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Okay CLEARLY sakurai is playing favorites already wtf. Joker is literally bayo, cloud, olimar put together. He gave him a GUN for gods sake and you LMFAO you can’t even hurt his fursona bodyguard ohmygod
Apparently Disney is rebooting Home Alone. Now THAT'S where I draw the motherfucking line ladies and gentleman. I am out, I am finished. Disney has truly fucked it, they not see home alone 3 and 4? Birthday Caird pish reels you in but not only
Everybody Rock your body Everybody Rock your body right Backstreet's back Alright Oh my God, we're back again Brothers, sisters, everybody sing Gonna bring the flavor, show you how Gotta question for you better answer now Am I original? Yeah
The history of all hitherto existing society† is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master‡ and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one a
[Wayne and Benjamin Kane talk about the new sponsorship] Benjamin Kane: Listen, we need to have a talk about Vanderhoff. The fact is, he's the sponsor, and you signed a contract guaranteeing him certain concessions, one of them being a spot on
Imagine you're on a bus in London and you're coming close to your stop. You suddenly realise that your stop also happens to be the last one on this route. Now here comes the dilemma: do you press the 'stop' button, or assume the bus will stop a
Time for a podcast, it's podcast time. Rambunctious Rapscallions, Mac and Sam embark on a journey in hilarity and good old fun discussing Speiderdam Homecomes 2, as well as their thoughts on some trailers for upcoming fast pictures. Aye, that'l
Chim chiminey Chim chiminey Chim chim cher-ee! Here is a podcast A podcast for thee, Chim chiminey Chim chiminey Chim chim cher-oo! A podcast 'bout movies Does that interest you? About Dark Phoenix and Bieber V. Cruise. How about two lads who
After a months disappearance and the 100th episode approaching, Mac N Sam are exhausted by their final months of uni and were in need of much shleep. And now, without even a reference to that Game of Thrones review they said they'd do, they th
Russian Arkady Balagan is a world champion chess master. He is a brilliant but arrogant man. Watching his Canadian fiancée Rosemary Venturi murdered in Vancouver outside the Huxley Hotel - where he was performing in some chess matches and also
Mac eats a banana to build his strength and Sam taps his keyboard like he's late-stage Parkinsons. They also discuss Scots director, David Mackenzie's British prison movie, Starred Up (2013. Did Davey pull off another belter or was it rank rott
This play can be played without any age restriction. It will  work if the chemistry between all the characters makes sense.                 Human behaviour and betrayal apply to all of us. It exists                 within ourselve
"RESERVOIR DOGS" Screenplay by Quentin Tarantino Final Draft INT. UNCLE BOB'S PANCAKE HOUSE -
OBLIGATORY AMATEUR PODCAST APOLOGY BELOW: Hey guys! Sorry about last weeks shocking audio. Mac's audio was unfixable in post and we thought it in better taste to our pals who gave up their time to come on that we just release it. Anyhow, Ant M
Extra special memes this week with special guests from the Let's Try Roleplay podcast!! We all have a wee chat about Dungeons and Dragons (2000) and try to contain our joy at seeing Jeremy Irons act his way into the oscars, probably. Aye, that'
85 Reel Talk: Carter Ferguson(Fight Director) by Reel Filthy Podcast
Welcome to this weeks fortnight meme podcast, with Mac and Sam. It's a crazy week in fortnite with a bunch of newssss that no one is expecting. How about them new dances in the update?? costumes galore?!?!?! how about you dab on the h8ers and
The Springburn Scorcese and North side bold yin, James Price brought the dynamic dickheads some film knawledge this week when chatting about his new short, Boys Night, which he wrote and directed, along with some other nonsense including why 'S
What's that smell? No it's not the stench that is constantly being emitted from the sack of crap or Mac's open sores.... it's the sweet sweet smell of Oscar season. Enjoy a skip through the daisies and listen to your springtime buds Mac and Sam
Myself and Sam have finally realised people don't actually care to listen to us, but to the more intersting folk we bring on the show, so here's the first of two consecutive weeks of guest episodes, REEL TALK baabyyy. Also we are yet again swam
Know how when ypur favourite show does a clip show when they run out of ideas? Well that's not what we've done because that would require effort, so instead in the spirit of the capitalist holiday, Mac N Sam have tested their other halfs patien
Here's what I know about Bees: - They are in the in Insecta Class - They have 6 legs - They produce honey by gathering pollen from nearby plants - If you get one in the car, you will most certainly crash - If one gets trapped in a storage box
After a series of mishaps and random deletions, our lord and saviour of the Zaddy League himself, Zack Snyder deemed it so that we could eventually upload the podcast the capeshit community has been waiting for. The biggest crossover since Arch
Hello there young Jimmy, it's time for a room inspection. You're a good kid, I'm sure we'll find nothi..... WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS??? A podcast you say?? About films?? Run by two white males?? I've never heard of such a thing!! I certainly won't
Come one come all to the unveiling of the new carnival in town. Gasp at the news on the trapeze, swoon at the reviews jump through the ring of fire, scream at the dwindling enthusiasm that i have in this bit. buy yourself a copy of Idris Elba's
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