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Rosemary’s Ladies: A Horror Movie & Bad Movie Review Podcast

A weekly TV, Film and Film Reviews podcast
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Episodes of Rosemary’s Ladies

This week watch a movie full of choices, featuring the mother of all choices - Eddie Redmayne’s voice. Honeybee boys? That’s a choice. Human goo? That’s a choice. Roller-skating dog boys? THAT’S A CHOICE. We have a lot of questions, most of the
What do you get when you cross the story of Frankenstein, Bill Nighy, and gargoyles? You get pure bad garbage, that’s what you get. This week we watched 2014’2, “I, Frankenstein” and it was the best yet worst kind of trip we’ve taken in a while
This week we watch the cult classic - Repo! The Genetic Opera...which unfortunately means you get to hear Jen sing for a full 45 minutes. We discuss the job description of Repo Man (Repo People? How many are there? How much do you get paid?), i
TW: sexual assault is mentioned in this episode. New year, new month, new theme! This month we are tackling genetically engineered...stuff...We kick off this month with 2009’s, “Splice!” Ufda. This movie was WEIRD and not really in a good way.
This week we watch After, another terrible movie based on a terrible One Direction fanfiction. We discuss literature we hate, Cruel Intentions rip offs, and try to determine what Chancellors do. Jen impresses everyone with her Lord Voldemort/Ha
Well...that series was a trip. This week we finish off the 50 Shades of Grey series with the third movie, “50 Shades Freed.” I bet you can already guess how many Dorito’s we give it. Join us as we discuss how Ana has a secret passion of being a
This week we watch the terrible sequel, 50 Shades Darker, featuring more cringey lines, but at least we got some cringey drama to distract from their cringey relationship. We discuss obvious villains, sexy cooking, and who Boyce Fox is. Does he
*singing to the tune of Wham! Last Christmas* “Last Christmas we gave you Twilight but the very next year we gave you fanfic.” Yep, new month, new theme and this month we’re covering fanfic movies! The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy is based on Twil
If it pleases the court, throughout the course of this trial, we will show that this girl is not only a not one in a billion, she’s just real dumb. This week we watch one of the worst “sequels” in history, and discuss bad psychologists, bad act
Top that! Top that! This week we moved and grooved our way into watching 1989’s, “Teen Witch” and it was the most wholesome movie. If you love songs full of heavy, 80’s saxophone look no further. Join us as we discuss gremlin brothers, wholesom
Oh boy, this week we watched Fantasy Island, an unfortunate dumptruck of a remake of the 70’s TV show. You can call this movie Lombard Street because boy is it full of nonsensical twists and turns. We talk nicknames, jacked therapists, and how
Wowowowow what an intriguing movie! This week we watched 2019’s, “The Platform” and it was very thought provoking. This episode we spend more time talking about theories than cracking jokes because this movie was actually good. Join us as we di
Happy November! This month we are working out way through listener suggestions and start with a movie we both thoroughly enjoyed in the worst ways, Shark Night (3D).We have a lot of questions about the business venture of the villains, how hurr
HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK YA’LL! For the final episode in horror comedy month we are joined by our Canadian friends, Drinking and Screaming podcast! We watch 2006’s, “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” and 4/4 doritos all around! We get sid
Week 3! We watch Little Evil, a movie that is just...fine. We discuss clown licensure, if you were allowed to sit on the dining room table, our best and worst birthday parties (#GetHadesToMyParty). Everyone in this movie is kind of a terrible p
Wow ok. Introducing this week’s movie...2020’s, “The Babysitter Killer Queen” which is basically just “The Babysitter” but 2 years later? 4 years later? We don’t know because this movie basically said, “f*** Father Time.” Join us as we discuss
For the first week of Horror Comedy month, we watched The Babysitter. It was...uninspiring. We check in with Jen for a quick Stanley Cup update, and quickly move into being generally bored with this movie. We discuss how this kid is just a norm
‘Tis the final episode in our 3D horror month and what better way to wrap it up than with wind traveling death? This week we watched 2009’s “The Final Destination” and welp, it’s a thing. There is basically no plot and it’s just a bunch of Fina
Week 3 of 3D month brings us to Jen’s favorite franchise - Paranormal Activity. And we have to say, this movie was not that bad! This movie tries (and fails) to explain more about the confusing grandma cult. This week we talk lazy grandmas, uni
Week 2 of 3D horror week finds us diving on into the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise with 2013’s, “Texas Chainsaw 3D.” This was a bit of a wild ride for Jen, who’s never seen any of the Texas Chainsaw movies so there was a lot to lear
Welcome to the first week of 3D month, baby! Prepare yourself for a month of garbage. This week watched My Bloody Valentine 3D, a movie with such unlikable characters, we found ourselves rooting for the murderer. We talk Jen’s love of the Mirac
It’s the finale of You’ve been Shyamalan twisted week! The people voted, so we watched 2004's, “The Village!” It wasn’t terrible but the end was flat like that day old soda you opened. Join us as we talk about M Night’s choice of old timey talk
Week 4 brings us to a movie Jen is embarrassed to like, “Lady in the Water”. We attempt to understand the bizarre lore and mythology of Narfs, Scrunts, and Tartutics. Oh, and don’t forget the giant eagles! We discuss sub-pool grottoes (she’s go
Week 3 of “You’ve been Shyamalan Twisted Month!” brings us to “After Earth.” This movie is basically an hour and forty minutes of Will Smith going to sleep. We both agree this movie would have been significantly better if it was a buddy/raptor
Week 2 of “You’ve been Shyamalan Twisted Month!” brings us to The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, the only twist is that this movie has really no redeeming qualities. Jen is angry she didn’t get to see an agni kai, Molly is befuddled by the dial
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