represents? | PEP Episode 275
What is Labor Day all about anyway? It is not just a day off it is a celebration of you and what you do every day. But do you really feel like celebrating what you do every day? In this episode: What is the significance of Labor Day How you can identify if you are in alignment with the Labor Day sentiment What you can do if you are not Why your passion is the source of your happiness And so much more! If you would like to find out more about how you can live a life based on your passion and build a business that you LOVE then check out  Have a great Labor Day everyone!
Chris and Gerard Hall: The Lifestyle Team - Part 2 - PEP 220
In this second part of Ilan's interview with The Lifestyle Team to conversation focuses on mindset battles and the obstacles that each of the members of the Team has had to overcome to achieve the success that they are enjoying today. In this episode: There is no such thing as overnight success How the entrepreneurship journey changes a person How having the right skill set means you can build a business you are passionate about Why it is so important to give yourself permission to make your Dreams come true Why you need to work on your mindset before you can be successful in business And so much more!
Chris and Gerard Hall: The Lifestyle Team - Part 1 - PEP 219
In two years Chris and his brother Gerard have built a business generating $500k p.a. whilst traveling the world with their girlfriends. They recognized early that 'trading their time for money" was not going to get them the lifestyles that they aspired to have and that the sacrifices that they were going to have to make to achieve "success" in traditional jobs were greater that they were willing to settle for! In this episode: What you can achieve if you "Sell Your Excuses" How Miners, Accountants and everyday people are leaving their corporate jobs and achieving their Dream Lifestyle Why you need to push and hustle and do what others are not willing to do Why you need to learn to say "Yes" And so much more!
Erin Smith: The Starters Club - Part 1 - PEP 194
Erin Smith fell into entrepreneurship by accident. The Starters Club is her third business and her first one in the digital platform. This girl is all about the Grit, Hustle and Mindset that people need to start a business and is guiding people on that journey. In this episode: The importance of sacrifice What business should you start? The distinction between "Playing in Business vs. Being in Business" What you need to do if you don't have the money to back your start up And so much more!
Nick Onken - Part 1 - PEP 213
Nick Onken is a successful photographer who shoots some of the most popular sports stars and celebrities for Big Brands and Big Magazines. Ilan discusses with him the path from Graphic Designer to big time photographer who is out to change the world through his projects and collaborations with not for profit organizations: In this episode: Why you don't need to be a starving artist to make it into the big time Why you need to keep hustling The importance of resistance How important you own evolution is in creating your pathway And so much more!
 Look Younger. Be Healthier. With Skin Care? - PEP Episode 244
Ilan interviews Trina Felber, the founder of Primal Life Organics. Trina started her career as a Nurse in the Burns Unit. She had no idea that Nursing would be the first stepping stone in her journey that would take her to create her own Skin Food Range - Primal Life Organics. In this episode: Why your skin is so important in your overall health Why we should NOT be using Skin Products that contain WATER! How you can heal your teeth. Yes! Get rid of cavities! Why Skin Food vs. Skin Care? And so much more!
How to STOP Procrastination FOREVER - Part 2 | PEP Episode 290
The FINAL EPISODE of the Performance Enhancing Podcast! Wow! what a journey it's been. Don't fret, we're not going for long because at the end of November we'll be launching our new and much-improved podcast...The Have It ALL podcast. All the insights and life changing Gems you like, just elevated. We've learned a lot during the last nearly 300 episodes and we're looking to upgrade everything.  In this final chapter, we're taking a deep dive into procrastination. Why do you procrastinate and how to stop it FOREVER! Enjoy
The Essence Of Being Human: Lessons From The Orlando Tragedy - PEP Episode 256
Stella Grizont, Guy, and Ilan continue their discussion about the possible lessons that humanity should be "seeing" and learning and practicing in our lives to make this world a better place after the Orlando Shooting Tragedy. Be the Change you want to see in the world and "Just start right now with you!" In this episode: What was this tragedy here to teach us as humans What is your relationship to others and how you can alter that What if your words were bullets? How would what you say be different? The concept of Being vs. Doing Who is this man? And so much more!
PEP Episode 237: Ilan Ferdman - Upgrade Your Systems
The results that you have in your life at any given time are predicated by the systems that you have in place. So if you are looking at you life today any you are not where you want to be right now, perhaps your systems are not serving you. In this episode: How coaches, like SatoriPrime, will help you to upgrade your systems Why you need to stop beating yourself up Do you need to upgrade your systems? Simple things that you can do to review if your systems are serving you. What you can do to improve your life systems. And so much more!
Ilan Ferdman: John Paul DeJoria - PEP 198
John Paul DeJoria was one of the people interviewed by Joe Polish at the recent Genius Network event Ilan attended. John Paul is the man behind Paul Mitchell Hair Products and The Patron Spirits Company and according to Forbes was worth $3 Billion in 2015. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE IMPRESSIVE PART!!! Ilan was taken aback by this man and in this episode shares why. In this episode: Why you should be working like everyone is watching all of the time What can happen when you take 100% responsibility for completion How you can change your perspective on your situation/life if you are not in a great place right now And so much more!
Guy Ferdman: Why Admitting You're an A$$hole will set you free! - PEP 209
In today’s episode Ilan steps into the background and lets Guy deliver the lesson for today. This is a concept that will create boundless freedom in your quest to have an impact on the world and is something that Guy and Ilan were taught by one of their mentors. In this episode: How admitting you are an Asshole will set you free What does it mean to be an Asshole Why we don’t need to let go of the anger and sadness inside of us There are two types of Asshole. Which are you? And so much more!
Ilan Ferdman: How To Avoid Explosions - PEP 208
Ever find yourself absolutely exploding over the tiniest thing? Chances are you are actually exploding due to an overwhelming collection of tiny things that you have not dealt with. Ilan explains why this happens and how to stop this occurring in your life. In this episode: Why sweeping the little things under the rug is a recipe for disaster How to stop yourself in your tracks and get the results you need Why you can change your game by implementing an Empowering Context How to avoid explosions in the future And so much more!
Creating Kids That Love To Read - PEP Episode 254
Ilan continues his conversation with Dan Louzonis of on accelerated learning and homeschooling children. Even though there is an increasing acceptance there is still a lot of pushback from the wider community in some areas around homeschooling which Dan and Ilan tackle here. In this episode: How to train your children to deal with Failure The truth about socialisation and school. Is it really that social? What is age segregation and how is it affecting your Childs life? What are some of the workouts that you can create or encourage your child to participate in to grow their brains  And so, so much more!  
Nick Onken - Part 2 - PEP 214
Ilan and Nick Onken continue their discussion today about changing the world through creative projects and collaborations. Nick shares much of his journey and the lessons he has learned in the transformation toward a creative lifestyle. In this episode: How to turn your art into a business How to Hire, Why to Hire and When to Hire! Why rejection is not about you Perpetual Learning. Why it is so important And so much more!
Adam Braun - PEP 217
Adam Braun started Pencils of Promise in 2008 with $25 in a Bank Account. He has overseen the growth of that Not For Profit to raise over $30 million and build 325 schools in South and Central America and Africa and counting. He has recently replaced himself as CEO so that he can start on some new projects. In this episode: The lessons learned through building Pencils of Promise over the Past 8 Years The truth about earning an income whilst building a Not For Profit Why investing you own capital should be your first step The importance of Social Proof How to take yourself/your ego out of asking for help/support And so much more!
Ilan Ferdman: 200th Episode - PEP 200
Ilan decided to do something a little different to celebrate the 200th Episode of the Performance Enhancing Podcast! He invited all his listeners, Interviewees, Interviewers, Biggest Fans and the like together to celebrate. In this episode: Ilan recognizes those who have played an integral role in the conception of the Performance Enhancing Podcast Hear from some of those that Ilan has Interviewed and been interviewed by in the past A discussion about how Ilan can grow and improve the Podcast and the benefits of the current format and content Most importantly a BIG Thank You to all the listeners from Ilan And so much more!
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