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Just a quick wrap-up of our first season of the podcast and some of the things to look forward to coming in Season 2! A huge thank you to everyone who has tuned in, reviewed, shared, or even just enjoyed the show. We truly couldn't do this with
In this episode of the podcast, Layne and Holly interview James Smith. James is the author of two best-selling books "Not a Diet Book" and "Not a Life Coach" and is known in the fitness industry as someone who takes no shit and pulls no punches
In this episode, Layne and Holly chat with celebrity trainer and former LA Lakers trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar is well known for having trained some of the biggest stars like The Rock, Lindsey Vonn, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Beckinsale, and
In this episode, Holly and Layne interview Dr. Mike Israetel. Dr. Israetel is one of the most well-known evidence-based hypertrophy experts in the world. We chat with him about what matters most for hypertrophy, with the discussion centering ar
There are many myths that have been perpetuated about resistance training over the years including but not limited to: -Lifting makes you bulky -Lift light weights to be 'toned' -Lifting stunts your growth -Lifting makes you 'muscle bound'
Dan Newmire is a professor at Texas A&M and has also competed as a successful bodybuilder, winning the superheavyweight class at 2012 NPC Junior USA Championships. Dan's research centers around the mechanisms behind hypertrophy and one of his s
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. Brad is considered one of the most preeminent if not THE MOST preeminent researcher of muscle hypertrophy in the world. He is a professor at Lehman College and has published several popular bo
On today's show, we have an extremely special guest, Dr. Donald Layman, Layne's PhD advisor. Dr. Layman is a legend in the field of nutrition, especially protein metabolism. In this episode, we talk about Dr. Layman's research, all things prote
In this episode, Layne interviews James Krieger, someone we consider to be at the forefront of evidence-based nutrition and training recommendations. He has a master's degree in nutrition and a second master's degree in exercise physiology. He
In this episode, we interview Dr. Jay Cholewa, professor of exercise science at the University of Lynchburg. We talk about Jay's abnormal route to becoming a professor and what led him to turn his life around. We also discuss the extensive hist
Dr. Mark Haub is currently a professor at Kansas State University. He has a Bachelors in Psychology from Fort Hays State University, as well as a Masters in Exercise Science. He also holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kan
In this episode, we interview Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro. Dr. Fundaro holds a PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, where her research specifically focused on the gut microbiome. She spent a few years as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Sci
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Ethan Weiss. Dr. Weiss is a cardiologist at UCSF and recently made headlines for a large intermittent fasting study that he was involved in called the 'TREAT Study.' The study was unique in terms of the number
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Alan Levinovitz. Dr. Levinovitz is an associate professor of religious studies at James Madison University. His work looks into the relationship between religion, science, and literature. His best-selling book
What an amazing episode this is. This week we interview Hollywood actor, Ethan Suplee. You may recognize him from the popular TV series "My Name Is Earl," along with movies such as "American History X," "Remember the Titans," "Cold Mountain," a
In this week's episode, we chat with Australian health and fitness coach Mark Carroll and his incredibly beautiful, highly-talented girlfriend, Lauren Simpson.  This episode was recorded back in 2019, so you’ll notice some of the events we dis
Today's episode is another Q&A from our listeners. Some of the topics covered in this one are related to contest prep and weight loss—specifically dealing with extreme hunger and strategies to overcome binge eating. We also discuss strength-bas
Zach Rocheleau is a good friend of ours who is not only a whole lot of fun to be around—in fact, we recently brought him along on a trip to Australia—but he also embodies positivity when it comes to enjoying food.  Zach is most known for his r
In this episode, Holly and Layne speak with Dr. Jake Linardon, a research fellow and psychology lecturer at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia (Holly's alma mater). Dr. Linardon's research focuses on eating disorders with a specific focu
In this episode, we interview possibly the strongest pound for pound couple in the world, Hayden Bowe and Stefi Cohen. They have both achieved great success in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, but they are also well-educated entrepreneur
Holly and Layne take a step back and discuss their respective fitness journeys. They talk about how they got into fitness, how they developed and nurtured a passion for it, and what they think can help others have success on their journey. So m
In this episode, we interview Professor of Exercise Science, Bill Campbell. Bill runs the 'physique enhancement laboratory' at the University of South Florida. Bill's lab is specifically dedicated to unlocking the keys to improving body composi
In this episode, we interview none other than Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry. We talk about his journey from starting weights into bodybuilding and his progression. We discuss what the major change was that took him from ‘good’ to champion and we t
You guys get quite a diverse listen this week with a range of questions submitted from our listeners.   In this episode we cover topics from:   -Effective home workouts during COVID -How to approach programming when returning to the gym fro
Dr. Andy Galpin is a tenured professor in the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton. Andy is an expert in muscle biology/physiology in particular muscle fiber types. In this episode of Beauty and the Geek, Dr. Galpin chats with th
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