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Every week the Austin Podcasters share their latest episodes. Check out what Austin has to offer in this weekly playlist. New episodes are refreshed in this list EVERY Friday.
  1. The apocalypse has shown Flan that he is not ready to be back out there as a single man. In this episode, he discusses his past dating confusion and his fears entering this new era. He also questions if women are really ready to deal with "men's" emotions. Intro: I Know Jay-Z Outro: Fuck All Night Jay-Z
  2. Joel and I talk about our "new normal", how daily lives have changed and how local folks are adapting.
  3. Detectives Howard Blank and Johnny Taco must save their friend and fellow GPI agent Miss Dollarnickel from evil Communists! Meanwhile, Miss Dollarnickel must solve the mystery of why the Soviet Union is recruiting American women.  Sound Effects by Soundly. 
  4. Listen in as Bell & Claw share their thoughts on makeup, photo editing, and plastic surgery. Journey with them as they talk about what makeup means to them, how it’s impacted their lives—for better and for worse—and end with a heated discussion on being “natural” versus being “plastic”.
  5. Kira Buckland is a voice actress for many popular anime and video game titles, perhaps best known for her portrayal of 2B in Nier: Automata. A handful of her notable anime roles include Reimi Sugimoto from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mary Saotome from Kakegurui, Umi Sonoda from Love Live, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld from The Asterisk War, and most recently, Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer. In video games she is well know in the fighting game scene for roles in Skullgirls, Street Fighter V, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and Soul Calibur VI.In this interview with Kira, we discuss a bit about her career, her hobbies and favorite media, and also talk about how the voice acting world has changed in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.Kira Buckland on Twitter:'s Print Shop: by Roberto De Sanctis:
  6. The nonprofit Beyond Benign specializes in developing and disseminating educational resources in green chemistry – like how to create bioplastics, or thinking about a full product life cycle – and two guests from Beyond Benign joined the podcast to talk about it. Janie Butler is the K-12 Program Manager for the organization, and Eric Nash is a high school teacher while working as Lead Teacher for Beyond Benign. Originally scheduled to present at the SXSW Edu 2020 Conference in Austin, Texas, they discussed how chemistry and design can be integrated into the K-12 classroom, why this is important, and more. They also brainstorm ways to teach green chemistry even amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Related to this episode: • Beyond Benign: • Jane Butler: • Eric Nash: • SXSW Edu planned program: • Lemelson MIT: • JV InvenTeams: • Beyond Benign YouTube channel: Subscribe and find more podcast information at: Support Pios Labs with regular donations on Patreon:, or send one-time contributions by buying us coffee: Thanks to our donors and listeners for making the show possible. The K12 Engineering Education Podcast is a production of Pios Labs:
  7. In the first of a 3-part bonus episode, Erica is joined by Jenni Kaye from The Hyperreal Film Club, returning guest and writer/director of Mercy Black and Bloodfest Owen Egerton, programmer and host of Austin Film Society's Lates series Jazmyne Moreno, and Alamo Drafthouse Weird Wednesday host and programmer Laird Jimenez. Each guest is sharing what they have been watching during self-isolation as well as making some recommendation for movies which fit with our current times, both thematically as well as some pick-me-ups. Follow Hyperreal Film Club on Instagram and Facebook. Follow Owen on Twitter or Instagram @Owen_Egerton Follow Jazmyne ( and keep up to date with the latest programming at AFS (  Also check out some of Jazmyne's recommended movies on Follow Laird on Instagram @weegee2000 or Twitter @pobrecito Keep up with Weird Wednesday shows at Drafthouse Cinephile on Facebook. Letterboxd Lists of all of the film recommendations from Parts 1-3: Follow this podcast on Twitter @CAWPodcast, Facebook or Instagram under CustomersAlsoWatched, Letterboxd under AlsoWatched, or email
  8. This week on We Watch Sports, Graham and Andy are back with a special episode where we review "The Boneyard Match" from Wrestlemania featuring The Undertaker vs AJ Styles. This "match" was something straight out of a poorly made horror movie, so of course we needed to watch it and let you know what to expect. We also received a letter from the victim of the vicious Sutherland Rock Chucker, and heard his words on the incident for the first time. We will find who hurt you Ben. You have our word. You can follow us at as well as @WeWatchSports on Twitter and @WeWatchSportsPodcast on Instagram.
  9. This week we're bringing our ranking of our Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks to a close with the last four spots on our lists! 0:00 - Introduction 8:38 - Mogan's #4 18:25 - Jerrett's #4 25:15 - Mogan's #3 & Jerrett's #2 38:21 - Jerrett's #3 46:12 - Mogan's #2 56:59 - Jerrett's #1 1:07:19 - Mogan's #1 LINKS: Subscribe: - YouTube - Podcast services: Join our Discord Support the show and get perks! Follow TCP on social media: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter Follow the hosts: - Jerrett - MoganSupport Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast
  10. This is a quick update to talk about how things will proceed with the podcast after adjusting to the pandemic. Upcoming guests: Becca Borrelli/Illustrator & Teacher Ron Berry & Anna Gallagher-Ross/Fusebox Festival Photographer Suzanne Koett Susannah Morgan/SKM Art Advising catch-update Intro music generously provided by Stan Killian Support this podcast.Support Austin Art TalkLinks:Eye Like Design - A Creative and Web Agency in Austin, TXScott David Gordon is creating Podcasts and Art! | PatreonAustin Art Talk - SupportBorrelli IllustrationsFusebox | fusebox-festivalSKM Art Advising Expertise, Guidance, AcquisitionSuzanne Koett
  11. We're conducting a brief survey of our listeners. Two lucky participants will be selected to receive a $30 Amazon gift card! Thanks in advance for being a thoughtful listener, go to the survey now. Laura Robson and Arie Dubnov join us to talk about the history of partition—separating territories and peoples to create new states—and why it matters in a global context. In the book which Laura and Arie co-edited, Partitions: A Transnational History of Twentieth-Century Territorial Separation, they and the many authors who contributed to the project have brought together three important cases of partition in the twentieth century: Ireland in the 1920s, Israel and Palestine in 1937 and 1947, and India and Pakistan in 1948. It’s a phenomenal project that highlights the intersection of geopolitical developments and allows us to tie together what are usually seen as national histories in a global sense. Read the introduction to Partitions: A Transnational History of Twentieth-Century Territorial SeparationPurchase Partitions on AmazonWatch a video of Laura Robson and Arie Dubnov speaking about their book at the University of Texas at Austin Laura Robson is a professor of history at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Her most recent book, States of Separation: Transfer, Partition, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, which appeared in 2017, explores the history of forced migration, population exchanges, and refugee resettlement in Iraq, Syria, and Palestine during the interwar period. Arie Dubnov holds the Max Ticktin Chair of Israel Studies at George Washington University. Arie’s a historian of twentieth-century Jewish and Israeli history, with emphasis on the history of political thought, the study of nationalism, and decolonization. Among his publications are an intellectual biography Isaiah Berlin: The Journey of a Jewish Liberal (2012) and the edited volume Zionism—A View from the Outside (2010 [in Hebrew]), which seeks to put Zionist history in a larger comparative trajectory. Support Jewish History Matters
  12. What a time to focus on GRATITUDE, huh? These weeks during the pandemic prove to be an excellent time to learn when we focus, so this week was really fun to develop new ways of finding gratitude. The podcast is in four segments, and here’s this week’s breakdown: 1: Rock Your Life with Amy: I found myself wondering about potential this week, and looking at how easy it is for me to see it in others and how hard it can be to see in myself. If we truly want to actualize our own power, how can we use gratitude to do this? I do something different in my gratitude practice to experiment with growing my power in the future, and future gratitude. 2: The Interview (12:30): Today we talk to Deanna Wheeler, Texas music artist and singer-songwriter. Deanna is a USAF veteran and a single mom to three kids, who was in an abusive relationship, faced and overcame paralysis with guillaume barre in 2018, and is honest and candid about her life and all she has been through. We talk about being un-grateful and how she hones in on gratitude in her daily life. “Whenever your soul is happy, it’s easier to heal.” Through her life and healing journey, she speaks about the integral need for patience as a part of gratitude, which I hadn’t really considered until now. “You can’t really have one without the other [patience and gratitude]. You have to have patience in understanding your past.” We talk about being patient with yourself in finding the gratitude while looking back, because it’s not always easy- in many ways. We talk too about what we are grateful for in this moment, and Deanna asks me about my own drive and where I find that. 3: Go Aff Yourself (29:40) with Jill Faulkner of This week we discuss gratitude practices and the challenges we all face right now, and we come up with this affirmation to help ourselves look for gratitude in every situation and to help us train ourselves to operate from this perspective more and more. This week’s Aff is: I am able to find gratitude when/where ever I look for it. 4: BYOBBB (45:16) Build Your Own Brand, Biz + Brain with Bijou Finney: Bijou had an accident this week and talks through how that has affected her gratitude, her job, and everything. We discuss the impact of focus each week and the positivity and effect that has on our mental states and practices. We get into how when it is the hardest is the best time to focus on something. We talked about the uncertainty of the future, and how living through this is making her ultra grateful and appreciative of even the hardest times at work— developing a practice of being grateful for things that she didn’t know to be grateful for in the past. The power that knowledge and behavior has on our immune system, and how she had to find ways to be kind to herself and her partner and the effect that it had on her physical and mental well-being and the return on investment. And I talk about the book “Turning Pro” and how I am finally ready to fully understand the concepts in it, and are we using “pro” attitudes in quarantine. Please rate, review, and subscribe! Go to for links and more, and to sign up for the newsletter!
  13. This week, we talk to USA Sprinter Bryce Robinson about pushing back Olympic dreams in the face of a pandemic. We discuss picking up track late, when he knew this would be a career, coming back from injury, the aura of Usain Bolt, and how to stay focused on Summer 2021.
  14. In this episode of Yes But Why, we talk to San Francisco-based performer, director and educator, Radhika Rao. Radhika Rao is an actor, improviser, storyteller, director, writer, and arts educator/consultant. She has performed theater in the United States and abroad. Radhika has an Ed.D from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and specializes in creating curriculum that integrates theater into diverse learning situations for various populations and organizations. She works as a communications coach with Life Theatre Services, Leela Improv, Peers & Players, University of San Francisco, and Stanford University. In our conversation, we talked about weaving theater into every part of our lives. Radhika talks about her theater experience she had in college in India – learning Shakespeare and classics as well as new playwrights. We discuss the ways in which Radhika has always been drawn to theater. Radhika is a ray of sunshine. She talks about the ups and downs of her path but she still appreciates the overall journey. Radhika shares her experience finding Buddhism and connects that to the strength that keeps her positive and moving forward. Radhika is excited about her upcoming projects. She teaches improv and she directs plays and one woman shows in the Bay Area. And recently, she acted in an episode of the Amazon series, “Hiraeth,” available now. Check out Radhika’s website to support her future performance and educational adventures!Yes But Why Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the FREE HC Universal Network app for Android and iDevices or visit us at and join the fun.This episode of Yes But Why podcast is sponsored by audible - get your FREE audiobook download and your 30 day free trial at
  15. Today Brian Platz joins us to discuss how Fluree is making blockchain technology accessible & scalable for everyday business.  Brian is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Fluree, PBC, a North Carolina-based Public Benefit Corporation focused on transforming data security, ownership, and access with a scalable blockchain data platform for Web3 applications.  Platz was an entrepreneur and executive throughout the early internet days and SaaS boom, having founded the popular A-list apart web development community, along with a host of successful SaaS companies.  Previous to establishing Fluree, Brian co-founded SilkRoad Technology which grew to over 2,000 customers and 500 employees in 12 global offices.   Links Website: Docs: Twitter: Linkedin: Blog:   Personal Links  Website: Twitter: Linkedin: *Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice. ~ Want to learn more about cryptocurrency? Check out our blog today! ~ Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Uptrennd today! ~ Enjoying our podcast? Please leave us a 5 star review here! ~ Stay up to date with the latest news in cryptocurrency by opting-in to our newsletter! You will receive daily emails (M-S) that are personalized and curated content specific to you and your interests, powered by artificial intelligence.  ~ We were featured as one of the Top 25 Cryptocurrency Podcasts and one of the 16 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2020. ~ Are you an accredited investor looking to invest in cryptocurrency? Check out Crescent City Capital. ~ Want to take educational courses on cryptocurrency & blockchain? Sign up for Blockchain Training Academy today! ~ Earn Interest. Receive Loans. Trade Crypto. Start Today! Learn more about how you can sign up for Blockfi  ~ Want to be on our show or know someone who should? Contact us today! ~ We hope you are enjoying our cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content! We greatly appreciate donations, which all go directly towards creating even better educational content. Thank you for your generosity! Buy us a coffee here :) BTC: 3BpSmgS8h1sNtbk6VMiVWxoftcwBxAfGxR  ETH: 0x743c0426CE838A659F56aFC4d3c10872d758EC79  LTC: MKCpf3qEVfT6yprhDhkJJcdNpqh5PZXSbx
  16. The world famous Rage Select Podcast is back with a vengeance and this week John and Jeff are talking about John's Animal Crossing adventures, Jeff's obsession with Beastars and YOUR QUESTIONS!!! MP3 here - RSS feed here - iTunes here - Email address for your questions: FOLLOW Matt on Twitter! - FOLLOW Brian Salisbury on Twitter! - FOLLOW John on Twitter - FOLLOW Grant on Twitter - FOLLOW Jeff on Twitter - LIKE Rage Select on Facebook - Listen to our podcast and if you enjoy it, SUBSCRIBE! Check out the full website at
  17. The story of us bouncing back from a personal setback, and running ahead to host our first ever virtual summit.
  18. TALES FROM THE LOOP TV SHOW REVIEW Amazon Prime takes you to the ’80s that never were with Tales From the Loop. Adapted from acclaimed sci-fi artist Simon Stålenhag’s art books and the equally acclaimed role-playing game set in the same universe, the show is set within a small Ohio town where life is centered… Read More »Screener Squad: Tales From the Loop
  19. Hi Boss!This is a GREAT Interview. With BAD ass Sophie Howard, she is a single mum (said in the New Zealand accent) that has created, bought and sold 7-figure Amazon businesses. In this interview, she shares the DETAILS of that business!Enjoy!Heather HavenwoodLike A Boss!Insights With Influencers!Helping You Rise To the Top!Heather Havenwoodmedia@sexybossinc.comHeatherHavenwood.comInfluencerTribe.comFollow Heather on: @HeatherHavenwoodAdmin@SexyBossInc.com the Boss of Your Business! Your Marketing! Your Message! Your Money! Your Mind!Want to interview or get in contact with Heather, contact:media@sexybossinc.comwww.callwithheather.comBECOME AN INFLUENCER IN YOUR INDUSTRY AND FIELD. GET MORE EXPOSURE, VISIBILITY AND, TRAFFIC BY BECOMING AN INFLUENCERwww.InfluencerTribe.comLAUNCH YOUR OUT MY UNIQUE SKINCARE LINEHeatherSkin.comSexy Boss Beauty!START BUILDING ONLINE COURSE / MEMBERSHIP TOOL TO GROW A YOUTUBE BUILDING YOUR HERD WITH BEST EMAIL YOUR LIVE STREAMS AND PODCASTS WITH ONE EBOOKS, CLOSED CAPTIONS FROM YOUR A 30 MINUTE PODCAST or LINKEDIN or YOUTUBE Channel Reviewwww.callwithheather.comMY GEAR TO SHOOT VIDEOS AND PODCASTING (Affiliate Links)Microphones for Video and Podcasting 🎤(Amazon) Rode Video Mic Pro Plus: Rode NTG : Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mics: Blue Yeti Blackout Edition: Gear 💡(Amazon) Aputure AL-M9: Neewer A full Video Shooting Kit:
  20. If you’ve ever wondered how book-launching strategies apply to your specific book, I’ve got two pieces of great news for you. First, back by popular demand, Book Launch Blueprint course is open for registration. We only offer this course once each year. You’ll receive video instruction, worksheets to help customize your strategy, and personal, specific feedback from James L. Rubart, your fellow classmates, and me. If you’re launching a book in the next year, be sure to register. Second, I recently coached an indie author through the process of mapping a plan for her upcoming book launch. We recorded our session, and it first aired her show, The Proffitt Podcast, with Krystal Proffitt. When I met Krystal at the Spark Christian Podcasting Conference, she had questions about the best way to launch her new book about podcasting, so we scheduled a coaching session. If a book launch is in your future, you can walk through the same steps to position yourself for a successful book launch. Though every author’s situation is different, the steps to launch are the same. As you listen or read along, consider how you can apply each step and principle to your book launch. START HERE: Determine your SMART Goal I always begin my coaching session with an assessment of the client’s current situation and where they are headed by helping them articulate their SMART goal.  SMART is an acronym that will help you articulate a Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, and Time-based goal. You’ll have a clear vision of where you’re headed, and your decision-making along the way will be simplified. Krystal’s SMART goal: Launch my self-published book about podcasting for podcasters by the end of 2020. Your Turn: Write a smart goal for your book launch plan. Where are you headed? For more guidance on articulating your SMART goal, listen to SMART Goals: The Key to Marketing Success. Step 1: Inventory Your Tangible Marketing Assets Marketing assets are the avenues available to you for spreading the word about your book.  Sometimes you have marketing assets at your disposal that you’re not aware of yet. Take an inventory of your current marketing assets. Consider which of the following you can count as assets. Email list: People you can email directly YouTube SubscribersPodcast Listeners: Number of downloads after 30 days.Social Media Followings: Engaged followers.Website: The asset that can generate other assets. BlogPreviously Published BooksCash: Only do what only you can do. Hire out the rest.SmartphoneReliable Laptop/Computer Most authors don’t have all of these, but most have a few. As Krystal and I talked, we compiled her list of tangible assets.  The following were her most valuable marketing assets: Email list: 1,000 subscribers Podcast Listeners: 300 downloads after 30 daysWebsite: She can collect email address by offering a reader magnet YouTube: 200 subscribersSocial Media Followings: 1,200 on Instagram (her largest platform) Krystal’s email list is her most valuable marketing asset. These people are interested in Krystal’s teaching and want to receive email and information from her. They’ve given her the key to their email inbox and granted her permission to send great content. The people who want to read your emails will be most likely to read and buy your book because they already know, like, and trust you. Your email list is the engine that will propel your book launch. For Krystal, I recommended that she spend the months prior to her book launch focused on growing her email list and increasing its value.  Perhaps you noticed that her number of social media followers is larger than her email list. I told her not to focus on her social media followers because, in terms of book sales, social media followers are not “equal” to your newsletter subscribers on your email list.  When I was the marketing director for a publishing company, we performed many experiments on various social media platforms, and we could not demonstrate that social media sold books at all. An Instagram following of 1,200 is worth one or two book-buyers because social media doesn’t drive book sales numbers.  It’s such an ephemeral place that it’s hard to take people from short, vapid conversations to ask them to buy your 300-page book.  You can use social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, to spread the word for free, but your reach is limited. A larger reach requires advertising dollars. In 2010 you could get free engagement, but that’s no longer the case. Your Turn: What is your most valuable marketing asset right now? How can you increase its value in the next six months? Step 2: Inventory your Non-Tangible Assets Non-tangible assets are opportunities or relationships that can’t be quantified but can still be helpful in launching a book. Your non-tangible Assets might include the following: Your HealthSpeaking OpportunitiesRelationships with Influencers: Podcasters, Authors, Pastors, Conference Directors, MOPS Coordinators, CEOsTime AvailabilityPosition of Influences: Do you leader a writer’s group? Are you a pastor? Do you teach on your topic? If you want to tell 100,000 people about your book, it could take a long time to build an email list of that size. But if you know ten people, such as podcasters, pastors, or bloggers who speak to 10,000 people regularly, you’ll be able to spread the word much more efficiently. But garnering those relationships takes sincerity, generosity, and time.  One of the best ways to foster relationships with podcast hosts is to be a guest on their show long before you launch your book. Listen to podcasts your potential readers listen to, determine what topics you can speak on that will help that audience, then in a spirit of generosity and helpfulness, pitch the podcast host with a topic their audience will love.  To learn the benefits of guesting and how to pitch, listen to our episode, How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest. Krystal has connected with other podcasters by speaking at a local podcaster’s group. She also attended the Spark Christian Podcasters Conference where she met many others. In her network, she estimated she has ten strong relationships with people who speak to large groups through podcasting on a regular basis.  This is valuable because Krystal won’t need to get past a gatekeeper in order to ask about guesting on their shows. She has a relationship, maybe even a friendship, with various hosts. Of course, this is no guarantee they’ll invite her to be a guest, but it’s a great place for her to start.  Krystal can pitch podcast hosts who have never heard of her, and they might interview her. But she’s more likely to be invited on a show where she already has a relationship or a history as a past guest.  She’s also been building her network of podcasting experts and people with businesses related to podcasting, marketing, or entrepreneurship. Not all of them have a social media platform, but they do have broad networks.  Before Krystal’s book launches, she’ll have 4-5 speaking opportunities locally, online, and in other cities. She will be a returning speaker at several of these events and a first-time speaker at others.  None of these opportunities can be quantified. We’re not certain about attendance numbers or how many books she’ll sell at the events. But each represents a chance to offer her experience and her book to groups of people who could benefit from it.  Your Turn: Answer the following questions: Who does your book help? Who speaks or leads the people your book helps? Where do your potential readers hang out online and in person? What podcasts do they listen to? What affinity groups do they belong to? What other ways could you get the word out about your book? At this point in my coaching sessions, I have a good idea of Krystal’s assets if she were to launch right now. Step 3: Build Upon Your Strongest Assets You want to start your book launch process long before the launch date, so you have time to build on your existing marketing assets.  I recommended that Krystal spend the next few months building her email list and expanding her podcast listener base.  These are the people who know her best. They’ve had her voice in their ear, and they recognize her writing style. Since her email list and podcast listeners will be the primary drivers of her launch, our strategy will be to increase the value of each by growing the size of each audience. How do you grow your email list? The best way to grow your email list is to offer various lead magnets—authors sometimes call them “reader magnets.”  Krystal was offering a lead magnet on her website that she promoted at the beginning of every podcast episode. Statistically speaking, some listeners had already downloaded it, and others had heard her pitch it many times, but they never downloaded it, and they’re never going to.  To entice the latter group to sign up for your email list, you need to give them something else to download that’s interesting to them. When you go fishing, you bring several types of bait because you need different bait to catch different fish. We’re trying to catch email subscribers with different kinds of lead magnets or reader magnets. If you want to grow your email list, you must offer something for free that will attract the right kind of readers. Since Krystal’s book is about how to podcast, she wants to reach current or future podcasters.  I asked Krystal a series of questions to help her discover what kind of new lead magnet she could offer. Some of her ideas included the following: Free chapter of her upcoming bookFree chapter on audioDownloadable resource titled “Top Ten Lessons I Learned in My First Year of Podcasting”Video teaching of “Top Ten Lessons I Learned in My First Year of Podcasting” While each idea had merit, each also presented a challenge. Free Chapter When authors brainstorm what they could offer for free to their readers, the first thing they think of is offering a free chapter. It’s already written, edited, and probably formatted. It would be relatively easy for the author to give away. However, readers don’t tend to value a free chapter of a book they’re already going to buy. What’s more, if they’re Kindle users, they can already get a free chapter through Kindle. Even on Amazon, a reader can preview a portion of your book through the “Look Inside” feature.  The same is true with the audio chapter but with an additional challenge. Not everyone values audio content.   So, while it’s easy for the author, it’s not perceived by the reader to be super valuable, and therefore it’s not likely to result in a lot of email sign-ups. PDF or Video teaching of “Top Ten Lessons I Learned in My First Year of Podcasting” Krystal could create a detailed document or video of all the things she’s learned in her first year of podcasting. She offers value for her readers, but the title doesn’t begin with her reader in mind.  Video content is preferred by many, but the problem remains. Krystal wants to help her listeners, but her title makes it sound like she wants to tell them about herself. In that format, with that title, there is no reason for a reader or listener to download her video or PDF. But Krystal has valuable information to offer.  I advised Krystal that the key to getting her listeners and readers to download her “Top Ten List” is to make the title more appealing.   How do I create a lead magnet readers want to download? To make it more appealing to her listeners, we had to focus on the transformation they’ll undergo when they learn those ten tips. Instead of saying “here are ten things I learned,” Krystal should say, “Ten Ways You Can Launch Your Podcast,” or “Ten Ways to Have Better Sounding Audio.” You must be specific about what the benefit is to your reader. Instead of talking about the features, talk about the benefits.  For example, if you’re selling a lawnmower, instead of talking about how many RPMs the motor is, you’d talk about the beautiful lawn your customer will have. Beyond the beautiful lawn, you’d talk about how envious their neighbors will be. To uncover the reader benefits of her ten tips, I asked her a series of questions. As you think about what value you can offer your future readers, answer the following questions: What is the benefit of your content? What is the transformation that this new lead magnet would help listeners experience?What kind of results will they get after reading or viewing it?Why are those results important? Krystal wanted to help new podcasters avoid the mistakes she made when she began. She wanted to help them get results faster than she did.  In that first year, Krystal learned that being consistent in producing content helped her avoid podcast-burnout. She created a plan she could stick with, and it helped her remain committed to creating regular episodes.  She wants to help other podcasters so they don’t feel overwhelmed and quit. Over the years, she’s seen many podcasters burn out because they’re stressed and can’t keep up with production.  Krystal’s answers to my questions revealed the true benefits to the reader and also provided the wording for an irresistible title. We came up with a couple of options. How to Burnout-Proof Your PodcastTen Ways to Burnout-Proof Your PodcastHow to Protect Your Podcasts from BurnoutTen Ways to Protect your Podcast from Burnout These titles focus on the benefit to the reader. They’re focused on the transformation. Krystal’s listeners want a burnout-proof podcast. They don’t want to give up on their podcast after ten episodes because they’re in it for the long haul.  To make it more specific, Krystal could add a subtitle that gives even more information about how it will transform them. A good subtitle might be, “Ten Mistakes Podcasters Make that Make Podcasting More Painful, Difficult, and Stressful.” That subtitle touches on the pain points of stress and difficulty that many content producers feel. Writers are wordsmiths, and once you have a word bank of the benefits and transformational verbiage, use your writing skills and creativity to make it clear, concise, and compelling.  Your Turn: Answer that series of questions to discover the benefit and transformation your reader will experience by downloading your lead magnet. Your answers might even lead you to a fantastic title as it did for Krystal. Then write five enticing titles for your new lead magnet. Krystal now has at least two types of “bait” to connect with podcasters who have different interests and needs in their podcasting journey.  On her website, in every podcast episode, and in all her conversations with podcasters, she can mention her new resource. When people hear the title, “How to Burnout-Proof Your Podcast,” they’ll think, “Hey, I don’t want to burn out. I need to know how to podcast for the long haul, and I need that resource!” And off they go to your website to sign up via email.  How do you grow your podcast listener base? The best way to grow your podcast listener base is to be a guest on other people’s podcasts. In the podcast world, it’s called “guesting.”  Each time you’re interviewed, a new host introduces you to a new group of listeners who can potentially be helped by your lead magnet and, eventually, your book. Email and podcast growth will be followed by an increase in your social media followers. Social media is a way to engage the fans you already have. It’s not a good way to gain new fans unless you do distasteful things that do not align with Krystal’s brand or yours. Social media is the cart, not the horse. Step 4: Establish a Budget for Your Time and Money. After we’ve determined your assets and developed a plan for building on them, the next step is to create a budget for your finances as well as your time. You need to know how much time and money you have to spend on your launch before you begin.  These budgets can be allotted for the month of launch or for the months prior.    How much time does it take to launch a book? Look at your schedule to see how many hours you have available to allocate to launch activities in the months prior to your launch.  We’re not deciding what those activities are yet because if you only have ten hours total to launch your book, you’re going to do different activities than if you have 40 hours to spend on launching your book. I think of it in terms of total blocks of time. When I budget my time, I plan to work on a project for one hour each week or five hours per week. Other people think of time in terms of their daily or weekly rhythm. Determine the number of hours you’re willing to allocate to your launch.  As Krystal reviewed her monthly schedule, she determined she had 5-7 hours to spend on launch activities each week during the month before launch. (Learn more about how to prepare for launch by listening to our episode on How to Create a Written Book Launch Plan.) The next month, during the primary launch window, she has 12 hours per week.  Krystal’s Time Budget Summary Before Launch: 20-28 hours per monthLaunch Month: 48 hours  Your Turn: How many hours can you devote to book launch activities during launch month and the two months prior? Be specific. Will you devote 8 hours on Tuesdays or two hours each day Monday through Friday? What will be most feasible for you? Pencil it into your calendar. How much money should I spend on a book launch? When people ask me, “How much money should I spend on a book launch?” I answer by asking, “How much money do you have to spend to launch this book?” Your budget is based on how much money you have.  When people put together their launch plan, they often make the mistake of going shopping before they determine their budget.  If you have a grocery budget to spend at Walmart grocery store, but you end up shopping at Whole Foods, after a few minutes, you’ve bought only half your groceries, but you’ve spent all your budget. You still need to buy the rest of your groceries, but you’re out of money. Either you’re out of luck, or it dictates like what kind of meal you can prepare. Maybe you bought a steak, but you have no budget left, so your meal is steak and water. It’s not a good meal. Your budget has to be an amount that you can afford to risk.  If this launch doesn’t work or if the money doesn’t come back, you don’t want to feel like you need to sell a kidney to cover the loss. Krystal felt comfortable spending $1,000, knowing that if it didn’t work, she could chalk it up to a lesson learned. If her book has good sales momentum after release, Krystal will have the option to spend more money advertising and promotion.  As an indie author, she can continue spending money on advertising because of what she’s earning from book sales.  With indie publishing, you earn higher royalties per copy sold. Traditionally published authors earn about one dollar per copy. Sometimes less. When you’re independently published, you’ll earn closer to $3.00 – $5.00 per copy, depending on how your book is priced.  Sometimes you’ll make as much as $10 per copy if you have a premium-priced book. When you’re earning that kind of money from selling your book, you have more to spend on customer acquisition, or in our case, reader acquisition. That’s how you’ll connect new readers with your book.  Your Turn: How much money are you willing and able to spend on your book launch? Step 5: Create a Timeline The best way to organize your launch activities is to build a three-month timeline of activities to prepare for the launch. You want everything ready for a big launch on the day it releases. Launches are so important because your goal is to hit a bestseller list. For indie authors, the goal is to hit the Amazon bestseller list.  The USA Today or New York Times bestseller lists are unlikely since you’re independently published. They have some biases and don’t like indie authors. But you could become a category bestseller on Amazon.  For Krystal, that’s a feasible goal because there aren’t a lot of new podcasting books coming out. She could shoot for their “Number One New Release” banner because that will bring additional readers who previously didn’t know about her or her book. The “Number One New Release” banner makes new readers interested. 1. Schedule podcast pitches. After you set up your new reader magnet, the first thing you schedule in your timeline is pitching podcasts. You’ll want to mention your reader magnet on those podcast episodes as it comes up in your conversation with the host. This might mean you need to establish a six-month timeline so you have time to develop your assets before you start pitching podcasts. In the first three months of a six-month timeline, you’ll grow and develop the assets you already have. As you get closer to launch day, you’ll move away from platform-building and move toward promotion.  After that, start pitching podcasts for three to four months before your book comes out. You need to pitch early because podcasts often record episodes long before they’re released. It takes time. You email a host. They send you a Calendly link with a date that’s two weeks from now.You record the episode.It takes several weeks to edit and schedule. They may have already announced the next four weeks of episodes in their queue. Pitching a podcast might be a two-month process from start to finish, so you need that lead time before your launch date to build anticipation for the book. It’s okay if those episodes air before your book launches, especially if you’re asking for preorders. Should I offer pre-orders on my book? There is some debate as to whether pre-ordering is a good idea or not. The advantage of pre-orders is that they allow you to build anticipation on podcast interviews and other media where you can’t necessarily control the release date. The downside is that pre-order sales dilute your launch-day sales numbers because, at least on Amazon, the sale is counted on the day the book is made. On the other hand, on platforms like iBooks, you get to count preorders twice—once when they’re ordered and again on launch day. Preorders are added together on launch day. If you’re going wide and you’re on iBook, then encouraging people to preorder is a better strategy. Even if your books are not available to purchase when the podcast airs, you can still promote your reader magnet and send people to your website to get them on your email list. In some ways, having them on your email list is better than having them buy your book. Once they’re on your list, you can tell them about other books that come out in the future. Remember, your email list is your engine. 2. Schedule book promotion into your marketing assets.  I recommended that Krystal find ways to naturally talk about her book in her email newsletter and in her podcast. We don’t want every episode to be a promotion for your book because that gets irritating. Podcast listeners want to feel like they’re getting value from you. But you also want to talk about your book ahead of time because people don’t always listen to podcasts on the day it comes out. When they go on vacation, they’ll binge and catch up. 3. Schedule a promotional window for a bonus bundle. Many authors have benefited from creating a reward or bonus bundle for people who buy their book in the first two-week window.  A bonus bundle is usually a digital “package” filled with downloadable items your readers will love. Your readers must believe the value of your bonus is great enough to warrant their immediate action of buying your book. Listeners of Novel Marketing know why the bonus bundle is so magical.  It creates urgency for people to act now. It creates scarcity because the bundle goes away after a certain amount of time. It also potentially triggers social proof, especially if you limit the bundle. But creating urgency is your priority. People can always put off buying your book later, but you want them to buy during the first week or two so you can hit those bestseller lists. What kind of bonuses can I offer for a book launch?  Be creative as you brainstorm possible bonus bundle ideas. Here are a couple of ideas authors have used. Collaborative Bonus Bundle Since Krystal had a relationship with other influencers in her field, I recommended she contact them to ask if they would contribute to her bonus bundle. When you’ve assembled your own digital bonus bundle, ask your 10-15 influencers, as well as the organizations you listed, if they’d be willing to contribute to your bundle.  It can’t be their lead magnets that people already get for free on their websites. It must be something valuable. Then your bonus bundle includes valuable resources from you and from other influencers in your industry.  It’s a win-win for you and your collaborators. You’ll be able to connect with their audiences, and they’ll be able to help yours. Personal Bonus Webinar You can put together a special bundle that includes a Q&A webinar with you. The only way people can attend is to send you their receipt for purchasing the book. Their ticket is their receipt. The webinar must be something special to create that urgency. Both strategies will move people to buy your book within a certain window and potentially put your book on Amazon’s category bestseller list. Additionally, you can simply ask people to order your book on release day. Remind them they’ve been getting your podcast or your resources for free all these years, and then you can ask, “Would you help me hit the Amazon bestseller list and become a Number One New Release by buying my book on the date it comes out?” Your core fans will be happy to help you out. Step 6: Create an Editorial Calendar As you get closer to launch, you’ll start hearing back from some of those podcasts you pitched, so you’ll want to create an editorial calendar.  Your editorial calendar will include your podcast bookings and the emails you plan to send to your fans. I recommended that Krystal plan a sequence of emails leading up to launch day to provide a countdown. These emails increase anticipation and act as a reminder to readers to buy the book. You want to have an email saying, “The book comes out in two weeks.” The next week you’ll say, “The book is coming out in one week,” and so forth. Eventually, you’ll email to say, “The book releases tomorrow!” and then, “It’s here today!” This is a situation where you can break your rule of email frequency. People won’t mind, especially if you have an excellent launch bundle, and you’re asking them to help you hit a bestseller list. They know that increased frequency is not the new norm. They realize it’s a special event, and they will give you a pass. Often, the primary reason people are on an author’s list is to get emails announcing new books. The day after your book releases, you can email again to celebrate hitting Amazon’s bestseller list or being the Number One New Release. You’ll want to thank your readers and listeners for putting your book on the list. For those who haven’t had a chance to order yet, you will provide the purchase links again.  In that email, remind them of your bonus bundle for anyone who orders in the first two weeks. Everything culminates in this one email. Besides the series of emails, your editorial calendar will also include podcast interviews coming up after the launch date. If you have good relationships with podcasters, you can request that those interviews land during the launch week.  Even if you don’t know the host beforehand, it’s worth the ask. They may be willing to help you out by scheduling it on a date that correlates with your launch. Part of the deal with podcast guesting is that you agree to promote their podcast to your audience. Since they’ll be talking about your book, it’s a great opportunity to email your readers and link to the podcasts where you’ve been interviewed. That way, your podcast listeners will be happy, the other podcast hosts will be happy, and the people getting your emails will be happy. Since Krystal writes and podcasts to podcasters, she is going to ask her email list about guesting on their podcasts. Podcasters from her email list may want to invite her on their show. Even if you don’t write to podcasters, you can still ask your email list if they know of opportunities for you to share your book and message. It may lead to a podcast, speaking engagement, webinar, or blog tour. You might be surprised about who’s on your list.  Your Turn: Make a list of podcasts you want to pitch. Create a spreadsheet or system to track which podcasts you have contacted, which have responded, when you’ll record, and when they will air. (Don’t have a system? Take my course, The Book Launch Blueprint, and you’ll get two different system templates for tracking.) Step 6: Allow Influencers to Request a Free Copy of the Book Create a form on your website where influencers can request a free copy of the book. On that form, you’ll ask how they’re influential and how they can promote your book. If a podcast conference director in Toledo is speaking to 50 podcasters, Krystal wants to provide her with a free book!  Now, if someone wants a free book because they have 250 Facebook friends, she’s not going to send a free book, because it’s not for just anyone. But, as an indie author, it’s entirely up to you to decide who gets a free book.  In the publishing world, these are called “advanced reader copies.” You’ll preprint copies of the physical book so you can mail them to influencers, podcasts hosts, and even launch team members before the release date.   How many advanced reader copies do I need to print in advance? This is where we’re going to look at that budget because this will be your expense. Typically, you’ll need somewhere between 15 and 100 advanced reader copies. Step 7: Assemble a Launch Team You want to have at least 20 or 30 of your most passionate fans on your launch team. But they must understand that they’re not getting a free book as a reward for being in the launch team. They’re getting access to you and all the fun, but they must buy a book and leave a review. Buying a book is the only way for their review to appear as a “verified purchase” on Amazon. It’s like a BOGO sale. They buy one book and get a second from you for free, but their job is to leave a review on Amazon. If they can’t commit to leaving a verified review on Amazon, then they can’t be on your launch team. That’s the deal. Customers and readers are nervous about buying a book with no reviews. If your launch team leaves reviews as soon as the book releases, those reviews will serve as social proof for future readers and customers browsing Amazon. We talk a lot about how to put together a launch team in my course, The Five Year Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author, but the main goal of having a launch team is to get lots of verified reviews on the day it releases. Proceed through these steps, giving thoughtful consideration to each, and you will build a solid launching pad for your book to soar on the day it releases.  If you want more coaching for your upcoming book launch, register for our course, The Book Launch Blueprint, or join a Novel Marketing Mastermind group. Sponsor: Our sponsor today is The Launch Your Book Blueprint. You can take all my courses at any time except for this one. It is special because we all go through it together day by day. This small group of students will be coached by James L. Rubart and me. We will help you create your own custom book launch plan for your book. If you want to learn how to put together a book launch plan that will help you hit the top of the charts, this is the course for you. Patrons who purchase The Launch Your Book Blueprint also get a free copy of my course, How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest. If a patron already owns the course on guesting, they’ll receive a discount on The Book Launch Blueprint equal to the purchase price of the course on guesting. Featured Patron CLR Peterson author of Lucia’s Renaissance.  Heresy is fatal in late Renaissance Italy, so only a suicidal zealot would so much as whisper the name Martin Luther. But after Luther’s ideas ignite the young girl’s faith, she must choose, abandon her beliefs or risk her life in the turbulent world of 16th century Italy. You can become a Novel Marketing Patron here. If you can’t afford to become a patron, but you still want to help the show, you can share a link to this episode with someone you think would find it helpful. The post How to Launch a Book: A Coaching Session With Krystal Proffitt appeared first on Author Media.
  21. Monique Karabach is a successful food blogger (at ATX Eats & Treats) and personal chef whose background as a first generation American with an autoimmune diagnosis has informed her love of food, both healthy and indulgent, varied and delicious. At ATX Eats & Treats, Monique shares her original recipes, reviews of restaurants around Austin, as well as posts about travel and wellness.    We talked about Monique’s childhood in the Dallas area, how she began her career as a food blogger and personal chef, and her favorite spots in Austin to find delicious gluten free food.    This episode is sponsored by Getaway. Save $15 off an escape to nature with code THISISAUSTIN15 at     AUSTIN PLACES Sway Flower Child The Kebab Shop   Kerbey Lane   (All of these restaurants are currently offering take out and delivery during the COVID-19 Shutdown.)      Guest, Monique Karabach Facebook: @atxeatsandtreats Instagram: @atxeatsandtreats Web:   Host, Adrienne Huebner Facebook: @thisisaustinpodcast Instagram: @thisisaustinpodcast & @adrienneinaustin Twitter: @adrienne Email:  Web:   Producer, Myrriah Gossett Instagram: @myrriahgossett Twitter: @myrriahgossett Web:         HOW TO RATE & REVIEW A PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS On an iPhone: Open the Podcasts app. Tap on the “Search” icon at the bottom. Type “This is Austin” in the search bar. Tap on the “This is Austin” logo. Scroll down to the “Ratings & Reviews” section. Tap on a star (preferably the 5th star) to rate. Tap on “Write a Review.” Type your review (it can be short and sweet!) and tap on “Send.” You’re done. Thank you so much! From a computer: Click on “Listen on Apple Podcasts” (if prompted, click on “Open iTunes”) Click on the “Ratings & Reviews” tab. Click on a star (preferably the 5th star) to rate. Click on “Write a Review.” Type your review and click on “Submit.” You’re done. Thank you so much!
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  26. We're pleased to introduce our new Executive Director at TXHES, TMDSAS, and JAMP, Matthew Meeks! Listeners will recognize Mr. Meeks as the former director of TMDSAS; he brings his expertise and leadership to help guide us into the next chapter of the organization. We also discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the TMDSAS Application cycle, and learn about how the member institutions are working together to help applicants.  Here are links we reference: TMDSAS and TXHES Newsroom: EY 2021 TMDSAS Application Timeline:
  27. Happy 4/20, y'all! We're celebrating with a pack of giggle sticks, a chocolate brownie-scented DVD box and a movie musical! That's right, we're discussing the TV film adaptation of the stage musical adaptation of the 1936 propaganda film: Reefer Madness! Just hope we don't turn into cannibalistic murderers like some of the people in this movie.Before we take a hit, we go into our own personal histories with marijuana and discuss the circumstances that led to the original (and absolutely terrible) 1936 film. From there, it's a one-way trip to toke town which inspires an impromptu Alexis Schitt impersonation from Joe and an in-depth discussion of....the movie Burlesque?We quickly course-correct and praise the great Alan Cumming (who portrays no less than three characters in the film), Ana Gasteyer (Trace's choice for film MVP), Amy Spanger (Joe's choice for film MVP), a dominatrix Kristen Bell, a cameo-ing Neve Campbell, a creepy Steven Weber and Christian (brother of Neve) Campbell, aka the Human Dimple.Warning for the faint of heart: this film is patently offensive to everyone, so no PC police here! We've got jokes about race, rape, queerness, women, men and, of course, drugs (would that it have been mere heroin!). Oh, and don't forget about blasphemy: we've also got Alan Cumming as goat Satan, Jesus singing about weed and stripper angels. And watch out for those singing carnivorous clams!And if you really want to have some fun, take a drink (or a hit) every time Trace says he loves something about the movie.Questions? Comments? Snark? Connect with the boys via our brand new Twitter handle @horrorqueers, like our Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group.> Trace: @tracedthurman> Joe: @bstolemyremoteSupport the boys on Patreon and shop our online store for your very own Horror Queers merchandise! Check out the NEW online articles on Bloody Disgusting  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  28. If you are interested in how to get started selling successful products online, you’re going to love today’s episode.  I’m chatting with Emma Lee Bates, online marketing expert, about all things sales: landing pages, selling to your email list, trends in online marketing, and sales funnels.  If you struggle with selling or you just want to learn more about how to do it well, this is the conversation for you! But, before we dive in to my conversation with Emma, I want to ask you a question: have you listened to 5 or more episodes of this podcast but you don’t have your own blog yet? If so, you are not alone! My husband and business partner, David, and I have noticed a trend among some of our listeners; a lot of you want to start an online business or a blog but you have no idea where or how to begin. If the tech required for starting a blog has been holding you back, I have great news for you!  MiloTree is now offering blog start-up services! Just go to MiloTree/BlogStart to see how we can help you. We know how overwhelming it can be to start a business if you’re not tech-savvy.  That’s why we decided it was time to help people get over the hump of getting their blog set up so they could move on to creating content, serving their audience, and developing products.  If you’re ready to make 2020 the year you finally start that business or blog you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, let us help.  Head over to MiloTree/BlogStart to get started.  We can’t wait to see what you build in 2020! Why You Should Be Using Tripwires We’ve begun experimenting with tripwires on our site, Catch My Party, and I’m loving it. For those of you not familiar with tripwires —a tripwire is a product you upsell to your audience when they sign up for your email list.  When someone opts in for your lead magnet, instead of simply sending them to a thank you page, the thank you page becomes a sales page of sorts.  On this page, you can upsell a product that is an obvious next step for the lead magnet they just signed up for.  Over at Catch My Party, we give away free party printables. We literally have thousands of free printables that anyone can download and print out.  So, if someone opts in to receive free printables for a Minecraft party for their kid, the thank you page offers them a Happy Birthday banner that they can personalize for just $5. Tripwires are an easy way to bring in extra money for a couple of reasons: It’s a no-brainer purchase for the customer. Your tripwire is an obvious next step for them. It’s passive income. You set it up once and you’re done. “Hello, money in my bank account while I’m sleeping.”  It requires no actual selling. You’re merely providing the person who already said they wanted your other products, with the opportunity to get one more thing that will make their life easier.  Using Tripwires to Train Your Audience to Buy From You If you give away a ton of stuff for free on your blog, as we do on Catch My Party, your audience might start to depend on you for free stuff. And that can make it harder to sell to them later. Whereas, if when someone signs up for your list, they get sent to a landing page with a tripwire, they can see right away that you also charge for some of your products.  The great thing is that when someone clicks the button to buy your lower-priced tripwire product, you are training them to click to purchase from you.  So, if they buy your $7 tripwire today, they are more likely to purchase your $25 product next month.  How to Write Successful Sales Emails Let’s say you’ve been blogging for a little while now, you have a warm and active email list, and you want to sell a product to your list.  If you’re anything like me, you dread writing the sales emails.  And the reason I dread it? Because all the sales emails that I get in my inbox are super long and detailed, telling me all sorts of stories and information before they even get to the part about the product.  And I don’t want to do that.  My feeling is, if you’ve been on my list for a while, you probably already know, like, and trust me, so I should be able to just write the email, tell you about the product, and ask you to buy it.  If you are truly my avatar, I should know you well enough to know exactly what product you want and need, and I shouldn’t be bashful about introducing you to it or asking you to buy it from me.  The trick in writing sales emails, says Emma, is to write the way you normally do.  If you typically send your list a nice, long, 8-paragraph email once per week, then if you send three 2-paragraph emails asking your people to buy something, that’s going to feel very off to them.  So, write like you typically do.  Be warm and personable like you always are; don’t be awkward about selling. Be yourself and tell your audience about the thing that’s going to change their life... or at least make it a bit easier.  How to Write Successful Sales Pages Have you noticed that the sales pages for online tools (such as email service providers or online course software), are always super short? Sometimes you don’t even have to scroll to see the entire sales copy.  And yet, when I go to a sales page created by an entrepreneur, I typically have to wade through scores of paragraphs, including videos, testimonials, tons of words about the incredible value this person is offering for the price, etc.  *To my listeners: would you email me at and tell me how you feel about those super long sales pages? I seriously want to hear from you.  Emma shared that the reason for the novel-length sales pages is for the cold audience you may be driving to your sales page through Facebook ads. And indeed, if you are driving a cold audience to your products, it is going to take some space to convince them to buy from you.  That cold audience is going to need videos, plenty of testimonials, and your backstory in order to develop that "know, like, and trust factor" with you. They haven’t had the opportunity to get to know you through months of being on your email list.  For a warm audience, you don’t need nearly as much information. You need the basic information, the transformation your customer will experience as a result of their purchase, and a clear call-to-action to purchase. Lastly, you need buttons. Lots of buttons.  Don’t place a buy button only at the very bottom of a page. If I have to scroll 25 times to get to a button, I am much more likely to click away before I get there. I want a button at the top, again after a bit of information, and again after more information.  Don’t assume anyone will read the entire page.  I want to click “PURCHASE” as soon as you’ve convinced me I need it. So, add a buy button every few paragraphs if you’re going to create one of the super long sales pages.  How Much Should You Charge for Your Products? I think that setting prices is one of the most difficult parts of online business and definitely the piece that holds so many of us back.  How do you set prices? Do you set it at a price that more people can afford? Or do you price it higher so that your customers will also purchase other higher-priced products from you?  And is it true that the more people pay for your products, the more likely they are to actually use the products, and therefore, the more likely they are to personally experience the transformation you promised? Emma firmly believes that when selling products, your customer should be at the very forefront of your mind. And if you are selling something that could transform her life but she can’t afford it, you are not serving her.  Always keep in mind where your customer is right at this moment and what she can afford. Are there products worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? Yes, definitely.  And if your avatar is at a point in her life where she can afford to pay that, and it will deliver a transformation that will surpass the money she spent on the product, go for it.  But if the price is out of reach for the majority of your readers, it’s too high.  How to Think About Personal Branding Branding is a hot-button topic in today’s online world. With everybody creating personal brands, how do you brand your blog, and how do you expand the branding to cover your products, etc? Emma suggests keeping your personality in mind when developing your brand.  If you’re going to be growing an online business, you need to be present—front and center in your business. So, above all, be yourself.  Your people will be drawn to who you are. They will find you and they will stick around because they can see who you truly are. Don’t try to put on some fake persona.  Speak your truth. Be yourself. Serve your people well.  *There were so many things we couldn’t include in this post that Emma talked about. If you want to hear which shopping cart software that Emma (and we) recommend, listen in at 21:40. Emma discusses her own products and where she hosts her online courses at 24:00.  I know you learned a ton of amazing info from my conversation with Emma. I loved chatting with her and I hope you’ll check out all the great content that she offers on her own site.  And as always, please email me with any questions or comments on the podcast, and be sure to join me over in our Facebook group, where I go live every week to discuss the podcast and my biggest takeaways! Read the transcript for "How to Get Started Selling Successful Products Online" Imagine a world where growing your social media followers and email list was easy… It can be with MiloTree! Try the MiloTree pop-up app on your blog for 30 days risk-free! Let your MiloTree pop-ups help you get to that next level by turning your visitors into email subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. Sign up today! Install your MiloTree pop-ups on your site in under two minutes. Sign up for MiloTree now and get your first 30 DAYS FREE!
  29. We are giving you tools to squash the status who- and how dare you do the things that challenging yourself! Special shout out to our babegang: Katy Sue Paddon, Michelle Cohen, Lakisha Corbett, & Erin Fisk for your great ideas on how to be bold! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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  31. How often do we hear, “it’s better to give than receive”? Yes, it’s true that it’s a beautiful thing to give and be of service. But if we forget to be in rhythm, practicing the law of reciprocity, it can lead to frustration, disappointment, or even resentment. In this bonus episode, from a recent Facebook Live at the ZulaFit Community page, Lara explores the art of giving voice to our needs…and how we can allow ourselves to receive. She outlines 3 key questions to explore. Mentioned in this Episode 30 Day Thrival Program: A FREE 30-day video program by teachers, healers and coaches designed to help you navigate this time of transformation.
  32. From music teacher to innovative looping artist/vocalist/songwriter/producer, Angela Sheik stuns audiences as a live looper whose bare feet create songs before your very ears. Winner of the 2011-2012 Boss U.S. National Loop Champion, her 2019 Tiny Desk Contest submission "chiN uP giRL" received an honorable mention and well-deserved praise from NPR's "All Songs Considered." If you like what you hear, support the cause by visiting and clicking the DONATE button.In this episode, Angela talks aboutWhat defines a looping artistThree key factors to her looping success (it ain't easy!)Opening for Meshell N'degeocelloLesson learned with her Tiny Desk submissionAnd, of course, you'll love her answers to The Shakedown!Buy Angela Sheik's MusicFollow Angela on Instagram and Facebook  and Twitter and SpotifyWatch her videos  
  33. GIGANTICAST EP 23: BRAVESTORM The good folks of Alliance Entertainment have hooked us up with a surprise new DVD release: BRAVESTORM, a remake of two 1970’s Japanese tv shows mashed into one! Join Matt while he tries to convince Morgan that this wasn’t a bad idea! Buy your own copy of Bravestorm right here. Please… Read More »Giganticast Ep 23: Bravestorm
  34. A knight and a god pursue a ho-down and a murder victim.Under The Shroud tracks Corin Black, a junkie, half-demon cab driver in Baltimore City. Catch the behind the scenes podcast on our Patreon, at Explore the Shroud Universe at Gear: And chat with us on discord at'll haunt your thoughts and dreams. 
  35. Hello loves! I really just am trying to find how to stay motivated for the podcast. I feel so guilty that I haven't felt like making an episode in a while. Until I heard the Ted radio hour podcast on boredom (link below). Listen in on how it changed my perspective and shifted my guilt of not being productive away! Much love! Dani!
  36. Show NotesIn this mini-series,  we hear how the COVID-19 virus is impacting and changing colleges and universities.  For this bonus episode, I interview graduating college senior Anne Cox.  Anne is a Digital Media Innovation major in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University.  You might recognize Anne from our trailer - she's the audio engineer and multimedia editor for this podcast.  Key takeawaysSome graduating college seniors face an uncertain futureFind a company or organization you want to work for, try and get in at any level, then move upRecognize and value essential workers at all levelsPractice self care during this timeYou can find a story everywhere you lookUse free time to update your LinkedIn profile, resume and portfolioEmbrace technologyPlease share, subscribe and review this podcast.  You can connect with me via email at or on Instagram and Twitter @judyoskam
  37. After meeting with an old friend of Sophie's and uncovering the secrets contained in Sophie's past the gang are on a collision course with their mark. This episode contains a scene of violence and sexuality that may be triggering to some listeners. This version of the episode has a short verbal description of the scene along with background sound design. A version of the episode without  detailed sound design is available, listed as the DIRTY version. This version features additional voice work from Isabelle Arf and Lucille Valentine This episode was edited by Emily Schmemily of the Dunston Checks Min and Go Go Godzilla podcasts on the Benview Network. Music contained in this episode: Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! - Zuul Netra - Jusqu'au​-​boutiste Ghosts 4 - Nine Inch Nails Eyeshadow 2600 FM - What Doesn't Kill You Eyeshadow 2600 FM - Vice City Dead Eyeshadow 2600 FM - Waves of Eternity SFX contained in this episode Wall Clock Ticking - straget traffic from inside an apartment - Chubbers1995 street ambiance brooklyn - Sethlind Keypad no tone - MootMcnoodles Large_crowd_medium_distance_stereo - Eguobyte door push bar open nearby echo large room - kyles Wet Meat [clean] - RICHERLandTV Meat Slap 1 - MWLANDI Chainsaw Cutting - lonemonk pile_driver_echo - uair01 23. slaps - btherad2000 Drill - GowlerMusic Ripping Apart Carcass - ProductionNow Construction, Jackhammer Excavator, A - InspectorJ Gunshots - Kleeb blowtorch light and run flame good detail on off2 - kyles Bacon Sizzling - timothyd4y Basement Motor/Boiler 1 - caquet Irritating flourescent light hum - pfranzen Metal Knocking - BenjaminNelan Squeaky Door Hinge - dr19 Door closing, door closed - steinhyrningur Opening and closing metal mailbox - CGEffex metal cup dropping 02 - lellomvubu01 Sizzle / Acid Burn - bottles Fire - Effects - Textures - Sizzling, crackling, blowing - GregorQuendel Electric Motor Whir - jasonLON Complex Minigun Spin-Up Firing - Hybrid_V Kicking a door - pfranzen Crowd in panic - ienba Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Fast Pace - SpliceSound Car Breaking Skid 01 - medartimus slide projector with ventilation field recording - Garuda1982 chitty bang sound tickling loop - musicampo Engine 2 - JustInvoke 10 Door opening - 15HPanska_Ruttner_Jan SciFi Gun - Laser Automatic Fast - dpren Car Crash - squareal Whoosh - quobodup smashing glass - mgamabile Static, Stylophone, A - InspectorJ 190155_WalkingOnGlass - GaelanW 32 step Slice Pattern 1 - illtype All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution.  Support Ghostpuncher and Ghostpuncher Corps at Join the Ghostpuncher Discord here: Contact Ghostpuncher Corps at This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  38. We're taking a cumbia break from ICE-olation to bring you Selena! Fun fact: Texas memorializes Selena on her birthday, April 16th, so we're celebrating by covering the film that shot Jennifer Lopez to stardom. We talk icons crossing borders, sleep deprivation, and Edward James Olmos! Shame Watch has officially crowned Selena as our queen! Like this episode? There's more where that came from! Donate to our Patreon to get exclusive access to even more episodes, including all previous Movie Marathon episodes. Rate, review, and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.
  39. During the times when you can hardly find good news, life-affirming stories about noble gestures, philanthropy, and simple acts of kindness bring positive energy and restore our faith in humanity (in case you’re about to lose it). In this podcast, we share 5 news stories related to real estate that will make you believe in the power of togetherness. To learn more: --- Send in a voice message:
  40. Virgil Vasquez has heard these quotes often, "if you throw, you are going to break", "throwing overhand is unnatural." Alex Trezza and himself are out to change this mindset and belief. Virgil believes that throwing is a natural motion, that anyone can learn to throw healthy. He believes this because he taught himself how to throw correctly after his 12 year career was over. His drive is to reach out to people that desire to learn how they can teach themselves to have their perfect throw. He is currently a professional pitching coach for the Minnesota Twins Organization. Drafted in the 7th round in 2000 out of Santa Barbara High School. Signing in 2003 after being drafted in the 7th round out of UCSB. He compiled a 12 year career as a professional pitcher, playing for 5 different MLB organizations, 2 stints in the Major Leagues with the Tigers and the Pirates, pitching in 6 countries, and compiling a 101-92 record over 1,300 innings pitched. In 2015, after all of that experience, he met with a pitching coach, Caleb Balbuena, out of Sacramento, CA.  After one session and the cue to "throw around a tree", something clicked and he finally learned how to throw healthy, and where power comes from in the throwing motion. He took it home with him and over the next years blended his professional experience with his love for throwing, his passion for movement, years of experience in Tai-chi, Qi-gong, and science based training. Combining it all to come up with "The Perfect Throw" and its teachings with his good friend Alex Trezza. Sammy and Virgil discuss: Why he created the Perfect Throw tool. What the most common challenge you see with younger athletes in achieving good, healthy arm actions. How does thinking in revolutions or circles help pitchers increase their velocity? His new “sprocket drill” How do you define what is a good teammate? You can follow Virgil on Instagram and Tik Tok at Revolution Throwing. --- Send in a voice message:

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