The 100 Word Stories Podcast

A Literature, Arts and Performing Arts podcast

100 word stories written and recorded by Laurence Simon every day, and a Weekly Challenge rounding up the best 100 word stories on a given topic every Sunday.

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Most people use trackpads or wireless laser-mice these days, but I insist on using an old-fashioned mouse with a ball in it. Of course, the ball accumulates grime, and I have to clean it out. Not just so that I can control the mouse, but also prevent the grime from coalescing and achieving …

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Back in high school, I tried out for the school’s marching band. I wasn’t good at any traditional marching band instrument, such as a trumpet or tuba or slide trombone. I couldn’t even learn how to beat a drum. “This is going to be impossible,” said the band director. “You’ll need an impossible …

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A werewolf bit George. Now, George is a werewolf. He does his best to maintain his condition. During the full moon, he locks himself in his basement with raw meat. It’s very expensive, but his insurance company covers the cost. They didn’t at first. Luckily, he lives near an executive with the …

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People ask where my wickedness came from… I’m not sure, but there’s one day that clearly stands out in my mind. It was the day the fair came to town, and the big, ugly brute at the ‘Try Your Strength’ machine laughed in my face when I asked for a go. “This is a man’s game”, he said, “not for weak …

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It’s not easy to write about something different and new every day for over ten years. That’s why I made a set of writing dice. Each face has a different word on it. I shake the dice in a cup and pour them out. Then, I look at the words, and I let my imagination run free. Sometimes, the ideas come …

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