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Lucas Duff

DM/Editor/Producer/PR/NPC Extraordinaire of Ballad of the Seven Dice


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Fantastic Interviews Offering You an Inside Look into the TTRPG Community Austin has a wonderful skill of being able to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, which really lends itself to the conversations that come about from these interviews. After listening to a few you can really get the feeling of how invested they are in these fantastic role playing games that many of ourselves have become so endearingly attached to. The interviews themselves range on a number of different topics but try to stay around a centralized theme and the guests they have on offer a great insight into the TTRPG scene and the actual play world as well! If you're looking to learn more about the people you often see online, or just relate to some fantastic stories that take you back looking fondly on your own times in gaming then I highly recommend you give this podcast a listen!
The Late Night Actual Play You Deserve Turn off the TV and pop on your favourite podcatcher because it is time for you to settle down with a damn fine story. DM Adam launches into a great TW at the beginning of each episode and the tale takes off at a great pace to set the mood for the rest of the episode. The world of Runelanders is incredibly well constructed with a lot of thought put into the minute details. It's these fine details like the junk food sold at street carts or the reason certain plants are harvested for pest control, that really give this world life. Each sector of the city and people in it are put in such detail that you really do feel like you've accidentally turned on Audible instead of your podcatcher. The players do a great job dipping right into the roleplay and do not shy away from it. The chemistry they have makes you fall into the scenes easily and the immersion commences as the tale unfolds. The audio quality continues to improve from the early episodes and the music placed in each one is a fantastic touch that really makes those scenes pop. If you're looking for a rich world of steam and arcane in a fantasy setting, then I highly recommend you hop on this. You'd be missing out otherwise!
Fill up your mug and grab your dice! A fantastic introduction to the Pathfinder world and a wonderful story to follow! The DM does a great job really building the scenes with wonderful descriptions and populates them with interesting characters that the players do a great job bouncing off of. The whole dynamic of the caravan really grabbed me quickly and I had a lot of fun listening to the players navigate their way through living with one another on this trip. Each player does not shy away from delving into role playing and sticking to their guns, which has created a fun and interesting dynamic with the team! If you're worried about any audio hiccups, they do seem to be improving as things move on, which is a great sign because it means they care about the show and want it to sound good! This podcast has a charming feeling that those great fantasy stories tend to have and eases you right into the thick of it very quickly after the characters are introduced. If you're looking for a new actual play that is beginner friendly or even just want another fantastic pathfinder tale to hear, then I highly recommend you give this one a go!
Modifying Sci Fi and Fantasy for your listening pleasure With a double helping of story, this podcast brings you both a wave of Fantasy and one of Sci Fi as they have two packed tales twisting around one another! One thing this podcast does exceedingly well is capturing the feeling of friends playing at the table. The chemistry the players and DM have with one another gives the story and easy feel to follow along with. The DMs and players do a great job building up the story together and supporting one another. If you're looking for some fun characters, creative role playing, and a great group dynamic, give these folx a listen!
Everyone Sync Watches to Monster Hour First off, I got to say Wow. There is some amazing setup and development that was done for both the characters and the town of Firmament where this story takes place. From the cold openings leading into each new case to the fine details the players and keeper have added to this area and history, you would be hard pressed to find an area where it feels like quick shakey improv. The story itself picks up fast and the player characters are all very interesting right off the hop and monstrous intrigue lurks in the midst as they get more of the information from the people of this town. From a con artist, to a newly changed lycan, and an expert on monsters, this group is sure to constantly get in over their head. Also the Keeper does an amazing job at painting up the word picture with fine details that completely immerses you into the scene. If you're looking for a new Monster of the Week podcast or just looking at checking it out, I highly suggest you give this one a listen!
Welcome to the Resistance! If you're looking for a lovable group of misfit adventurers, a good old fashioned tale of taking down the corrupt empire, and more natural ones then is mathematically possible, you have come to the right place! With a detailed and well crafted homebrew world, Fate of Isen takes you right into the thick of the story right away. The characters are instantly charming with their own quirks and goals, from getting the gig to make some cash, to shoveling and procuring a lot of hog waste, and becoming the ultimate Tresslespoon. Along with this the DM does a fantastic job having the NPCs of the tale feel like they are talking to fleshed out characters and the world is a living and moving thing, even while the players are not there. With a great amount of laughs and an engaging story, this podcast is sure to bring you back to those fantastical adventures you've had at the table or read about in books. Hop on Fate of Isen today and get ready to stop the rise of the Arkvale Empire.
Sneak onto this Caravan for a Grand and Epic Tale This is a podcast that grabs you right from the getgo. With a wonderful and rich homebrew world filled with a lore that has it feel real and fleshed out, W&B takes you on a spin right away into fantastical heights. The sfx and ambiance applied to the story really heighten the immersion and help you feel like the scene is unfolding around you as you get lost in this great party dynamic. With six characters and an array of colourful npcs, you quickly get used to the comfortable group dynamic and the players do a great job slipping into RP mode as they make their characters shine. I've only just begun my journey with this lot as they chase after kobolds, but I can already feel myself becoming a big fan. Keep up the great work!
Crime Club Will Never Die Get ready for some "Thwack" "Boom" and "Kapow"! This super hero tale starts with a bang and keeps that momentum going! If you're looking for a new actual play living in a super hero filled world with magic, gods, aliens, and teens in over their heads then you've come to the right place. The role playing is great, the story keeps you entertained, and the heroes are all very unique and fun to listen to! So kick back, pop on them headphones, and get ready to get hooked on a show that will keep you wanting for more!
The Best Magical Radio Show Out There! Not only do you get to dive right into the fine details of what is going on in this wonderful town of Tamsford and hear the goings on concerning the latest magical doors, this radio show brings the town to life with an assortment of wonderful characters. With great sfx, music, and editing, this radio show feels as real as the magic missile cast at you by that amped up hedgemage on Magi-Max! Get to listening today!
A high energy group with a penchant for goofs! If you're looking for that feeling of being at the table with a group of friends and playing D&D along with them, this is a fantastic group for you. As they play, you can hear how much fun they are all having with the DMs story and they each bring to the table a little flavour of their own, whether is be that ice cold head removal service or garden gnome goofs! There are easy to pick up recap points so you can jump in where ever you want and the Initiative Bonuses give a great intro point to meet the personalities of the cast! The audio quality picks up very quickly as well as the editing style which is always a great bonus as it shows the creators care about making their show shine as much as they can! So if you're looking for a new show with a fun story and you want some high energy reference slinging party members and a DM to match their tempo then you've come to the right place, start listening today and roll for Initiative!
This was a blast to run, I can't wait till we play more of this!
Take to the Stars! Join this crew of world traveling heroes as they dip into the never ending universe of all of your favourite Disney and video game characters. With themes of friendship, self discovery, and growth, the players dive headfirst into this tale that takes them across the stars in their gummi ship. With a heavy dose of humor, a sprinkling of memes, and some memorable characters, this podcast is sure to give you the feeling of sitting around the table with friends as you walk through this KH story. The audio continues to get better over time and right from the start you can feel how everyone is truly having a great time and enjoying this story. Keep up the great work!
The borders between offices and dungeons have blurred Get that TPS report in and make sure you agree to that meeting in Outlook because it is time to roll dice! The Dungeon Manager crew brings forth a fantastic tale with wonderful roleplaying. Not only is their intro video fantastic but their ability to stay in character and really dive into the drives of each one is something I always love seeing. One of the tough parts about being a player, especially in the podcasting world, is breaking down exactly why your character would want to do something and not take too much time talking about it. Giving the listener insight on the characters views really helps them connect and like these characters and i think this group does a fantastic job with that. The DM Edward, does a terrific job at building up the scenes in a picturesque way and lets you just fall right into the scene. If you're looking for a great group that bounces well off each other with fleshed out characters then I highly recommend this podcast!
Polished and Captivating If you haven't done yourself the pleasure checking out this podcast, then I highly suggest you do so right away! This podcast has excellent sound quality, fantastic sfx and ambiance, and the cast does an amazing job jumping right into character and sticking to the role play. I started up this podcast because i was interested in hearing how Vampire was played and I couldn't stop listening. I am excited to finish this arc and go back through the backlog and listen to all of this content. If you are looking for a well crafted actual play podcast that touches upon multiple systems and really makes that story shine through a lot of hard work, great story telling, and a stellar cast then I can't recommend enough that you give these folx a listen.
Take a Step Into Many Worlds The CtrlGroup is just like what they advertise, they are a control group testing out many systems so you can see how it works. I hopped on this podcast because I was interested in a number of the different systems they were using and I wasn't disappointed at all. The comedy they bounce off one another and the story intertwined is done incredibly well, as they take shorter campaigns and give them the same life and breathe of fresh air that you would feel from a longer running one. The skills each of them have with whipping up an entire world while introducing a new system is quite impressive and the DM swap they do is great because you really get to see each of the cast members shine! I found myself interested to see where each story went from the first episode each time they brought in a new system, curious how the rules went and where the story would lead me. If you're looking for a podcast that features shorter stories with different systems that capture your heart and double you over in laughter then look no further, this is the podcast for you!
I was recommended The Redacted Files about a month ago and have started diving into them and I am glad I did! There is a multitude of different stories they have to tell, and they tell them well! I was always interested in looking into a number of different TTRPGs out there but it is never easy scheduling groups or brushing up on the rules for numerous games, but listening to this podcast I feel like I can easily hop in these now with just some light reading. Along with playing a number of different games, this large cast has a great ability to hop into a new story and hit the ground running. They have no problem picking up new characters and before the dice even hit the table they are immediately immersed into who they are and stepping right into the roleplaying. With a rotating cast and a number of different GMing styles played throughout, you're sure to pick up a few things and find the style that you really like. If you're thinking about trying out new TTRPGs or you just want to hear a number of great shorter stories told in different settings then don't hold up, hop on The Redacted Files today!
This episode was a knee slapper with a great story! If you're looking for a great time while listening to investigators losing that sanity and finding friendship along the way, you need to give this a listen!
Fantastic sound work, music, voices, and writing all across the board! Definitely an episode to give a listen to if you're interested in what Four Orbs has to offer!
A Rainbow Prism Filled With Heart Listening to Prism Pals you can instantly get the feeling of how much this project means to the cast, right out the gate they wear their heart on their sleeve and you can really see they put a lot of work into their characters, NPCs, and story to have them shine. Instantly you are swept up in the charming and interesting characters this story revolves around and you find yourself on the edge of your seat whether it is the dangers of a player having a normal conversation with an NPC or a shape shifting monster trying to use a face against you that you would have issues attacking. The world feels very fleshed out and every time they enter a new shop, district, or house it feels like these have always been here and you are comfortably coming home. The story itself while it does have it's more serious moments is filled with a good amount of light hearted cheer and you can't help but find yourself laughing along with the players and GM. If you're looking for a great family friendly story, friends enjoying a game at the table, an inclusive game and world, and plenty of laughter, then I highly recommend this story.
An Unforgettable and Dreamlike Tale One thing that stuck out to me when starting Faeforge Academy was the whimsical sense it portrayed. From the theme music, to the mystical setting, to the wonderful characters introduced. There was a sense of wonder and fantasy that was instantly setup for you to just immerse yourself in as they figured out how to get into this academy. The players do a great job having their characters setup and personalities fleshed out as they step into this tale and the useage of the crafting system is a really great point in giving the players desires and goals more life and meanining! They bounce off one another quite well and are comfortable diving deep into the roleplaying and discovering more and more about one another alongside you the listener. Stephen himself does a great job with building the scene and walking with the players through it, leaving room for them to tell the story alongside him. If you're looking for a tale of a magical academy with dangers lurking around the corner, a mystical setting that brings forth excitement and wonder, and the great characters who are yearning to reach their potential, then make sure you find yourself a tree and slip on into the Faeforge Academy.







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