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Episodes of The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place

In this episode: The AIRWAAV is an oral appliance that repositions the tongue and is supposed to improve respiratory mechanics and possibly athletic performance. As always, the product's website is full of big claims but what does the science s
In this episode: Gastrointestinal (GI) distress is an exceedingly common complaint among endurance athletes but despite years of research the actual reason for why this occurs remains mostly speculative. Recent research looked at whether or not
In this episode: Hydration status is an important factor for performance especially in warmer environments. Recently though, research has emerged suggesting that as you become dehydrated it not only becomes harder to perform at the same level b
In this episode: Alkaline water has been promoted for all manner of health benefits but is there any rationale for why this would work and any science to support the claims that it does? I look at what this basic solution is, what it is suppose
In this episode: Overuse injuries are very common amongst professional triathletes and high performing age groupers alike. The conventional wisdom has always been that these are due to overloading training combined with insufficient recovery. N
In this episode: Covid numbers have dropped and we may be in to a new phase of the pandemic but for millions of people symptoms persist in the form of long Covid. Worse, there may be as yet unknown long term consequences for young people as the
In this episode: Staying hydrated is an important contributor to success in endurance racing especially in warmer environments. A product that has been around in Oceania and is now available in the US has it's roots as an oral rehydration solut
In this episode: There is a longstanding belief that living and maybe training at altitude confers benefits on performance especially when an athlete goes to compete at a lower level. The science on this matter is a little less certain. Yes, th
In this episode: The impact that good quality sleep has on exercise performance has been pretty well understood for some time now. What is becoming clearer is how exercise also has a role in improving the quality of sleep. In addition, there is
In this episode: Spirulina is the name given to the extract of two species of blue green algae. Easy to cultivate and harvest, the plant is a remarkable source of nutrients and was once touted by NASA as the 'food of the future' and has even be
In this episode: Osteostrong is a program aimed at women that promises to build bone strength and prevent mineral loss in a way that is far more efficient than anything else out there and with results that seem far too good to be true. While no
In this episode: The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has swept across the globe infecting record numbers of people including those with vaccinations. A question for many of those who are also endurance athletes is 'when and how can I safely return
In this episode: The New Year is a time for resolutions and one that is frequently made involves losing weight in order to be healthier. But as obesity rates continue to rise unabated researchers have started to question the wisdom of making we
In this episode: When transitioning from high volume and intensity endurance training to lower volume and supplementing with strength training, what are the changes that take place in the body? Why do so many coaches promote this kind of philos
In this episode: We all know that our genes are the blueprint for who we are but has genetic testing reached the point that we can find out who we are meant to be? Several companies now offer DNA tests that purport to inform users of their athl
In this episode: Inside Tracker has been on a major advertising blitz of late making a huge push for new customers in an effort to get more athletes to spend hundreds of dollars on their blood testing services. I reviewed Inside Tracker a long
Go to my https://www.lifesportcoaching.com/ecom/registration.php?cid=1258&cp=performance (coaching signup page) and enter BlackTriDay in the box labeled: "how did you hear about us" to save 25% off coaching fees for the first four months. The r
In this episode: Iron deficiency is a common concern amongst athletes but is it a commonly occurring problem in this group? I review iron metabolism, dietary sources and the evidence on how frequently iron deficiency is found in the athlete pop
In this episode: Through 78 episodes the TriDoc podcast has been a resource for athletes trying to make sense of the advertising and marketing that accompanies products aimed at them promising to improve performance. On this episode, joined by
In this episode: training with a running injury is often impossible and can be a real issue if a race is coming up. A new device called the Lever Movement advertises itself as a potential solution allowing runners to 'unweight' themselves and t
In this episode: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) has been around for more than three decades but is only now becoming more widely known among endurance athletes. What is it? How does it work? Does it really offer benefits that make it something th
In this episode: Fall is here and with it comes the switch back to standard time. Why do we go through the annual changing of the clocks and is there any effect on health of doing so? I look at the evidence and include a discussion on a similar
In this episode: Are you a morning person? An evening person? Something in between? Whatever it is, that chronotype has implications for when you are likely to best perform as an athlete during the day. Circadian rhythm refers to our internal c
In this episode: In the third and final episode looking at novel treatments for injury, I look at the evidence supporting the use of Low Levels Laser Treatment (LLLT). This is a widely available procedure with no really well understood mechanis
In this BONUS episode: Tim O'Donnell had a heart attack during a race and just recently announced this to the world. Now, collectively, the triathlon world is quite justifiably freaking out. If this happened to him then couldn't it happen to an
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