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Creation Date January 10th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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A collection of podcasts produced by foreigners living in the Middle Kingdom
  1. The Asia Startup Pulse Podcast, previously known as China Startup Pulse Podcast, is an original weekly podcast for anyone interested in understanding the innovation, business, and tech landscape in Asia. We bring the best of the Asian startup ecosystem, showcasing entrepreneurial stories, insights from thought leaders, and dissecting the strategies employed by tech giants. Backed by SOSV, Chinaccelerator, and Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX), we understand firsthand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in Asia. Over the last decade, we have helped over 170 startups cross borders and make their mark in Asia. With that in mind, the podcast offers real, practical, and unique insights. The Asia Startup Pulse is hosted by Oscar Ramos, Ryan Shuken, and William Bao Bean, hackers, and hustlers with years of experience in Asia and China’s startup scene. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Ximalaya FM, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
  2. A series of early stage entrepreneurship podcasts which centres developing economies and emerging markets.
  3. Your source for insight into China's culture industry: Listen to those creating and producing content in the world's second-biggest cultural market. Hosted by Aladin Farré, and co-produced by The World of Chinese magazine
  4. Conversations with successful expats who share how they're living their best lives abroad.
  5. Interview program with stories to remember told by persons worth remembering. A podcast made to encourage you to listen to the people around you. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whyshouldwepodcast/support
  6. We are Valentina Kaledina and Arielle Nissenblatt from Castbox. Every week we interview key opinion leaders from the podcasting world. PodBites is a live show and everyone can participate via Livecast.
  7. Hi! I'm Linda - An ABC(ish) writer/illustrator currently based in NYC. PODCAST WHAT: This podcast is an extension of the Panda Cub Stories webcomic, where I'm documenting my own journey of (re)learning Chinese language and reconnecting with my family's heritage. Here, I'll be musing on what I've learned about Chinese language, culture, folklore, and/or festivals. PODCAST WHY: While I LOVE making the webcomics, there's a lot of content I can't fit into those few panels... so I thought I'd relaunch this podcast to share the extra goodies with you! PODCAST (LANGUAGE) FORMAT:I'll be switching back and forth from English to Mandarin (with maybe a bit of Sichuanese thrown in). This new podcast format will be more conversational, and less formal, than the previous episodes! But the content will mostly revolve around Chinese language and culture... stuff I find interesting (and that you may find interesting too!).P.S. I've been told I have a nice soothing voice, so if you you AREN'T interested in Chinese culture but DO have insomnia, maybe this podcast is also for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯P.P.S. Podcast origins: Panda Cub Stories started as stories told bilingually in Mandarin Chinese and English. Episodes prior to 2020 are mostly stories adapted from, or inspired by, Chinese myths, legends and folklore!*** See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  8. Creator of Shanghai Observed, Alex Greenberg, discusses the road to success and how to enjoy that process with a new guest every week.
  9. madeinchina es el podcast de camilo koch que explora el interés por china conversando con personas que tienen algo que decir: el interés por china está creciendo
  10. An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.
  11. Mandarin Slang Guide, MSG: the Chinese podcast that tastes great and probably isn't all that bad for you! Got questions? Got some slang you want us to talk about? Got a guest recommendation? I'll trust that you know what to do with this: mandarinslangguide@gmail.com
  12. Twice-weekly discussion about China's engagement across Africa and the Global South hosted by journalist Eric Olander and Asia-Africa scholar Cobus van Staden in Johannesburg.
  13. Bottled in China brings you into Asia's food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities. Hosted by Emilie Steckenborn, the show is your one spot for all things food, beer, wine and spirits from across the world.
  14. Not A Team Player is a show that looks at what it is like to live and work in China from a western perspective from a guy that has been living and working in China for over 15 years. NATP brings guests on the show that have a wealth of experience, but are real people with unique stories. We won’t be talking to so-called “China Experts” or “China Hawks”. Host, Trevor Alan Metz, has been a radio and television journalist and talk show host for decades and owned several companies in China.
  15. Let's explore our personal journeys of sexual discovery. How do all of us come to learn about sex, and how are our current behaviors linked to those early encounters we've with our own sexualities? In this podcast host, Nelson Ureña, explores his own journey of sexual discovery, exploring how his "sexperiences" have been informed by the ways through which he discovered himself as a sexual being. Let's normalize conversations about "The S Word:" Sex. Join Nelson every other week as he invites guests from all walks of life and all corners of the world to share true stories related to their own journeys of sexual discovery. From his inner circle of friends, to academics, clerics, and professionals, Nelson asks us all to introspect on own journeys and consider how together we can build a better tomorrow.
  16. Shining humour, love and light on Chinese life. For those living, working or travelling in China or interested in learning about Chinese culture, language, expat life and foreigners perceptions. Live, work, travel, teach, speak Chinese, do business and have fun in China! Join our international team for an inside look into Chinese life as foreigners living, working, crying and laughing in China with family, children and friends. A light hearted insight into all things good and bad with a little bit of extra wit added on top. With regular special guests from across China and creative educational games thrown in for fun, this podcast is a must for those interested in learning more about the middle kingdom or just wanting a good giggle. China Jedi is not a political movement or nationalistic front to spread the religion of the Jedi. It is for "normal" people, talking about "normal" things, answering "normal" questions to feel and be less "normal". Tune in, turn on and may the smile be with you!
  17. This podcast is all about my experiences living, working and traveling in China. If you are looking for some good laughs, some updated resources or even a new podcast to listen. Tune in to hear some stories, advice from your favorite Congolese Tantine. Grab your tea and join us for some good ol fashion catch up.
  18. Uncorked is a lifestyle and information podcast hosted by a California native, (Meghan McGhee), currently residing in the metropolis of Shanghai. Listen in to find out what it means to navigate through a global city’s events and exchanges with entrepreneurs, fellow expats, and organizations in the city and greater China. Find out how life goes on in a city full of so many different flags, identities and back stories. Uncork a bottle of wine with me and tune in for the latest Shanghai news!
  19. The Afrilennial Podcast is about celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship, progressive businesses and developments related to Africa. It is about creating an open network for entrepreneurs to learn, share, grow and inspire innovation, collaboration and lessons through their stories.Each episode features a different expatriate African entrepreneur from all over the world sharing their business insights and journey. Tune in as Kitso Rantao unpacks the innovation, motivation and disruptive solutions from remarkable entrepreneurs and organizations.
  20. Strangers in China features voices from the edges of an emergent new China. We talk to people with unique perspectives on Chinese society: dissident voices, queer voices, marginalized voices. Some belong to those who push boundaries creatively, while others are just fighting to be seen. All are uniquely Chinese.All too often, stories about China fail to navigate the many nuances of Chinese society, and overlook those who think or live differently. We’re here to listen closely and illuminate their stories. Support Strangers in China on Patreon: patreon.com/strangersinchinaSubscribe to Strangers in China to hear voices from another side of the China story. Follow us on social media:Instagram: @strangersinchinaTwitter: @strangerinchina
  21. Two Women. One Country. Modern China from the Inside.
  22. China Tech Talk is a weekly podcast about what's happening on the ground in China's tech and startup ecosystems. It is hosted by John Artman, Editor-in-Chief of TechNode English, and Matthew Brennan, founder of ChinaChannel
  23. The China Tech Investor podcast is a weekly show featuring Elliott Zaagman, writer and contributor to TechNode, and James Hull, a professional investor. Each week, the two look at their watchlist and talk about what's happening with listed Chinese tech companies
  24. Since 2010, The China History Podcast, presented by Laszlo Montgomery presents over two hundred episodes of curated topics from China's antiquity to modern times.
  25. Turn your hobby and freelance work into a profitable business. Whether you are a creative entrepreneur, small business owner or creativity is your side hustle join Marina Barayeva and the show guests to discuss the hottest topics about how to grow your business. Make your marketing easier by applying the strategies of experienced entrepreneurs and have more time to do the work you love. From offline and online marketing to building your personal brand so you can become a recognized expert. Marina is the professional photographer, born in Russia, based in Beijing, China who traveled all over the world talking with many entrepreneurs about their work and projects. Wherever you are in the world in this show we will look for the answers to the questions you have about marketing your business.
  26. 中文世界中与器乐摇滚有关的资料和讨论都太少了。 「主唱死了」由活跃于上海地下音乐现场的 B 哥和佳杰创立并主持,内容聚焦于与器乐摇滚有关的乐队、唱片、现场等;通过这档谈话节目,希望能为各位新老乐迷提供聆听指南及值得探讨的话题,为中国地下器乐摇滚场景增添更多时鲜内容。 主持: B:非主流器乐摇滚乐迷 佳杰:An Corporation 乐队吉他手,Telegram Channel:「蛙音通讯」 官网:zhuchangsile.xyz Instagram,微博,公众号,Patreon,爱发电:「主唱死了」
  27. The China Business Law Podcast brings you a real world perspective on how business law is applied on the ground in China. Guests include both in-house and law firm professionals. The show has two hosts. Art Dicker is a lawyer residing in China for 13 years with prior experience at Morrison & Foerster Beijing and Asia Pacific General Counsel in Shanghai for Cadence Design Systems. Agnes Wang is a lawyer in China responsible for legal and regulatory matters managing teams across multiple locations.

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