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Popcorn and Podcasts: Best Movie Podcasts

This is a list of some excellent movie podcasts that are available on Podchaser. This list is constantly being updated, so if you have a favorite, let me know!

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Created May 28, 2021

Updated November 29, 2023



  1. A movie review podcast by Rashanii & Brandon where we take movies that were favorites of ours from the '80s, '90s, and beyond and rewatch them again now to see if they still hold up. Most do not.
  2. Jeff Vs The World Podcast is the home for “Hood Classics” Podcast where me and the homie Shahid review movies in the only way we know how with style and humor.Also Jeff Vs The World Podcast is the home of the “I’m Not Dave” Wrestling Podcast.
  3. We are a weekly Comic Book and Pop Culture podcast that discusses the current events in Entertainment, Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows and Pop Culture in general. We also have special episodes that go in to depth on your favorite and some little
  4. Join the Film Rage Crew, Jim, Bryce and Murray as they discuss movies currently playing, coming soon, streaming and from the past. Passionate, opinionated talk about actors, directors and everything to do with cinema. They love movies just like
  5. Every film nerd has those movies they've never seen and are embarrassed to admit. From bygone classics they've just never taken the time to watch to that recent hit they missed. In this podcast hosts Andrew "Fish" and Jay swallow their pride an
  6. Newlyweds bein’ nerdy about movies! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shoottheflick/support
  7. 4 friends compete in various contests. Whoever loses has to watch a terrible movie. Filled with reviews of good and bad movies. Please subscribe! Want in on the conversation? Add us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram @GameForAMovie
  8. Welcome to the Munsons at the Movies podcast where we discuss a randomly selected actor on each episode and rate their career and impact off-screen on the Munson Meter.
  9. Flicks XRayed is book club but for movies, each week we have a round table discussion about a film and invite guests to weigh in, review and rate the film of the week. We like to dig up films that may have been forgotten or are picks straight o
  10. Singer/songwriter Jon Cross and a variety of guest hosts mull over movies, comedically riff on a variety of topics and champion filmic underdogs.Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-after-movie-diner-podcast-
  11. Movie Reviews and Podcast
  12. The InSession Film podcast reviews all the movies you want to hear about. We talk directors, actors, scores, and all the fun stuff movies has to offer.
  13. They are in your theaters, they are in your neighbors homes, and even your own. They have come to destroy your childhood and ruin your future. Only one podcast can protect you from the Invasion of the Remake! Invasion of the Remake is a weekl
  14. Nostalgia is a funny thing. Six friends discussing it is even funnier.Join us as we reflect on some of the best and worst movies from last century and rewatch them On Second Watch. Did they get better with age? Worse? Only one way to find out
  15. The Podcast where Actors, Filmmakers, Critics & Content Creators get to dissect their favorite films! Over 200 episodes!! ⭐️🍿Twitter: @Blockbustercast - Guest Inquiries: [email protected]
  16. Join Liam Creswick, Gregg Beever, and Scott C. Bourgeois as they examine Hollywood’s most mediocre movies and attempt to rewrite a better film. How could the Man of Steel be less of a Man of Heel? What could Ghostbusters II have done to make bu
  17. The award-winning comedy podcast that celebrates bad movies. Comedians and actors Paul Scheer (The League), June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie), and Jason Mantzoukas (Big Mouth) break down the very best of the worst films ever made—we’re tal
  18. Nathan and Brendan discuss truly awful movies while trying to keep their sanity in tact. Full disclosure: We may be in love with the movies we deem terrible. New episodes uploaded every Thursday! Logo created by Mariah Lirette. Theme song by Ta
  19. Breaking down all the news of Hollywood, TV, movies and more! Come listen for expert opinions and my Take Too
  20. Scott is a delusional young man who watch the wackiest television shows and movies to get to the bottom of what they weren't feeding the writers. He also drags his friends, family, and wife in on the adventure!
  21. Welcome to Collateral Cinema, the ONLY movie podcast that matters! ...Where we focus on good movies, bad movies, and everything else in the world of cinema! We podcast straight from somewhere in south Texas, and yes, we ARE a 420-friendly podca
  22. Welcome to Punk Rock Horror Podcast the only podcast where the love of horror movies meets punk rock culture ran by two horror fanatics Matt and Cody who love to talk about all things horror. Every other week Matt and Cody discuss themes and co
  23. We are the Reel Feel Podcast, every other Wednesday we‘ll bring you a new movie with all the feels you can handle. We‘ll laugh, we‘ll cry and possibly restrain the frustration to curse the heavens. Lots is to be had, reviews, input, film bash
  24. Shocked and Applaud is a Podcast devoted to an in-depth scene-by-scene analysis (spoilers) of some of the strangest film that is worth a double take. With hosts Naomi McQuade and Lydia Malcolm, co-hosted and produced by Jen McQuade. Movie facts
  25. A nostalgic weekly podcast where a married couple rewatches and reviews our favorite 90's and 2000's movies to decide if they hold up to our adult standards. New episodes now every Tuesday.
  26. Kasi, Jarin, and Anthony are your inebriated hosts that discuss all types of media (movies, TV series or video games) that makes us happy or cringe.
  27. Each week Jon Pernisek and Brandon Shockney rate the latest movie trailers via their highly scientific system: Stub It, Stream It, or Skip It. Stick around for The Vault, a segment in which your hosts examine a trailer from yesteryear, and don’
  28. We have a VHS collection, an internet connection and uninformed opinions.Thanks to their generous contributions to the JDRF to help find a cure for Type one Diabetes, we are proudly presented by our good friends Jack Thorne, Zach Whittier and T
  29. Several years ago 4 self confessed movie fanatics ruined their favourite pastime by having children. Now we are telling the world about the movies we missed and the frequently awful kids tv we are now subjected to. We like to think we're funny.
  30. Screaming Cinema is a Horror Movie Podcast where Max , James Cole, Preston & Tyler review, discuss, rate and give their recommendations to Horror films. They will cover new releases, Blu-ray & 4K releases, franchises, 80's slashers, movies stre
  31. Three friends realized that they all have very different tastes in movies, and hadn't seen many of each other's favourites. So, they decided to remedy that. Join Jackie, Jenn and Austin each week as they suffer through each other's picks and gi
  32. Hosted by special agents Scott & Cam, SPYHARDS goes deep undercover into the shadowy world of cloak and dagger cinema on a mission to determine the greatest spy films of all time.
  33. Nerd Sh*t and Sports. Good Friends, Reel Talk
  34. The high octane, hot take spewing podcast where an Anglophile in Acadia, a Bay Area Drummer and E Commerce Impresario, a Litigious Lothario, and a Wannabe Screenwriter review your favorite movies.
  35. Happy Horror Time is hosted by Tim Murdock & Matt Emert – two off-the-wall gay guys who LOOOOOVE scary movies. We discuss recently released horror films, making sure to spoil everything along the way. We're unpolished, unscripted, and a ton
  36. Join a husband and wife team, one is a film composer and the other is a musician. Together they offer their opinions on film scores and the films they are for.
  37. A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.
  38. Do you love comics, movies, video games, horror, and everything in between? I know we do. Every week your hosts, Josh, and Ben will bring you all of your nerdy needs. Movie commentaries, trailer break downs, versus, news, and all sorts of conve
  39. Your go-to source for ratings and recommendations of past and present films. We'll help you decide whether you should see a movie in theaters, catch it on rental or streaming service, or avoid it. We plan to bring you bi-weekly shows in a var
  40. Welcome to Late Fee Cinema! We are a podcast that focuses on interviewing professionals from the film industry and voicing our opinion on movies altogether. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, movie lover, or simply a curious person, you have fou
  41. Come pack a bowl and join the conversation with Mantis and Brianna as they take some time to introduce you to a new film and then discuss it as only two friends without any credentials could; casually. Just because you didn't ask for their opin
  42. For Your Reference is a TV/Film Review & Interview podcast. Tomatometer-Approved publication and APA Award nominated for Best Arts & Culture podcast. Hosted by your favourite friends and lovers, KT & Oti.
  43. Horror movie reviews, analyses, kill grades, and interviews with Shudder filmmakers. Breaking down interesting scenes, kills, characters, and the fears your favorite horror movies tap into. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes! Follow on Twit
  44. Welcome to Filmshake, your go-to podcast for ’90s movies. From cringe-worthy flops to epic blockbusters, we cover the best and worst films of the most bodacious decade in cinema!
  45. A comedy podcast about the greatest stories of our age, Hallmark and made for TV movies.
  46. Your soon-to-be new favourite transatlantic film review podcast, trawling through the blockbusters and critical darlings in search of the best film ever.
  47. Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen review new and classic movies, offering "affable, insightful film analysis since 2005" (NY Times).
  48. Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
  49. "Medium Popcorn (a.k.a. Ni**as Spoiling Movies) might not be the most scholarly, civilized movie review podcast out there, but damnit to hell, it’s the funniest." (Craig Lindsey, AV Club) Film enthusiasts Brandon Collins and Justin Brown host t
  50. Since 2010, the We Hate Movies podcast has been loudly celebrating and tearing apart movies from across the spectrum: from forgotten '80s actioners and insane romantic comedies of the '90s, to the early CGI blockbusters of the aughts and the hy
  51. Eli Bosnick, Heath Enwright, and Noah Lugeons team up for a weekly attempt to prove that if god existed, his PR couldn't possibly be this bad.
  52. Kyle and Trisha talk movie news, introduce their friends to classic films, and share stories from their time working in theatres. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mydrunkmovietheatre/support
  53. Welcome to the TV Zone Podcast Network, A network of podcasters covering TV/Films, and Sports
  54. Covering All Things QueerThe Queer Queue brings you the critical analysis and film history of some of your favorite LGBTQ+ films. Our hosts engage in a lively discussion about all things queer and film. Each season revolves around a specific
  55. A decidedly non-intellectual film discussion podcast, where, each episode, one of the hosts forces the others to watch a movie then they come together to discuss. You know, like one of those pretentious book clubs they used to have when books w