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Creation Date July 7th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  2. In this conversation I talk to This American Life's Ira Glass. He shares his thoughts on the podcasting market and how he thinks it's changed during the last decade or so, as well as where it might go in the future. He also shares a few thoughts about what podcasts he listens to and who he thinks is the the real 'podfather'. This conversation is one of the many I am making available over the next week or two from the Podcast Project. If you'd like to learn more about this project, go to for more details. And if you'd like to subscribe to future podcasts in this series and other areas we talk about here at the NextMarket podcast, subscribe using the following channels below: Website: iTunes: RSS: Stitcher Radio:
  3. Reporter Andrew Leland has always loved to read. An early love of books in childhood eventually led to a job in publishing with McSweeney’s where Andrew edited essays and interviews, laid out articles, and was trained to take as much care with the look and feel of the words as he did with the expression of the ideas in the text. But as much as Andrew loves print, he has a condition that will eventually change his relationship to it pretty radically. He’s going blind. And this fact has made him deeply curious about how blind people experience literature and the long history of designing a tactile language that sometimes suffered from trying to be too universal. The Universal Page
  4. In this episode, Siddhartha Mukherjee, oncologist, researcher, and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer,” discusses his writing process, his thoughts about medicine, cancer, immunotherapy, and his recent collaboration on a study combining a ketogenic diet with a drug in mice that provided remarkable and encouraging results. We discuss: Sid’s background [5:00]; How Sid and Peter met [6:00]; Sid’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book: The Emperor of All Maladies [8:00]; Sid’s writing process: the tenets of writing [12:30]; Our struggle to find preventable, human, chemical carcinogens of substantial impact [23:30]; The three laws of medicine — Law #1: A strong intuition is much more powerful than a weak test [26:30]; Law #2 of medicine: “Normals” teach us rules; “outliers” teach us laws [32:00]; Law #3 of medicine: For every perfect medical experiment, there is a perfect human bias [35:00]; The excitement around immunotherapy [38:15]; The story of Gleevec [46:00]; How does the body's metabolic state affect cancer? [49:30]; Can a nutritional state be exploited and/or a drug sensitivity be exploited through a nutritional intervention? [52:00]; How does Sid balance his family, writing, research, laboratory, and patients? [1:00:30]; and More. Learn more at Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.
  5. In this episode, Rick Rubin, legendary music producer and co-founder of Def Jam Records and American Recordings, discusses his early foray into music production which started as a hobby as a teenager and ultimately turned into a Grammy award-winning career that produced revolutionary changes in the music industry. Rick has worked with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Johnny Cash, just to name a small fraction. Rick talks about the pain and suffering that sometimes drives music and the cycle of drug addiction and how he has been able to help artists through those struggles to make space for their creative genius. We also get into Rick’s own personal health journey including his battle with depression, his struggle with obesity, and ultimately his extraordinary transformation. Finally, Rick shares a really significant health scare which required emergency heart surgery, and how that experience has impacted him. We discuss: Early career, and the birth of hip hop [7:15]; Early success of Def Jam Recordings, and working with LL Cool J [13:15]; Revolutionary changes in music: LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, and Run DMC [19:30]; Partnership with Columbia Records, and leaving Def Jam [26:45]; The success of Licensed to Ill: how it took off, and how it changed things [36:00]; American Recordings: Rick’s transition to rock and roll [39:15]; Working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the poetic nature of music [45:45]; Rick’s favorite music that he did NOT produce [53:00]; Prevalence of drug use and emotional pain in musicians: Rick’s experience with helping artists through their struggles [57:20]; NYC vs. LA hip hop [1:05:30]; Rick’s battle with depression [1:10:00]; Coping with the death of artists that Rick worked with [1:22:00]; Working with Johnny Cash [1:26:45]; Working with Rage Against the Machine [1:34:30]; The digital age of music: Have we lost something? [1:37:45]; Rick’s health journey and battle with obesity [1:42:45]; Radical weight loss: How Rick was finally able to shed the weight [2:00:15]; Total transformation: Exercise and training with Laird Hamilton [2:11:00]; Emergency surgery: Rick’s frightening heart condition [2:25:30]; Methylene blue and exogenous ketones: Are they neuroprotective? [2:46:15]; The most profound thing Rick learned about himself from his heart condition and major surgery? [2:52:30]; What life lessons does Rick wish to impart on his son? [2:57:30]; and More. Learn more at Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.
  6. Roman Mars is the host of the wildly popular design podcast “99% Invisible” and has been called “the Ira Glass of design.” With several hundred episodes in the can over its six years in existence, it’s covered everything from “Unsung Icons of Soviet Design” to Love Park’s place in skateboarding history to DIY space suits, all through the same lens of - as he says - “telling stories that make you notice and appreciate the world in a different way,” drawing attention to the world of design around us that is 99% invisible (hence the title of the show). He’s also the creator of the world’s most popular design-focused TED Talk and co-founder of the podcast collective Radiotopia. Today on the podcast, * He says that “lack of success gives you a certain amount of freedom” - I love this because I see so many people stressing about the fact that they aren’t a household name yet - embrace it! This is your chance to try crazy, cool stuff - and if you mess it up then it doesn’t matter because nobody’s watching. * We get into something I talked about recently on this show which is finding your personal style - he has a great way of putting it: try on as many things as possible until you find your voice. * He gets into what he’s learned as the show has scaled and relies not just on him but on a team. This is tough for many creators who are super comfortable doing things alone and have to make a lot of adjustments once it becomes a team effort. Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This podcast is brought to you by CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the world's largest hub for online creative education in photo/video, art/design, music/audio, craft/maker and the ability to make a living in any of those disciplines. They are high quality, highly curated classes taught by the world’s top experts -- Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy Award winners, New York Times best selling authors and the best entrepreneurs of our times.
  7. Ben loves podcasts, but he has a problem. When he tries to listen to one podcast in particular, his car stereo completely breaks. This week, Super Tech Support takes on one of its strangest cases — Roman Mars versus a 2016 Mazda sedan. LISTEN TO 99 % Invisible! Roman Mars' 99% Invisible podcast Podcasts featured in this episode iTunes: ^space^ - <~> - 100% Related? - 88% Parentheticals - BONUS PODCAST!: {Blank} + {Blank} = FUN - RSS: ^space^ - <~> - 100% Related? - 88% Parentheticals - BONUS PODCAST!: {Blank} + {Blank} = FUN - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  8. This week, a flood of mysterious orders plague Domino’s Pizza stores across America. Who is Adam Pisces, and why is he ordering so many cokes? Domino's Responsible Disclosure to report any vulnerabilities on their app Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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