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El viernes día 5 se celebró en Vigo la XV edición de Ponte... nas ondas! con escolares de los dos lados del Miño. El acto se celebró en la Facultad de Económicas y en el museo Verbum de Vigo y en el los estudiantes de uno y otro lado del Miño pudieron participar y disfrutar en directo de algunos de los Tesoros Vivos del Patrimonio Inmaterial Gallego Portugués.
In recognition of Women's History Month, the Academy of Achievement presents a selection of extraordinary women who have defied expectations, broken boundaries, and made history around the world. They include courageous political leaders and human rights activists, recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, award-winning actresses, musicians, screenwriters and film directors, as well as outstanding athletes, educators, journalists, explorers, physicians, philanthropists, broadcasters and entrepreneurs. Their words and their example are an inspiration to us all. Note: A subset of these tracks is available in SD and HD video. Select SD or HD from the menu on the left to visit the other formats.
A series of podcasts by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) at QUT, including recent research, practitioner-oriented seminars, spotlight interviews and conference keynote sessions.
Complexity embodies some of the hardest, most fundamental and most challenging open problems in academia. In that sense it is truly “big science”. It also lies at the root of the most burning issues that confront us every day, such as climate, hunger, sustainability, energy, urbanization, water, health, security, innovation, and the impact of technology. In that sense complexity is what we have created, what we are, and what we do. The most compelling challenge for the world community is to find ways to “deal” with that complexity and exercise some element of control over our future. Complexity as “big science” is key to meeting this challenge. A Crude Look at the Whole is about complexity in all senses of the word. Our world can be seen as a huge complex system consisting of an enormous number of interacting natural, social and artificial complex systems. We cannot successfully analyse this system “by determining in advance a set of properties or aspects that are studied separately and then recombining those partial approaches in an attempt to form a picture of the whole. Instead, it is necessary to look at the whole system, even if it means taking a crude look, and then allowing possible simplifications to emerge from the work”. The above quote is taken from Murray Gell-Mann, who received the 1969 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work on the theory of elementary particles, and who will be the first speaker at this conference. The conference will have twelve unique speakers. All are leaders in their field and will give meaning to complexity from the perspective of their interests and background. Together they cover a broad spectrum of areas, from the evolution of culture, to the evolution of collaboration, signals and boundaries, innovaton (in biology), biofilms, climate change and Chinese dynasties, and Dao. To hear them share their insights in complexity and partake in their discussions will be a great experience for all participants to the conference. The setting of the conference is informal. After each of the talks there will be ample time for the audience and the speakers to discuss and meet. This is the second conference in what will become an annual NTU event, in which some of the best scientists in the area of complexity will share their views with you. We warmly invite you to actively take part in it.
Die Universitätsbibliothek (UB) verfügt über ein umfangreiches Archiv an elektronischen Medien, das von Volltextsammlungen über Zeitungsarchive, Wörterbücher und Enzyklopädien bis hin zu ausführlichen Bibliographien und mehr als 1000 Datenbanken reicht. Auf iTunes U stellt die UB unter anderem eine Auswahl an elektronischen Publikationen der Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler an der LMU bereit. (Dies ist der 2. von 2 Teilen der Sammlung 'Katholische Theologie - Open Access LMU'.)
Programme de rencontres avec les hommes et les femmes qui font la science à l’UPMC
The law and aspects of the legal system have a massive impact on the lives of social workers, from defining policy and procedure to the actual process of day-to-day working. This album presents an encompassing and engrossing look at the interaction between legal and social teams, and how different professions and groups interact to ensure equality and representation for all members of society. Not only do these discussions offer an insight into the justification and implementation of policy, they also provide illumination onto the realities and experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people. This material forms part of The Open University course K269 Social care, social work and the law (England and Wales).
Medical Doctors
Giovedì 6 Luglio 2006. Organizzato da Facoltà di Medicina. Coordinatori: Prof. Aldo Tomasi, Prof. Leonardo Fabbri [File video in formato MP4]
Swinburne's educational mission is to provide transformational learning and teaching. Engagement in education is a transforming process for both the learner and teacher. It has the potential to transform the learner, changing self-image, enlarging aspirations, developing confidence and self-efficacy and encouraging a new world view.
What does the world look like to a person with a visual impairment? How does restricted vision impact on everyday life? How can you offer assistance without taking control? The video tracks on this album simulate what the world looks like to people with a range of visual impairments, and show good practice when acting as a sighted guide. The audio tracks offer personal perspectives from two people living with severe visual impairment. This material forms part of The Open University's Pre-registration nursing programme.
Il Seminario ANEMOS svolto presso l'Aula n.8 dell'Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, viale Allegri 9, Reggio Emilia (ex Caserma Zucchi) [File video in formato MP4]
Objetos de aprendizaje públicos de la colección de la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alcoi
RMIT University delivers courses in a range of health and medical disciplines, including: Cell Biology and Anatomy Chinese Medicine Chiropractic Disability Studies Exercise Sciences Laboratory Medicine Medical Radiations Nursing and Midwifery Osteopathy Pharmaceutical Sciences Psychology Wellness
AlmaOrienta e AlmaDiploma. Primi risultati del progetto realizzato dall’Universita' degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, dal Consorzio AlmaLaurea e dalla Amministrazione Provinciale di Modena in collaborazione con le Scuole superiori di secondo grado. [File video in formato MP4]

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