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Creation Date May 24th, 2019
Updated Date Updated March 2nd, 2020
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Hi, I’m Larry Gifford. I talk on podcasts about Parkinson’s and radio. These are guest appearances and not shows I host
When we met Larry he was literally shaking in his boots. Could have been from the excitement of recording an episode of Sickboy, but it's more likely due to the Parkinson's disease. It's an episode full of horrible puns and we touch on, hallucinations, gene hunting, Levodopa Carbidopa (the drug, not the children's folksong warning of evil witches in the woods.) Lover VS Caretaker, and of course what the hell Parkinson's is all about!  Also check out Larry's podcast "When Life Gives You Parkinson's" on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your weekly podcasts!   
Speaking today with Larry Gifford the director of programming here at CKNW and host of the ‘When Life Gives You Parkinsons’ podcast. His latest episode The Search for Sleep: A Virgin Voyage with Cannabis Oil. Guest: Larry Gifford - Program Director at 980 CKNW
On this episode, I have an interview with Larry Gifford from the When Life Gives You Parkinson's podcast. He was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease at age 45. This was a serious curve ball for someone with a spouse, a child, and a blossoming career in radio. We talk about his show, coping with a Parkinson's diagnosis, honest conversations with family, and misconceptions about Parkinson's disease. As a reminder, if you'd like to win a free print copy of one of my books, just like @passtlivess did this week, share your favorite quote from the episode on social media and tag me! I'll pick one each week. Next week should be another solo-show. If you have a question or topic that you'd like discussed on the show, send it to
American Girl Doll, He-Man and Tickle Me Elmo throw down for Toy Hall of Fame honors. Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein releases a cryptic statement about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination amid intrigue over the secret letter. Justice Ruth Bader slams the Supreme Court confirmation hearings as a “highly partisan show.” Radio veteran Larry Gifford joins host Ryan Wrecker to share some details about his new podcast, “When Life Gives You Parkinson’s.”
Larry Gifford has Parkinson's. On his Radio Stuff Podcast last April, Larry announced that he had Parkison's Disease. If you get the chance, please give that episode a listen. Larry is known to many through his time at ESPN in Bristol, 710 ESPN in LA, KIRO in Seattle, or from his most recent home at CKNW in Vancouver. We spent our time talking about Corus' foray into the podcast space and how radio and podcast are beginning to intersect. He also gave us an inside look into how the show is put together and what equipment is used.The new podcast is called "When Life Gives You Parkinsons" and it is on CuriousCast, the new Corus Podcast Network. Subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you get your shows follow the social media accounts:InstagramFacebookTwitterThis week's show is powered by NLogic. David Phillips joined me on the Sound Off Show this week and talked about radio's future and its relationship with buyers and sellers.
The main interview in this episode of Podcasting For ... is radio consultant and podcaster, Larry Gifford. Larry produces “The Radio Stuff”. In the book Podcasting for Communities, I outline five essential skills a podcaster or a radio production team need to perfect: writing … reading … interviewing … recording … and editing. In this edition, Larry talks about how he taught himself to write a script, what he has learned about interviewing , and working in a team.   “Role definition is vital whether you are doing a radio show or a podcast.” Says Larry. “You need everyone to know what everyone else is doing. If my job is to meet the guest and have the intro and outro music ready to go, then that's something the other people don't need to worry about but they need to know what they are expected to do.”   Larry has an impressive CV. He has just moved to Canada but began working in radio in 1990. His career has taken him from the east of the country to the west coast, but it all began in the mid-west, in Columbus Ohio as what he calls a “catch-all employee” doing whatever needed to be done, including some on air work. Before too long he became a full time anchor and reporter. His first move was only about 70 miles when he began working on a news and talk morning show in Dayton Ohio. Then he headed east to become sports director of an FM station in Philadelphia.   Larry went on to the west coast where the idea of The Radio Stuff podcast was born.   “It takes a lot of steps to put together a podcast well. You can put together a podcast, but it doesn't mean it's going to be a good podcast. So you need to sort out all the roles so the quality of the podcast is to your expectations and to the listeners' expectations.   “I think sometimes we forget the listener has expectations of us as well. They are giving quality time out of their life to you. So it's our responsibility as content creators, to make sure what we are providing them is worth the time they are giving.”   These podcasts are for people who are beginning to produce their own audio and want to get some ideas, and learn how to do it better. Everyone is welcome to listen, because there is always something new to learn.   The music is Cloudline from the Blue Dot Sessions’ Album K4 – you can find it on the Free Music Archive: that’s   I’m using it under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Licence.
On this week's Broadcast Dialogue Podcast - An Interview With Larry Gifford, Senior Program Director - Corus Entertainment
What’s it like for Americans living in Canada, worried about their family and friends in the south?
Guest Larry Gifford Larry Gifford is a mindful, conscious leader and a proven radio pro focused on respectful, effective leadership and creating positive, unique, compelling content for ears. He’s also a sought-after talent coach and conference speaker. His successes on-air and in management include experiences at ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, and news/talk/sports stations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Columbus and Dayton. Tell Me More | Larry Gifford Media Blog On today’s episode we welcome Larry Gifford, host of the When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcast. Larry, who has been in the radio and podcasting sphere for many years now, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He found that he wanted to find information and solace in the form of podcasts, a source of information for him already. When this search proved unfruitful, he decided to create the podcast that he needed himself and this is how When Life Gives You Parkinson’s was born. In our discussion we look at the genesis of the show and some of Larry’s personal experience around symptoms and difficulties with his diagnosis. Larry shares some of his ideas for staying positive and upbeat despite the nature of the disease, before we move onto Larry’s thoughts on the podcasting format and his advice for prospective creators. We discuss the efficacy of audio as a means to communicate and some simple ways to get your message further afield, and into the ears of the right listeners. For a great chat with a great Causecaster, be sure to tune in! Key Topics: • The events in Larry’s life that led to him launching his podcast on Parkinson’s. (03:14) • The early symptoms of Parkinson’s that Larry did not recognize. (05:06) • Remaining positive in the face of difficult news. (06:37) • Why Larry looked to podcasts for information and comfort immediately. (07:49) • Some of the differences between radios and podcasts. (08:38) • Involving family members and loved ones in the process of documentation. (09:48) • The influence of recording and aiming for an unfiltered conversation. (10:32) • Some of the feedback and reactions Larry has received for the podcast. (12:40) • The strengths of podcasting in communicating a cause.(14:36) • Raising awareness for the podcast and the issue. (15:37) • Larry’s own approach to the medium and his advice to others. (16:58) • Growing support through people in similar situations. (20:05) • Aligning with established causes and societies to gain traction. (21:13) • Simple tactics for bolstering a struggling podcast. (22.58) And much more! Support Parkinson Canada See the show notes and a transcript at Thanks for Listening! Be sure to subscribe on Apple, Google, Android, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And feel free to drop us a line at Stay up-to-date on Causepods by followng Mathew Passy on social media at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! For help, resources, and community support, please join the Causecasters’ Facebook Group if you are already producing podcasts for a cause or are thinking about launching one. And if you would like to be a guest on Causecasts, please fill out this form.

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