WINNERS of #Twipods 2020

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Creation Date January 1st, 2021
Updated Date Updated January 9th, 2021
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About This List

These are the winners of the First Annual Twipods [2020] !! That means these podcasts received 100+ votes from fellow podcasters and listeners as the best in their respective categories! Highly recommended by all!
  1. A nostalgic weekly podcast where a married couple rewatches and reviews our favorite 90's and 2000's movies to decide if they hold up to our adult standards.
  2. Every 7th and 21st, join in Dr. Jared Hel's audio journal entries as he works to re-discover his forgotten past and learns about all of the strange supernatural entities and anomalies for an organization called 'The Enclosure' within the small midwestern farm town of Wichton. With episodes based upon REAL legends and lore within the midwestern United States, follow along as Jared tries to figure out the secrets of the town as well as the secrets of his own identity.
  3. Our podcast is like a radio show, no real topics, everything is made up, and our opinions don’t matter. Just sit back and relax and enjoy Show. New episodes weekly! Follow us on Twitter @talkin_shiz Follow us on Instagram @talkin_shiz Follow us on Facebook The Amazing World of Talkin Shiz Support this podcast:
  4. A podcast discussing topics and concepts that are typically viewed as too taboo to openly talk about, often with drinks in hand. Anything from pole dancing to politics; and everything in between. Forget the haters, join us; do you, be tabooze.🖤
  5. Best friends and amateur cryptozoologists Zelda and Emma discuss creepy creatures, strange happenings and spooky circumstances. Follow us on instagram @across.the.veil and twitter @acrosstheveil1 Support us by becoming a patron! Support this podcast:
  6. The world renowned Grief Burrito Podcast delves deeper into the topics you need answers to! Whether that's the new video gaming trends, the most incredible films or the strange paranormal occurrences that plague the world we live in. Harrison Wild (the pod daddy long legs) drags Jordan Shenton and his wonderful beard through the land to interview incredible guests in all realms of creativity! Destiny game creators, internet animators, Hazbin Hotel sound designers and even Star Wars veterans are some of the many wonderful people that have joined the Burrito Bois to discuss their work and there are so many more to come! Join Hazz and Jordan as they take you on an adventure through the hilarity that is life, games, movies and the paranormal! There will be laughs. There will be loves... and yes. There will be burritos!
  7. Meet Marina Gee and Mind Bloom, your new podcast: the safe space at the intersection of mental health advocacy and breast cancer awareness. Subscribe, come back weekly and listen to my guests as they reflect on their close encounters with emotional disorders and breast cancer. Not an easy task, but we promise to make your mind bloom.
  8. Stressed Depressed & Anxious 24/7 and I’m talking about it. Credits Theme song by @witified on Instagram “This is the worst” theme song by @mttxgamr on Twitter Emails go to: Website: tweet me @sd_anxious Instagram: sdanxious Like and join the Facebook community Patreon:‼️ Support this podcast:
  9. The Station Arcadia podcast tells stories from a dystopian world where dieselpunk, steampunk, cyberpunk and solarpunk societies all exist side by side. These diverse stories are told through a radio station on a shifting island, and given voice to by the Station's Host - Kass. Woven through each stand-alone story are threads that come together to tell the story of a revolution, and hope in the face of a dying world. Also, it's queer. Station Arcadia broadcasts every other Friday at 9am Pacific Time. Listen from the start for the full picture, or jump in anywhere to make life interesting. Make sure to stay up to date by following us on Twitter and Tumblr @StationArcadia. Transcripts and additional information are available at If you enjoy the show and want to help support us, consider leaving us a tip at A little bit goes a long way towards helping us cover the costs of production. And if you know someone who'd enjoy the show, please share it with them! We'd really appreciate it.
  10. My first name is Tamara and my middle name is Dawn (clearly my mom knew I was destined for greatness) I love to laugh and I’m kinda ADD, but I’m a storyteller and will mainly talk about the foolishness I’m going through and the ways that I am trying to grow. In the #thoughtstoponder episodes I invite my listeners to participate on the show, and/or give my thoughts on trending topics or videos I’ve seen on social media. Hopefully I encourage/ inspire you and make you laugh ✊🏾❤️ 🗣 NEW EPISODES DROP EVERY THURSDAY‼️ Also... 2020 #Twipods Award Winner 🏆 Support this podcast:
  11. Take trip with these 3 dads. We explore the weeks events in our dad lives. We talk music, movies, sports and just anything in general. Finally we wrap up discussing what is up coming for the week in our dad lives. We really enjoy being thematic when we can. Hell and if you need a weed reference, we got a guy for that. Feel free to reach out to us on socials, Twitter and Instagram. Also you can email us at, leave us questions, dad stories; we would love to create a listener segment. Dad's trip lets go!
  12. Avid reader, film and tv show watcher and sufferer of recurrent depression. In this podcast all the above will be talked about, in varying detail...but definitely not before the third cup of coffee!
  13. Hosted by special agents Scott & Cam, SPYHARDS goes deep undercover into the shadowy world of cloak and dagger cinema on a mission to determine the greatest spy films of all time.
  14. Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Reverie means to daydream, but even daydreams can turn into nightmares. Join Paige as she tells you stories about horrific reveries, eerie events, and talks with victims of injustice, as well as survivors.Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? Send suggestions:
  15. A bunch of idiots, drinking and talking about conspiracies.
  16. Welcome to Nopeville! A city where all the horrors that make you say NOPE are rumored to have gathered and made their home. Join your guides, Christine and Jen, on an all inclusive tour as they introduce you to your worst nightmares from the paranormal, supernatural, true crime, fiction, and non-fiction. Visit us at

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