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Katherine Eban is the author of several amazing books exposing half-truths in the generic drug industry and more.  Support your vitamin D levels this winter! http://bit.ly/38k28ND Use code podcast to save Links to notes and books: http://bit.ly/2LY5qwY
Support your body’s declining Vitamin D level this winter with new D3 Absorb by MYOXCIENCE: bit.ly/vitamin-d3-absorb *Use code Podcast to save Link to studies and video we mention: bit.ly/3oOqntb Link to video on testing Acetone for monitoring Fat Loss: https://youtu.be/IOCsaE5aul8
Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey faces major blowback for telling Americans they should stop eating processed trash and take responsibility for their health.  Twitter had a melt down. People seemingly don't want to hear that eating Pop Tarts and Sugar Cookies are connected to their dis-ease(s). Support your vitamin D levels this winter! https://bit.ly/vitamin-d3-absorb Use code podcast to save Link to Video: https://youtu.be/41b3pkw8TPw
Loss of smell is a clue to upcoming “pre-clinical” neurodegenerative disease. Curiously, loss of smell associated with post-COVID-19 may be exacerbated in folks who have pre-existing cognitive impairment. Here's some science: https://bit.ly/38Un8cy Support your Thymus Health: https://myoxcience.com/collections/new-2020-formulas Save w/ code Podcast
Hope you’re having a great holiday season! (The best you can under the circumstances that is.) Now for a controversial solo podcast: I had COVID-19 The symptoms for our family were nothing like what the media talks about, so wanted to share this with you. Links to Show Notes and Research: http://bit.ly/rona-real-talk Links to Products Mentioned: https://myoxcience.com
Support your gut health with Vitamin D Essential Fatty Nutrients: http://bit.ly/vitamin-d-k-2-blend Use code podcast to save 15% Link to Show Notes, Associated Video and research: https://highintensityhealth.com/hashimotos-and-autoimmune-thyroid-linked-with-poor-gut-health-sibo-says-dr-ruscio/
New data links Vitamin D to healthful changes in your gut bacteria and immunity. Essential Fatty Nutrients: http://bit.ly/vitamin-d-k-2-blend Use code podcast to save Link to video: https://youtu.be/jx0NzNQodSk
Feeding and fasting at similar times each day can entrain (align) your body’s internal clocks. //Support Your Sleep & Circadian Biology with BluBlox // the makers of the best blue light filtering glasses, sleep masks and more https://www.blublox.com *Use code HIH to save Early adopter of this TRF strategy, Alessandro Ferretti shares the details. Link to video: https://bit.ly/TRF-sleep
Researchers say COVID-19 is a Syndemic, not a Pandemic. We discuss more about what this means and how it changes our approach towards managing the outbreak. Save on MYOXCIENCE's new ProBioMaintain SB: https://bit.ly/Sac-Boulardii Use code funny at checkout to save Link to related Video: https://youtu.be/L-phoIh4kos
Despite little evidence indicating gyms and fitness centers are a significant source of new infections, policy makers around the world closing them, anyway. We review the immunological costs of these strategies and the many health benefits of regular exercise.  Support your Vitamin D, Iodine and Zinc levels this winter with MYOXCIENCE Nutrition  Use code hurry17 to save 17% OFF now through Monday 11/30   Link to live stream video & science: https://youtu.be/yNTfrrwzZ1U
Today's show is brought to you by Health Code! https://gethlth.com The makers of the very tasty Complete Meal, formulated by Metabolic Researcher, Ben Bikman, PhD Save using code HIH at checkoutJames Nestor, author of Breath reveals many intricacies of breathing that are very important for your health. Full Video & Show Notes: https://youtu.be/r9brGbPGJeY ➢Breath is a must read book: https://amzn.to/2KdREFV
Matt Kaeberlein, PhD discusses the buzz about the vaccine lately.... What's not being discussed, however is something renowned longevity researcher Matt Kaeberlein, PhD says is really important to consider: The vaccine is least likely to work in people who need it most  :-(  In this short clip, he discusses how your biological age impacts immunity and the effectiveness of a vaccine response.  P.S. Here's the full-length show discussing ways to improve the age of your immune system: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz
Brian Keith and John Robb share fascinating insights about network tribalism and how it’s hurting our social connections. Link to that show: redbeard.am Support Your Vitamin D Levels this Fall: http://bit.ly/2VFt6ut Lockdowns: a Blunt Instrument w/ Lots of Collateral Damagehttps://youtu.be/7256Bxg_60U *Links to science 
Let's review science showing how sugar impacts immune system health Support Your Zinc, Folate, Vitamin B12 and D levels with MYOXCIENCE's Tasty Micros: https://bit.ly/tasty-micros Save 15% OFF with code Podcast at checkout  Link to Live Video and Studies: https://youtu.be/m36Tmi7vG3w
Dr. Carrie Jones is discusses why a robust Cortisol Awakening Response (in the morning) is helpful and healthy! DHEA levels decline at age 25, support your body's hormone levels with Pure DHEA by MYOXCIENCE: bit.ly/pure-DHEA *use code HIH to save Link to Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3dSbEIR
Dr. Ted Naiman will help you decide how long and how frequently to fast without losing muscle mass.  Struggling with sleep and stress during today's uncertain times? Give Myo Relax & Calm a try by MYOXCIENCE: bit.ly/Electrolyte-bundle
Jason Fung, MD explains how the short-term increases in hormones benefits you when you fast. Kick-start your fast with Berberine HCl by MYOXCIENCE : http://bit.ly/2q9OxBX Save w/ coupon code: podcast Links to full video and show notes: http://bit.ly/2q9OxBX    
A few studies have looked at how fasted exercise impacts the reduction of body fat percentage over time. We review the science and discuss some key takeaways. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/2FobKLC Support your energy and metabolic health w/ MYOXCIENCE's advanced DHEA Bundles: http://bit.ly/pure-DHEA
Trump has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. We unpack the science and implications for you and your health freedom.  Support your metabolic health w/ MYOXCIENCE's advanced Berberine HCl Combos and Bundles: https://bit.ly/Berberine-Benefits Use code HIH at checkout to save Link to slides and video: https://youtu.be/jsZv_xrK5Nc  
//Support Your Eye Health, Sleep & Circadian Biology with BluBlox // the makers of the best blue light filtering glasses, sleep masks and Lumi Light Bulbs and More https://www.blublox.com/hih Dr. Sam Madeira discusses natural ways to support declining hormone levels in both men and women. It's a great discussion! Link to video, show notes and more: https://highintensityhealth.com/hormonal-imbalances-in-women-and-men-are-common-but-not-normal/
Longevity scientist Matt Kaeberlein, PhD, discusses how reversing your biologic age can dramatically reduce your risk of getting sick from respiratory viruses. ➢Today's show is brought to you by Keto Brick! One of the best Ketogenic meal replacements out there: https://www.ketobrick.com In today's show, Matt explains how targeting the known mechanisms of aging improves immune health and reduces the risk of many common diseases known to shorten a person’s life span. Research and Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3hX9kAz
Save on MYOXCIENCE's Whole Body Iodine Support Bundle: https://bit.ly/2RNtaDH Use code HIH at checkout Scripps Research Institute recently found that elevated room temperature reduced the beneficial metabolic effects of calorie restriction by up to 78 percent! Link to research: https://bit.ly/2ZU7MBc
The West Coast of the USA simultaneously catches on fire! WTH? Fauci quietly endorses vitamin D and Vitamin C saying they can help the immune system. Support your vitamin D and K levels with MYOXCIENCE's Essential Fatty Nutrients: http://bit.ly/2VxjSyU Link to notes https://youtu.be/g9rGOLurgmY
Let's review new science about muscle loss, muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and resistance training training. Stay Anabolic with one of the best Whey Concentrates avail: https://myoxcience.com Save with coupon code: podcast   Link to research and video: https://youtu.be/7oKCQbINWgI
Support your fasting lifestyle with electrolytes and Berberine HCl by MYOXCIENCE: https://bit.ly/2DLC3dm Episode Show Notes and Research: https://bit.ly/3jPklFv
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Mike Mutzel
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May 8th, 2015
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Jan 15th, 2021
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