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Ju dans un mess : le advice podcast acadien

Ju dans un mess est le advice podcast Acadien. Fondé par Mélissa Cormier, Jean-Sébastien Levesque et Martin Saulnier, ce podcast offre aux auditeurs des conseils face à de situations qui se présentent au travail, dans une relation, avec la famille, la sexualité, la santé, les finances et bien plus. Aucunement formés en psychologie, ces trois amis et collègues s’auto proclament qualifiés pour éclairer les situations les plus loufoques et complexes.

Retrain your thoughts

Retrain your thoughts is a collection of recordings focused on stimulating you to live from the heart and find happiness in each moment.

Habits Into Health with Michael Anne Conley

Are you trying to BREAK your BAD habits? If that's true, guess what: It's one of three common mistakes you’re probably making and it will backfire more often than it will help! All habits, good-bad-indifferent, serve a function. They don't want to be broken, they want to be healed! Habits Into Health programs, including this free podcast, offer a more kind and loving way to stop feeling held back and start replacing your stuck patterns with supportive habits to move your life in the direction you want to go!

Training and Chill

The best information on health, fitness and inspiration to become the best you can be.


BullyAware helps children who are being bullied. We teach parents, teachers and children how theycan deal with bullying and create a positive environment and wellbeing at home or in theclassroom. How they can turn bullying around and get their self esteem back and create happinessagain. The BullyAware Podcast raises BullyAwareness and interviews people who have dealt with bullying before, either personally or professionally. The host of the BullyAware Podcast is Titia, is a certified Mediatior and Parental Coach, with over 20 years of experience in working in the field of social services, mediation and conflict resolving. She is a mother of six children and the founder of BullyAware.

As Always, You've Got This.

On this show we will talk about how we navigate through the seasons of our lives and how to have fun and find joy in the whole journey! As always, You've got this.

Mi despertar espiritual

Compartir mi modo de vida me hace crecer y relajarme y, es por eso la existencia de este Podcast. Trato temas personales, espirituales y sobre minimalismo que hacen que mi estilo de vida sea más saludable y en definitiva, que hacen que viva más feliz y rodeado de buena energía. Buscamos la paz interior y reflexionamos, ¿Te apuntas? 🌿

Five Minute WeightCast: | Weight Loss | Wellness | Brian Morris, M.D.

This is the podcast taught by Dr. Brian Morris, author of the national bestseller "The Wellness Code: The Evidence-Based Prescription for Weight Loss, Longevity, Health, and Happiness", that discusses the tools and strategies important to reaching and maintaining an optimal weight for long-term success. Life has become very complicated with a seemingly endless amount of health information at our fingertips. How do you know what to believe and what not to believe? On this podcast, Dr. Morris sorts through the maze of information and distills it into easy to digest, time-tested, evidence-based practical habits which are each presented in about five minutes. Dr. Morris has been practicing internal medicine for more than 20 years, he went to Medical School at Johns Hopkins, trained at Yale, and previously held a teaching position at Harvard Medical School. He currently practices medicine and holds a teaching appointment at UCLA Medical School in Los Angeles where he teaches these habits to medical students, housestaff, doctors, and to his patients. Other podcasts that feature Dr. Morris include: "Five Minute Habits for Healthy Living", "Five Minute Pearls for Clinical Practice", and "Five Minute Music Reviews."

After Heart

Kami ingin membicarakan banyak hal yang terlewat; tentang hati dan isinya.

Buckle Down & Grind

Podcast by Buckle Down & Grind

Luxxamed GmbH

Kybernetische Schmerztherapie mit den Luxxamedgeräten. Wir sind Entwickler und Hersteller der Luxxamed Schmerztherapiegeräte. Sie finden alle Informationen unter

Sorted Soul Tarot Podcast

Welcome to Sorted Soul Tarot Podcast. Let's talk Tarot. Want to co-host an eposide? Let me know! find me at and

Edge Fitness and Combat Arts

Our goal is to empower our listeners to live healthy, secure and confident lives. We do this through fitness and martial arts training and education.

Medical Standard Time (deutsch) (M4A Feed)

Wie ist die Rechtslage in Europa um Medizinprodukte in Verkehr zu bringen? Was ist ein Medizinprodukt? Ist mein Produkt ein Medizinprodukt? Welche Bedeutung haben Normen und müssen sich Hersteller zwingend daran halten? Alle diese Fragen und noch mehr wird in diesem Podcast erklärt.


Welcome to the NICK III podcast, where amazing things happen.

Wominess Podcast - für leise & sensible Frauen

Entdecke deine Gaben und gehe gefühlvoll durch die Welt. Hier bist du einfach du! Hier hast du deinen Ort gefunden an dem du als leise, introvertierte oder hochsensible Frau voll angenommen wirst. Ich bin übrigens Verena. Deine leise Gefährtin hier im wominess Podcast. Wunderschöne Blogbeiträge, eine Insider Community und die Möglichkeit mit mir 1:1 zusammenzuarbeiten findest du auf Dem Blog zum Podcast.

Mindfulness Moments

Bite size chucks of how to be more mindful and self aware so you can accomplish more goals with less resistance. Become a supporter of this podcast:


This podcast is about surviving and thriving in today's modern workplace. Each episode offers a collection of techniques and skills to help you become more productive, take control over your present and future, and enjoy a balanced fulfilling life. Topics include time management, organization, career independence, health, influence, and achievement. Written and hosted by Steve Prentice, a specialist in organizational psychology, author, speaker and professional project manager. Steve has written books on time management, stress management and career management, and is a frequent media guest. These podcasts will share the most popular topics that his audiences have asked for.

Worthy Worth It and Priceless

Welcome to Worthy Worth It and Priceless! Worthy Worth It & Priceless comes from our owner Tammy Simmons. It was her hope to spread the message of self- worth and encouragement through her life. She allows every aspect of her life to be an inspiration to others.

Asesoría para pacientes con enfermedades hepáticas

Las enfermedades hepáticas son complicadas y generan mucha incertidumbre entre los pacientes, por lo que en este podcast se busca responder las preguntas que tienen los pacientes con enfermedades hepáticas, con información ética y basada en el conocimiento científico. Inscribite al grupo en Facebook Sigue los vídeos en Youtube

Sami Health Revolution Podcast

Sami-Aid takes a novel approach to healthcare. We aim to be the "one stop shop" for all the healthcare needs of everyday Americans. Our core values are transparency, affordability, accountability, and advocacy.

Period Dialogues

Menstruation talks

Sensum X

Sensum X - is created, produced and published by Sensum Blu. Sensum Blu is is a place where you can explore yourself through sensual liberation. We promote open minded approach to life and we believe that sensual fulfilment is a key to your personal happiness. At Sensum Blu you will find a range of events and workshops, aimed at your personal awareness and development, that will help you reach your personal goals. Diversity is at the heart of our organisation, regardless of your background, orientation and race, you will welcomed and you can express yourself freely.

Manger Autrement

Un podcast qui vous permet de manger sans grossir et sans se priver, et d'éliminer les aliments qui font baisser votre forme. Pour plus d'informations allez voir le site du podcast :

Transformed Man Show

We're here to inspire, empower and facilitate men to be better, do better and feel better. This show is for men starting or continuing a journey to better health, fitness and well-being. Our mission is to create a global Transformed Man community, to impact the world through better men, transformed men.