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A German TV movie? Sure, why not? Erica and guest Matt will tell you exactly why not as they break down this movie. So grab some coffee (not because this episode is boring...but because it's part of the drinking game for the episode) and listen in. Follow on Twitter @CAWPodcast, Facebook or Instagram under Customers Also Watched, and Letterboxd under AlsoWatched. Help promote and support sexual health by donating to Kind Clinic:
We’ve all heard of Florence Nightingale, but why haven’t we heard of Mary Seacole? Join Jack and Lauren as we learn more about this amazing British-Jamaican nurse who gave critical aid to troops on the front lines of the Crimean War.
On this episode of the We Watch Sports Podcast, Graham and Andy discuss one of the most important issues. Should you buy Mt Dew Zero Sugar? We also discuss our favorite super bowl commercials, some NBA trades, and how to survive sports conversations without football.
Today we're sitting down with athlete and business owner, Joel Runyon. His experience of job hunting during the 2008 recession lead him to ultimately the greatest challenge of his life - and the creation of Impossible HQ. During the episode, Joel shares his mantra of "getting comfortable with the uncomfortable", and how you can incorporate a new challenge into your life every day.  Catch up with Joel: @impossiblehq or @joelrunyon Grab 10% off your first order from Cooper's Cask Coffee here:
In this episode of the Talking Sound podcast host Christopher Jordan welcomes business coach, consultant,  owner of Brilliant SMB and the Brilliant Sales Secrets Facebook group, Alicia Maples to the program to discuss the topic of valuing your services as a freelancer and how to get last the fears faced by most when it comes to selling yourself and your professional services to clients.I know it seems strange, but all too often we freelance engineers undervalue our services and charge far too little for our time and talent. “But if we charge less money for services, we will get more work right?!” Not necessarily so, while you may land that one-time gig today, you may be damaging your hold on the future of your place in an industry.Join Talking Sound and Alicia Maples, owner of Brilliant SMB as we discuss some everyday business advice and methods you can use when selling your services to clients, and how to lose the fear of charging the rates you truly deserve for the services you provide.The Talking Sound Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the official app for the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Visit the HC Universal Network online today to get all the latest from the Talking Sound Podcast and more great shows!
YNU Podcast Episode 27  Intro  Tip of the week: Haywood  Hot or Not:  Superbowl recap  Trump impeachment update  Joaquin Phoenix can come to the BBQ  Jay Z and Beyonce sit during the national anthem  PETA takes a knee  The hate they give. Kobe Bryant overshadowed by rape allegations  No Witness No Convictions Trump wins again  Conscious News: Black History Lesson Haywood  Main topic: How would you feel if your child came out as gay? Why are transgenders seen as heroes? Email us @
Jerrett and Mogan are joined this week by Kyle Strohschein to give a final review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But first, they talk about the news of Anthem receiving a redesign. Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 2:35 - Moment with Mogan 8:46 - Anthem Getting Redesigned 15:10 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review 45:41 - SPOILERS Begin 1:03:17 - Review Conclusion 1:07:52 - Soundtrack Spotlight Soundtrack Spotlight: "Menu Theme" from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Stephen Barton & Gordy Haab LINKS: Subscribe: - YouTube - Podcast services: Join our Discord Support the show and get perks! Follow TCP on social media: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter Follow the hosts: - Jerrett - MoganSupport Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast
This week, Yes But Why Podcast interviews Thomas Mook, performer and improv community leader from Groningen, Netherlands. Thomas Mook is a writer, an actor, and a musician. Thomas runs the improv conservatory at USVA in Groningen and he has taught hundreds of students in improv courses and in workshops throughout Europe. Thomas performs regularly with Stranger Things Have Happened. In this conversation, Thomas and I talk about the benefit of family support when you’re trying to be an artist. He talks about the inspiration his father was to him as a performer. Thomas and I talk about how maintaining a life in the arts is a combination of luck and investment in the work you are doing. Thomas talks about performing with his improv troupe, Stranger Things Have Happened. We talk about building improv communities. We talk about loneliness and empathy and optimism.Thomas talks about running the improv school at USVA in Groningen, Netherlands. He talks about his friendship with Aree Witeolar of Impro Neuf in Norway and how they help each other get through the ups and downs of being a theater manager. You can support Thomas Mook by taking a class or workshop at USVA in Groningen, Netherlands. You can also see Thomas onstage performing monthly with Stranger Things Have Happened at USVA or at their weekly improv comedy jam. And the good news for those of us not in The Netherlands right now is that you can watch Stranger Things Have Happened on youtube! Check them out!Yes But Why Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the FREE HC Universal Network app for Android and iDevices or visit us at and join the fun.This episode of Yes But Why podcast is sponsored by audible - get your FREE audiobook download and your 30 day free trial at
Episode 12 is the second part of an interview with Henry Nuss, PhD. It explores the quality of the food you eat, and how the health of your digestive system is one of the most important factors in overall health with Erika Marcoux, MA. Henry has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. He is an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University health sciences center in New Orleans. He also worked as an evaluation contractor for the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC). Subscribe to YOUR TRUTH REVEALED weekly videos on YouTube – ➤RESOURCES Free Worksheet: Henry Nuss: The Prime: Store: ➤ SUMMARY How is it true, “You are what you eat”? * Nutrients from the food you eat provide the foundation of the structure, function, and integrity of every cell in your body. * Every cell has a shelf life. Everyday, your body is busy making new cells to replace cells that have expired. How healthy those new cells are is directly determined by how well you’ve been eating. * Every body, every brain, every gut, and every person’s biochemistry is unique, not to mention constantly changing. How many calories do we drink? * The average American drinks 400 calories daily! * Your body doesn’t detect calories from liquid the same way it detects calories from solid food. * When you eat calories in the form of food, you naturally compensate by eating less. But when you drink liquid calories, you don’t necessarily drink less. * It’s best to drink plain, filtered water. How does your digestive system work? * Your small intestine absorbs most of your nutrition into your bloodstream. * Your large intestine absorbs water and changes food waste from liquid to stool. * There are more than 1,000 types of bacteria that live in your large intestine. * You have 2 to 3 pounds of bacteria there. This bacteria doesn’t come from you and is technically no part of you. Why is losing weight often hard? * You were born with the same number of fat cells that you’re ever going to have. Your fat cells don’t necessarily divide like other cells do, all they do is get bigger and smaller. * Being overweight is a biochemical issue. * Processed foods with artificial preservatives, colors, sugar, fat, and salt light up the same parts of your brain as addictive drugs. This is called the bliss point. * These foods can increase the toxic load in your body, turn on inflammation, and alter your biochemistry. * These foods give you a lot of calories, but relatively nothing else in terms of protein, vitamins, minerals, and more. * You have your allotment of calories for the day, but relatively little nutrition to show for it. Why are childhood diseases rising at an alarming rate? * A lot of children mimic their parent’s poor eating behavior. * Many children eat four times their daily suggested calories at breakfast alone. * Processed foods are usually filled with chemicals and inflammatory fats and very little real nutritional value. * Type two diabetes was common in older adults. Now children as young as five years old are being diagnosed. How much do Americans eat? Every year the average person eats the following according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). * 152.4 pounds of sugar and other sweeteners * 74.5 pounds of added fats and oils such as salad dressing, cooking oil, frying fat, and butter And we’re consuming more of just about everything * 19% more calories since 1983 * 57 pounds more meat per person since the 1960s (and a third fewer eggs) * More cheese (but less milk) * 66% more fat since the 1950s ➤CONNECT WITH ME All Episodes: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook: Business Inquiries: ➤ABOUT YOUR TRUTH REVEALED video podcast. Sharing the Power of Self-Knowledge. Be Truthful. Know Yourself. Then Flourish. This original video podcast series offers resources for living your truth that generates an informed and empowered relationship with yourself. Decisions become clearer. Health is easier to maintain. And life feels good! Season one helps you to Be Your Own Health Expert as I interview industry professionals to explore your hidden mental and physical health potential.
On the surface, achieving goals may seem like it’s not something you should be giving thought to: it’s a mechanical, automatic response to something you’ve already conditioned yourself to attain. But the truth is, goal-setting and achieving those goals require a lot more than just sitting down and envisioning them – even if that is a crucial part of the process. Patrick Precourt is an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and influencing. Patrick joins Scott Carson to discuss how you can overcome your internal wiring to dominate your new goals. It’s time for you to start playing at your peak performance.   Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Note Closers Show community today: The Note Closers Show Facebook The Note Closers Show Twitter Scott Carson LinkedIn The Note Closers Show YouTube The Note Closers Show Vimeo The Note Closers Show Instagram We Close Notes Pinterest
Sarah Stein joins the podcast to talk about her recent book, Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey through the Twentieth Century, and how looking closely at the history of one family can tell us the story of an entire century. Sarah Abrevaya Stein is a Professor of History and holds the Maurice Amado Endowed Chair in Sephardic Studies at UCLA’s Department of History, and she also is the Sady and Ludwig Kahn Director of UCLA’s Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies. Besides Family Papers, just a few of her many other notable books include Plumes: Ostrich Feathers, Jews, and a Lost World of Global Commerce (2008), and Sephardi Lives, an incredible documentary history which she co-edited with Julia Phillips Cohen. Purchase Family Papers on AmazonRead an excerpt from Family Papers: “A Family Tree Forever Changed by Disaster” Family Papers is just phenomenal, and it’s gotten a lot of attention recently: The Economist named it one of the best books of 2019, and it was also a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice and a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award. Beyond the awards and accolades, Family Papers provides an entryway into an important discussion about diaspora histories, the pathways of Sephardic Jews across the twentieth century, and the importance of everyday historical materials. These “family papers” of the Levi family not only give us the book’s evocative title, but they also animate and give life to a tremendously rich story and bring us to think about our own place in history. Support Jewish History Matters
On today’s episode, the squad talks about Sober Parenthood. We’ve all read and probably laughed at a meme that jokes about needing to drink to cope as a parent. For years, alcohol has steadily seeped into the social fabric of motherhood, with pitchers of mimosas at morning playdates, Thermoses of “mommy juice” on the soccer field sidelines and Facebook feeds filled with stylized memes declaring it’s not really drinking alone if your kids are home. Studies show that women — especially women in their 30s and 40s — are drinking more than ever before.  It is said to have originated back in the 1960s, when mostly male doctors would reportedly prescribe Valium as a way for women to manage their anxiety, rather than teaching them coping and self-regulation tools, and calling the process “Mommy’s Little Helper”. About Danielle: Our guest today is Danielle Park. Danielle (she/her) is a Tarot reader/teacher, massage therapist, and mother of 2 young children in Austin. She uses the Tarot to help people embrace their own agency and develop a practice for self-acceptance and self-awareness. She has been sober for over 2 years and enjoys documenting the proliferation of wine-mom propaganda/merchandise. You can learn more about her on @oakmoontarot or   Resources: Danielle’s website: Danielle’s Instagram: The “sober curious” movement Sober Mommies The Sans Bar Austin Questioning your alcohol habits or wondering where to get help? Start at
A Valentines Day Special. Hope you enjoyed yours let me tell you about mine! I also discuss serenity now, red flags when dating, grocery shopping woes, and what's wrong with "Living Your Truth". Intro: Get Your Hands Out My Pocket - Add 2; Rock Out: No Vaseline - Ice Cube
In this episode,  I talk with Chair Stylist Wendy Conklin.  Wendy created her company, Chair Whimsy, in 2012. She designs custom, one of a kind chairs and shares her expertise consulting and teaching online classes. During our interview, we talk about her journey and how she changed her career and her life.  You'll also learn a little known fact about Wendy and hear a couple of her expert tips and practices."When you get more miserable and more miserable it’s easier to make the switch.  I don’t think you make that switch until your misery is greater than the fear of the unknown."        - Wendy ConklinWhat do you hope your daughters learn from your journey? “I really hope, more than anything, that they see that life is about an adventure and not to be afraid of taking calculated risks, not to be afraid of change - if it be in their career or their life.” – Wendy ConklinKey Takeaways:Take on challenges to keep growing"Courage is different than fear. You can have a lot of fear and still act in a courageous way."Think abundance and not scarcityAdopt some form of meditative practiceInvest in a business coachFeedback is important"Pattern mixing and color coordination are kind of my superpower and I enjoy it." Resources:Chair WhimsyChair Whimsy Etsy ShopPlease share, subscribe and review this podcast.  You can connect with me via email at or on Instagram and Twitter @judyoskam  
Insight meditation teaches us how to truly see.Paramananda, “A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation.” New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1996. p.145-146.
In this episode, you'll hear a conversation with a real Rebase listener who has made a career shift towards fulfillment... by combining his expertise as an accountant with a passion for aviation.I sit down with my friend Brent, who listens to the podcast and, after listening to Episode 23 ("Stop Waiting For Permission To Grow Or Change Your Career") decided that he'd been putting of a Profession With Purpose for FAR TOO LONG.Tune in to hear about Brent's progression, his realizations, what he factored into his decisions, and ultimately hear an inspiring & motivating story that I hope will help others make a similar shift in their own professional lives.-----------This episode is supported by the "How To Find & Target The BEST Talent" Masterclass for busy Hiring Managers. Over 90% of Employers I talk to tell me that a key area they'd like to improve in, to save time and energy in their hiring efforts, is in their ability to find and target the best talent on the market. So I created a Masterclass on exactly this topic, and you can get it for FREE by just telling me, in your own words, what your #1 Biggest Hiring Challenge is right now. Go to to enroll in the "How To Find & Target The BEST Talent" Masterclass now!
Welcome back, trashlings! You really, really don't want to miss this one. We've done it. We've peaked.  This week we had some of the best #DemonTrashMoments in the history of our show. Carol gets drugged, Avery is gross, and our illustrious guests keep it just as real.  Mak Jagger Tarot returns, blessing our shitty setup with her presence, and of course, facilitating the moment we've been preparing for since the infancy of the Demon Trash Podcast... A Sugar Baby for a guest.  We bring on A, a 23 year old sex worker who opens up to us about the life of being a sugar baby in her twenties.  Follow Mak 🔮 Instagram Patreon Be sure to send us your #DemonTrash moments/memories! If you love what we do here you can support us for as little as $0.99/month at Have a question or topic you want us to talk about? Let us know! --- Support this podcast:
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Gary Goldstein's date with Sheila the Tinder Queen came to an abrupt and embarrassing ending. Frequent callers Steve, Aaron Neville, and Lynus Vanderbilt IV call in to give their thoughts on the way Gary handled this difficult situation. How would you handle it?   Song Credit: "Mine" by Bazzi
JOY! What a great place to spend time....isn't it? Or do we even know what brings us joy and how to find it? Amy got into making space for joy, and how release might be tied to doing just that. Our guest this week is John Dulworth, Certified Professional Coach, who not only explains what joy is and how it is different from enthusiasm and happiness, but also how to start a habit and practice of joy in our daily life. On Go Aff Yourself, Jill Faulkner of talks laughter and more and the week's aff is "I Welcome Joy.”  Bijou gets into the importance of celebrations and it's awesome. For references and more, go to
My guest today is Tracey Lucke of MelMarie Skincare, and we're talking about skincare over 40. Our skin changes so much as we age, and Tracey has some great tips as well as some awesome naturally-based products to share with us!
The Rage Select Podcast is at it again this week as John and Jeff discuss Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, Mythic Quest, and answer YOUR QUESTIONS about video games! NOTE: It now appears that Nvidia's removal of support for Blizzard games from their GeForce Now service was done in error. Unfortunately there wasn't time to update the podcast as these new developments. More information about the situation can be found here: MP3 here - RSS feed here - iTunes here - Email address for your questions: FOLLOW Matt on Twitter! - FOLLOW Brian Salisbury on Twitter! - FOLLOW John on Twitter - FOLLOW Grant on Twitter - FOLLOW Jeff on Twitter - LIKE Rage Select on Facebook - Listen to our podcast and if you enjoy it, SUBSCRIBE! Check out the full website at
Today Sunil Bhardwaj with Globatalent joins us to discuss how he is tokenizing athletes talents and sports institutions. Sunil is the CEO and Co-Founder of Globatalent. Sunil has over 20 years experience as general manager for basketball clubs at the highest level along with Formula 1 and Soccer. He started his first successful company at the age of 23. Linkedin: Website: View this episode on our website here. *Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice. ~ Want to learn more about cryptocurrency? Check out our blog today! ~ Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Uptrennd today! ~ Enjoying our podcast? Please leave us a 5 star review here! ~ Stay up to date with the latest news in cryptocurrency by opting-in to our newsletter! You will receive daily emails (M-S) that are personalized and curated content specific to you and your interests, powered by artificial intelligence.  ~ We were featured as one of the Top 25 Cryptocurrency Podcasts and one of the 16 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2020. ~ Are you an accredited investor looking to invest in cryptocurrency? Check out Crescent City Capital. ~ Want to take educational courses on cryptocurrency? Sign up for Unchained University today! ~ Want to be on our show or know someone who should? Contact us today! ~ We hope you are enjoying our cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content! We greatly appreciate donations, which all go directly towards creating even better educational content. Thank you for your generosity! Buy us a coffee here :) BTC: 3BpSmgS8h1sNtbk6VMiVWxoftcwBxAfGxR  ETH: 0x743c0426CE838A659F56aFC4d3c10872d758EC79  LTC: MKCpf3qEVfT6yprhDhkJJcdNpqh5PZXSbx
This week we continue our series on Dinosaurs with the 1975 film The Land that Time Forgot. The film is based upon the 1918 novel The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The screenplay was written by Michael Moorcock and James Cawthorn and directed by Kevin Connor. The cast included Doug McClure, John McEnery, Keith Barron, Susan Penhaligon, Anthony Ainley and Declan Mulholland. (Episode 290)
What is scary than knowing your credit score? NOT knowing your credit score. In this episode, we talk finances and how our broke selves became more aware of our broke-ness and tools we've used to tackle it.
The Kindle ebook market is a fascinating topic for authors in every genre. Writers around the world are guessing about what’s hot and what’s not in 2020. If you want to write in a genre that sells, it’s a great question to ask. To find out, I interviewed Alex Newton. Alex is the CEO and founder of, which is a leading Kindle market research resource for authors and publishers. He spent 20 years at a top management consulting company creating strategy guides and market analysis that cost millions of dollars for companies that would pay for it. Now he uses that same expertise to analyze the Amazon marketplace. He knows what’s going on in the Kindle market because he has analyzed the data. Thomas Umstattd Jr: Alex, what is K-lytics, and what does it do for authors? Alex Newton: We are a market research company, and we provide data on the book market to authors, agents, and publishers. Our purpose is to provide more transparency in a market that has lacked transparency. We want to help authors make better and faster publishing decisions so they can sell more books. Join us for our free K-lytics webinar. REGISTER NOW Total Kindle Unlimited Sales Up 14% in 2019 Thomas: In the big picture of the 2020 Kindle market, is the ebook market growing or shrinking? Alex: In order to tell, we must look at the facts and then extrapolate. The first thing to know is that it has always been a matter of perspective. Who do you ask about the data? From the traditional publisher’s view, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) reports the quarterly trade publishing numbers in the U.S. The mainstream media picks up on the AAP numbers and quotes them and says, “Hey, ebooks are shrinking again.” We took an extrapolation of their Q3 numbers in 2019, and their ebook sales are shrinking, another 3.8% per year, roughly. Once you dig into it, you find out their statistical sample—the companies they asked about ebook sales—was made up of 1,300 traditional publishers in the U.S. But the leading company in the ebook market, Amazon, was not included in their sample. How can you discuss these market numbers if you are using a sample that represents probably less than 20% of the overall ebook market? If you ask traditional publishers, ebooks are shrinking. But if you ask me, with a view toward Amazon, I’m going to paint a much different picture. Thomas: I talked with a representative from the NPD Group, which is a big publishing research firm. They collect their data by polling the top publishers, as you’ve said. Then they get retail data from the retailers. But they do not get data from Amazon, and so they have this big hole in their data. I’ve spent enough time with publishing executives to know that they don’t consider the indie market to be producing many sales at all. But I know from having looked at your data, and Amazon’s data in general, that in a lot of categories, the bestselling authors for Kindle are indie authors. Not only do they hold a big part of the market, but the number-one bestselling authors in certain categories are independent authors. That’s a huge chunk of sales that companies like NPD Group or AAP aren’t seeing. When they claim the market is shrinking, they’re not counting indie authors. When you include the indie authors and their data, is the market shrinking or growing? Alex: If you look at the U.S. ebook market, about 85%, if not more, of the ebook market is held by Amazon. When you look at the whole ebook market, and when you include the Amazon data, you get a much more representative view. Amazon does not officially publish their ebook numbers. They are very restrictive on what they disclose when it comes to individual commodities. But if you look at their annual reports, one indicator of the ebook growth is the growth of the Kindle Global Select Fund. The Kindle Global Select Fund includes all the royalties that are paid out to authors who have signed up to the Kindle Unlimited program, which holds a significant share of this 85%. That pot of money grew by another 13% last year to more than $300 million by now. If you look at the payouts and what they now pay per page, you can extrapolate what that means for the ebook market. Our numbers suggest that growth since 2016 has been 19% per annum. Last year Kindle sales grew by 14%. Whoever says ebooks are shrinking is, in my mind, completely missing the boat. Traditional Publishers Continue to See Kindle Sales Declines Thomas: It’s important to understand that when traditional publishers say ebooks are shrinking, they’re saying our sales are shrinking. In contrast, overall Kindle sales are growing. That means all the growth in ebooks is coming to independent authors grabbing market share from traditional publishing companies. Alex: And it’s no wonder because if you look at the trade revenues of traditional publishers, their priority is not ebooks. They make about $8 billion in the U.S. in trade revenues across all formats. But of these $8 billion, about $3.1 billion are hardback, and about $2.7 billion are paperback and mass market. The famous ebook number is close to $1 billion, and then audio is over $600 million per annum. Those are their trade numbers, and roughly $1 billion in their ebook numbers has been shrinking. Indie Ebook Sales Continue to Grow Alex: But the Amazon numbers have been growing. Where does that growth coming from? Who is truly earning the money? We made an informed estimate based on looking at 50,000 books. We ran all those individual books against the names of Amazon imprints, Big Five imprints, and indies. At the top of the mountain of that data, where all the money is being earned, we saw about 38% of all the top 100 rankings across all the bestseller lists being taken by indies. The next biggest shares, and steadily growing, were the Amazon imprints. And after that come the Big Five, and only then all the others. So that is how we view the market. That’s the market picture for those who earn money on a monthly basis based on Kindle Publishing and other platforms. Thomas: So, traditional publishers are making $8 billion dollars collectively, and only one billion of that is from ebooks. For them, ebooks are only a small piece of the financial pie. But for your typical indie author, maybe 80% of their money comes from ebooks. They care a lot more about ebooks and Kindle. I’ve actually seen traditional publishers price their ebooks high to make them unappealing so it will drive people to buy the paperback. A well-known author with an ebook listed for $12.99 will not have a high rank in the Kindle store where most books are priced around $2.99. Part of the reason traditional publishers aren’t doing as well in the ebook space is that they are not trying to. It’s not a priority for them like it is for independent publishers. What are the new trends in the Kindle market? Thomas: What are some of the new trends you see evolving? What’s changed over the last year on Amazon? Alex: First and foremost is what we call ‘pay to play.’ Everyone is worried about visibility and wants their books showing up in the rankings. They want to know what they can do. The fact of the matter is that in 2019 Amazon changed some things in their interface, so fewer books are showing up. For example, if you’re on a desktop, you’ll see a list of about 16 books per page plus one prominent book at the top. Of those 17 placements, about seven positions are sponsored results. That means that about 41% of the real estate on an Amazon page is now paid advertising. If you want to show up there, you have to pay. So, one big factor is learning to manage your ads, and the way to get visibility on Amazon is with a paid advertising strategy. It will be a bit like the winner takes it all in the end because they can afford to reinvest their money into more ads. So that’s potentially one effect of the changes in their interface. Thomas: I want to point out, though, this is how advertising has always been. You’re going to Amazon because you want to purchase something. It’s just like when you’re at the grocery store. The placement of the products on the grocery store shelf is paid for by the vendors. If you see a big display for a particular brand of toilet paper, that toilet paper company paid to have a display put there, and that’s a form of advertising. It doesn’t feel like advertising because you may have gone to the store to buy toilet paper anyway. What are the trends with Kindle Unlimited? Thomas: What are some other trends that you’re seeing? Alex: The other trend is the gain of Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is where the author or publisher sells exclusively on Amazon. There have always been conspiracy theories that Amazon is giving particular weight in the rankings to Kindle Unlimited books. I do not believe that is the case. But the fact of the matter is that Kindle Unlimited has gained significantly in share.  We looked back at the numbers in 2016, and out of all the top 100 rankings across the 30 main categories, only about 45% of these top-ranking positions were taken by Kindle Unlimited books. At the end of 2019, we saw 62% of those top-ranking positions taken Kindle Unlimited books. That’s a huge jump. But it does differ by genre. If you look at the Romance genre, about 80% of the ebooks are Kindle Unlimited. It’s the same in SciFi, Fantasy, and Teen Young Adult. So, in some major genres, Kindle Unlimited is dominating the game. This causes people to think that Amazon is gaming the system and giving preference to Kindle Unlimited. But I believe there is a simple explanation behind that phenomenon. If you are an end-customer and you sign up to Kindle Unlimited (K.U.), you pay a monthly subscription. But once you’ve paid, you go to the site to download a book it feels like it’s free because you’ve already paid your subscription fee.   But the irony is that the Kindle Unlimited download drives the sales rank of a book in exactly the same way as a paid purchase. So, it’s like a free ebook competing with a paid book. Over time, the relatively higher conversion that is baked into a virtually free ebook, like a K.U. download, will outpace and outperform the paid books. That’s why we have seen this huge gain in Kindle Unlimited. Thomas: That’s right because Amazon keeps two bestseller lists. They keep a bestseller list of free books, and they keep a bestseller list of paid books. You might think that Kindle Unlimited downloads go into that free category. But that’s not the case because technically it’s not free. Readers pay a monthly $10 subscription for Kindle Unlimited, and that counts toward that paid list. How are the Amazon imprints performing? Thomas: Let’s talk about Amazon imprints. Amazon is trying to have their cake and eating it, too, because they’re not just a retailer. They’re also a publisher. They publish their own books. I have often thought that they would just dominate the market because they have such useful data. Since they know who’s finishing which books, they can identify which authors are good from an objective perspective. How are the Amazon imprints doing? Are they gaining or losing market share? Alex: They’ve gained market share. By purchasing these publishers—there are three big ones and about 20 others—they have more than 26% in share. That is significant. As an Amazon company, you will have some advantages. If you talk to individual authors of those imprints, they’ll tell you Amazon knows e-business, and their imprints thrive much better in the Amazon ecosystem. The Amazon imprints have become a major player. How do audiobooks impact the Kindle market? Thomas: Let’s talk about audio. I’m a big advocate for audiobooks. How is audio growing? How is the growth of audio impacting Kindle? Alex: Again, there are two perspectives. There is the Amazon view, and then there’s a traditional publisher view. But this is probably the one item where both worlds agree. Out of that $8 billion we mentioned earlier, more than $600 million a year in 2019 was audiobook sales for the traditional publishers. For them, that’s a growth of about 33% in 2019. That is significant. Now, Amazon doesn’t publish its audio sales. But over the years we have monitored the overall book bestseller lists on the Amazon store by genre. We looked at the penetration of the various formats across those bestseller lists. And although I cannot give you a percentage, if you look at it graphically, the area of audiobooks has grown significantly since 2017. If you look at some of the top bestseller lists by genre, you’ll see that in SciFi and Fantasy, 35% of the top 100 books in SciFi have become audiobooks. In Literature and Fiction overall, 25% have become audiobooks. Romance was surprisingly low at less than 5%. I found that surprising. There is an interesting phenomenon in audiobooks. Thomas: Part of the reason is a gender difference. Women make up the majority of readers of romance. Men make up the majority of listeners of audiobooks. The genres that tend to do well as audiobooks are male-reader targeted genres. The Business genre is really big for audiobooks as well as SciFi and Fantasy. Audible has made some efforts to grow their female listenership, and I think it’s helped to a certain degree. But it’s still the one format where there are more men than women. Normally, women dominate the reading market. Women are more likely to be readers and bookstore visitors. It’s a weird phenomenon, and I’ve never heard anyone explain the why behind it. But what’s interesting to me is how little of the money is going to traditional publishers from audiobook sales. You mentioned that $600 million is going to the actual publishers– that’s what they’re reporting as their profit. But if you look at the Audio Publishers Association (those who narrate the audiobooks), they reported in 2018 that they had nearly $1 billion in revenue. What’s happened is that Amazon completely dominates or had previously dominated the audiobook space because Audible is just such a huge player. What do traditional publishers think about Audible? Thomas: Even when you buy an audiobook on iBooks, you’re purchasing it from Audible, which is owned by Amazon. Amazon can use that market position to create really unfair deals with the publishing companies. Very little of that $15 you spend for an Audible credit goes to the publisher, and even less goes to the author. To offset that, publishers have teamed up with Book Bub and launched a new audiobook publishing service called Chirp. Chirp is a much better deal for publishers. And that’s why they’re there backing it so aggressively with a lot of their top content. They have some indie books, but it’s a lot of top-name authors, and their books are aggressively discounted. It’s only $1 to $5 for a book on Chirp. The publishers are willing to give a big discount because they’re still potentially making more money selling the $5 book on Chirp than they are selling a $10 book on Audible. Alex: That’s very interesting. I concur with the genre and gender domination. When I look at our emerging genre stats on the audio side, SciFi, Business, and Self-Help books are the types of things guys typically listen to. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Audible subscription model does against these new emerging platforms. What is the future of audiobooks? Thomas: My prediction is that over the next five years, the gender gap will even out. I base that prediction on what has happened with podcasting. Men dominated the first ten years of podcast listening. Most podcasts were made and consumed by men. But that has changed in the last two years. There has been a flood of new female podcasters and listeners. I think podcasting is the “gateway drug” to audiobook listening. You listen to some free podcasts, and then you hear some commercials for an audiobook service, and suddenly you’re starting to buy audiobooks. That’s why I think opportunities will open up in the audio space for books with a predominately female readership. Previously romance audiobooks have struggled to reach female readers. The romance audiobooks are not making the fortunes that they’re making on Kindle Unlimited. But I think that will change. Alex: I got one fascinating hypothesis on that from a romance author. She said romance readers are so voracious, and they consume the books so fast, that the speed of the audio narrator is too slow for many consumers of romance novels. I found that interesting. Thomas: Audible launched a special romance subscription program, and they have ways of speeding up the audio, but they still haven’t quite figured out how to solve that problem for romance. What is happening in other genres in Kindle? Which genres have gained, and which have dropped off in the last year? Alex: The overall trend has been surprisingly stable when it comes to the overall share that we see in the genres. Romance is still the number-one genre, and it is followed closely by Mystery Thriller and Suspense. SciFi is third and is often competing with Teen Young Adult. Then comes Nonfiction. Those are the big ones. But once you dive deeper—which we’ll do extensively in the webinar we’ll host together—you find that within those main genres are subgenres where we can see trends of Paranormal Romance going up or down. We can see what the Dragon Shifter subgenre is doing. Those are the areas our data allows us to explore in endless granularity. Where will the Kindle trends go in 2020? Thomas: Your K-lytics reports inform authors of which genres and subgenres are currently the best space to be writing in. You can see the trends.   Where do you see the trends going in the future? Alex: I think two things are going to happen. I think we’re going to see a continued gain in share by Amazon imprints at the expense of traditional publishers. And I think within the indie space we’re going to indies hanging in there, holding their share, and potentially slightly gaining. But we may see a bit of shift within the indie landscape. Within the indie landscape, we are seeing authors move to more of a collaborator and publisher model. That allows those indie publishers and authors to invest in advertising in smarter ways collectively. There is potential for authors to collaborate and potentially create trends. Can authors create Kindle trends? Alex: A couple of factors impact what readers want. If we look back in time, we saw the rise of Vampire Romance and Paranormal Romance. This year in Mystery Thriller and Suspense, there is huge growth in Psychological Thrillers that is way over the market average. So, there are these individual pockets where there are some underlying megatrends. However, you also have factors where authors get together and ask what trend they want to create. I think there is a lot of potential there because since so much of the shelf space is paid, as we discussed earlier, then those who pay can create the trend. You may suddenly see dragon urban fantasy novels all over the place because urban fantasy authors get together and decide this will be the year of the dragon. Maybe next year will be the year of the female superhero. That is how trends will be created in the time to come. Thomas: It will be interesting to see if that works. So often trends happen because there’s some super big hit book. The Vampire Romance trend was kicked off by the epically successful Twilight books. Especially voracious romance readers, who read three to ten books per month, will get through the whole Twilight series in a month. Indie authors are really good at letting those voracious readers know about books that are similar to Twilight. Suddenly you’re creating a genre and a category on Amazon that is very vibrant. It all started with a hit book. But you never know what those big hits are going to be. It’s hard to predict. But I have noticed that indies are much more responsive to those trends. Alex: Indies are agile. Sometimes the reactive game works, sometimes it doesn’t. For example, long after the Twilight series had died down, we still had Bella Forrest writing more than 60 books in her Shades of Vampire series. There were probably 50 other authors who jumped on that bandwagon and made a living on it for over ten years.  Twilight came out more than ten years ago, and the vampire still don’t die on the Amazon platform. Other categories don’t seem to have the same longevity, though. In 2019 we did a superhero study to update our data. In 2019 we saw the highest number of superhero movies released in a year. The iconic Stan Lee pass away end of 2018, and there was a lot of media attention surrounding his death. You would think that may have helped the Superhero Fiction genre, but in fact, it has not come out of niche status. It was the same with Ready Player One, the lead RPG Game Lit book. The genre has grown significantly, but I don’t think it will ever be as big as the vampire thing. The market is just too niche. Join us for our free K-lytics webinar. REGISTER NOW Thomas: It’s important for authors to know where the market is heading. If you want to write the kinds of books people like, you need to write the types of books people already like. To do that, you must familiarize yourself with market data. For authors who are wondering about trends in their subgenre, we have good news. Alex and I are hosting a free webinar to dive deeper into specific genres. It’s an exclusive event for our Novel Marketing listeners, and we’re going to answer listener questions. Register for our FREE Webinar on February 26, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. Central Time in the U.S. Sponsor: Our sponsor today is the Novel Marketing Mastermind Groups. Get personalized, interactive training and encouragement from me and a small group of other masterminds. Once you join a Novel Marketing Mastermind Group you get access to the Mastermind Slack Channel and the monthly mastermind video hangout. Which is right for you? Pre-published Fiction MastermindPre-published Nonfiction MastermindPublished MastermindPodcasting Mastermind Featured Patron Our featured patron today is Peter DeHaan, author of 52 Churches. Peter and his wife visited a different church every Sunday for a year. This is their story about what they learned. Discover more about Jesus, his church, the people who go there, and just how vast our practices and worship are.  Thank you to Peter for being a patron of Novel Marketing. You can become a Novel Marketing Patron here. If you can’t afford to become a patron, but still want to help the show, you can! Just share this episode on a Facebook group of authors who you think would benefit.  Have a novel marketing question? Do you have a question you would like us to answer on the show? Call our listener helpline! 512-827-8377‬. You can also send us a high-quality recording on Encouragement Last week during lunch, totally out of the blue, Mercy, my 15-month-old daughter, had a seizure. She had no previous events and no family history that we knew of. My wife called 9-1-1 while she held my seizing daughter. As you can imagine, it was incredibly scary. The EMTs, ambulance, and fire department all came to the house. I was at an author event in the middle of a session when Margaret called. Normally Margaret messages me and rarely calls, so when I saw her calling, I knew it was a big deal. Thankfully I answered, and she said, “Mercy has had a seizure. I need you to come home right now.”   So, there I was, stuck in traffic, stuck at red lights, worrying about my daughter, and hoping that she was okay. Finally, I got home and saw an ambulance parked in front of our house. I rushed inside. Nobody was downstairs. Nobody was upstairs. No one was outside in the back yard. I was calling out for my family, but no one was there. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally, I ran out to the ambulance, and when I opened the door, a paramedic was holding our newborn son. Mercy on the stretcher just shaking and weeping in a way I’ve never heard before. My wife and another paramedic were beside Mercy.   I got into the ambulance and were discussing whether we should go to the hospital. They said, “There’s a chance that this is a febrile seizure, which is common in toddlers. It’s not a very big deal. But there’s also a chance that it’s something else that’s far worse. We have to go to the children’s hospital to run tests.” Our medical plan doesn’t cover ambulance rides, so we decided to take her ourselves. But as we were taking Mercy out of the ambulance, she got stiff and shaky again. I’m not sure if it was from the cold or another seizure, but I quickly changed my mind. I decided to ride with Mercy in the ambulance because the baby was hungry. So, I told Margaret to follow us in the car after she had a chance to feed the baby. But I was not thinking clearly. A a children’s hospital in the middle of flu season is a terrible place to take a newborn. On the way to the hospital, Mercy’s fever came down. While we were sitting in traffic in the ambulance, she started to feel better. By the time we get to the hospital, my wife and I both realized we didn’t my wife coming into the hospital with the baby. So, Margaret ended up sitting in the back of our in the parking lot of the hospital for hours while doctors did various tests on Mercy. Inside the hospital, I played Baby Shark over and over for Mercy, hoping she’d feel better. Eventually, the tests came back negative. Mercy didn’t have any of the scary things that it could have been. And it turns out that she had contracted a virus called Roseola, which is a very common virus that young children get. We are thankful the tests came out negative, but the seizure was terrifying. The whole event was very disruptive. Eventually, we all got home, and Mercy’s doing better. One lesson that came from the whole event is something authors can apply to their writing. Normally, I feel like I’m pretty good at putting plans together and thinking through logistics. But in the heat of the moment, in terror and concern for my daughter, I felt like I was making nothing but sub-optimal decisions. I felt terrible for my wife. We both decided it wasn’t a good idea for her to bring our five-week-old into the hospital during flu season. But neither of us had figured that out before we left. If we had, she could have stayed at home in a much more comfortable place for her and Baby Tommy. Often our books are our book babies. It’s easy to get into that same frantic place where we’re so emotionally charged. We get so excited or so scared that we make poor decisions. There are a lot of con artists in this industry who are very greedy. They aim to scare writers so that they can take advantage of frightened people. One nice thing about a book-baby, as opposed to a real-life baby, is that you’re never in a rush to decide. It’s never a life-or-death decision. You don’t have to decide immediately. Any time somebody pressures you to make a rushed decision that is a huge red flag. There’s no reason you can’t sleep on it. In fact, you should. You should Google it and take a deep breath. In publishing, your book is not going to die because you wait. So, the one takeaway I have for you is to avoid making decisions in a panicked state. The post State of the Kindle 2020 appeared first on Author Media.
Beto was here! We got him to play "two truths and a lie," give us his thoughts on the presidential race, and tell us about his new organization, Powered by People. Plus, he tells us how we can turn Texas blue and have fun doing it. (Shout out to Flip the TX House, an amazing org that was built by former Beto Ambassadors!)THIS WEEK’S GUEST:Beto O'Rourke - founder of Powered by People, former U.S. Representative from TX, former U.S. Presidential candidate, former U.S. Senate candidate, reason for many of Ted Cruz's gray hairs BLUE SQUAD MISSION OF THE WEEK:Download the Blue Squad App & follow The Rabble podcast to find this week's mission: ROUSER:Facebook: to our Friday newsletter, T-GIF: LINKS WE MENTIONED:THE PUSHBACK, a documentary about people working to turn Texas blue that we are featured in is premiering at SXSW! Richard Linklater produced, Kevin Ford directed. Join us at a screening: Gandhi, candidate for U.S. Congress in TX10:'s Instagram story about her block walk for Dr. Gandhi: a Texas Tribune event near you: Politics Party for the People happening Thursday, February 20 in Austin: Markowitz, candidate for Texas House in HD28:'s new organization, Powered by People: to to find out who is on your ballot and decide which TX House candidate to supportDonate to and volunteer with Flip the TX House! We firmly believe this is the most targeted, strategic way to have an impact on the 2020 elections in Texas (and Beto will back us up): up with Postcards to Voters if you need a more chill option:
As a practitioner of the Blues, Karma Mayet describes her sound as “equal parts funk and glitter, cornbread and molasses.” Born in Chicago, the composer and performer has traveled the globe, collaborating with the likes of Meshell Ndegeocello, Lizz Wright, Vernon Reid, and The Roots. Karma has developed her own unique practice called Rootsong, which combines yogic healing with the power of voice. Credits: Hosted and produced by Eleanor Bennett. Executive Producer is Thea Wood. "You Ain't Changed," "September Song" and "Woman" by Karma Mayet. Voiceover by Cathryn Wood. Photograph by Karl Ferguson Jr.If you love what we’re doing, please support our show and the next generation of women by donating $10 today.  Thank you!In this episode, Karma Mayet covers:Why she wept the first time she went to the Michigan Womyn’s Music FestivalBuilding a career as a strong, independent artist and paying the billsThe historic role black women like blues artist Bessie Smith played in founding the music industryHow the voice can be used as a medicine and tonic for inner healingThe power of forgiveness and accountability when collaborating with fellow artistsGuest LinksWeb sites: // rootsong.netFacebook: Karma Mayet @karmamayet @KarmaMayet Mayet “September Song” to BCF TODAY and help us amplify the voices and careers of women in music!
This episode, Dave and Les chat about the increasingly complex world of cannabis science. With recent changes to Texas law in regard to hemp and CBD products, there's no better time to clarify some information about this plant. To help us do that, we've brought on guest Anita Sommers, better known as The CBD Genie. Anita has the science background to answer all our canna questions, and we hope you find out something new! can find Anita online at or on IG @cbd.genieAudio-only version available on podcast platforms (Apple, Stitcher, Google, TuneIn, etc) JOIN TXN: US: podcast@texasnorml.orgFB, IG, Twitter: production services provided by Jon Lincycomb and Focused Lens Media. at Permanent RCRD Studios, Austin, TX the show (
ARROW (THE FINAL SEASON) TV REVIEW **WARNING: THIS WILL HAVE SPOILER DISCUSSIONS** Now that the flagship CW DC universe has come to a close (kind of) and we’ve had some time to think on the denouement, it’s time to give our in-depth analysis on Arrow’s final season. It’s hard to summarize everything that happened since… Read More »Screener Squad: Arrow (The Final Season)
Graham Wilkinson is a soulful singer songwriter and guitar player whose music crosses genres from rock & roll, folk, and country to hip hop, ska, and reggae. He’s played all over the world and collaborated with artists like Hayes Carll, Alejandro Escovedo, and Adrian Quesada. Above all, Graham is a family man and a story teller. We talked about the grief he has experienced since losing his older brother, Aaron, the healing power of laughter, and what it looks like to be a working musician in Austin in 2020. This episode is sponsored by Marathon Kids.    AUSTIN PLACES Barton Springs Deep Eddy (pool) Uchi Botticellis G&S Lounge Polvo’s   AUSTIN MUSICIANS Drew Smith Gary Clark Jr.  Black Pumas   Guest, Graham Wilkinson Instagram: @grahamwilkinsonmusic Facebook:  @GrahamWilkinsonMusicFanPage Twitter: @gwilkinsonmusic Web:   Host, Adrienne Huebner Facebook: @thisisaustinpodcast Instagram: @thisisaustinpodcast & @adrienneinaustin Twitter: @adrienne Email:  Web:   Producer, Myrriah Gossett Instagram: @myrriahgossett Twitter: @myrriahgossett Web:   HOW TO RATE & REVIEW A PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS On an iPhone: Open the Podcasts app. Tap on the “Search” icon at the bottom. Type “This is Austin” in the search bar. Tap on the “This is Austin” logo. Scroll down to the “Ratings & Reviews” section. Tap on a star (preferably the 5th star) to rate. Tap on “Write a Review.” Type your review (it can be short and sweet!) and tap on “Send.” You’re done. Thank you so much! From a computer: Click on “Listen on Apple Podcasts” (if prompted, click on “Open iTunes”) Click on the “Ratings & Reviews” tab. Click on a star (preferably the 5th star) to rate. Click on “Write a Review.” Type your review and click on “Submit.” You’re done. Thank you so much!
Hey Influencer!Go Here and use code 'HappyLiving' and get 20% off of all products 3rdRockEssentials.comToday I interview Founder of and CEO of 3rd Rock Essentials - both companies are on a mission - to create peoples lives better - one person at a time!I am honored to share that 3rd Rock Essentials was a sponsor of mine for my crowning of Ms. Texas Elite WOA.In this interview I ask Matt Gersper, about his profound story on how he started Happy Living. It was a moving story. I hope you really share and enjoy this interview!Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of your WORLD!Heather HavenwoodInfluencerTribe.comMatt Gersper is a corporate businessman turned entrepreneur. Recently he founded HappyLiving,com and became the CEO of 3rd Rock Essentials.Matt speaks to people about finding true self.Matt has failed and he's succeeded. Lots of times. . . Been hired. Been fired. Gone through divorce and nearly drowned – separate occasions!Then one day at the bottom of a canyon, he woke up, took another chance.He found truth and joy.Love. Adventure. Significance. Things that matter most… to him!And now he lives to give back.To help. To inspire.Books and talks. Retreats and Fun.Let's talk with Matt Gersper…
Well hello listeners, and boy do we have an episode for you! This week, were covering Dracula 2000 (released in - wait for it - 2000), so tune in for millennium fashion, bold plot twists, and VITAMIN C???????
Eric Webb, Austin360 editor-at-large, shares his survival tips and best practices for navigating SXSW.
Happy birthday Mr. President (George Washington that is...) and Happy President's day to us all!  This week, Molly is talking presidents, preparation and everyone's favorite bald billionaire, Jeff Bezos. She's also got an update from the exotic dancer who fell 15 feet and kept it moving and what she wants in her (definitely unrealistic) baby shower. 
On this Episode... Chris Schreck and Nick Rash from "Neapolitan" stopped by the studio for a great episode... They got me caught up on the goings on with the band, School of Rock and we also played a few of their newer songs... For information on the band, please go to … Much Love, Enjoy ;) 
Back in Episode 51 I gave an overview of the Homeschool Market. This episode is the next in that series, where I go into some of the mistakes authors make when trying to sell to homeschoolers. I also cover how to avoid those mistakes. If you are curious why homeschoolers are not interested in your book, this episode is a must-listen. Links:  The Read-Aloud Family Helicopter ParentsMardelTed Dekker’s Circle TrilogyBeric the Briton by G.A. Henty Elsie Dinsmore by Martha FinleyMany of the above links are affiliate linksHomeschool curriculum optionsA list of Homeschool Events Announcements CWI Super Bundle Giveaway Enter to win a bundle of 35 of the top courses from the Christian Writers Institute. You can learn more about the contest here. New Mastermind Groups I have several new mastermind groups for authors. If you are wanting personalized coaching from me, I encourage you to check these out before they fill up. Each group is limited to 10 people and some of them are nearly sold out. Prepublished NovelistsPrepublished Nonfiction WritersPublished AuthorsPodcasters You can learn more about the mastermind groups here. If you would like to become a mastermind, you can join on my Patreon page.  The post What Authors Must Know About Homeschoolers Before Trying to Sell Them Books appeared first on Christian Publishing Show.
Birthdays are a big deal in my family. My mom always celebrated BIG and I’ve carried that on with my own kids. We even celebrate our half birthdays with half a cupcake, half a candle, and we sing half of the happy birthday song. Even our dog Max gets a birthday party. We can’t believe it’s been ONE YEAR since we launched the Spoken Freely ministry and podcast. In today’s episode, we recap some of our favorite items of the week, takeaways from several episodes, and thoughts from what we’ve learned this past year. Would you celebrate with us? We wouldn’t have a podcast if it wasn’t for fabulous listeners like you. We are so grateful for all God is doing through the stories of our amazing guests and for the encouragement of those who listen! The best birthday gift we could receive is you sharing your favorite episode with a friend!
How much do you love waiting?  I don’t mean the fun, anticipatory waiting like for the start of a movie--I mean the finger-drumming, “when’s it going to be time??” waiting.  I’ll admit, I’m not a fan.  But I’m getting better at it. In this week’s podcast, I tell a funny story about waiting as a fruit of maturity. I offer a releasing breath and calming mantra. We do get better with waiting as we age, but maybe that’s just because we don’t really have to wait much--especially not these days (thank you, Amazon :).  Most of us have been around long enough to know that with enough time and right effort, “good things come to those who wait.” But how about some of that deeper stuff?  How do you do with waiting for Your body to heal from injury, illness, or surgery? Anger to settle before engaging in an argument? Financial dips to rise back up? The right diagnosis? Clarity and wisdom in a difficult situation? Your estranged relationships to heal? These are tougher.  This is where we have to exercise that patience muscle. Or do we?  What if instead of requiring fierce determination and  great effort, patience was easy and beautiful?  What if it were there all along? What if patience were a natural outcome of your yoga practice? Continue reading on my blog: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
We are getting woo woo with astrology and mercury retrograde. We share resources for learning more + tips for keeping calm through mercury retrograde.Jordan gives an overview and explains why we hear about retrogrades every few months. We discuss how astrology helps us understand ourselves, other people, and the collective.Kaileen shares about her astrology reading with Leslie Galbraith of Our Cosmic Day. Jordan talks about keeping an astrology journal for deeper learning and integration.Mercury Retrograde impacts communication and can do some funky things to technology. It is also a great time to look inward and release what isn't serving you.We share a few small shifts to help you flow better through a retrograde... but we agree that it's best not to let a retrograde rule you. You gotta live your life through it!Visit our website for show notes + good vibes: thatsprettywoo.comConnect on Instagram @thatsprettywoo and Facebook. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for episode previews, playlists, intentions and inspiration delivered with each new moon: Woo Letter.Into the woo? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and share our pod with your friends.We'll be back next week for a conversation about inner voice and intuition. See you then!
Texans hand their kids footballs because the sport changes lives. Every year thousands of students enter college who otherwise might not have been able to afford school, or received the attention required to prepare them academically. Sports are a pipeline for higher-education, and once on campus these athletes exist in the highest of castes. Whether these athletes retain the opportunity to play professionally or not, their life is declared as overwhelmingly meaningful. Gamers on the other hand are seen as rebels at a loss. That image has changed with the rise of he $1B+ e-sports industry, which now offers the same life-changing-opportunities as legacy sports. But are these kids athletes? Can their practices really instill the same discipline learned on fields, courts, and mats? Is this just a fad or something that will alter the lives of its participants? Today's episode is with Austin Espinoza, President of Longhorn Gaming, UT Austin's e-sports program, and his path to do exactly that for the next generation of college students.
It's 2020, which means election year is here. Let's face it, elections can be overwhelming, from the grandiose national politics to local city policies. There's just so much to keep track of. But never fear, The League of Women Voters is here! Established in 1920 after the ratification of the 19th amendment, the League of Women Voters was created to help inform and empower women in the political process. Within the 100 years of the League's long history the League has established themselves as a non-partisan resource for the voting public.  From their helpful Voter's Guide to the new Vote411 website, the League has everything you need to be an informed voter. In this episode Kyle & Charlie sit down with the League of Women Voter's Austin Area about this coming election season, from primaries to the census and the general election. The two chat with Joyce LeBombard (President, Austin Area chapter), Quynhanh Tran (Community Outreach Chair, Austin Area chapter), and Grace Thomas (First Vote! Chair, Austin Area chapter) about the League's mission, their busy lives during the election and census years, and how you can become a more informed voter this election season. Stay Informed for the 2020 Primaries The Voter's Guide for the 2020 Primaries Texas Voters Guide Vote411 See if you're registered to vote here Get Involved with the League of Women Voters The League of Women Voters National  The League of Women Voters Texas Voters Guide Page The League of Women Voters Austin Area Stay Superhuman with Everyday Superhumans Check out our new website! Share what makes you superhuman with us on Twitter Be inspired on Instagram Like us on Facebook Credits Logo & episode art work by Adam Dodson Designs Music in this episode Opening Theme - Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Closing Theme - "Door to Door" by Alex Allen
We are doing something a little bit different today. I recently hit a podcasting milestone, so I decided to celebrate by sharing what I've learned reaching 100+ episodes. Phew! I can't believe I did it! My friend and MiloTree community manager, Paula Rollo, is back to help me share with you all some behind the scenes from the podcast.  Before we jump into the content though, I want to speak directly to those people who have been listening to this podcast for a long time because they’re interested in starting their own blog but they haven’t made the leap yet, for whatever reason.  Blogging is a great way to set up your online business, but the technology holds so many people back.  Well now, you don’t have to wait anymore!  MiloTree now has blogging start-up services. For a small fee, we will get your Wordpress blog up and running, with the plug-ins we recommend and your blog optimized.  If you’ve decided that 2020 is the year you finally jump in and start your business, let us help!  Just go to MiloTree and sign up today.  Why I Started This Podcast I have always listened to and enjoyed podcasts. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I even look for excuses in my life to listen to my podcasts.  When I started this podcast, it was because I went to Podcast Movement and took a course on how to start a podcast.  I came home and told my daughter I was going to start a podcast and she said, “No you’re not.”  I had learned that if you can make it to your eighth episode, you are more likely to continue creating content for your podcast.  I told my daughter I would make it to episode 8, and I did it to prove to her that I could! I wanted her to see how if you put your mind to it, and do the work, things will happen. My Favorite Part of Having A Podcast  My favorite part is that I am having an intimate, one-on-one conversation with someone that the world gets to listen in on.  I am not on a stage with a crowd of people watching me; I get to feel comfortable talking to someone as my natural self.  I can be my authentic self because I am focused on listening to the person I’m interviewing and responding to them.  I feel super honored to be let into people’s ears and I love meeting my listeners.  The Space This Podcast Fills I try to get guests who are going to have different perspectives on building online businesses.  I want to be really curious and ask questions about what people want to know. My audience is very sophisticated and they want to know the inner workings and tactics on how to build a business.  I want my guests to share their failures so that my audience knows what not to do, as well as what to do.  No one on my show is an overnight success. We share our struggles, the years of hard work it took, and the sacrifices we had to make in order to get where we are now. I am all about debunking the myth of the overnight success.  How I Plan Future Episodes  I usually fly by the seat of my pants episode by episode. However, I’m always looking for interesting people to interview.  One thing I like is people who build their businesses in unique ways. We all know that there are certain things you can do to build an online business, but I want to talk to those people who try new things and who discover new ways to find success.  My audience is very diverse.  I want to introduce new ideas about money, social media, etc., to my more experienced audience who need to be taking those next steps.  Helping New Bloggers I also have an audience of people who are just getting started in this sphere. For that audience, I want to help them get off the ground.  There is so much to learn about blogging and building an online business and it can be overwhelming.  That’s why my husband, David, and I started the BlogStart Service at MiloTree. We get it. We know how hard it can be if you don’t have experience in online business. Just getting a blog set up is a huge hurdle for most people. We wanted to help people overcome that hurdle, so we now have a service that will get a blog up and running in a very short time for someone who wants to get started but is held back by the technology required.  I want to build a path for the people who want to start their businesses but don’t know the in’s and out’s.  If that describes you, please join our New Blogger Coaching Group we are starting March 2nd. Our goal is to give you a roadmap to go from blogger to profitable online entrepreneur. Our coaching group will focus more on beginning bloggers, while this podcast will continue to do deep dives into specific aspects of the blogging business.  What I Want Listeners To Learn  I want my listeners to know that I want to help them. I am still learning too; we are all on this journey together.  To be successful on the internet we must all be continual learners, and having a podcast gives me the platform to ask all the questions I am wondering about.  My Message To You  If you enjoy this podcast, I want to say thank you. I am so honored that you make the choice to let me into your earbuds and that you trust me with at least part of your blogging education.  I would love to have you join my Facebook group.  I am trying to be in there every day, encouraging and offering tips and support for all of you. It is such a wonderful community of supportive entrepreneurs.  It is a dance. There are days where you kick butt. And there will be days when you feel too low to continue. You will question why you are even trying to accomplish this online business thing.  It is never as bad as you think, and it is probably not as great as you think.  You have to work through your emotions and know that you can still make a difference and grow. Tomorrow is another day. Always know that you are making a difference in someone’s life. Whether that’s a reader, a family member, or someone you’ve never met.  It was fun to do this episode for you all. I hope you learned more about me and my reasons and goals for this podcast. Now, why don’t you go right on over and join the Facebook group, and then head to MiloTree and let us help you with getting your blog set up or with some personal coaching?  Transcript for "What I've Learned From Reaching 100+ Episodes" Imagine a world where growing your social media followers and email list was easy… It can be with MiloTree! Try the MiloTree pop-up app on your blog for 30 days risk-free! Let your MiloTree pop-ups help you get to that next level by turning your visitors into email subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. Sign up today! Install your MiloTree pop-ups on your site in under two minutes. Sign up for MiloTree now and get your first 30 DAYS FREE!  
You asked for it (well, at least one of you did), and so we are finally covering the listeners' choice that was selected from our 2019 Listener Survey! That's right, we're discussing Pascal Laugier's controversial 2008 film Martyrs (aka the most anti-spoiler film ever made)! Big thanks to listener Brian Conmy for helping us pull the trigger on covering this masterful and deeply upsetting film. Major trigger warnings for anyone who has never seen Martyrs, because this film is one of the most disturbing films ever made. That's not hyperbole!  Join us as we discuss what might be the most extreme example of white privilege ever put on screen (seriously, these people are so rich that they seemingly have all the time in the world to torture young women just so they can find out what happens after we die) and assign a few different readings to the film, including a very positive queer reading that might turn a few people around on it. We'll also try to answer questions that have followed the film since its 2008 release, including but not limited to: Is it torture porn? Is it misogynistic? Does it have a purpose? Why would someone make this endurance test of a film? Oh! And as an added bonus, both of us secretly watched the 2015 American remake without telling the other one, so we spend a little bit of time comparing the two films (hint: the original is better). Lastly, here are all of the articles we reference in the episode: The New Extremism in Cinema: From France to Europe (eds: Tanya Horeck & Tina Kendall) Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity by Alex West Martyrs: Evoking France’s Cinematic and Historical Past by Daniel Totaro Martyrs by Scott Tobias The Philosophy of ‘Martyrs’: Transcendence in Torture by Andrew Couzens Keep Doubting: Why Martyrs is One of Horror's Most Biting Critiques on Systems of Violence and Oppression by Angi Martyrs (2008): Movie Plot Ending Explained at Questions? Comments? Snark? Connect with the boys via our brand new Twitter handle @horrorqueers, like our Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group. > Trace: @tracedthurman > Joe: @bstolemyremote Support the boys on Patreon and shop our online store for your very own Horror Queers merchandise!  Check out the NEW online articles on Bloody Disgusting
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DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 248: CHRIS AND JOHN DN REBOOT Chris and John look at a mighty stack of titles, spend more time than you’d think getting deep into the Beverly Hills Cop series, realize that what the British think are the all-time great films and what Americans do are often two very different lists, get… Read More »Digital Noise Episode 248: Chris and John DN Reboot
Rachel's favorite story structure! Griffin's favorite secret portals! Rachel's favorite clipping friend! Griffin's favorite funk anthem!Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -  
We are loving a sober Valentines Day & we are chatting about our relationship dynamics and what works well for us! If you’re anywhere on the relationship spectrum- know that every step is valuable to who you are & who you’re meant to love.
This week the OE crew sits down with Happy Jo Lucky a personal chef in the Austin area.  Find out where her passion for food comes from and so much more this week.  Please subscribe and follow us on Instagram: @oe_podcast & Twitter: oe_podcast1 For personal chef inquiries from Happy Jo Lucky The B.F.F. Chef you can follow her on Instagram:happy_jo_lucky_9 
I visit the backyard production studio of Troy Smith, creator of the wildly popular youtube channel T-Roy Cooks. We talk about his path to Austin, his background, general grilling info and the birth and growth of his channel. This is another fun one y’all, check it out and check out his youtube channel you’ll be glad you did and Cook Responsibly!
Videogame wizard and all around nice boy Allen Smith joins the gang to talk about this year's Valentine's Day hit, Sonic The Hedgehog! The gang talks about making a new game, Kenny and Allen relive their college glory days, and they talk about what really happened at the Oscars! Like this episode? Donate to our Patreon to get exclusive access to even more episodes, including all previous Movie Marathon episodes. Rate, review, and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.
Goals. Deadlines.Staying motivated to finally stick to your plans for becoming a new you this year. Oh and don’t forget your fitness goals. We have a two part episode for you were we talk about goal setting and some tips that can help you become better at doing it. As well as some fire fitness tips and advice from our guest the 2019 Mr. Ohio Bodybuilding Champion Justin Mihaly. We sit down with Justin and talk about fitness and how its evolved as well as plenty of advice to help get or keep you on track. Make sure to check out part 2 of this interview as well which is out now! Justin’s Info: IG: @jmihalyfit @teammihaly AFAM Info: @afampodcast @ctv2.0 @chelseadittrich
After loosing a massive billboard from the top of a building and being confronted by a mysterious attacker Drex, Marlowe and Ye Kim continue their venture into the world of G.R.I.D.br34k3r. Their antics have attracted the attention of the oppressive G.R.I.D. and they're still no closer to uncovering the identity of their target. This episode was edited by Emily Schmemily of the Dunston Checks Min and Go Go Godzilla podcasts on the Benview Network. Songs used in this episode: Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! - Zuul Alive in Leeds - Bing Satellites Escape from Germany - Lazerhawk OCTILARY - Chill Trap Beat Netra - Jusqu'au​-​boutiste Ghosts 5 - Nine Inch Nails SFX used in this episode: Siren - Nahlin83 Car start and stop - Botha9johann Running - RackhamsRever Car door close, engine start - FedeFrede Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Slow Pace - SpliceSound Footsteps, Tile, Male Sneakers, Fast Pace - SpliceSound Keypad no tone - MootMcnoodles Wind Houling 1 - Bosk1 World Trade Center during wind storm - xzuma Opening and closing metal mailbox - CGEffex knife sharpen 04 - Anthousai window_cleaning - tim.kahn Glass Squeaking - ftpalad plunger_pop_1 - LloydEvans 09 hissing_gas - zischendes gas - Taberius Tools-Power_Drill-Heavy-On-03 - DWOBoyle Zipper04 - sound_ims circ_saw-04 - kolczok Body fall 2 - Adam_N Steel chain being dropped - Ani_Music big thud3 - reitanna Quiet City Centre Carpark - richwise Left Gravel Footstep 1 - Ali_6868 Little blender - DimitrisM Helicopter - alegemaate Electric Servo + Extra SFX  - DCSFX Tools-Power_Drill-Small-On-01 - DWOBoyle SCanTear1 - StevenJMUK Arc Welding - kev_durr Basement Motor/Boiler 1 - caquet sparks - Marregheriti SciFi Gun - Laser Automatic Fast - dpren Garand_slide_forward - Mpierluissi V8 Supercar fly-by - FFKoenigsegg20012017 Car Breaking Skid 01. - Medartimus LightMachineGun2 - SuperPhat AE0092 Volvo 740 GLE handbrake turn 03 - Audible-Edge drag gravel - adejabor 09 Car engine - 15HPanska_Ruttner_Jan Servo04 - LG Releasing Pressure - soundslikewillem Car_Door_Close_02 - Meisben All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution.  Support Ghostpuncher and Ghostpuncher Corps at Join the Ghostpuncher Discord here: Contact Ghostpuncher Corps at This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.  
Come with us on a journey to hell and back, with nothing but our pale blue fur, skinny legs and human teeth. Spencer of Idiots Discuss the Universe and The Odious fame joins us as Ash reveals Spencer's sorted history, Avery can't get over how much this movie is just Detective Pikachu, and Spencer extorts Ash and Avery over $12.50.
From 1840 to 1882, Queen Victoria managed to survive SEVEN assassination attempts. Lauren dives into these crazy stories, plus another brush with death the Queen had as a teenager, in our final chapter on the Burned Letters of Queen Victoria.
Ali Dineen is a singer-songwriter and musician based in New York City. She’s performed her original music from the American folk tradition at the Savannah Music Festival, the American Folk Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Folk Festival, just to name a few. Ali’s lyrics have been described as poetic and deeply personal. When talking about her new EP, Hold On, she said, “This album grew out of personal heartbreak, and the feeling of a collective heartbreak as we’ve watched the world descend farther into fascism and irreversible climate catastrophe… It took moving through heartbreak and disillusionment and grief, to arrive not at ecstasy or a belief that everything will be okay, but at the realization that life continues somehow and is resilient… no matter how long we’ve got, we need to love, and fight relentlessly for one another.” Ali was recently awarded a Helene Wurlitzer Foundation residency in Taos, New Mexico, where she’s spending the winter working on her next creative endeavor. Credits: Hosted and produced by Eleanor Bennett. Executive Producer is Thea Wood. "Hold On" and "Prayer" by Ali Dineen. Voiceover by Cathryn Wood. Photo by by Alexis Lim, styling by Athena Zammit. Album art by Ali Dineen. In this episode, Ali Dineen covers:How leaving a hand-written note on a stranger’s door led her to a lifelong friend and mentorIntersections between her own music and the larger histories of the American folk traditionWhy her personal encounters with pain and grief have allowed her to know joyPaying homage to folk traditions and spirituals from the US, the oldest of which were created by black people suffering under slavery and terrible oppressionCredits:Host: Eleanor BennettProduction: Eleanor BennettExecutive Producer: Thea WoodVoiceover: Cathryn WoodPhotos by Alexis Lim, styling by Athena ZammitAlbum art by Ali DineenDonate to BCF TODAY and help us amplify the voices and careers of women in music!Guest LinksWeb site: alidineen.comInstagram: @ali_dineen Ali Dineen Music: 
Tiffany Threadgould the GVP of Design and Engineering at TerraCycle, Inc & Loop Global stops by to talk about crafting, recycling and how to join those two in more than just your average up-cycled project. You might know Terracycle as a company that turns old diapers and cigarette butts into park benches. Did you know they can recycle glue stick tubes, spent markers and party balloons too? Loop is another exciting endeavor from Terracycle where currently you can get your Pantene shampoo, Clorox wipes and countless other brands sent to you in a reusable container. When you are done you send the container in, they fill it up and send it back. Imagine if we could do that with craft paint bottles! It might be happening sooner than you think.Find Out More About Tiffany Threadgould and Terracycle Jennifer Perkins Website Instagram Myrriah Gossett https://www.myrriahgossett.comMUSIC: Chris Boehk
Culture Crawl ATX jumping right into the 13th episode discussing views and opinions on Kobe.
"I think it’s ok to be in a space of feeling lost at points in your life. That’s actually a great place to be." Two years on from our first interview, Episode 18, which I highly recommend listening to before you proceed with this one, I recently had the privilege of a tour of the new home and art studio of Roi James. It was great to have the chance to further the dialogue and talk more about Roi’s successful career, where he finds himself now, and where he might be headed. And just like in our first conversation there is no lack of vulnerably on Roi’s part, as he shares his thoughts about being in an in-between place, recuperating and settling into the rhythms of his new space, finding inspiration, and contemplating the necessity to take his whole life and artwork to the next level. We also notably discuss the likely reasons for his success, pricing artwork, portraiture, art market challenges, and we go a little more in depth about loving more deeply and how that manifests in his life. Portrait of Roi on the roof of is new home. Photo by Scott David Gordon Bio courtesy of Roi's website The Story Of My Work I was 28 when I realized I wanted to become a painter. Until then and to this day, I had never studied art nor had any formal training. I’d always had the “gift” and recall my kindergarten teacher showing my mother my drawings and expressing how advanced they were for my age. But art was not a realistic occupation as I’d been indoctrinated into the “tragic artist” mythology, that to become one was to lead a sad and ultimately unfortunate life. So quite by accident, at 28, I attended a life drawing class and within the first 30 seconds of the first drawing, in the most supernatural way, I was was transformed. It would be another seven years before I had my first gallery show. Between then I poured over books of the techniques of the old masters and immersed myself in tens of thousands of images, slowly developing a rich visual vocabulary. I became enamored with the painters Titian, Vermeer, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, among others and with the romantic landscapes of Claude Lorrain, J.M.W. Turner, and Caspar David Friedrich. It was the majestic beauty and drama in these artist’s paintings and the long tradition of disciplined study and technique that attracted and inspired me. It would become the holy grail of what I would hope to find in my own work. And so my early paintings were infused with the dramatic play of light on human bodies and landscapes. I achieved a degree of success with this early work which in 1998, allowed me to quit my full-time job as a graphic designer at Dell Computer and focus entirely on painting. Though I continued to work in the traditional style of layered glazing in oils, I was already feeling a pull away from convention and a desire to explore painting’s greater possibilities. Where it had been a hunger for tradition and discipline that established my foundation, I was now compelled by a meditative thoughtfulness in being present and a desire to release myself into the uncertain world of abstract and conceptual painting. This began a ten year transition away from one style and method and into the new. However, my interest in form and beauty never wavered. Even the method of applying layered glazes continued to instruct my new work, though from a very unique and self invented process. My new paintings are spontaneous and abandoned Meditations, appearing as quiet spaces or joyful dances on the canvas. My Constructs are architectural explorations of color and surface, simultaneously both painting and sculptural relief. Fundamentally, despite their dissimilar surfaces and the contrast to my earlier romantic period, this new work remains true to my commitment to beauty and form. Architectura 01.14.20, 2020 Oil on Panel 30 x 30 in Current/Recent Exhibitions Spectrum New Work by Roi James JANUARY 18th - FEBRUARY 22nd, 2020 Davis Gallery 837 West 12th Street Austin, TX 78701 512-477-4929 Davis Gallery is proud to announce Spectrum, Roi James' first solo exhibit in Austin in nearly a decade. In this new collection, James presents works ranging from brilliant, undulating polychrome constructs, to delicate oil paintings contemplating the expanses of the open sea. Over the course of his career, James has boldly shifted his artistic vision, reinventing himself many times over and enjoying consistent success along the way. His mastery of several mediums and styles has attracted national attention and local fame. Spectrum, represents his latest triumphs, and delivers a complete series of diverse, significant work. This exhibit will be on view from January 18th through February 22nd, 2020. I Am Forever -framed, oil on canvas 35.25 x 27.25 in. Not for Sale Some of the subjects we discuss: The last two years Getting used to new space Arriving and landing Confronting voices Parasite movie Not one or the other Talent from the start Marketable work Driven to learn and grow Getting help Selling work Leaving a gallery Changing landscape Connecting in new ways Democratizing art New collectors How to price work Current prices Spectrum at Davis Portraiture Self portraits Fonda San Miguel Working in new space Feeling lost Feeling empowered Unsure about interview Thinking about cancer Loving more deeply Creating moments To the next level Getting rid of things Different choices The gift of song Violon D"ingres Roi looking at the view from his new studio. Photo by Scott David Gordon Roi looking at the view from his new studio. Photo by Scott David Gordon Contact Roi This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Intro music generously provided by Stan Killian Support this podcast.Support Austin Art Talk PodcastLinks:Contemporary Abstract Expressionism: The Art of Roi JamesSpectrum | New Work by Roi James | Davis GalleryAustin Art Talk Podcast Episode 18: Roi James - Leaps of FaithFonda San Miguelmeaning and origin of ‘violon d’Ingres’
In this rerun of an episode originally recorded last February, Jackie Venson explains how seeing  “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” from the movie “Evita,” changed the way she listened to music and the way she saw herself. Then she describes her journey from classical pianist to blues guitarist. It’s a tale of soul expanding love, self crushing doubt, and musical perseverance. Listen to this episode of This Song Venson will be co-hosting the Austin Music Awards on March 11th at ACLive at Moody Theater. Get your tickets here. Tristan Ipock Listen on The Apple Podcasts App, iTunes Spotify or Stitcher Listen to Songs from this episode of This Song  
Have you already finished your taxes? Chances are you haven’t. Whether it is satisfying the Cohan Rule, automating your accounting processes, or taking hours (or even days) to file a Schedule E, we can all use some insight into best accounting practices for the year-end tax season. As tax season is well upon us, we share three tips for getting through it. In this podcast, we'll cover three important tips that will help make this tax season, your most relaxed tax season yet. Read more at --- Send in a voice message:
Dr. Judianne Kellaway, associate dean for admissions and outreach at the Long School of Medicine in San Antonio, TX joins us to discuss how their school uses the CASPer assessment.  We go into some detail about many aspects of the CASPer, so here are some links to help you continue your research: CASPer website ( How CASPer Works ( Dr. Kellaway also discusses the Standardized One Way Video Interview pilot they are starting this application cycle. Please keep an eye out if you receive an invitation to participate and help Long SOM with developing this aspect of the application.
Today, Brian & Cargill celebrate Independence February.The guys discuss the cast, the blueprint this movie created for an entire genre, and why it just may be the most perfect blockbuster of the 90s. Also discussed are weird deleted scenes, Keegan-Michael Balfour, and Brian shamefully confesses what movie he saw in theaters instead of Independence Day. Checkmate.

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