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Dug deep in the archives and found an episode long ago recorded, but just now released. In this episode we learn all about, Brown Ales.Things start off in a promising manner with a review of a beer from Carson's Brewery out of Evansville, Indiana. We consume their Brown Cow. Puns are made, and fun is had by all.We then expertly transition in to discussion regarding a Pecan Nut Brown Ale, Lazy Magnolia out of Mississippi.It was right about that time I learned why this episode had remained in the archives so long... But, we try to educate Adam on some etiquette when visiting a tap room and learn how Texas feels about Crowlers.Cheers!
Look what's in your Easter basket... No, really, go look. That's right, a new episode of our favorite podcast! No, not the Last Podcast on The Left - thespeakpodcast!Come enjoy some jelly beans and peeps and listen to us discuss stouts as white as the Easter Bunny himself! Even though white stouts are not currently recognized by the BJCP we'll still drink 'em!We've got back to back Indiana beers. Starting with Ivory Stout from Brew Link Brewery and finishing up with Evil Czech's Bigsby.Sprinkled throughout we have sound effects from Adam and Rob, discussion of time travel and ball pits and Adam re-enacts would it would be like if Oscar the Grouch were to speak like Batman and lure children in to his trashcan.
We sat down with some friends from Four Day Ray and The Pint Cycle at FDR Brewery in Fishers. We in the tap room on kegging day (if you're wondering what those noises are), and we gained some additional education and insight in to traditional Irish beer styles just in time for St. Patrick's day!This is the first episode in our new Beer Education Series. Come learn with us! We cycle through a few beers in this episode. The first two are red ales: FDR's Kingstown Irish Red followed by Boulevard's Irish Red. The Four Day Ray beer is a little closer to the style with some added rye, and the Boulevard is a unique take on an Irish Red.We then try Guinness's relatively new, Rye Pale Ale and wrap things up with a Mofo Risin' Stout. We learn about some of the history of Irish style beer, what SRM's are, the best beer to sneak in to the new #BlackPanther movie, and that Hutch calls those who ride The Pint Cycle "passengers."Be sure to stop by Four Day Ray on March 16th and 17th and celebrate St. Patrick's Day for their, "Firkin St. Patrick's Day" event. Also, if'n you're in to whiskey - and more importantly, local whiskey, check out their "Whiskey Beer and Bites" event with West Fork Whiskey on March 15th.
Looking to satisfy both your inner gaming nerd and inner beer nerd? This episode we were lucky enough to sit down with Adam Rehberg of Adam's Apple Games  and discuss an exclusive and super-cool demo we were provided of: Brewin' USA Taproom Takeover. We discuss the in's and out's of the game a little bit and talk some Minnesota beer. You'll be able to visit with Adam in person at Gencon 2018  and you can find his newest game, Swordcrafters on Kickstarter!A beer and a game later in to our evening we talk about two new offerings from Books and Brews: A Barrel to Arms and New Liberty Lager.Adam's new job as a panda fluffer comes up and then stuff gets weird. You heard me, and THEN it gets weird.Enjoy!
We decided to head out for a beer with our buddy, James from We Serve Insurance and to smash some poutine at Big Lug Canteen! The episode is chocked full of our usual beer related banter: Adam gets lightly "a-salted" at around 17 minutes, James makes a Superbowl prediction, Adam confuses Chinese and Japanese culture, Pete makes fun of Adam's parents and we end the show in our traditional fashion.Special shout-outs to The Mayor, Big Lug, and We Serve Insurance.
Looking to supplement the fun you're having at Death and Taxes Day? Tune in and listen to our second installment of our Beer Education Series.As Spring is here (technically) our style of choice is the easy and approachable Blonde. We'll let Brian and Brooke of Four Day Ray give us the BJCP style explanation and walk us through their Blood Orange Blonde on tap now. They then give us a sneak preview of their blueberry blonde at the end of the episode which will be released the first week of May. Or, if you listen close, we do let you know a few locations where it is on tap.Pete tried his darn-dest to locate some blondes to compare and contrast some beers of the same style. as you might expect, he failed. However the beers he did acquire generated some great conversation. The line-up for this episode included: Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Gold, Evil Twin Classique Imperial, and Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza.If you like our Beer Education Series leave a comment, share with your friends, and be sure to get out and enjoy the weather on The Pint Cycle and stop in Four Day Ray for a refreshing beverage! 
Culture abounds in this our most sophisticated of episodes. We sat down with Stirling and Audrey of the Ballet Theatre of Indiana. They are partnering with Sun King to bring Beer and Ballet back to the Basile Theatre at the Historic Athenaeum.We talk Sun King Beer, learn new and pretentious sounding French ballet terms and manage to negotiate a spot for Adam in the stage performance.Be sure to check out Beer and Ballet IV to enjoy beer, ballet, pop music, aerial performances, and the chance that Adam may be wearing a dress and performing pull-ups for all to see. Seriously, all of this is a bargain at a mere $25 a ticket.Purchase tickets here! The shows will be on February 16th and 17th (again) at the Basile Theatre at the Historic Athenauem at 7:30pm.
This is part two of our visit with Black Acre Brewing. We're a few beers in to our evening at this point, but Jordan and Steve do share with us some of the "nuts and bolts" of brewing.We also get additional information from James of Kitto Insurance about the importance of asking questions.Get some exclusive industry insight as it relates to cost, consumers, marketing, and region when it comes to craft brewing and craft sales.
Doing some traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday and seeking some company for the long drive? Tune in to Parts one and two of our interview with, Black Acre Brewing.Surprisingly enough, we touch on two out of state brews this episode. We start off with, Free Range Brewing's, "Brother Was His Name," and then move to Knee Deep Brewing's, "Breaking Bud."Not going to lie, from there we discuss a bidet. Like, a lot.
Collaborations o'plenty this episode. We grabbed all of the bottles we could here locally to bring you a collab trifecta. We've got beers from all over the state... or mostly, from the North of the state.To open our show we talk about, Double O Session IPA from Sun King Brewery out of Indianapolis and Revolution Brewing out of Chicago. Session IPA is a very apt description and each brewery was able to maintain their identity in this beer while the marriage of the two brought out a very distinct taste.That beer is promptly and professionally followed by a joint effort from Deviate Brewing and Black Acre Brewing both out of Indiana. This Quadruple IPA is named, Hop Lunacy and for very good reason. This one is a "right of passage" type IPA and probably tastes like nothing you've had before.This episode is finished off with a collaboration between 3 Floyds Brewing and Dark Matter Coffee out of Chicago. The Mastodon Crack The Skye is a very good beer, but this beer caused some argument among the group.Sit back and enjoy what may be our most beer centered beer podcast ever. Be sure to listen, rate, share, and subscribe.
Celebrate your Cider-Day with us! On tap this episode we've got a double-dose of ciders starting with an offering from New Day Craft! Johnny Chapman Hard Apple Cider (sweetened with Sorgum) is *according do Adam* made with only the thickest of juicy, red apples. Allow him to guide your taste buds through both a through and gross description of both the bottle and the beverage. Things continue along the path you've come to expect from our show as we delve in to Crispin's Bourbon Char Aged Cask Cider. This complex cider is expertly described and compared to the cider from New Day Craft. This one is sure to be Rob's new favorite episode. Tune in and comment which circle of Hell he has found himself in. Enjoy!
In honor of the abbreviated work week, we're releasing another episode in our, "shorty" series. This shorty takes us on location to Books and Brews in Zionsville.We heard from our secret industry sources that the Zionsville location has a revamped food menu and is now family friendly. Family friendly of course means that children are allowed so we brought Adam who promptly found the crayons and a place mat and proceeded to begin coloring. His night culminated with an embarrassing tic-tac-toe loss to intern, Steve.We squeeze beer, humor, and pointless banter in to a bite-sized 15 minutes of fun. Enjoy!
Another day, another Shorty. We got to sit down with head brewer, Mike Hofferman of Grand Junction Brewing and talk, "shop." We find out what makes Grand Junction unique and how they are giving back to the Westfield community. Mike also let us in on some upcoming events and their canning of their (medal winning) Dark Road Porter for the first time.That is about as professional as things get for us, and special guest Charlie (aka Uncle Chuck, aka TheBeerReverend). From there we go on to ask Adam sports questions, make a prison joke, and ask Mike questions about his childhood.From us, would you expect anything less?Cheers!PS - If you're looking for the NSFW version of our entire, un-cut, and un-edited recording be sure to check us out on YouTube here.
We've been taking our show on the road here lately. Our travels (back in early July) brought us to Scarlet Lane in McCordsville to share some fine fermented beverages with our friends from OHHAP.Sure our information is a little bit dated - OHHAP switched from podcasting to YouTube videos and left the network, perhaps the No Coast Cuisine transition to Trax BBQ, and maybe the Scarlet Lane 80's Halloween party already happened. But that's no reason not to listen!Be warned, there are "Lost" spoilers and Adam and Kevin talk about World of Warcraft.And have no fear fans, we do have some episodes that will be out soon where we're back home in our comfy studio. A place where Adam's flatulence flows freely and Rob berates him mercilessly.
Our friends from OHHAP talked in us to joining them on their trip to Columbus, Ohio for Brewdog's Annual General Mayhem party/business meeting. This is an annual gathering of Brewdog's shareholders or, "Equity Punks." In short, we're glad we said, "yes."Take a look at our social media posts from the weekend. It's safe to say that we had a great time. From the beer to the fantastic facilities to the great live music. Despite all of that, our favorite part is the people that we met and the relationships that were forged. Throughout our craft beer journey the people involved have always been the cornerstone of what makes the craft beer industry great.We wanted to take this opportunity to give you that behind the scenes listen on what goes on when you sit down at a table full of strangers with some great beer and talk about your passion. We fortunate enough to be joined by, James Watt (50% of the Brew Dogs), Jared and Chris from Redtail media, Kevin and Kelsey from OHHAP, and Brewdog 's US CEO Tanisha Robinson.Because we wanted to give you the full and authentic experience this episode has been almost entirely un-edited. This means that there are some swear words and Adam is permitted some vulgar references pertaining to his love of Titanic and James.Please go to the Brewdog Network and download the app to start your free 7-day trial. After that, it's only $4.99 a month if you like what you see.
Amber ales and animal facts. It's nearly as informative as Discovery Channel's Shark Week. If Shark Week was produced by a couple of idiots and their fourteen year-old cousin who "ain't quite right."The highlights include Fountain Square Brewing's Preacher's Daughter Amber Ale. It's an American Amber with hints of citrusy hops balanaced with buiscuit malts.Next up is Urban Artifact's Thoroughbred Barrel Aged Imperial Amber Ale. This one sparks quite a nice conversation among the group...Which is a great segue into us falling off a cliff in to the ocean where octopus live in glorious cities. Yes. Apparently that is a thing, or so says Adam. Tune in to learn more.
Don't let that super-sweet episode title fool you. There is actually, genuinely, truthfully good beer reviewing that took place in this episode. Sure, we then talked about getting pulled over and chugging a beer, Adam's death hugs, and expressing beaver butts. All of this because you need to get the hard-hitting news somewhere and we're just the team to bring it to you.Expert journalism aside, our local beer is Bier Brewery's Backpackin' Brown Porter. This medium bodied porter "for all seasons" caused some insightful beer discussion amongst the group. And yes, even Adam.Up next is Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron. This American Brown Ale really wow'ed the collective. Seek this one out, give it a shot and let us know your thoughts.Then come the hugs and beaver butts.
Three cheers for four beers and a Happy Fourth of July to all! Keeping with the tradition of expressing our unwavering patriotism we bring you another super special edition episode sponsored by our friends at Books and Brews!We go back-to-back with two very different IPA's from Scarlet Lane Brewing. First their Vivian Red IPA and then a less traditional Bourbon Barrel Aged Braggot style IPA, Eirik Bloodaxe.To finish up we bring in two offerings from Upland Brewing. We start a little safe with their Dragonfly IPA and then knock it up a notch with Darken, a sour ale.Before you go and blow off your fingers with fireworks, make sure you click that download button!
Hi there loyal listeners! We're breaking our routine and not talking about blondes this go-around. 18th Street Brewery put out a refreshing beverage with hints of grapefruit, Rise of The Angels. So we start there and then veer directly off course and move on to a cider offering from Angry Orchard.After that, things just get weird. There's a lot of discussion of crabs, cheese, and heists. Maybe not one of our more informative episodes, but certainly one to sit down and enjoy with a beer or twelve.Cheers!
Yeah, we’re featuring blondes… again. But hey, when the weather is this nice, sometimes you just need a nice refreshing beverage that Pete can mow his lawn drinking. First up we have Gold Standard from Taxman Brewing Company. This Abbey-Style Blonde Ale spurred a fair amount of discussion amongst the group. We follow-up our local beer with a trip to Germany, Ohio. Yeah. Germany. What of it?!?! We talk about Rhinegeist’s Cougar Blonde Ale. This one is an American Blonde Ale that shares some similarities with the Abbey-Style Blonde from Taxman.  If our beer review shenanigans weren’t awkward enough for you, we end by discussing the following: Weird drinking laws, weird drinks, and a plea to Pat McAfee to save our show.
Celebrate National Beer Week with this banger from your buddies at thespeakpodcast!On a warm Spring day we very few beers are as refreshing Gose. We kick things off with the Indiana standard gose from, Triton Brewing, Barn Phantom. An interesting offering out of Collective Brewing in Ft. Worth, Cup O' Beer is our out-of-towner.To wrap things up, we may or may not have promised to spend a few hundred dollars obtaining a beer should this episode get 10,000 downloads.
Hey Boos! Winter got you down? Why not relax with another Shorty from thespeakpodcast? We braved the weather and ventured out to Upland Brewing's taproom in Carmel. While there we warmed up with their seasonal release, Latitude Adjustment. This beer proves not all winter seasonals have to be spiced or malty.We round out the evening with one of staples when we visit Upland, Teddy Bear Kisses. We offer a full and comprehensive review on this episode.
Celebrate dropping balls with your favorite Indiana beer podcast... who has inexplicably started a tradition of reviewing spirits on New Year's Eve.We begin with Hotel Tango's Victor Vodka. Hotel Tango is a veteran owned distillery located in Indianapolis.We then artfully transition to a distillery a bit further South in Bloomington Indiana; Cardinal Spirits. We sample their Tiki Rum. It is a floral rum and it serves as the tipping point for the shenanigans on this New Year's Eve. Argument ensues as we move even further South to Borden Indiana home of the Huber Winery and Starlight Distillery and discuss our collective thoughts regarding their Gin.We end back in Indianapolis with B Street Blues Bourbon Whiskey from a newer distillery in the are, West Fork Whiskey.Enjoy an evening with us, then be sure to visit our other podcasting friends at the Hopped Up Network."Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer--and another one!"
Christmas! And this our fourth one of those. As always, we bring to you Anchor's Christmas Ale. This winter warmer has rich and creamy flavors that range from honey-nut to fruitcake plum.But lest we get ahead of ourselves, we kick things off with Evil Czech's, Stalin's Dark Side Imperial Stout. It's bourbon barrel aged with Woodford Reserve which we found to be thick, robust, dark and malty... like Adam's dates.We finish off the show by discussing Hallmark drinking games, offer a public service announcement, and explain Christmas traditions from both the Orient and Catalonia.While it's not normally recommended, this one is definitely an episode to listen to through the end. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a *creepy* GOODNIGHT!
As is probably apparent, we're a few beers in at this point and we decide to add a few more. We sampled Space Haze from 450 North, 3 Floyds Floy Division India Pale Ale I, and Destihl's Blueberry Gose.Be sure to visit 812 Farms at the 8th Annual GnawBrew from September the 15th through the 17th. And, then again on September the 23rd at 450 North's Corn Maze Beer Fest. They will most assuredly be events you won't forget... Or, if you're doing it right, events you'll never be able to remember.Lastly, special shout-outs this episode to the following: Indianapolis Public Library, Jeff Vibbert, and Iron Valley Barbell
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