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ARTE Radio est une boîte de bonbons : podcasts, reportages, témoignages, histoires d'amour et voyages sans paroles, documentaires soignés et récits de personnages inoubliables…. Retrouvez nos derniers sons ainsi que tous nos reportages, émissions régulières et séries sur
Descobertas científicas, resultados de pesquisas, assuntos do momento e debates que chacoalham o mundo da ciência. O podcast é uma produção da editoria de Ciências do Jornal da USP.
What does it mean to live in a democracy? Democracy Works seeks to answer that question by examining a different aspect of democratic life each week — from voting to criminal justice to the free press and everything in between. We interview experts who study democracy, as well as people who are out there doing the hard work of democracy day in and day out. Democracy Works is produced by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State and WPSU Penn State, central Pennsylvania’s NPR station. Hosts Michael Berkman and Chris Beem are political science professors, and host Jenna Spinelle has more than a decade of journalism experience. We aim to rise above partisan bickering and hot takes on the news to have informed, nonpartisan, thought-provoking discussions about issues related to democracy.
Craig and Rob discuss everything cool about Columbus Ohio. We talk with local people and explore everything that's great about this town. New episodes weekly.
Lars Karlsson och Kristian Norling från Västra Götalandsregionen träffar gäster och pratar digitalisering i stort och smått. Vad är det och för vem, när och hur? "Vad är grejen med digitalisering?", är en podcast från Västra Götalandsregionen.
Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.
Congeria is a genre-bending audio drama that tells a new, original story every season. In season one we join private detective Jenny Walker as she searches for a missing girl named Claire. Her search puts her in the crosshairs of a mysterious scientist, a ruthless hitman, and a charismatic cult leader. With an ensemble cast and original score, Congeria will pull you into a world of the weird and unnerving. Congeria was created by Henry Galley and Atticus Jackson.
The Future of Living podcast explores how people connect to the places they live with technology. In this series, we dive into the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and smart living technologies, trends affecting the spaces and places that make up smart cities, and new ways for managing life as more and more of the things around us get connected.
Stories of the world as it is through the lens of what it might become, from Sam Greenspan.
El podcast que habla sobre política en tu mismo idioma. Analizamos los asuntos de más actualidad desde la objetividad e intentando comprender el por qué de las cosas, alejándonos de los tecnicismos.
Our online life is real life. We walk, talk, work, LOL and even love on the Internet – but we don’t always treat it like real life. Host Manoush Zomorodi explores this disconnect with stories from the wilds of the Web, and gets to the bottom of online issues that affect us all. Whether it’s privacy breaches, closed platforms, hacking, fake news, or cyber bullying, we the people have the power to change the course of the Internet, keeping it ethical, safe, weird, and wonderful for everyone. IRL is an original podcast from Firefox, the tech company backed by Mozilla that believes privacy isn’t a policy. It’s a right.
This is Canterbury Court's Daily Activity Listing. A podcast to keep you in the loop of all things fun happening at Canterbury!
Klar, stark, charmant und seit 2 Jahrzehnten in der internationalen Business-Szene erfolgreich! Jetzt gibt Johanna die besten Coaching- und Consulting Strategien preis - wie Du ein StartUp Business erfolgreich und solvent machst. Wie Du für den Mittelstand die besten Mitarbeiter rekrutierst. Wie Du die Energie im Veränderungs-Management hochhältst. Und warum Du in der Ära von KI und Disruption nur mit Kopf, Hand und Herz intelligent führen kannst. Sie hat schon unter allen Bedingungen gearbeitet: ein eigenes StartUp aus dem Nichts aufgezogen, einen EU-Gründerpreis gewonnen, während Konzern-Standort-Verlagerungen in Büro-Containern gearbeitet und Führungskräfte in Turbinen gecoacht - so leicht macht ihr keiner etwas vor. "Erfolg hat viel mit Exzellenz zu tun und Exzellenz wiederum davon, dass Du für Deine Kunden das Beste erreichst".
Excited about a new Star Trek series appearing on the horizon after 12 long years? So were wildly dissimilar Star Trek fans Anita Sarkeesian and Ebony Aster, until they actually sat down and watched the show. Listen to them crack wise every Monday about new episodes of Star Trek Discovery, the latest entry in the long-running franchise. The hosts dissect everything from Vulcan hair decrees to Tribble stunt casting, and try to come up with a compelling reason why the Klingons can’t stay the same from one series to the next. Week by week, Anita will try to sneak in an attempt to convince Ebony to reassess her ranking of Voyager as the 4th most interesting Star Trek property, while Ebony gets distracted by Discovery’s many shiny surfaces. Subscribe today! *Star Trek Discovery REcap FREQcast* is powered by [Simplecast](
"Wilke hautnah - Aus dem Leben eines Oberbürgermeisters" ist der schonungslos ehrliche Podcast von und mit René Wilke, Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Frankfurt (Oder) und Christin Schneider. Christin Schneider, Fotografin, PR-Tante und Instagram süchtige Einwohnerin der Stadt Frankfurt (Oder) trifft sich regelmäßig mit René Wilke, um herauszufinden, wie er tickt, was ihn bewegt, was ihn antreibt und was er tut und wie er es tut - schonungslos ehrlich.
Project 38, a podcast series that explores what is driving change in the federal market and how contractors need to prepare for what the market will look like in 2038.
GOAT's weekly voyage through the #AusPol universe, both insightful and incredulous, with the team from and guests from news and the world of politics, led by your tour guides Andrew P Street and Michelle Stephenson.
A laid-back podcast on everything Bitcoin, including the Blockchain, sidechains, macroeconomy, applications, news u can use, tools and tips & tricks on how to navigate the new bitconomy online.
Le balado Découvrez Bibliothèque et Archives Canada : votre histoire, votre patrimoine documentaire est l'endroit où l’histoire, la littérature et la culture canadiennes vous attendent. Chaque mois, nous allons vous présenter les trésors de notre collection, vous guider à travers nos nombreux services et vous présenter aux gens qui acquièrent, préservent et font connaître le patrimoine documentaire canadien.
Listen to a selection of podcasts reporting on the latest science and technology developments, looking into the impact they will have on our lives and capturing their policy implications.
Retrouvez Caroline Roux et son invité chaque matin du lundi au jeudi dans les 4 Vérités. Retrouvez Jeff Wittenberg ou Guillaume Daret à la présentation le vendredi.
A 101-year old discussion on the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians.
Leadership Space Podcast: For nonprofit professionals, takes up the big questions that are the daily fare for leaders across the social purpose sector and provides fresh insight and reflections. Hosted by Elise Sernik, this podcast features CEOs, founders, Directors and innovators.
How does Australia value agriculture's natural capital? What support is needed to progress the implementation of ecosystem services. This podcast is a recording of the Australian Farm Institute's Roundtable held in October 2019. The round table comprised 3 sessions: History and future of ecosystem services Support needed to implement ecosystem services Opportunities to build natural capital Click or copy/paste link below for Roundtable slide decks and speech transcripts Podcast produced by

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