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Sensum X

Sensum X - is created, produced and published by Sensum Blu. Sensum Blu is is a place where you can explore yourself through sensual liberation. We promote open minded approach to life and we believe that sensual fulfilment is a key to your personal happiness. At Sensum Blu you will find a range of events and workshops, aimed at your personal awareness and development, that will help you reach your personal goals. Diversity is at the heart of our organisation, regardless of your background, orientation and race, you will welcomed and you can express yourself freely.

Manger Autrement

Un podcast qui vous permet de manger sans grossir et sans se priver, et d'éliminer les aliments qui font baisser votre forme. Pour plus d'informations allez voir le site du podcast :

Transformed Man Show

We're here to inspire, empower and facilitate men to be better, do better and feel better. This show is for men starting or continuing a journey to better health, fitness and well-being. Our mission is to create a global Transformed Man community, to impact the world through better men, transformed men.

Never Been Stronger

This Never Been Stronger Podcast.This podcast features guests that have shown Never Been Stronger lifestyle traits, not just physically, but in the mindset as well.

Your Friend Mike

1-Help People 2-Build long-term friendships 3-Always Improving 4-Have fun | Depression| Abuse |Suicide| Hardship| Childhood | Underdogs |Hardcore Self-Help

Beast Life 24/7

Building stronger men in a society of physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually weak.

Career Rejuvenation Advice

Executive Career Coach, Michele Brant, offers career stories and strategies to help you create a thriving career and meaningful life. Each episode begins with a short relaxation exercise and then Michele shares her best stories and strategies in four areas of career advice: Job Search, Career Change/Discovery, Career Advancement, and Work-Life Balance.

Mile High Muscle Radio

Mile High Muscle Radiois the original bodybuilding podcast from legendary bodybuilding establishmentArmbrust Pro Gymin Denver, CO. Hosted by namesakeDylan Armbrust, the podcast discusses the current shape and landscape of the bodybuilding industry, featuring a revolving cast of high-profile athletes, coaches, and big-name professionals within the sport. With regular insight from IFBB pros, top-tier NPC competitors, and other influential figures in the bodybuilding/fitness/supplementation/health industries, the podcast is sure to keep listeners on the pulse of bodybuilding.

Wrld Of Will

Blog-casting my way through college - aspiring lifter, runner, and stock trader. Professional Bro-Scientist.

Illuminate Brilliance

This podcast is dedicated to illuminating the brilliance within you, around you and in others. Together we will discover the magic of the gifts within you and empower you to live life with purpose, passion, & bliss, as you allow your true self to shine wild and free. ]As you do this you empower others to do the same. You have light within you that will heal, love, and create change that makes a difference in the world and the lives of the people in it. This world needs you. It is time to step into our brilliance and illuminate the magic in each other, by celebrating all that we have to give.


Sadecast talks about herbs, remedies and intentions for wellness.

Saved And Single Podcast

Saved and Single explores the current state of mind concerning your relationship with Christ and your hearts desires. Are your hearts desires God given, or are they flesh driven. When we obtain a tight knit relationship with Christ he establishes our thoughts and His desires for us become our desires, and through fulfilling God's desires for our lives we enter into the will of God and begin to know His purpose and plan for our lives. Join us on the journey to know God personally and become what He has called you to be.

Divine Clearing

Working with a spiritual leader led to India requesting me to work with its children, and I found myself based in a rural village as the resident healer, despite my differences, as a woman and a non-native. My methodology has been directed to be called Divine Clearing back in 1981, and has grown around the world since then! this as my calling and my path, and I am here to help you find yours. I score “Healer Idealist” when i take the Kiersey Temperment Sorter

Woke Wellness

The fitness podcast for EverBody by Izzy Nkiessu-Guifo and Friends. Isabel Nkiessu-Guifo

Wisconsin Notes Podcast

Simply put, our goal is to tell stories. There will be 5 minute short stories, formal interviews, and wild, off the cuff insane conversations. We have met some incredible people over the years and would love for you to know them too.

Threshold Radio

The Threshold Radio Podcast: discussions at the intersection of strength, conditioning, mobility, mindfulness and meeting the challenge of exploding perceived limits in the gym and life.

My Refreshed Soul

I am a wife, mother of three, and blogger. Also a flawed Christian who is finding her way back to health through prayer, new food experiences, and exercise. Hope you will stay connected and join the journey!

Practical Fitness - Atlantic Radio Ireland

Interviews with local fitness experts for Atlantic Radio Ireland Community Radio in West Cork, Ireland -

crossfit irvine

One of Orange County's oldest CrossFit affiliates. Join us weekly on Friday as we talk all things gym life.

The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Podcast

MBC Productions,, presents a program to teach you Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from nuts to bolts.

Picton's Podcast

A podcast of weird and wonderful topics by maverick Psychiatrist Tom Picton. Check out my blog Astral Projects at and look for my books on Amazon and Audible. I have run out of room here so look out for Picton's Podcast 2 on iTunes for the latest!


Everyday life topics discussed with a little twist 👌🏽

CrossFit Kindred

Relevant information on health, fitness and events for CF kindred members and our local community



Andrea Motivates

Welcome to Andrea Motivates Podcast Show😃 Positive Vibes Creates A Positive Life. Become a supporter of this podcast: