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After hitting record for over two years, I’ve decided to end this show. In this episode I’m joined live for a conversation on why I decided this, how I came to the decision, and what it’s taught me about how others react when hearing about big
Business growth can, at times, feel like you’re on a roller coaster — anticipating the unknown is scary and invigorating. Before you know it you’ve become addicted to the act of climbing and bottoming out — so addicted, in fact, that you feel y
Earlecia Richelle never had a roadmap for her career. While fashion has always been her north star, it’s been integrated in her work in unexpected ways, taking her across the globe as a stylist, mixologist, and national brand ambassador. On tod
All business owners reach a point where they want to pursue opportunities outside of their current focus. Sometimes that’s writing a book. For others it’s sharing their personal story.  So what happens when that desire looks different from the
Those numbers on your balance sheet - they have no meaning. We’ve been conditioned to believe that growing our revenue is the goal. But what today’s guest, Josh Greenbaum, wants you to think about is why you’re growing in the first place. Josh
I recently took a trip to Palm Springs for a photoshoot. This photoshoot was the big one—the one that would take down all photoshoots. So you can imagine my confusion, angst, and sadness when the results didn’t come back as imagined.   This epi
We cheer for our healthcare heros. But do we actually understand what they’re going through?   Today’s guest, Dr. Hisla Bates, does. An Ivy-league trained, board certified psychiatrist, who also happened to have a career as a fashion designer,
If you’re in business you’re in sales. And every salesperson has to expect negotiation.    When you’re in charge of making decisions you also have the freedom to name your price, availability, and timeline. This is great because as you evolve y
We all know that social media isn’t everything—it’s a snapshot. Swap that out for newsletters, podcasts, or however you stay connected. We see flashes of success and think, “They’re killing it.”   Some of us are saddled with home responsibiliti
How do you decide which pieces of your story to share and where to share them? How do you know when you’re even ready to do so? Today’s guest, Shawnta Jackson, is a master at using storytelling to leave a lasting impression. No matter the arena
We all struggle writing about ourselves. It can feel self-important, pretentious, even put on.   Then there are the questions of how to blend what you did before with what you’re doing now and how to sound professional without sounding boring. 
Oh, the allure of rags-to-riches transformations! We see this genre of messaging everywhere. Perhaps we’ve even surrendered our own histories to the template, running modest career moves and hard work through the wringer until we’ve disappeared
That entrepreneurial origin story of yours could use a refresh. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the standard lemonade stand tale, much like the MBA story, it’s merely acceptable rather than meaningful. Whether you call it your origi
You’re ready to speak more but you aren't sure what to talk about. You aren't even convinced your story is compelling enough to share.   Today's guest, Alexia Vernon, would challenge you on that point. She believes that we are equipped with the
It takes more than raising your prices to attract premium-paying clientele. Your brand approach has to instill confidence that you can serve them in the way they need and expect.   This is where the small businesses and agencies of the world be
Scaling and growing aren’t the same thing. All businesses should experience healthy growth. Not every business is destined to scale.   The same goes for teaching. Not every business owner is a great instructor. Some of us thrive when solving pr
Early in our lives we learn to strive for good grades. We begin to understand the connection between being smart and succeeding. So it’s quite a jolt when we realize that in entrepreneurship simply being smart isn’t enough.   There will always
“What should I post today?” is a good question but it’s the wrong question. It’s the question that makes marketing feel too self-serving and endlessly complicated. Today’s guest is client turned good friend, Allie Morris Nute of Verb House Crea
Words, just like fashion, can be trendy. Just audit five sites of the people you follow on Instagram. My guess is you’ll very quickly notice themes in the words they use to describe what they sell.   If you want to stand out—because everybody w
When you’re in the midst of a professional shift it can feel impossible to make sense of your message, let alone consistently produce content to share with others. So how do you show up authentically and intentionally when your identity feels l
After being stigmatized for decades, mental health is frequently the subject of national headlines. Unfortunately, while the conversation about support is gaining momentum, access to providers has not kept pace. The practice of modern day thera
When you’re a person with multiple interests life can feel like you’re constantly going against the grain. Society tells you to “find your true calling” and “choose one thing” when you’re juggling the ten open tabs in your brain.   If you’ve ev
Traditional branding advice would tell you to rebrand every 3-5 years. Invest big, campaign the hell out of it, and then rebrand when you need to reimagine your business. But how well does that model work for small businesses?   On this episode
2020 was a year that brought us up close and personal with what drains us and what brings us energy. Slowing down from the rapid pace of life we were used to has made us realize how much of our day is spent doing things that we don’t enjoy. It’
As a rising fashion PR professional, Crosby Noricks spent years in environments where she was told her skills and time weren’t of value, often being passed over for the latest and greatest intern. Pouring her creative energies into a side busin
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