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Do you have dreams and ambitions that feel so out of reach you wonder if you are ever going to achieve them? Several years ago, I was in that very position. Then I heard a story that changed my life. If you have been listening to this podcast
Formula 1 is a sport of fine margins. Split seconds are all that separate the winners from the losers. Teams spend millions of pounds fine tuning cars to give them the edge and championships often go down to the wire. During his 12-year career
Businesses can solve the world’s problems. But, whilst thousands of businesses are working hard to change the world and add value to peoples’ lives, there are still too many companies that are fixated on solely making money. Of course businesse
The most successful entrepreneurs share certain traits, among them are the abilities to explore new horizons and accept risks. I am often asked about whether it’s possible to start a business in an area you know little about. Whilst it’s not ex
There is no such thing as an overnight success. Although some businesses may appear to come from nowhere and grow to dominate a marketplace, the reality is often very different. Behind the scenes there is often failure, sacrifice and hundreds o
This podcast is dedicated to answering your questions. From business related queries like ‘How do you handle a bad boss?’, ‘When is breaking the rules okay?’ and ‘How do you re-energise the team?’ to more personal questions about my hobbies, an
How often do you feel stressed? According to research 74% of us have felt so stressed that we’ve felt unable to cope or overwhelmed. Almost three quarters of the people asked! Last week I spoke about why you need to switch off. It’s fairly ob
When was the last time you truly switched off? Do you even remember? We all know the importance of rest and recuperation but it’s not always easy to turn off work mode, especially in today's digital world with so many things clamoring for our a
Do you wonder why some people are more productive than others? How they manage to cram so much into each day? I’ve always been fascinated by the routines and habits of super successful people. Steve Jobs, for example, would wear the same outfi
Do you want to be successful? Of course you do! So when will you get started?! Whilst it would be natural to assume that success ultimately boils down to execution and innovation, but a great product launched at the wrong time just won’t work!
We are all defined by the mistakes we make in life. Arguably some of the greatest lessons we learn are as a result of the failures we make. Although I have made some colossal mistakes in my entrepreneurial journey, I have never quit. Losing a b
Do you want to take your business to the next level? Taking a small company and scaling it into a big organisation is far from easy, but it is possible to unlock the potential within your company to put it on the path to success. As the founde
It’s now been two years since I started my podcast, and what an extraordinary journey it’s been so far. I’ve been fortunate to meet some truly incredible people. When the team and I set out on this project, I can honestly say that we never cou
Have you ever pre-judged a person before even meeting them? Was your perception inaccurate? My guest on this podcast often finds herself on the wrong end of misconceptions. An aristocrat, born into tremendous wealth and privilege, Lady Edwina G
What would it be like to live on the moon? 50 years after the first moon landing human habitation on the planet could be a possibility within the next decade. With commercial companies on the verge of sending normal citizens into space, interpl
How often do you stop to look at the resources you have available to you? Before you spend money on a bigger office, new hires or expensive team building activities stop and take a step back. More often than not you already have all that you ne
Life is fragile and can change in an instant. How a person faces that challenge and responds to their darkest moments gives a true measure of their character. In 2007, Claire Lomas was involved in a horse-riding accident. That split second cha
  In 1967 it was commonly believed that women were far too fragile to run a marathon. It was thought the distance could cause long-lasting damage and even lead to a woman’s uterus falling out. But, one woman changed that perception and in doin
How do small firms compete with global corporations on a playing field that’s simply not level? Impossible, right? Wrong! In this episode of Mind Your Own Business, I share what I have learned about competing with some of the biggest businesse
How important is it to really listen to the people who you work with, to get a sense of how they feel? It isn’t important; it is essential. If you are not open to listening to feedback from the both the people within and outside the organisati
Having found his start in the Hacienda in a gritty, grey city that was Manchester back then, Sacha Lord went on to become a figurehead of Manchester entertainment scene. The founder of Parklife is now the new ‘Night-Time Tsar’ at the centre of
At five years old, Dame Stephanie Shirley was whisked away from her family and loaded onto a Kindertransport train with just her nine-year-old sister and a small suitcase behind. Escaping Nazi Germany, she was determined to make hers a life wor
Looking at the huge success of the skincare brand Tropic Skincare, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a global conglomerate was behind the brand. In reality, Tropic was started by a 15-year-old girl desperate to help her mum make ends meet. T
We are constantly learning and evolving. It’s the only way to thrive in this world. A huge part of that is learning from anyone and everyone you can. So, when I got the opportunity to learn from someone who had both made hundreds of millions o
Would you let your employer literally get under your skin, implanting a chip so that your employer could track your heart rate and typing speed, for example? How would you react to a microphone hidden within your ID badge tracking every conver
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