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A rambling companion to my daily geeky blog about superheroes, horror, sci-fi, RPGs, and anything that takes my fancy.

Planar Allies

Welcome to Planar Allies, just another podcast of table top adventurers trying to make their way in the world. We weave unique stories ranging from D&D, Star Wars, and even unexpected one's like Fate Stay/Night.

Nova Dark

This audio drama is set in the Star Citizen universe almost 900 years in the future. The earth now has a singular global government that is referred to as the U.E.E. (United Earth Empire). The U.E.E. has discovered a few alien races (some friendly, and some hostile) and uncovered many planets and star systems. The story starts off in a ship hangar owned by Roarick Bruto Enterprises. Captain Theo “Dig” Dignitas has just arrived before he and his crew are about to depart for a mission. Surprisingly his old friend from his college days has been recently hired by Bruto Enterprises and was selected to join the Captain's crew.

House Rules

House Rules hits all things board games. Join the discussion as we talk about games in general and in particular, why we play them, our impressions of the latest and greatest, and the foibles unique to the hobby. We don't discuss the horrible unfun games (Monopoly, Risk), but instead explore the exciting and expanding world of designer games.

Club JDR (Archives)

Une initiative de plusieurs podcasteurs francophones a amené à la création de ce podcast. Ce « crossover » géant consiste en une série de scénarios de jeux de rôles, dans la joie, la bonne humeur, et les lancers de dés frénétiques.

RAGESTART Update | Daily Video Game Podcast

The world of video games is the biggest it's been, so there is a ton to cover! RAGESTART UPDATE, will keep you up to date on the worlds of Nintendo, Playstation & Xbox! Everyday, we'll give you the news you need to know on the games you love!

The Humble Mechanic

Take control of your automotive world. Join master certified technician Charles Sanville as he navigates all sides of the automotive industry. Interested in working on your own car? Wondering what tools you need to buy to fix cars? Thinking of being a mechanic? Or are you currently a mechanic looking to get better, you have found the right show.

Nights of the Shed Actual Play Podcast

An actual play podcast beamed to the World Wide Web from a remote shed, deep in the Tasmanian wilderness | Currently playing Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG Escape the Noose is now available as an adventure in PDF from at


A Sports-Talk Show Styled Podcast about the Competitive Pokemon League: Arena Revolution Championships (ARC).

Dogs Out

My dream is to learn about dogs, and share what I learn in hopes of educating others. I'll be launching a podcast & Youtube channel where I'll share what I learn in hopes of adding value to others. Mi sueño es aprender sobre perros y compartir lo que aprenda con la esperanza de educar a otros. Anunciaré mi podcast y canal de Youtube donde compartiré lo que aprendo. Mi esperanza es que pueda ser algo que ayude a enriquecer la vida de otras personas.

Discussing Who: Doctor Who

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. We discuss everything that was and everything that might be in the world of Doctor Who. It’s an adventure in time and space, and YOU’RE invited. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Lee Shackleford, and Clarence Brown.

TFGalaxy Radio

All Transformers, All The Time. We discuss any and all topics related to Transformers including Hasbro, Takara, Diaclone, 3rd Party and more. With a light dusting of fart jokes. Check out the Ark at &

Wize Talk

A podcast about freedom of speech, politics, news of today and life as we know it.

Detroit chess killers

Chess talk chess tournament competition prize funds best chess player in Michigan or the Midwest Become a supporter of this podcast:

My Quiet Apocalypse

An audio journal of actual play survival in the video game 'The Long Dark' produced by Hinterland Studios

Natural History Show

Sophie Fern and guests chat about our amazing natural history and local wonders


En podcast om spelkulturen, mediets upplevelser och branschen i helhet.

OOP: The (Poker) Zoo

Podcast on poker and the members and friends of The Back Room, the participant-driven poker study forum.

Frauds of Waterdeep

"Frauds sounds like Lords, amirite?" A 5th Edition Actual Play podcast set in a Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage-inspired Waterdeep. We don't follow the "plot" of those adventures that closely as the PCs take a liberal view to the word "heroism" and the concept "property ownership". Ask Ode about the time he only got a few silvers for some Noble's used socks...

Buzzin Cuzins

Taste testing new alcohol, relationship and/or life advice, gym motivation and workout plans, people doing stupid things and realizing why aliens wont visit Earth and the basic necessities in life.The boys have a couple of drinks and discuss all the most recent and up-to-date news worthy topics that even radio stations lag behind on or don't even bother with. A new episode every Monday (but sometimes Tuesday). Even when you think you're having a bad day, just remember: Its gonna be a good day...but you just have to get your s#!t together.

Game From The Gamers

Join this goofy, mostly sober cast of friends as they play Playstation 4 and discuss video games, anime, hip-hop, and everything nerd culture! This podcast is brought to you by the Kool-Nerd Productions.


Ein Podcast über Retro Themen z.B Serien, Filme,Videospiele,Musik und vieles mehr. YouTube: Facebook: Patreon:

The Cosmic Rogue Tribe Podcast

Travel the galaxy with your host Tone Supa, the Sci-Fi Swordsman, from the Rogue Planet Reviews Blog as he provides deep space reviews on the hottest Comic Books, Movies, Games and Sci-Fi properties in the industry!

Not Just a Game

The dynamic duo behind PAX East’s most popular talk about chickens ever brings you Not Just A Game! Dr Catherine Flick, a gamer and video games and social impact researcher, and Dr Tyr Fothergill, a paleopathologist and archaeogamer, talk about the video (and other) games they’ve been playing. Sometimes there are special guests!

All Range Mode

The Official All Range Mode Podcast