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Ponte...nas ondas! 2008

O pasado venres día 6 celebrouse en Vigo a XIV edición de Ponte... nas ondas! con escolares dos dous lados do Miño. Un ano máis, Ponte nas Ondas celebrouse con grande éxito e numerosos apoios. Na XIV edición que tivo lugar o venres día 6 na Facultade de Telecomunicacións e no museo Verbum de Vigo, estudantes dun e outro lado do Miño realizaron a que é a festa do Patrimonio Inmaterial Galego Portugués. As novidades coas que contou nesta edición Ponte nas Ondas, foron a emisión televisiva en directo a través da internet contando coa colaboración UVigo-TV, así como a incorporación de escolares de Brasil, Arxentina, Chile, Colombia e Cuba. Alén diso, contan coas axudas do ProxectoTerra e das Universidades galegas.

Australian Centre for Health Law Research

A series of video seminars by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research discussing innovative research into current and emerging health law issues in Australia and globally.

Xornadas de Seguimento de Ciencias da Terra

Xornadas celebradas na Sala I do Edificio Miralles nas que numerosos investigadores de Ciencias da Terra expuxeron os proxectos nos que están traballando, como foron as fases que desenvolveron por o momento así como os resultados que obtiveron e as líneas futuras que poden tomar os seus proxectos.

Public Health

Podcasts about public health and welfare.

Health Sciences Lectures

Inaugural Professorial Lectures, public lectures, and events from the Division of Health Sciences.

Sciences Lectures

Inaugural Professorial Lectures, public lectures and events from the Division of Sciences.

Fakultät für Physik - Digitale Hochschulschriften der LMU - Teil 03/05

Die Universitätsbibliothek (UB) verfügt über ein umfangreiches Archiv an elektronischen Medien, das von Volltextsammlungen über Zeitungsarchive, Wörterbücher und Enzyklopädien bis hin zu ausführlichen Bibliographien und mehr als 1000 Datenbanken reicht. Auf iTunes U stellt die UB unter anderem eine Auswahl an Dissertationen der Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden an der LMU bereit. (Dies ist der 3. von 5 Teilen der Sammlung 'Fakultät für Physik - Digitale Hochschulschriften der LMU'.)

Plant Science

Plant Science focusses on the green, silent, and motionless life forms we take for granted. Plants are amazing organisms. Literally rooted in one spot, they are able to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions, while at the same time using only light, carbon dioxide and water to generate energy-rich sugars that drive and support the vast majority of life on the surface of our planet.

Astronomy - for iPod/iPhone

Thanks to cutting-edge radio and infra-red astronomy, our understanding of the universe is moving very fast. Ideas about black holes and cosmic jets are constantly being refined as new discoveries are made using new, more powerful telescopes. This album explores the incredible discoveries and theories developed in recent years and introduces the astronomical observatories, space missions and satellites that have made it possible. The 12 video tracks reveal that our sun, though essential for our existence, is an unremarkable member of the stellar menagerie. They describe how astronomers study the structure and dynamics of our galaxy, the Milky Way and they introduce the challenges inherent in mapping the geometry and expansion of the universe. This material forms part of the course S282 Astronomy.

Charles Darwin's Library: Selections

Darwin's Library is a special digital reconstruction of the working library of Charles Darwin, drawn from Darwin's own copies held at Cambridge University Library. Our iTunes U selection includes some of the most significant and highly annotated books on Darwin's shelves, all digitized from the originals at Cambridge. The Darwin's Library project was funded by the JISC and the National Endowment for the Humanities, worked on in collaboration with the Darwin Manuscripts Project at the American Museum of Natural History, and undertaken with the permission of the Darwin estate. The materials made available through iTunes U are available for non-commercial use.

Mostra de Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Galego-Portugués

Mostra de Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Galego-Portugués Lugar: Praza da Ferrería - Pontevedra Do 7 ao 11 de novembro, a Praza da Ferrería acolleu obradoiros, exposicións, debates, degustacións gastronómicas e espectáculos musicais na primeira Mostra de Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Galego-Portugués. Estas actividades que o Proxecto Ronsel, baixo a coordinacion da Universidade de Vigo, organiza para salvagardar o patrimonio cultural inmaterial de Galicia e o norte de Portugal.

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

A series of podcasts by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) at QUT, including recent research, practitioner-oriented seminars, spotlight interviews and conference keynote sessions.

Black History Month (Audio)

In celebration of Black History Month, the Academy of Achievement presents a host of outstanding African American leaders in the arts, sciences, business, sports and public service. Among the most honored and admired men and women of our times, they include heroes of the Civil Rights movement, trailblazing athletes, brilliant musicians, a pioneering neurosurgeon, a Secretary of State, Pulitzer Prize playwrights, a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and a President of the United States. Their words, their music and their stories will enlighten and inspire you to realize the potential that lies within us all. Note: A subset of these tracks is available in SD and HD video. Select SD or HD from the menu on the left to visit the other formats.

Health Sciences Lectures

Inaugural Professorial Lectures, public lectures, and events from the Division of Health Sciences.


ITビジネスには、経営における、あらゆる題材が含まれるため、ITビジネス論Aでは機能別の視点、ITビジネス論Bでは業界別の視点をそれぞれ取り入れて、分類の大枠とする。 ・CRM(Customers Relationship Management) ・SCM(Supply Chain Management) ・ナレッジ・マネジメント、その他

Authors and Poets

For 50 years, the Academy of Achievement has invited the world's pre-eminent authors to address its annual Summit. Novelists and playwrights, journalists and historians, critics and humorists, poets and songwriters, essayists and philosophers, all have shared their wisdom with the Academy's honorees and student delegates. Now you can see and hear these presentations, recorded live at the International Achievement Summit. In poetry and prose, these men and women explore the world of nature and the drama of the human condition. Some are creators of fantasy, others are chroniclers of fact; some evoke the nuances of personal experience, others explain the mysteries of the cosmos. Hear their personal accounts of the passions that first inspired them, and the dedication that sustained them as they patiently mastered their art.

Orientamento Area Umanistica

Video interviste per l'orientamento univeristario dell'area umanistica.

United States Studies at the School of Advanced Study

Institute for the Study of the Americas, School of Advanced Study. A series of lectures on the history and politics of the United States.

Literature and the Environment, Fall 2008

What is ecology? What is nature? What is ecological literature? In this class Timothy Morton, professor of English and nature and culture, investigates these profound and very urgent questions. In Morton’s recent book Ecology without Nature, he argues that environmental art needs rethinking on a deep and massive scale. Literary studies needs to acknowledge the extent to which every work of art is environmental, in the same way as every work of art is about gender, race, and class. This means that even texts that are not explicitly “about” the environment (animals, trees, mountains … etc.) have what Morton calls “environmentality.” Thus there are some texts that are environmental in form as well as in content. This class will challenge you to develop reading skills and philosophical depth to investigate one of the most important areas of literature and culture today.

Philosophical Problems

In this subject we examine some of the central problems that have captivated philosophers throughout millennia, as well as those that scientific advances and cultural changes have only recently brought to our attention. These might include: where did the universe come from? Might a machine think? Is time travel possible? Is it morally acceptable to eat meat, or to design children genetically? Does the world suggest the existence of a designer, a God? Students will focus on examining the merits of the various arguments on these issues, dealing with each philosophical problem for a week. Students will be introduced to most of the major philosophical areas, including epistemology (what can we know?), metaphysics (what is the nature of reality?), ethics, personal identity, and philosophy of mind.

Basics of Culinary

Let Master Chef Friedenreich teach you like a pro. In this program, Chef Friedenreich coverss all the basics of knife handling for the professional chef, beginning with the types & styles of knives, the honing process and the proper way to hold the knife.

Social care, social work and the law - Audio

The law and aspects of the legal system have a massive impact on the lives of social workers, from defining policy and procedure to the actual process of day-to-day working. This album presents an encompassing and engrossing look at the interaction between legal and social teams, and how different professions and groups interact to ensure equality and representation for all members of society. Not only do these discussions offer an insight into the justification and implementation of policy, they also provide illumination onto the realities and experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people. This material forms part of The Open University course K269 Social care, social work and the law (England and Wales).