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This is my favorite podcast this week! Besides the very reporter type voice which I know some can’t stand (I’ve gotten used to it) the pod is well put together. It has everything: a not very well known serial killer, horror movie origins, first-hand detective accounts, a survivor and so so much more. Done by Hailey Holloway it has seven episodes, 139 reviews, and an average of 4.9 stars. Each episode is about 34 minutes long and it’s averagely scripted I would say (like Serial). It seems to be independently done (can’t find a producer) but there are some triggers I want to mention besides the normal ones. There is an episode of a first-hand account of kidnapping and I’ve had a hard time listening to some of those before. It discusses sexual assault and stalking. I didn’t find it to be excessive but wanted to mention it. The family testimonials are heartbreaking and brave and I’ve never heard in any podcast have such close and vivid accounts of what happened (which is understandable). Please listen so we can talk about this because it’s nuts! Similar Pods: HBO's I'll Be Gone In The Dark Podcast, Arden by Wheyface Radio, Bear Brook, A Murder On Orchard Street, The Alibi by True Crime Australia, Alibi by Volume, Stranglers, Unfinished: Deep South, Girl Taken, Chasing Charlie
This was my first one but since listening and falling in love with it I’ve subscribed to a few others. I really don’t know how I started to listen but I normally wouldn’t. I mean who wants to listen to someone read a crossword but this show isn’t just for puzzlers. After giving the weekly brief of cultural happenings in the crossword world (say that ten times fast) then each of the hosts presents trivia on a topic they’ve researched. Often during the weekly brief, they will call out clues or answers that are outdated or bluntly sexist or racist (it’s not long and I think it’s cool they do it). They often explain the etymology behind some of the puzzles, and it leads to their topical discussions. 51 episodes about an hour apiece with new ones coming out usually Sunday or Monday. I listened to and fell in love with 49 - Crimes & Tattoos, 25 - Diamonds Are 5ever, and 24 - Unidentified Fanged Objects. 48 ratings on Itunes and all of them are 5 stars (the only times I’ve ever seen it while doing this) and loosely scripted (like Morbid). Similar Podcasts: Stuff You Should Know etc., Stuff You Should Know About Greek Mythology, Stuff You Should Know About Therapy, Ologies with Alie Ward, Short Wave,
Crime Coast: Shannan Gilbert went missing in the early hours of May 1st 2010, leaving only a frantic 911 phone call and desperate pounds on a few doors in the neighborhood of Oak Beach, New York. Her body wouldn’t be found for another 7 months but in that time police in the area would find the partial remains of 10 other murders all discussed in this pod. It’s made by two LI natives and spoiler before you fall too deep in love it is unfinished. That being said I learned a ton from this podcast including how huge long island is. Seriously if you’re familiar with the case and haven’t yet, google Oak beach and the Long Island to get a scale. I had no idea. 3 episodes about 17 minutes long. Similar Podcasts: Reporter- Black Gold, Once Upon a Crime, The Last Days of August, Tales of Mystery Unexplained, Maddie, Intrigue: Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel, Legal Wars, and The Lawyer’s Daugther/ The Golden State Killer.
This Australian podcast drops you into a Queensland's family’s search for answers in their daughter’s 18 year old cold case. Rachel disappeared after being dropped off at the movies. She was never seen again leaving her family with more questions then leads. They contacted David Murray, an investigative journalist working with The Courier-Mail in hopes the case will be given new attention or maybe even that developments would be made. This podcast is short and sweet but with the expected lengthy news recap and preview at either end of an episode (but it was only information). 6 episodes about 31 minutes a piece. I was surprised to see this podcast didn’t have as many listens or reviews as I expected. Def check it out if you’re bored of hearing the same cases over and over. Similar Podcasts: Blue Siren’s Police Tape, Unravel True Crime, Australian True Crime, True Crime Sisters, Where is William Tyrrell?, Bowraville, Actual Innocence, Wrong Skin, Felon True Crime.
Homestead Horrors Ep 46 The Killing of Jamie Bolin: Randomly picked this very sad episode with trigger warnings but a twist I didn't see coming. This is a new podcast for me and done by a couple. Some relevant minimal discussion and they cover less known cases often. I love their dynamic just as much as I love Wife of Crimes but it is different because both of them are fans of true crime. I love how they give trigger warnings for this episode and I think they do on all of the others as well. Only got to listen to this one this week but excited to make it a new favorite.
Motive for murder: The long wait is over! Although what for, I’m waiting to see..This is a case the show dateline has covered before so old school dateline junkies will pick up on the story. That being said Josh Mankowitz has an amazing voice and I think the recycled story is worth the listen so far although I question the producer’s motives (sorry). No spoilers but some slight similarities to the Dan Markel case in the case this one covers. It’s currently coming out and on its second episode. Episodes come out weekly on Thursdays and are about 20 minutes long.
The Missionary: This is another heartbreaker and trigger warning for crimes against children. It’s a brand new scripted miniseries about missionary Renee Bach who started a malnutrition program in rural Uganda. Initially she was recognized at home and in Uganda for doing the Lord’s work but now about a decade later there are accusations of pretending to be a doctor and the murder of hundreds of children in the unlicensed clinic. It’s made by iheartRadio and has their polish with the voices and audio being professional and engaging. There are 3 (40ish minute long) episodes out so far with what I’m sure we can expect is atleast a few more on the way. Similar Pods: Atlanta Monster, Murder in Oregon, Broken Harts, Wind of Change.
TRACE: This ABC podcast looks at the brutal murder of Maria James in her Melbourne bookshop in June of 1980. Heads up a few episodes talk about horrific crimes against children in pretty graphic detail. I skipped them. There are 381 reviews of this podcast (one of the most I remember noting) and it has 4.7 average stars. The seven-episode miniseries production launched in 2017 and finished up in 2018 with each episode being about 17 minutes long. The pod covers the initial investigation and also updates as they happen. Tough listen but fascinating. Similar Podcasts: Without Warning, The Home Babies, The Killing of JonBenet: The Final Suspects, Who Killed Leanne Holland?, Accused, Murder in Oregon, Murder in Pilot Mountain: A 40 Year Mystery
Crimelapse True Crime: Fans of Casefile and True Crime Fix this is one for you. This weekly true-crime podcast comes out Sundays and is just getting started. I think there’s been something going on between the two hosts (although you can’t tell in the show) because she mentions going solo at one point. There are only 5 episodes available on apple pods but you can find 11 others on podchaser (and I’m sure other places). The podcast has 26 ratings (I think this is important because it tells you how many people went out of their way to review) and an average of 4.8 stars. Two hosts (I think) and episodes are about 34 minutes long. Three out of the five episodes are about children but the last and first one break away from that so I don’t think it was planned. I liked Ep 3. No honour in Murder. Scripted (less than Court Junkie more than MFM) and no speculation that I heard which is a big plus for me. Similar Podcasts: Apple for the Teacher, Evidence Locker, True Crime Fix, Betrayed, Twisted: A True Crime Podcast, True Crime Psychic, True Crime Timeline, My True Crime Obsession
In 2015, Saskatchewan police found Candian woman Sheree Fertuck's abandoned semi-truck at the town’s gravel pit with her keys, coat, and phone inside. She's never been found but police ultimately believe the 51-year-old is dead. This podcast follows the case to trial from the missing report to trial and discusses the case and theories with the family, law enforcement, and even the suspect. CBC’s website even has a 360-degree interactive video of the last known whereabouts of Sheree. The series has only 58 ratings on iTunes which shocked me but an average of 5.6 stars (trending in Denmark? I guess?). It started in 2019 and has 6 episodes with a trailer and update episodes; all of them being about 28 minutes long. Hosts are Victoria Dinh and Alicia Bridges both live and work in Saskatchewan. Voices and sound balance were fine. Similar Podcasts: Suspicion, What happened to Holly Bartlett, Your Own Backyard, Looking for Logan Tucker, Dr. Death, Death in Ice Valley, Cutthroat Inc.
Missing Molly: This podcast and case need more attention. Molly Miller was a Charlottesville woman who was reported missing in December of 2017 only for her body to be found in her home three days later. With her death being ruled a suicide, the short investigation left her family and friends with more questions than answers. The podcast is a 6 episode investigation into those questions, and each episode is about 30 minutes long. The podcast has 45 Ratings on apple podcasts and has been well received since it launched in 2019. It is a scripted news reporter led podcast by Kimberly Lo and has the family as guest speakers. I think this podcast is overshadowed sometimes by the Up and Vanished episode about a woman by the same name however they are different cases (check the Molly Miller Oklahoma case out). Similar Podcasts: Nobody's Property: Living on the Remains of a Life in Calfornia, 195 Men Britain’s Worst Rapist, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare, Ten Days in a Madhouse by Nellie Bly, A Murder On Orchard Street, Millionaire Murder
Into Thin Air: This podcast broke my heart! The victim’s (5-year-old Haleigh Cummings) family reacted how I think mine would and it was the most tragic four episodes I’ve listened to in awhile. The series is done by reporter Jennifer Waugh so if you aren’t big on that type voice this one might not be for you. There’s a ton of repeating information at the beginning of every episode like a recap and episodes are really only around 23 minutes. I still think her story is important and will def check into other podcast episodes about her. Similar Pods: A Senseless Death, Upstate Unsolved, Blood and Truth.
Hunted: Inside Ted Bundy's Trail of Terror- I don’t think Bundy needs an a quick google search for the most well known serial killer ever he showed up on every list. Just in case you get them mixed up like I do, Bundy killed what is thought to be 30 women and girls across six states. This podcast is done by the Coloradoan newspaper in 2019 and concentrates on Bundy’s killing spree in Colorado and his three victims here: Caryn Campbell, Julie Cunningham, and Denise Oliverson. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado close to all of this so I could be biased it was interesting hearing a deep dive on it. If you don’t know Bundy’s story super well I wouldn’t start with this because it does seem to concentrate on only part of his spree. Lots of people don’t like Parcast but I think they do my favorite overviews although Morbid and all the others have good ones too. There are three main episodes with a trailer and they’re about 23 minutes a piece. So pretty short but the recaps aren’t too long either. The narrator’s voice is a little monotone and scripted but overall I really liked it. Similar Podcasts: Last Seen, Atlanta Monster, The Clearing, Patty Has a Gun: The Life and Crimes of Patricia Hearst
Okay so a lot of people on here recommended this one but the name had me upset for a while because there it could be a little less filla. I almost put it in the okay category because of this but I realized I listened to some quarantine episodes first where they weren’t too concerned about being straightforward. Anyways it's a duo comedian discussion format that’s basically become my Morbid replacement since I’ve listened to all of theirs twice. I listened to 2,3, 4, 8, 9, and 68. Maybe listen to their early ones first.
I was fascinated by the crazy twist of this case. It is unfinished! I know that is a huge bummer but it’s a great introduction to the case then there is a great 20 minute youtube video about it by That Chapter. Sorry if I’m not allowed to mention that but please just let me know and I’ll take it out. There’s also been recently updated in this case so I think her story should be heard. It just might take a little more work than usual.
Evidence Locker: I love this podcast. It’s made by self-declared true crime addicts and I feel like that attributes to why it is so good. It covers cases from all over the world and has each one labeled where it is from (at least on iTunes). It has 390 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars. There are 123 episodes and on average they’re about 40 minutes long. I listened to about half of them and I liked 10. USA – Killer Grandparents: Gerald and Alice Uden and 6: Denmark - The Killing of Kim Wall but Owltails has its most popular at 74: China - The Murder of Pamela Werner and 22: Italy - The Soap Maker of Correggio. Straightforward, binge-able but scripted (I didn’t mind the amount at all). New episodes out on Sundays. Both solved. Similar Podcasts: Betrayed, Cold Case Files, Court Junkie, Murder Under the Midnight Sun, Noble Blood, History! This Week, Crimelapse, Casefile
Criminal Discourse: I thought I wrote about this podcast already but couldn’t find the review. I just can’t believe I haven’t though because it’s been a new favorite and bingable. This week I listened to 46 which finished up my first listen of the pod. It’s about the murder of Avis Banks and her unborn child and did not end how I expected. Overall the podcast has 47 episodes and owltail has its top as episode 37: Julius Jones. On average the episodes are about 30 minutes long, and news ones come out weekly on Mondays. Itunes has 42 ratings with an average of 4.6 stars. Mildly scripted (like Morbid). Minimal witty banter. Similar Podcasts: grim. Nightmare Somewhere - True Crime Podcast, Copycat Killers, gone cold podcast - texas true crime, Against the Night: A True Crime Podcast, Seeing Red A True Crime Podcast
Murder Under the Midnight: This podcast concentrates on missing person/unsolved cases from Alaska but there are so many cases there (I guess) that it doesn’t have some of those less exciting filler episodes (not saying they aren’t important ok but all the cases I’ve listened to have been exciting). She’s currently making episodes and has 45 with new ones coming out bimonthly usually around the first and the fifthteeth. I did see she came out with 3 in April so maybe she’s slowly increasing or it could be the first one for May who knows. Average Episode time is 39 minutes and Owltail has it’s number one as episode 3: 3 - Sophie Sergie's Unsolved Murder. It wasn’t unbearable scripted for me but it is just a single host. The beginning episodes had some audio issues but it’s resolved by the later ones. Similar Pods: Weird On The Rocks, Under The Midnight Sun, True Crime All The Time Unsolved, Dead on Arrival, The Missing and the Unsolved, Theory: True Crime Podcast. Please check out the mastercast here: And Full reviews here:
Wow I was born in 94 so I knew the name and not the story and this is a must listen for anyone in the same boat. It’s done by Vault Studios so very scripted but captivating sounding more like an audiobook sometimes. I’m so glad they didn’t try to stretch it out for 13 episodes. There are only 3, 30 minute long episodes so it really feels like just the facts. Tragic story, great podcast. Similar Pods: 88 Days: The Jayme Closs Story, Dirty John, All Crime No Cattle, Hell and Gone, Southern True Crime, Somebody, BLACK HANDS - A family mass murder
I know I’m late to the game on this one but omg definitely made the top true crime list. For those who don’t know the podcast covers the span of crimes thought to have lasted 14 years and resulted in police finding the partial remains of nine other murders. Interviews are done with the family, investigators, and officials from the case give the victims the background and amount of the story they deserve. 8 episodes all about 23 minutes long. Must listen. Similar Pods: The Beginnings of a Serial Killer, Zodiac Killer By Teina-Toa Day, Serial Killer Files, Heads of Sierra Blanca, What Makes a Killer, Voices From Gilgo.







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