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Eternal Rewards - SBC Podcast
If our eternal destiny is based on faith, apart from our works, then what difference does it make what we do with our lives, once we have believed in Jesus Christ? Will eternity be the same for everyone who has believed in Him? As it turns out, the Bible has much to say on that subject, and as you will learn in this study, there is good reason to serve our God in this life, as it will have an impact on the eternal future of all who have believed in Jesus for eternal life.
Sunday Joseph Adenuga
Pastor Joseph Adenuga was called by God to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He hosts a daily broadcast that motivates and encourage people around the world.
Romans - SBC Podcast
Paul's letter to the Church at Rome gives the Good News from God, concerning not only salvation, Christian Life and God's future promises, but also practical ways to live out these Biblical Truths.
Exodus - SBC Podcast
Exodus provides the history of the Nation of Israel as recorded by Moses. In God's great power, the Nation is delivered from bondage in Egypt and receives the law at Mt. Sinai.