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The Hashish and Superiority Book Club

A weekly Arts, Literature and Society podcast featuring James Nolen and Wade Bowen
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Episodes of The Hashish and Superiority Book Club

Pulled from the Kickers of Elves Patreon Our discussion of Richard Power's The Overstory continues now we've all read it.  Wade and Hugh read Gideon the Ninth as a palate chaser: a book not at all like The Overstory For talk of more books, some
Pulled from the Kickers of Elves Patreon Our discussion of Richard Power's The Overstory continues now we've all read it.  Wade and Hugh read Gideon the Ninth as a palate chaser: a book not at all like The Overstory For talk of more books, some
James and Hugh talk about The Punisher's computer guy, America's Chernobyl, and mostly Richard Power's The Overstory.   Want more of these conversations? To hear Wade's eventual thoughts on The Overstory? Check out the Kickers of Elves patreon
A hollow man?  The Quest is completed. We finally put Bitworld to rest. How many books are in this book?  Again, themes are questioned.  Fantasy forms are discussed before the big wrap up.  Final feelings -and the book- are put to rest.  And no
A Quest! A new story begins. But we’re at the end!  How many stories does this book need?  Does this novel have a consistent theme or not?  Things pop off and tension runs high. Some of the discussion goes back to the Moab section. And some oth
The regular James returns.  Is it the same podcast on down throughout every reality? First, a synopsis! We haven’t actually done many of those.    Are you ready for some hot logging action?  Do we live in simulation?   Is it turtles all the way
We experienced a loss with this episode.  There may, however, be a technological solution.  Listen for a note at the top of the episode to explain further, but the short is: A routine procedure went awry.  James is Gone (No, he's not!) Maybe he
Book One ends, but we're still arguing the premise of the book. How is this thing structured anyway?  All about El’s name.  Paradise Lost, huh?  Does Milton’s view of history have anything to do with this book?  What are we supposed to derive f
With Ameristan behind us, it's time to head back to the back to the conference room. Things get heated.  More analyzing the mental state of the author. Is he calming? Is he ok? Are we ok? Are you ok?  Just what is happing here? 917 408 3898 htt
We think we have a better idea of the book now, but do we?  Is this an angry book where Neal is working out his feelings on the 2016 election?  Are dumb people the biggest problem in the world? Welcome to Ameristan!  Is this intellectual elitis
We’re into Fall!  What do we think about the book so far and just how wrong are we about what’s going to come next?  First off though, we have to talk more about Neal Stephenson and the ideas he likes to write about. Or doesn’t.  Is Neal talkin
Why did Wade pick a Neal Stephenson book for season two?  Is this book about a billionaire who dies and is resurrected in a digital afterlife anything like Alan Moore's Jerusalem?  Not really, but yet in some ways it's the opposite.  Just what
Our exploration of Frank Herbert's Dune continues! Can one Dune defender protect the seminal work from two adversaries bent on tearing its legacy apart?  We're really in it now! While Wade learns how to be a better father than Frank, check out
Before Season 2 of the Hashish and Superiority Book Club commences, here's part one of our special patron bonus episode on one of the most revered franchises in Science Fiction. By some people anyways.  In this episode we tackle the source text
We read and covered Watchmen for patrons. The book Alan Moore will probably be remembered for (sorry, Jerusalem). Here we cover our own history with the comic, and then some details and history of the book and its creators. All four in depth b
Intro - We just got a whole bunch of crap to go over, and we start like a shotgun blast.   Chapter 9:  The Rood in the Wall (skip to 21:06) - An actor from Doctor Who: The Trial of the Time Lord acts like an American detective for awhile. It bo
Intro - We are getting tired. And the book starts to wear thin on some of us.   Chapter 5:  The Rafters and the Beams (skip to 6:40) - We get the history of African immigrants to Northampton. Black Charley leaves the third dimension. A new char
Intro - A sense of foreboding descends as we fret about the chance of an unsatisfying ending. Also, Dis book gets tough to read! Themes over plot. Joyce gets talked about, but not for last time.   Chapter 1:  Clouds Unfold (skip to 7:44) - Migh
Intro - We talk about… basically stuff we will talk about later too. We have lots of theories.   Chapter 9:  The Trees Don’t Need to Know (skip to 15:55) - Marjorie drowned, and then fell in love with the written word. We talk about Phyllis alo
Intro - We talk about how Alan Moore writes a lot, and how that is overwhelming.   Chapter 5: Flatland (skip to 13:07) - Reggie Bowler had a horrible life, but his death is turning out to be a hoot.   Chapter 6: Mental F(l)ights (skip to 31:35)
Intro - We find this all fun and weird. Victorian children’s novels are discussed. So is the fourth dimension.   Chapter 1: Upstairs (skip to 8:20) - Michael has died and its very disorienting. A girl gives him a tour.   Chapter 2: An Asmodeus
  Intro - We remark on how this week’s reading is almost like reading a normal book.   Chapter 8: Do As You Darn Well Pleasey (skip to 4:20 *noice*) - Snowy Vernall watches his daughter, May, be born and die (at the same time) from the roof of
Intro - We try and figure out the best way to approach reading this book.   Chapter 4: X Marks the Spot (skip to 4:40) - Brother Peter, a 6th century monk has traveled from the holy land after the crusades, carrying a heavy burden to deliver to
Episode 2 - Jerusalem: The Boroughs (Part 1)   Intro - We have a few opening points to make before we get started with the text. Hugh gives his overall opinions on huge works and and this book specifically. The guys talk some about the differen
Welcome to The Hashish and Superiority Book Club, a podcast where we hope to tackle the large and weighty tomes of great (or not so great) fiction we find pertinent to the modern world - heretofore to be referred to as Hell World. Each season o
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