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Creation Date August 3rd, 2020
Updated Date Updated June 14th, 2022
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About This List

I'm a simple person, pal. I listen to a podcast, I hyperfixate. That's it. Some of these podcasts I haven't listened in a couple of months (or perhaps years, who knows?), but they will always have a special place in my heart. (I will also be submitting those that I want to listen to, so... It's a very eclectic list. I hope you like it, though.) Feel free to poke around!
  1. I don't know how to describe these, but most of them talk about hell and have the same vibe.

  2. The year is 1999. Lurking somewhere between Hot Topic and the food court, five misfit demons from Hell kill time inciting sin in a suburban shopping mall. When the lead singer of their band goes mysteriously missing, the demons only have two we
  3. Someone is changing all the streetlights in Pepper Heights, Cleveland. The color of nighttime is shifting. Everyone thinks they know what happened at the Pepper Heights Zoo… But do they, really? Dane, a spun-out musician spending the winter in
  4. In the mountains of central Appalachia, blood runs as deep as these hollers and just as dark. Since before our kind knew these hills, hearts of unknowable hunger and madness have slumbered beneath them. These are the darkest mountains in the wo
  5. Blood magic, Voodoo magic, old gods, new gods: We've got it all! Follow the story of misfits from all over the world, as they try to survive and protect their heritage from modern-day crusaders. Created by Samy Souissi.
  6. The audio sitcom that spits in the face of God. Bea is a 10,000-year-old demon who fought in the rebellion against the tyrant god Yahweh. Claire is a 30-year-old atheist. They live together in Slope Hill, Brooklyn. And Hell is coming after them
  7. Six women. One book. And a demon from hell. This is Calling Darkness, an audio drama that follows the mishaps of six girls who inadvertently summon a demon and have to deal with the chilling consequences. Calling Darkness is a horror comedy sho
  8. Attention HellMart Shoppers! is a twice monthly horror/comedy audio-drama. Join the staff of HelloMart, a big box super-store built on top of the gates of hell, as they battle the forces of evil in order to bring you the best customer service m
  1. My comfort pods, also known as: "Mom And Dad, I’m Gay And Also Stronger Than Both Of You, So Don’t Try Any Shit"

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